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Daily Herald (Newspaper) - March 17, 1892, Tyrone, Pennsylvania Ogk Kim of Talmage preaches about the a giants drawn from the Niblo acc Ltd of the encounter the israelite with the Ulven foot Heathen powerful March Talvage gave another illustration this morning in his Sermon it the Tabernacle of his wonderful Power of drawing practical lessons from an obscure to the Ordi nary seemed incapable of yielding any spiritual the text was Deuteronomy 11 of remained of the remnant of giants his Bedstead was a Bedstead of Iron is it not in Sabbath of the children of am inon nine cubits was the length thereof and four cubits the breadth of the Story of giants is mixed with William the conqueror said to have been of overpowering but when in after title his Tomb was opened his Bones indicated that he had been physically of Only Ordinary Roland the hero was said to have been of astounding but when his sepulchre was examined his Armor was found Only Large enough to fit an Ordinary Alexander the great had helmets and Shields of enormous size and left among the people whom he had so As to give the impression that he was a although he was rather under than Over the usual height of but that in other clays and lands there were real giants is one of the guards of the Duke of Brunswick was eight and a half feet in Seum in London is the Skeleton of Charles eight feet four inches in the emperor Maximin was Over eight Pliny tells of a giant nine feet High and two other giants nine and a half so i am not incredulous when i come to my text and find King of a and the size of his turning the cubits of the text into the Bedstead of the must have been about thirteen and a Hull feet judging from the giant who occupied it was probably about eleven feet in or nearly twice the average human there was no need of Kab Finical writers trying to account for the presence of this King As they by saying that he came Down from the other Side of the being tall enough to Wade the Waters beside Noah or that he Rode on the top of the the Pas sengers inside the Ark daily providing him with there was nothing St Pernat ural about he was simply a monster in Oci was a fight Cyrus and Solomon slept on Beds of and surd Anapplus had 150 bedsteads of Gold burned up with but this bed Stead of my text was of sacrificed for strength to hold this excessive this Alp of Bono and no wonder this conch was kept is a curiosity at and people from far and near to see just As now people go to museums to behold the Armor of the you say what a fighter this King must have no doubt of i suppose the size of his sword and breastplate corresponded to the size of his and his across the Battlefield and the full stroke of his Arm must have been with an armed Host becomes Down to drive Back the who Are marching on from Egypt to we have no particulars of the Bat but i think the israelite trembled when they saw this monster of a Man moving Down to finish alas for the israelite will their troubles never cease Arhat can men live and a half feet High do against this Warrior of eleven and what can Short swords do a sword whose gleam must have been like a lash of Light Ning the Battle of Edrei Moses and his army met the giant and Bis the lord of hosts descended into the and the Gigantic strides that of had when advancing into the Battle were More than equated by the Gigantic strides with which he Huzzah Fortrie nishant Israel sixty fortified cities surrendered to a land of indescribable opulence comes into their and All that of the giant King is the Iron nine cubits was the length thereof and four cubits the breadth of by ti1k company us Why did not the Bible give us the size of the giant instead of the size of the Bedstead Why did it not indicate that the giant eleven feet High instead of telling us that his Couch was thirteen and a half feet Long no doubt among other things it was to teach us that you can judge of a Man by his show me a mans Asso show me a mans show me n mans and i will Tell you what lie is without your telling to one word about you cannot Only Tell a Man Accord ing to the old by the company he but by the books he by the pictures he by the Church he at by the places he moral giants and moral intellectual giants and intellectual like phys ical giants or physical pygmies May be judged by their that Man has been thirty years faithful in attendance upon churches and prayer meetings and sunday and putting himself among intense religious Assoc a lie May have his but he is a very Good great is his religious the other Man has been for thirty years among influences intensely and he has shut himself out from All other and his religious ure is that of a no Man Ever has been or can be Independent of his surround the Bible indicates the length of Tho giant by the length of his let no Man 1 will be and yet keep evil let no Man 1 will be faithful As a and yet Consort chiefly with you Are propos ing an everlasting Ashen a 7iian departs this life you can Tell what has been his influence in a Community for Good by those who mourn for him and by sincere and Long continued Are the regrets of his taking there May be no pomp or obsequies and no pretence at but you can Tell How High to was in and How High in usefulness by How Long is his Shadow when he comes to lie what is True of individuals is True of cities and show me the free libraries and schools of a and i will Tell you the in a Man can make his own Chan Trey and Hugh Miller were born Stone a but one became an immortal sculptor and the other a Christian scientist whose Patna will never the in whose Praise expended the greatest Genius of Hia was the son of a Barber who advertised a Penny a one of the greatest scholars of All earned his Way through College by scouring pots and the late judge Bradley worked his own Way up from a charcoal Burner to the Bench of the supreme court of the United a Man can decide the size of his own Lack of rest Nyikos notice furthermore that even giants must such enormous physical endowment on the part of King of might suggest the capacity to stride across All fatigue and omit he required an Iron giants must not appreciating that How Many of the giants yearly break giants in giants in giants in giants in they live not out More than half their they Bry to escape the consequence of overwork by a voyage across the sea or a sail in a Bummer or Call on physicians for Relief from insomnia or restoration of Unstrung nerves or the arrest of when All they need is what this giant of my text resorted Iron let no one think because he has great strength of body or mind that he can afford to trifle with his unusual the com Mercial the literary the Artis tic world the political the religious Are All the time quake with the crash of falling King of no doubt had a the Bible never mentions his King off no doubt had a but the Bible never mentions his King of no doubt had a Scep but the Bible does not mention his yet one of the largest verses of the Bible is taken up in describing his bed so god All up and Down the Bible honors with Bis head on a Pillow of de Iii has his slumber Blest by a divine gift of Beautiful compan with Bis Bead Napil Lotof hns his sleep glorified with a ladder filled wit ii descending and ascending with a Pillow made out of the folded up of a honors slumber in the Back part of the storm tossed the Only Case of Accident to sleep mentioned in the Bible was when Eutychus fell from a window during a Sermon of who bad preached until but that was not so much a condemnation of sleep As a censure of Long More sleep is what the world econ in everything but William the renowned Secretary of in the midst of his Over mastering toils longed for the capacity to writ ing in his memorandum i have never found but one invaluable recipe for having a Good nights and that is to have been restless and sleepless the night when president John qui icy Adams and the distinguished Josiah Quincy went to hear judge Story lecture on Law to his and when invited to sit beside the judge and both fell the judge appropriately pointed to them and said to his behold the evil effects of Early in Bible when people arose at the voice of the they retired at the time the Bird puts his head under Bis one of our National sins is robbery of a alter Scott was so urgent about this duty of slumber when arriving at a hotel where there was no room to sleep except that in which there was a inquired if the deceased had died of a con tag ions when assured be bad took the other bed in the room and fell into proof Midwest those of Small endurance must certainly require rest in even the giant needs an Iron do Sot fear the that gods people on the Way to Canaan need not be sur prised if they confront sonic sort of a had not the israeli ish Host had trouble enough already no red sea not water famine not Long marches not opposition by enemies of Ordinary not they must need the giant of the Iron Bedstead cubits was the length thereof and four cubits the breadth of Why not let these israelite go smoothly into Canaan they needed to have their courage and Faith fur ther tested and developed and blessed the Man in our in his March toward the promised does not meet More than one do that you Are not on the Way to Canaan because of this As Well might the israelite conclude they were not on the Way to the promised land because they met the standing in your Way is some evil Propen some social some business some physical not of you but a who would like to hew you in higher than eleven feet this of darkens sky and the rattle of Buckler stuns the but you Are going to get the As did the in the name of the god of Moses and David and Joshua and charge on and you will leave his car Cass in the you want a Battle Ellout take that with which the five assailed the nine footer when that giant with stinging con tempt both in manner and come to and 1 will give thy flesh into the fowls of the air and to the beasts of the and David looked up at the monster of Braggadocio and defiantly re plied thou Earnest to me with a and with a and with a shield but i come Tother in the name of the lord of the god of the armies of whom thou Hast this Day will the lord deliver the unto mine hand and i will smite thee and take thine head from and 1 will give the carcasses of the Host of the philistines this Day unto tin fowls of the air and to the wild beasts of Earth that All the Earth May know that there is a god in then with probably three swirls of the Sling about his got it into sufficient momentum and let Fly till the cranium of the giant broke in and to and David leaped on his one foot on his client and the other on Bis and that was the last of the but be sure you get tin right Battle shout and that you utter it with the right or of will Roll Over you As easily As at night he rolled into his Iron it is filsht All the i have Mado up my mind that Tell Irenec of its show me its Gal Lery of painting and and i will Tell you the artistic advancement of its show me its and i will Tell you the moral and religious status of the from the fact that ogs Bedstead was thirteen and a half feet i conclude the giant himself was about eleven feet but let a one by this thought be induced tata unfavourable we will have to fight All the Way up to the promised i used to think that after awhile i would get into a time where it would be smooth and but the time not come and it will never come in this by the time King of is used up so that he cannot yet into his Iron bed some other giant of opposition looms up to dispute our let us Stop looking for an easy time and make it a thirty years or a sixty years or a Hun dred years if we live so a test i carried to the skies on flowery Beds of while others fought to win the prize and sailed through bloody seas do you know name of the biggest giant that you can possibly you will meet him he is not eleven feet but one Hundred feet his by Ostend is As Long a the his name m his common food is infidel books and sceptical lectures and ministers who do not know whether the Bible is inspired at All or inspired in and christians who Are More infidel than you Wilt never reach the promised land unless you slay that kill doubt or doubt will kill How to overcome this Ianth Pray for go with people who have read everything that encourages avoid As you would ship fever and smallpox the people who Lack in this Battle against King of use not for weapons the Crutch of a limping Christian or the Sharp pen of a but Tho sword of which is the word of Tho word if is made up of the same number of letters As the word and it is just As big a if the Bible he if the soul be if Christ be if our belief and behaviour Here decide our future i hate that word Noah Webster says it is a conjunction i say it is an armed satan breathed upon it a curse when he said to if thou be the son of what a dastardly and in famous against that giant if hurl jobs i know and Pauls i i know that my redeemer i know in whom i have with the if and up with i that giant doubt is such a cruel giant it attacks Many in the last it could not let my Mother alone even in her dying after a life of holi Ness and consecration such As i never heard of in any one she said to my what after our prayers and struggles should go for Why could she after All the trials and sicknesses and bereavement of a Long life and the infirmities of old be allowed to go without such a cruel stroke from the giant do you wonder i have a grudge against the old monster if could 1 would give him a bigger Bounce than satan got hurled out of the first thing he struck was the Bottom of the Church most another impression from my subject the March of the Church cannot Boim ceded by Gigantic that Israel Irish Host led on by Moses was the and when the giant him of the Irin came out against him with an other fresh Host against one that seemed worn must have looked bad for no account is Given of the Bedstead of except that one in which he first Cradle of aquatic vegetation on the where the wife of the found the floating babe having no child of her adopted Moses of Ordinary against of of extraordinary besides that of was backed up by sixty fortified Moses was backed n seemingly by nothing but the desert that had worn him and his army into a Grout of undisciplined and exhausted but the israelite if you spel the name of of backward you turn it into the word and of was turned Back Ward and made to with ogs downfall All the sixty cities nothing was of the giant except his Iron which was kept in a museum at Sabbath to show How Tal and lie once so shall the last giant of opposition in the Church March not sixty cities but All the not Only on one Side of Jor but on both sides of All the Rivers the Day is hear Allye win Are doing for the Conquest of the world for god and the the time will come As there nothing left of the the Iron hed steam kept at Sabbath As a there Wil be nothing left of the giants of iniquity cent something for the relic Hunters to sex which of the giants will be he lasts Lai i know but there Wil be a Mise us somewhere to hold i he relics of what Tobej onco a rusted sword will be ining Only relic of the giant of Only relic of the giant of in a Roulette Only Reli of the of a pictured Cert id Cate of watered Only relic of the giant of Stock a broken knife Only relic of the giant of Assassin a yellow copy of Tom Only Arclie of the giant of am that museum will do for the later Ages o the world what the Iron Bedstead at Leal Bath did for the earlier do you no see it makes All the difference in the work whether we Are fighting on toward a i Crable defeat or toward a final Victory All the Bible promises Prophesy the hit and so i cheer you who Are the troop of and though Many things Are Darl like Alexander i review the army by and i give you the watchword which Martin Luther tin lord of hosts the lord of hosts and i cry out can tingly with Olive Cromwell at the Battle of be god arise let his enemies to make All the preparations for the world have the Faith of Rober and Mary the we after preaching in Bechuanaland for Tei years without one convert when Askee what they would like to have sent them by Way of gift from scud communion for it will be surd needed and sure enough Tho expected in gathering of Many souls was realised an the communion service arrived in time t celebrate appropriately Elid that sinary write in an album when his Auto graph was requested my album is t to whore Reigins Ami tempests without oho Ray of to Tho imme of there and Point to in reels Bolli Bright Ami Anel see the bit use i veil in is my Sun co Cio whatever your work and wherever you work for you in your Way and i in my with holy Pluck fight pm with something of the strength of Thomas who at Inkermann had Ono leg shot Oil and t to foot of the other and when they proposed to carry him off the replied i Elo not move until Tho Battle is whatever to the rocking of the Church or have the calmness of the aged woman in an earthquake that frightened everybody and when asked if she was not no i am glad that i have a god who can shake the whether your work be to teach it Sabbath or nurse an or Reform a or print a or train a or Bear the querulous Ess of or sheer the Dis or Lead a soul to know that by Fidelity you Muy help hasten the time when the world to snowed under with White Lily and Incarnadine with red and now i bargain with you that we will come Back Sopio Day from our super abode to see How Tho world looks when it shall be fully ast tear wept4 its last wound ast shackle its last desert Garden its last giant of iniquity was t and when we May it be somewhere near this spot of Earth where we have to other toiled and struggled for the King on of and May it be about this hour n the High noon of some glorious looking into the upturned faces of some great audience Radiant with holiness and smoking for a writer in a medical while de ending the practice of cigarette smoking n took the bold step of advocating an Extension of it to the other and advising that women should find a in it from the minor ills of tobacco he was Ono of the Best and most harmless sedatives we possess for harassed and agitated and As women Are More subject to nervous disorganization than it was obvious that they would find an even Reater use for such a sedative than Mem Jers of the sterner it was the constant insistence of the Small worries of rather than its greater briefs and that upset the Equa Limity of rendered them liable o the insidious attacks of nervous com and sometimes Mado them the victims of premature old much mis Ery was caused by the adoption among womankind of sedatives that were by no Means and much suffering lie saved to them if they were not debarred by Public opinion from making use of a sedative which is allowed to the other and which would be infinitely More sooth ing and efficacious than those which they Are frequently driven to from a logical Point of View the argument seems not Only but a very who is it who suffers most from Small worries a whose nerves Are most easily affected a woman what is the Best and most harm less sedative for distressed nerves to therefore let a woman smoke to the Justice of such a Contention would be Manifest did we not suspect that the premises Are not altogether to be re lied take Only that particular one which relates to tobacco we do not think it will pass a very close How to treat the Mother who has once been roused by the Barking cough so unmistakable in its warning is never Likely to forget the thrill of terror which seemed to make her very heart Stop no matter whether it be True or false the at the moment is the and in neither Case is there any time to be if Tho cough does not seem very tight and is not accompanied by begin giving syrup of ipecac in doses of fifteen drops every Twenty continue this until the Childs breathing is relieved or until he but should he awake with symptoms of choking and great difficulty of administer at once a teaspoonful of the into which has been stirred a Good Pinch of powdered should this not cause vomiting in fifteen repeat the dose and assist its action by making the child drink a cupful of warm place him in us hot a Bath As he can 100 keep him there at least ten minute spreading blankets Over the tub to the water he should be supported in a reclining so that As much of his body possible May be under when he is taken Roll him at Oneo in heated blankets and put him to bed in a warm but Well ventilated he May sometimes is relieved by inhaling if get a doctor take care the Day after croup child is not exposed to there used to be a comforting theory that no child Ever had croup atut alas time and experience have proved this a pleasant Odds and remarkable of a while travelling in it Olaui Ovid allow me to relate to you an experience As far As i in the annals of railway in my husbands unavoidable crossed alone in the Middle of dreadful weather from Dublin to and having had a rough passage i sought and found the Solitude of an empty second class after the usual delay we and As the a for to had every appearance of jumped 1 looked suspiciously at wondering Why he should have delayed getting on till the last moment and remembering for better or i was compelled to enjoy or endure his society for a considerable As the train was an express and stopped but was a Man of per haps thirty five years of and from the few surreptitious glances i was Able to give while he was arranging himself and his Rug i decided he was mild and harmless not Many minutes when a dogs bark in Tho Carriage alarmed me not a Little you can Well imagine that i Felt Frozen to my seat with in indescribable while my hair seemed to Rise from the roots and stand on when 1 became aware that it was the Man in the Corner who was Barking like a Large angry dog no words can convey to you the horror i Felt As the horrible thought passed through my mind hydrophobia lie will tear me to pieces in a minute paralysed As i i yet remembered that i could Stop the and afraid even to move my tried to remember on which in communication Cord on 1 thankfully per but if i did Slop the How could i account to the for my action what proof should i Hun to Oiler that the gentleman in the Corner been harking Good heavens he was inv King More angrily and furiously than growl ing and tear n Hor Rible fascination i chess compelled me to look him in the and of blessed reaction of i s to was asleep sound and Barking Asho stealthily t watched him for nearly an hour was he indeed Only or would he Wake to fall in dog like fury on fellow traveler became convinced that lie was sleeping like a child or like a dog he snored loudly and groaned Fiona time to time anal at lost terribly tin Fiona moment for me woke with an audible look ing decidedly turned toward me As if to see if i had observed Tho shudder and remarked quite what bitter weather for travelling and he slept nor barked no More till i left the have you Ever heard of a like experience for no fancy tale but liter ally True from beginning to or than human beings Ever dream they Aro Ani Mals and if was it strangely we had not received this letter two hours when we heard of an other the this time a la barked so loudly and so exactly like a dog that his believing him to be in some Way his employer threatened to Send for a doctor and have his Throat Cut open for and Tho unlucky frightened to ceased to bark for a few his disease in a rare nervous affect London choosing a Silt for u there Are no definite rules that will Al ways apply to the selection of a site for a usually it should not be placed exactly in the Middle of a place or Elose to the and it should associate itself in some Way with some considerable Planta Tion of Trees that May Alivado i am speaking that must be met in a systematic and More or less in accordance with the Best practice of the Art of landscape but avoid being too conventionally use common and first of All make your grounds comfortable and convenient then do what you can for the the latter in your be of the most but the be will sooner or later revenge itself on you for any undue i am speaking now of All country meaning thereby a lot that May be Only feet by 100 or May be five or six in any Case you Are devising a picture when you undertake to Lay out your even in the most simple fashion and any arrangement that will develop and present with the Best effect the most artistically valuable features should be invariably though at first it May seem and not in accordance with your conventional ideas of landscape gardening any evident attempt at Mere oddity is of course bad Auel destructive of the Harmony of the general but there May be an unusual Ness of treatment that seems though in reality effective and simply because it is in thu cull go girls Tho destruction of As every College Man a important event in his Sophomore at How thu objectionable classic is neither burned nor buried by the Youni woman after the january examinations of the which finishes Trigo it is optional whether Mathe Matics be further Tho teachers while Tho girls usually a Jubilee always follows thu Trig which is often a play bearing humorously on the mooted Euest this year it took the form of a mock in which Victor was steel by miss Ella Goutsoff for breach of Tho judge and jury were Clever makeups and impersonators of the teach and the lawyers were bristling with College hits and at the poor Fesh it is needless to add t to fair claim ant got no York a Gooel leu of i have been watching the movements of our lawmaking Power in Texas for Over forty and it does seem As if there is too much legislation for Tho common Good of Tho 1 do not wish to be understood As being too self presuming or because it stems that in the Wisdom of oar legislators they could have arranged Many Laws that would have tended More to the general Good than what Aii Gelo lore is always a Burden Paris has eight five daily a cuff is a wet Blanket that Damp eth in the flutter of excitement the flight of time is for Finger Marks and soiled spots Wash with Javelle in Japan there is no proper translation of the word when the Devil undertakes to bind a Man he never lets him Sec the when the Mode is unbecoming it is bet Ter to adapt it rather than adopt the Decimal system is in almost uni Versal use on the continent of by the worlds Law a Man is held guilty until he is proved it is proposed to construct a new Tele graph line from Valparaiso of Buenos the Railroad companies of America get for carrying Tho mail bags of the a lady in san is said to have succeeded in accumulating postage for sleeplessness a Chicago physician recommends a Light meal of Plain food just before a species of Crow in India has a note which exactly resembles the human voice in loud sir James Crichton Browne says a Good Many men nowadays die of old age Between fort five and immense Beds of Silver have Boon discovered in the Bottom of the Bay of san Argentine a plucky woman in Denver recently assisted in the capture of two and them the Atesian wind was applied by the greek and Koman to the period ical winds of the it is said that the Standard Oil Trust is the largest corporation in the world its president is John Sidney the British Royal Aca has just celebrated his eighty eighth he in excellent the Temple at begun in Liisu and finished in is one of the most famous religious structures in the introduction of the rubber tree into the Bahama islands has not proved Ful As the Trees secrete Little careful investigation in Prussia reveals the remarkable fact that the average life of jews in Prussia is five years longer than that of in an interesting account of Tho develop ment from the egg to the adult a lec Turer recently showed that but three weeks Are required for the full four years ago the United states government planted a Quantity of White Tosh spawn in klan Ith this year mature fish have been caught in abundance in those women at Why cannot some of the society leaders have the strength of mind and sufficient sense of propriety to inaugurate a new order of things in Ball etiquette said Tho exasperated Good natured after a wearisome if a few right intelligent women would Only take umbrage at the really humiliating position that is held by their sex in a and would Combine together to act independently of the unwritten Law that compels every woman to be an abjectly helpless creature As soon As she dons evening they would bestow an inestimable Benefit upon men As Well As upon some of my sex have Lam sorry to quite callous to the suffering around but for my part i am too soft hearted to resist the Wistful eyes and pitiful stereotyped smile of those who have no partners for there is thing pathetic about the helplessness about these poor creatures that Appeal to my but what nonsense it All Why cannot women walk from group to or go Down to supper with another woman haying Cream in a i aint to blame for i assure you i said a Columbus Avenue one of his customers had called to pro test that it want right for him to Send her milk when she ordered and paid for look she had i pay you eight cents for a half pint of Cream every and i Elmont get Cream at really i am paying you thirty two cents a quart for is that a Nice Way to treat customers it was with reference to this complaint that the Dairyman pleaded that he was not to then who is to blame demanded the if it int who is it is it the Man you buy of not exactly but its the men that they Are the i buy and the people that i buy from Send Ous Cream but twixt their place of business and mine the specific Gravity of the Cream is wonderfully its the Drivers that do and they do it for their own they double the Quantity of Cream by diluting it with they keep me in hot water All the every Day some customer comes in with a complaint and All i can do is to talk to the Drivers and wig them to Deal fairly with this very morning i was at one of with the same ease As at an afternoon Tea Given Tho same conditions of and put s Salceda i Mako balls would to delightful instead of so often unmitigated York Manhattan Beach is Well known As Ono of the Heartiest eaters in he can do More eating without a rest than any two men in the of late his Eye sight has become and he was asked if his appetite was As Good As i should say was the response i cant read the Bill of fare As Well As i used yesterday at dinner i overlooked two kinds of soup Anil slipped up on the custard i can never Tell now when i am through if my eyesight does not improve i am afraid if starve to death some sift Why to a moslem priest once asked All those of his congregation who loved god and feared their wives to stand says the Tho whole gathering save when Tho priest observed this he approached the solitary exception and said i see that you remain is it because you do not love god an swered the Man i love then is it because you do not fear your wife of the was the 1 am unable to Rise because my wife gave me Stich a beating this morning that i am almost Francisco me lose All my if you want ten cents at any time Call on me and ill give it to you in but dont break my business up by diluting my the customer Camo away almost regret Ting that she had made a she Hes As much to to pitied As i ill keep on with him for a Little York effects of on the alleged Power of camphor to awaken seeds or stimulate their germination has been by Tho experiments of Henry do Marigny to have real exist various kinds of seeds were sown in Sand saturated with water containing As advised by and the germination of All was in Stead of More than that of similar seeds in water without Germi nation was even retarded by camphor vapor in the the water having no Cam York Hilly latest Bill Peaseley stepped in Tho Standard office the other Day to say that he is consulting with Fred Decker in regard to his invention of Antione bagging the device consists of having the legs but toned on a baud just below the so that when the Baggines becomes notice Able the legs Are the band and the Baggines then consists of an indentation that befits Tho bending of j the at the same time lending the Charm of picturesque they Are also i end for so that the Bottoms 1 can be worn at the top and the tops at the i selecting cloth similar on both the legs can be Turmol inside out or Tho legs almost in another economic feature is that they Are peculiarly adapted for warm As the legs can be Deta Cheel and the trunk worn a la every one vis iting the Seaside Shouel have a pair for wading or with a Negligee shirt they fan be Etem Porizek into a bathing buttoned together they can be used As a convenient bag for transporting being any dude can Wear a different pattern on each so that by walking by his Darlings win Dow he is on his to give the impression that to has changed his clothes in u neighbouring at night Tho trunks and Ono leg can be rolled up and stuffed into the other thus forming a comfortable Bill then said Good night and started to leg it Field apples grow in All apples Ore grown in almost every port of the but they grow Best in two York and North the second named produces Only one Fine but that is surpassed by none Many varieties Are raised in this the Best of which Are the the King and the new Touti York Iro Vlug who was a remarkably ugly contended that he was Tho Handsom est thing in the to proved it thus tie handsomest part of the void is Europe of France of Paris of the University of the the College of in the College of Tho a mine in my room i am the handsomest i am the handsomest thing la the

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