Page 4 of 12 May 1892 Issue of Tyrone Herald in Tyrone, Pennsylvania

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Read an issue on 12 May 1892 in Tyrone, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Tyrone Herald.

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Daily Herald (Newspaper) - May 12, 1892, Tyrone, Pennsylvania Thetro Leherald Kerry from Herald it Nudon Herald May for j Ortro of supremo John of Blair for William Dun William for Alexander William of subject to decision of District John of subject to decision of District delegates to National Thomas of Blair subject to decision of District Conterez Republican primary May the Lle Prib lican voters of build county you Are re Quested to meet at your regular place for holding primary elections in your respective on May and elect delegates to the regular county the polls will to opened for said election the City of Altoona and All boroughs in the county at 5 Oclock and closed at 8 Oclock and in the townships the polls will be opened at i Oclock and closed at 7 Oclock according to Rule 11 Neh voter will vote two one ticket shall contain the of the delegates he desires to represent his District in the Tow other ticket shall contain the names of the persons lie desires placed in nomination by the con those tickets will be distributed As required by the the delegates chosen and instructed at the above election will meet at in Condro ivs opera on May at 10 Oclock the purpose of said convention is to nominate two persons one person for District actor one person Lor Register and one person Tor county one person Lor director of the poor and House of employ one person for the election districts of the county arc entitled to representation in the convention according to the following apportionment of to wit apportionment of Altoona i by 1st 2 3st 4at m u 4th 3d 3d 2il 4lh 4th 2d 5th 1st Styli 2d 6th 1st 7th 8th Ith Allegheny ant is and Blair a Atharine Kast 2ilhistoti Biumi Wiita i i Iokim 1st 4i2d sad tl4th Firsth 4 4 Jonh 2 blood Bury sir Nushik Zuj Tyrone 2 1st Rauk Howu 5 4th a Freedom 4 East 2 a attention is culled to those rules governing the holding of the primary elections and the county Rule All persons desirous of becoming candidates Lor any Ollice Hull Liand or Send their names v the county stating the Ollick they intend becoming a candidate not Jess than ten Days before the nominating and shall at the Suine time pay to the chairman the re Ureil fee to defray the necessary expenses Lor printing and distributing the fee required from All Sindi Jutes shall be chairman James Jamks c Laiu counts a a that this will be a Busy year in american a president and Vic Epresi Dent Are to be and the 866 Mem Bers which Are to constitute the House of representatives of the 63d Congress Are also to be not far from a third of the eighty eight senators that Are to be elected by Legislatures which Are to be Bosen this a few of the senators whose Erms begin next year have been elected by Legislatures selected in but the majority of them Are yet to be and Are to depend for their election on Legislatures to be provided for this most of the states will elect governors and Oiler state officers in the year which has just the popu vote of the country for president in 1880 was was in 1884 and in if not men will go to the kills in the presidential contest which will be decided on novembers we will not say that the presidential Lanvas of 1892 will be More important and be More decisive and lasting in its effects than any which has thus far occurred since this will often be said by newspapers and stump orators on both sides Between this time and the second tuesday of but Ine assertion will be enough will depend on the to Render the canvass profoundly interest ing to every thoughtful the party which elects the president this year will secure both branches of con Gress with generally the House of representatives chosen in a presidential year is in Harmony with the president who is elected at that the partisan correspondence Between the Senate and the though is not so throughout the whole of Cleveland administration the sen ate was in Republican if the democrats carry the presidency this year they will also win a sufficient num Ber of Legislatures to give them the sen and for the first time in a they will find themselves in control of the executive and legislative branches of the government Simuta it will be that Grent interests Are at stake in the canvass which is soon to on the result of the election in Large depend the Fate of the Tariff and the if the republicans the protective with reciprocity with the nations and foreign dependencies of the together with a sound and stable will be if the democrats All these will be and perhaps Here Are considerations which should arouse the interest of every this interest should be aroused soon the preliminary work of selecting the delegates to the National conventions will in this work the individual voter if lie his influence later on will come the work of nominating candidates for and Here he can impress himself still More directly and potently on political then there is the task of forming Campaign clubs to be and of effecting a Gen eral organization of the party for the the intelligent citizen will find much to think of and much to do in a political Way in and he will have abundant chances to make his in fluence Felt in the making of the nominations and the formulation of the policy of his Louis the name number of people in each state to choose a senator in order to carry out the idea of a Senate directly representing the people instead of the in other the whole legislative system would have to be overturned and readjusted before the theory of election by the people As a people could be justly and fairly the country is surely not ready for a transformation of that Radical character nor is there any Good reason for a partial resort to such a under the present plan the Senate of the United states has taken rank with the Foremost deliberative assemblies of the it has More than once served the purpose of arresting vicious political tendencies and defeating dangerous projects of legislation on the part of the there is no ground for believing that it would be improved in character or usefulness if it should be effected by a direct popular vote on the it would probably deteriorate in every the nearest approach that we have Ever had to such an was that of senator of he was the product of a political movement that represented the existing Public opinion of his practically the people voted directly in the Case and the result was not to say the As to encourage further experiments of that Louis the tickets for the primary election in this county next saturday have been issued in accordance wit i Republican mles by chairman they contain the names of the various Candi dates who have complied with the party usages by recording their names with heading the list of offi Ces for which nominees Are to be chosen is the United states semite ship and the will express directly their Choice Jor this High this county vote and influence should be give for the reelection of Matthew Stanley four years ago colonel Quay As National Ena Irman established his superiority As a political general and the applause his admiring fellow republicans bestowed upon him was richly it was and that with Quay at the Helm in Blague would have been to his sagacity gained by the experience of Many campaigns the election of Harrison was and by Iris continued leadership the continuance of Republican administration is the plot of the new York democratic newspapers which senator Quay out generated in to take him from the Field of politics has sadly miscarried for the present in which he has not Only consented to but welcomed a decision by the people is amply proving How near he stands to Bliem and How lasting is their appreciation of his unswerving Devotion to the party for whose principles he has battled in whose train of successes his leadership has been a Factor so import in this presidential year when another Battle is to be with the old time it is indeed Well that the republicans should show the same Loy Alty to those whose services have been so valuable in the senator Quay is one of those whom his fellow republicans Delight to and Here in Vilair county where is found the staunch is 4md of be an his vote the election of the proposition to Amend the Constitution so As to provide for the election of senators by a direct vote of the peo ple is calculated to win favor by reason of its apparent conformity to the idea of popular at first to be entirely logical and con and the average voter is Apt to wonder Why it was not adopted by the Wise men who Laid the foundations of our but when the history of the matter is and the arguments considered which led to the selection of the present it assumes a different such a proposition was made in the constitutional con along with several and after a full debate it was rejected by a practically unanimous the Rea sons for this decision were that the sen ate should represent the states in a political so that the latter might have Means of defending themselves against Federal encroachments that a Bady thus chosen would act As a Check upon the possible excesses of the other Branch of Congress that the Legislatures would be Likely to elect better men than would be chosen in a popular contest and that the commercial interest of the country would thus have equal Protection with the agricultural interest these considerations were deemed sufficient by the fathers to warrant the adoption of the method that now pre and every vote was cart in its there is nothing to be said in support of the plan of election by the people that was not said in the original discus Sion of the question and the objections then made to it have been Couf Lomec rather than removed by time and exit is just As important now As it was then that the states As states should have such recognition and secur the proposed change would not be Complete without the abrogation o the present Equality of the states in the since it would be necessary for How i know of just one Way to get and that is to find some Man who has dollars and who wants some thing he does not More than he wants his dollars and who will give me Iii dollars for something which i prize less than i do his in other i Trade my my Ray my cows for the dollars of some Man who needs or cows More than he needs if two employers Are after one As in wages Are High if two labourers Are after As in some Large cities of the wages Are if two pigs Are after pigs Are Low if 2 Are after one pigs Are if of whatever get so abundant that three or four of them get after one pigs will go very High and if dollars reach the Point where they Are made by the million out o and and and represent nothing but pigs May be expected to hesitate before they will Trade themselves off for something As common As leaves in and it will take a great Many More dollars to get one pig than it would take if the pm had no question of their but these extra dollars will do the Man who Sells the pig no because the Man who Sells spools of thread and Calio will want More of them for his this not because the pig and Calico Are Worth but be Hon Oil to says the Indianapolis news a num Ber of lives of Columbus have been recently or Are in course of preparation Magazine articles upon this subject Are appearing every several lecturers have taken the platform to disseminate information in regard to this individual who is destined to considerable prominence during the next two it is not often that a Man is so thoroughly resurrected after being dead nearly four this seems to be an iconoclastic and Many of the idols of our school Days have been shattered by the ruthless hand of the modern the Rule that nothing but Good shall be spoken of the dead seems to apply Only until such time As there shall be no danger of giving offence to any of his immediate George Wash Benjamin Many of Hose connected with the Early history f our have been thus taken it of the catalogue of immaculate the list is Long of historic which have been sacrificed by the present tendency to strip off the Eil of Romance and Deal in cold facts such threatens to be the Case with whom we have been taught to regard almost As Ademi seen through the Halo of title and in the kindly treatment of the old style who preserved Only he Noble traits of character and left the vices and follies to drop into oblivion we might continue in our her worship lad it not been for this but now what Are we told by these nineteenth Century rummages of old we Are assured that Columbus was a a bold Ard unscrupulous Privateer a rude and uneducated sea cruel to the natives of the new false to his and insanely is this the Columbus we have venerated from childhood whom we have followed in imagination across he lonely and storm beaten Atlantic whose Majestic picture in the Early histories was impressed upon our minds As he stepped upon the Shore with the uplifted Cross in his hand whose sorrow and misfortunes called Forth our deepest where is the need and what is the use of this iconoclasm even if it be True that Columbus was a pirate and Alto Gether unlovely in private what does it Avail to drag these Tail ties from their dread abode to tarnish his illustrious name a was he greatest Man of his age in the face of tremendous he persevered in acting upon his convictions taking his life in his 36 plunged fearlessly into the unknown and discovered a new his per Sonal defects and vices died with ins magnificent achievements will live until the end of it is for these that we Call upon All the nations of the Earth to unite with us in rendering As All that envy and malice and persecution were Able to accomplish could not discourage his dauntless soul or turn it from its lofty so neither detractor nor Cal a minitor can take aught away from a name that will last As Long As the Conti nent shall endure to perpetuate that we Call Bause the dollars Are Worth i respectfully urge that a far More popu Lar measure will be the passage of a Law making nine eggs a to protect Trio Public from fraud and the genuine medicines of 1ierce Ara now sold Only through authorized As they Are the cheapest medicines to As Well As Hie because in every Case you pay Only for the Mooc you the Money is refunded if they Ever fail Benefit or cure being sold on this Peculiar plan of received or no the prices of the genuine guaranteed medicines always have and Al Vays Wil As follows pierces Golden medical discovery the remedy for All diseases arising from a torpid liver or impure per bottle pierces favorite prescription the remedy for female weaknesses and de per bottle pierces pleasant pellets the orig Inal and Best liver 25 cts per vial sages Catarrh per bottle suspicion naturally and rightfully at tactics t any medicines purporting to be pierces when offered at any other prices than those above Brick Liiri Arne cd the Best Salve in the world for Salt fever chapped urns and All skin and Jiosi cures piles or no pay it is guaranteed to give satisfaction or Noney Price 25 cents per for Sale by a Plain mans a Farmer in Mississippi writes the following letter on Silver to a new York it presents an argument in a style As Plaia and Clear As it is homely and Viz am a Farmer and do not know much about but i do see some serious flaws in the Bland the aim of the friends of Silver is to raise the Price of that Metal by putting government credit behind now my county does not produce an ounce of Silver nor an ounce of anything valuable in the Mineral if the Price of Silver is advanced will it not take More of our More pigs More Moro calves to get it Are dollars to be made More plentiful every family should be provided with some reliable remedy for Bowel com the want of such an article is cause of much especially during the summer in almost very neighbourhood some one has with cramps or cholera before Medicine could be procured or a phys Iau a fair trial will satisfy Yon that chamberlains cholera ind diarrhoea remedy is unequalled for those it is also a certain ure for dysentery and when reduced with water and Sweet it is pleasant to children Ike for Sale by some of u e grand army boys May be interested in the from d commander dept and he says we me had an Vii Densic of whooping ugh and chamberlains cough remedy has been the Only Medicine that has done any there is Tio danger from whooping cough when this Medicine is freely it completely controls the 50 cent bottles for Sale by fifth annual statement of the Tyrone association from 1891 to 1892 to at last 292 26 to received on 95 37997 repaid Loans and new 68 32 by Cash paid 32 to from 32 by Cash paid on 00 378 withdrawals 362 00 due 72 767 60 32 00 48 379 97 moving time is now Here and House cleaning time approaching and in the changing around and cleaning up you will find that you will be compelled to have some now perhaps you Are not aware that we have More car pets in Stock than any store in Central Pennsylvania our facilities for sewing and laying carpets Are the most improve i As we have procured a carpet sewing machine that will As much carpet As twelve Pesons by and very Mufti the Best part of carpets Are cheap this lower than they have been and our prices Are lower than they Are for them in regards to designs we can suit most any taste As we have the newest shades and colourings in the Market As Well As some of the Good old style three like we hear our mothers talk our line consists of 4 paid on each 60 00 gain on each 1st 3d 4th or of each 87 total last issued during 62 total withdrawn cancelled 1st 2d 3d 4th 5th 975 741 24 00 11 65 83 17 12500 125 00 the undersigned auditors elected to exam due the accounts of the Secretary and treasurer have attended to that duty and find the foregoing statement John Stew auditors is computed same As though total Amoun of premiums were earned when in fact i takes the use of us association to earn them and Bat on tenth of premiums is earned Stetson velvets in body velvets Qiju types files Fig gigs a cd Gotton Union Jap in every year sees More and More matting and it is deservedly popular As it makes a fresh floor and is safer from we Are showing fifty pieces of matting in the various starting at 15 and in easy stages of to 5 cents per Yard to 50 we would especially Call your attention to the Dainty Japan mat with Cotton Chain they Are very serviceable and will please we ask your Crawford 24 and 26 Juniata now if you want to be with come right along and look at our Stock this everything is just right for the the seasonable was never in As Good shape As it is this we have been making extra efforts to please our Many patrons at this i in expectation of a very Large increase of Trade this pay Day you will find us with extra inducements in every dress in endless Wash goods such As g Ingham in great ladies Are holding up their lace poles and trimmings with the carpets Are doing Good Busi Ness As Wilson May 14th will be our monthly remnant and Clearing this As will close out All Short pieces and remnants in All the

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