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Read an issue on 23 Jun 1892 in Tyrone, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Tyrone Herald.

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Daily Herald (Newspaper) - June 23, 1892, Tyrone, Pennsylvania Strikers in Hyde a Woof reversed the fall shuttles weave i How slow but never once they slip the upon the georgian idlers up Leafy ways the Lindens clouding the Royal air since yester come men bereft of time and scant of who were who word thro the cowed their kingdom to re what ails England Mart and Grange dream of the knife by night not not so the Clear Republic Waits the general Throe along her Noonday mountains open god be with both i for one is Young to know the others role of evil and of Guirey in youths Jack and come Here Dot called out Greylock from the Cabin As she hold in her hand a letter Hud just brought in from the store where the Post office All old in right came in the deep tones of her husbands As the old Man strode in from the barn whats the Row its a letter from an Shes got a an Jack wants it called after said All in a 1 Call that handsome in Jack Blest of 1 an a nieces got a Sho old Yon and i is hoop and the old Man fairly jumped off the ground in his after the letter had Boon and re read by the delighted couple and commented on during Paul told us the Story of his daughters marriage As sat around the fire in the to think of Ilii Dees Harri i began the old Man it dont but yesterday when she wan a baby her own Yon my old Woumn then had Given me six one Arter tin Nice Fellers they if 1 do say they kept the Cabin 1 Tell with their tricks an games an but sometimes i used to think it us be kind of pleasant to have a girl 1 didst say nothing of the but the old woman snowed what i were thinking an 1 guess that she were As glad As i be when Haidee were the Way she got her name were kind of As far As 1 none of Tho Grey locks nor the old Wom ans Fol Kaas Ever were called no such name bout a month Afore she was we were Livin Here in terns an the country were pretty an a stranger came along an asked to Stop All in course we took him an the old woman she gave him a Good in the Mornin he went but he dropped outer his Saddle bags some leaves of a i Dunno what the Book Only it were writ in poetry an it told How some Greaser Ujj mexican called Don Juan were wrecked Oil an How he come across some girl named an a monstrous Likely girl she must have bin from the Cordin As the Book were she were the prettiest girl you Ever an my old woman mind just got Sot on that so when Haidee were born no Thiu would suit her but Namin the child for the girl in the we didst have but two or three an didst know nothing bout the Young woman Only jest How she i didst have no Jec Tion to the an so our baby were called an were baptized Bra Methody circuit rider named i dont remember 110 great much bout him cent to were a terrible Man to an he Rode the poorest Critter i Ever Hideo grower up healthy an an she were just the life of the she were As she were As pretty As she could be no girl would be any an her Mother just thought the world of time went an Haidee grower tip to be an the Young Fellers be Gan to coma round the Cabin a Good i never a pinioned what they come for Moren a mule Spilions what kind of work Hes Goin to do when youre breaking an i used to think they come to hear me Tell the old woman was sharper than but she never let on an thar i Sot an told them boys an didst know no More what were Goin on than a Coyote do bout poli thar were one Feller in Jack Furniss by who used to come bout three times a he were a Manly sort of a a Good a Good Tho he we rent very an 1 liked i liked him so much that i always asked him to come again when hed get up to Jack were always Makin me presents he Gin me that revolver Over an he was everlastingly bringing wild tur keys or Venison or bar meat to the old i used to wonder sometimes what on Earth lie done it but then i didst have As much sense As a Moccasin Snake in them one Day Jack an me were Standin out by the Corral an he seemed nervous an i asked him what were the when he up an told me he wanted to marry id rather a darn sight hed Knock me Down with a Maul i never had no such turn my he went on with a Long string bout How he loved her an How hed work for her an Dunno what else but j didst hear were thinking of last i broke you must be a i guess i swore think of marrying that child Days he Shes i say she you an that made me madder than do you Jack says that in again to let my Little any such Fel Tow As Yon be1 he stood in be said As How he snowed he we rent Good enough for an All but that he loved her Moren he did his hoped id let him Hare his us he didst seem to think aim Cor my life when he asked for he says something Fox an with that i up to him an Sifore id shoo him hot a Redskin if Ever i see Nikii so he went j went into the tin thar was Haidee an her Inether seemed like As Thow Heli i saw her the Devil come into an i says Hadfie both her an her Mother started when they heard were that hoarse says Jack Furniss has bin tellin me he wants to marry now i want you to understand you aint to Invar Coin to see him no the Thievin to think of him Takin my when Haidee heard to say jacks name she got red when Sho heard me say she we rent to see him any More she got White but when 1 come to Callin him names she bounced up an she says says you Aughter to be ashamed of he aint no injun Hes White All Hes n Good and he loves me an i love that i and with that she ran into the Buck an 1 heard her crying As Tho her heart would Yon might have knocked me Down with a All my wrist fears was 1 reeled to a chair an Sot an 1 cried As hard As Len duo when she heard me she come Back an put her arms round me and Kinder trembly like says daddy in sorry for what i do try an like he does love to i love him an if youll love Well All to so but 1 give the Pill were too bitter so 1 told her id never that Evenin my old who were All on jacks an me had the Only quarrel i recollects since our mar 1 told her All of Tho stories against Jack id Ever it didst have no As a matter of Jack Furniss we rent no worse than most Young men on the were really a great Deal but it seemed to when i thought of him in a As Tho 710 Man Ever into a Afore an when id think of his Drinkin a it were like he were drunk All the Toiuo in my the old woman used to toll me he were no worse than i were an 1 say lie but for All that 1 Blieve to fact i hated him so id have believed anything bout him any Man 1 snowed Hideo see him less 1 she told to an 1 Nevei snowed her to break her so on that Point 1 were How unhappy 1 i got into two Fig lits an 1 Drinker More Licker Triau were Good for but for All that i didst get any the old woman thought 1 were wrong and said which didst make to feel any much but what drove me wild were that Hideo didst sing any shed go bout her work quiet an shed cry when she thought i we rent but i All the Arter bout three i give in i stand it any says i one evening wont you come and give your daddy a like you used to do Hai Dee she come an 1 pulled her Down on Ziy an i kissed her an says says in Agiu to give my own baby girl to another you can marry Jack i wont Stop you Aughter seen that she flushed All up an she kissed an then she Laid her head Down on my shoulder an cried for a spell very quietly and then Tho went into the other room an i seed her Kneel Down and i took my hat an went out an saddled i Rode up to Jack Furniss an when to come out i held out my an i i wanted to get through the thing you can come an see Haidee he began to bless 1 didst wait to hear anything from 1 just Rode As i Rode Home i were Hap pier than i were but it seemed to me like As i had a sore Hurt i didst go Back on my an they was married bout a month Arter they live bout ten Miles from an jacks Doin Well with Hes East niacin arrangements for Sellin an get Tiu some imported Stock an Hes a Good an Haideen As Happy As the Day is an Shes always singin same As she used in pretty Well used to the change but for All that 1 sometimes wish she could have staid a Little when she was All in new York a monstrous a great Many years when our grandfathers were very and be fore the there used to be a strange looking animal called the he was called a Gly Todon because he had fluted and perhaps because the people who named him haunt heard of we should doubtless have called him a because his in the pictures we have of really resembles a tart More than anything though it weighed somewhat More than most tarts do before they Are the Gly Todon also had four and could always Tell his Hind legs from his front ones by the singular fact that his Hind feet had five toes while the front feet had to get along on this animal does not exist at the pres ent and it is just As Well that he because he could be very Dis agreeable if he wanted As you can very Well imagine when you remember that he was really nothing More than a and he was quite As Large As an Ordinary elephant in his stocking feet harpers Young antique a common form of andirons in the shops of the dealers in Antiques is a Small Brazen affair with a Ball from two to three inches in diameter at the a Short Shaft that widens and Narrows every Inch of its length and legs that suggest Branch they Are really a development of the Early wrought Iron they Are As often As not from fifty to 150 years they Are invariably of cast with horizontal bars of wrought tongs and poker of wrought with Braes May be bought with them York a jpy for famed win Allf Bamont Lii fallow Imp patient in to think that sour Day will stripped of All misconceptions fan jus a Star that floats Arnm his actual deet Lutil to endure when rumours careless caricature has died away like dark in Day for that spider will Ever in wicked from threads of threads of her cobwebs through the Halls of till with bosom Bluff and Strong from groins and rafters where they sweeps Clear away Tho unclean array Fawett in youths her goodbye it was a madness of fare they stood looking into each others eyes with blanched would he Ever Back t her wide eyes grew desolate As she looked at then the lasts dropped Over them and she Lay motionless against his breast for a As though the spirit had died within is this the girl fitted to be a soldiers wife have you no regard for my Honor his voice but if eyes looked Down upon her she roused herself your duty is at the i would not hold you she placed her hand on the Bunch of pansies at her beauties they with great velvety hearts of purple and they Are my she Wear my and be True to your lady her trembling fingers pinned them in Side h is god be with she kept the tears smiling into his though the drumbeat sounding in the Street below seemed like death it was the signal to signal for the Tho Brave men who wont off for the Indian this dreadful War that had come like blight upon her Beautiful Western and god bless Youl the pan sies will be my the most intense excitement raged in the mining Ever since the news had come that the old chief was on the Warpath and the Call had been made for volunteers to defame the settlers on the the town had been alive with men anxious to obtain the scalps of the blood thirsty among them none was More fearless or More Bravo than Ned me was one of the Young pioneers who had struck a Bonanza in the More than that to use the phraseology of the mining he had located a claim on the prettiest girl in the town and patented stroke of Good Luck that had made him More envied among the boys than even his mining shares in the May then came the news of a fierce Battle be tween the utes and major Thorn bergs in which Many were wounded Oil either her father came Home at noon with an open letter in his she took it silently and read Edward Ashby was wounded in the Bat the of the she did not though to had expected she but her face blanched until it was like Marble and her eyes grew Large and glowing like i must go and nurse she her father Laid his hand Ripon dear tins is talk of in you cannot he the color leaped to her Cheeks and her eyes i must she he could not say no lie knew her nature so thwarted in this desire she might 1 cannot go with can you go alone she Drew herself up it was the proud right of the Western american girl she knew no at 0 the next morning her favorite horse Plato stood at the at Nightfall she was at the Springs fifty Miles it it was a popular summer resort and Many guests had been but at the first news of War most of them had fled to the Eastern the who had Headquarters near the Springs and who had heard of her arrival and her sent for her in the she came to him with eager eyes for the tidings just received by a courier from the scene of beyond the Springs there was no Telegraph and the couriers Rode Day and night Over the dangerous Indian trails to bring the is news of him she Falt the generals voice almost choked As he looked at How could he break the heart of this Brave Young Crea whose great love made her so Beauty its unselfish purpose shining from every feature How could he Tell her the cruel with those starry eyes fixed so unflinchingly upon his he his hand upon even As her fathers had his eyes full of his Stern voice suddenly your Lover is Deal the courier Justin states that he died yesterday not one word came from her the great eyes gave him one stricken and then she fell just where she stood at his like a broken he lifted her up gently and called for As but in a Little while she rising to her feet with the Brave determined look on her Pale i must go with she they will Bury him there and i shall never look upon his face 1 must Gol an escort of my Best and bravest men shall accompany he they will protect you and bring the body thank it was All she could but tears of gratitude Rose in her eyes As she Bent Low Over his extended then for the first time she Learned the full particulars of her lovers exploit How he had led the scouting Rushing bodily into the very face of the and by this action saving the military from the ambush the Savages had prepared for in a moment the Battle had but Ere Bis comrades were hand to hand with the who seemed to Lurk be Hind every Bush and this bold Young Soldier had met his falling with his face to the at least be died like a Ber heart whispered whenever the bitterness of Ber woe threatened to overwhelm two Days after a Long and weary her Little party reached the sol Diers the boys had entrenched themselves behind a Small Knoll Overlook ing the surrounding fortifying themselves with earthworks against a attacks from the All things for the at sight of Ber the boys raised a Liany of the militia knew and they were proud of they knew her for what she heroic purely i wetly yet ready in of her Brothers to take the weapons from her Elt and defend her life or that of any girl in imbued with All the glory and strength of her native she acknowledged the cheers with a Sweet grave then the leading Oft cer in her escort whispered Bont ething to Mjor Ere he Helper her to she Saraht the it made her trem out with Cne suspicion 01 Gitnik hot not were the words which came Tom her White lips with a major came to her Side Quick courier made a it was fed Sampson who Ashby yet he lies still almost at deaths door the major led the Way into the tent where the wounded Man motioning he guard then he left followed by the Young officer who had been in at taking up the hand that Lay so helpless against the rough blankets she pressed it to her and then for the first time the years fell from her in u hot Blind what pain and anguish Hart not done Joy had tent he still lived and that she Hart Reachert him in time to give All her Young life to his care and his one he had worn when parting from Lay on the her yes darkened As she saw the stains of blood and the Bullet she took it in Jer examining it there were the faded and still sinned the Bullet had passed i rough just above had the Bullet struck him Hii Inch Owen it would have been one of the men afterwards told perhaps the pansies by some Subtle in Luence Hal in vol him perhaps her own spirit in that moment of agony had passed nto making them indeed real Tal Ismail to Shi loved to that Joel mister we her Earnest prayers by involving her chosen with the pow to save his it was Only h girlish but it Muirle Ier Happy she took the Blos soms Ami Laid them tenderly until they became dust these faded Flowers would he Sac redly Jeannette Cutie to neds bedside Rueday with u look of Joy upon her Lovely it was like she with a return of her old life and the War is peace is Anil we Are going to Lake you some tomorrow for answer he silently pressed the warm hand that crept into his when Ever was there a sweetheart so tender and so Beautiful and when they reached the Springs loud and wild were the cheers Given for the Brave boys returning from the and not Only or the boys but for the Brave girl who Lead dared to go to the front for loves under the glorious sweep of the spangled Flag she her Cheeks aflame like the Crimson and her eyes splendid with the sunlight of i know it was the pansies that saved Sho whispered to Ned when they stood once move together under the Shadow of their own Royal tinted mount the pauses have human and i believed god has invested every Blossom with graces and Power which we do not her tall looked Down upon the Sweet face uplifted to smiling at the girlish yet touched by the pure Faith in after who shall say that she was not York a i jilt Bluit didst sir you cant pass on without putting a ticket in the and a ticket chopper at an up town elevated station Laid his hand on a gentleman just in front of me As i approached the Box my ticket in 1 was greatly surprised at this for i had distinctly seen the passenger who had been stopped pause at the Box and 1 had noted the ticket As it left his when thu ticket chopper stopped him the gentleman turned around and exp Stu i dropped my ticket in All no you said the chop per you made a but it didst the passenger fumbled in his pocket a moment and produced another which he dropped in the that the second but perhaps the other dropped on the outside of the Box and blew then he ran for his i stopped to speak to the guard and told him i had seen the Man drop his ticket in the youse think you but you remarked colonel Hains Man sententious them Fellers have a common rubber band passed around their which holds the ticket against their then they take the ticket Between the thumb and forefinger and make a great show of holding it Over the but when they let go of instead of dropping where it ought to it snaps Back again into the Palm of the most of Ems so Slick at the game that fool you every time if there is any this Feller just was a York new Stock of Esery Quality and mens Fine Dresa to boys Fine dress shoes at to mens warranted solid per mens real calf Bals solid per woman Dongola kid shoes from to per woman Fine hand turned shoes and per misses Heel and Spring from to per childrens shoes to we have a Large and Complete Stock and can save Yon Money on your foot Wear and warrant All goods to give Juniata an oddly assorted on a ranch that was largely devoted to Stock horses and hogs were kept in Large numbers and allowed to run at will upon the one Day in Riding Over the Mesa an oddly assorted Trio was found in a locality at a considerable Dis Tance from any other this Trio was made up of a a horse and a and All three were feeding aide by Side in the most amicable at first it was thought to be nothing More than a coincidence that the three members of differ ent families should happen to be but subsequently it turned out that this Trio had evidently set up an Alliance Offen Sive and defensive against All the other animals on the they were always it was a comical sight to see the oddly assorted Trio travelling Over the the horse usually took the with the cow next and the pig last of occasionally the horse looked around to see if his pork ship was keeping and if he fell behind a halt would be made to allow him to come when the pig was just As Apt to put his snout Down by the horses or cows Mouth and Endeavor to snatch the grass from Between their Teeth As to Graze on his own one could almost see in Tho countenances of the Large a sort of halt patronizing air As they regarded their diminutive compan while the pig on the other hand walked with a bullying swagger and a self confident for All the world like the Young Ster who trots along b the Side of his big in the full Assurance that All Battles will be fought for fran Cisco for infants and Castor left is so Well adapted to children that i recommend Itas Superior to any prescription known to ill Oxford the of Castoria is so Universal and its merits so Well known that it seems u Wurfer of super rotation top Orsu Uret lie intelligent families who to not keep within easy new York late pastor a storied Captoria cures sour kills gives and promotes i without injurious for several years i have Reeoma Myndert your and shall always continue to in As it Bias invariably produced beneficial Tho Street and eth new York Tbs 77 Siu Nat new pile wiil Nii Linin ii Jiuu Lutu tutors allays Tho itching at i n Given instant Tor Lions Ulm hulling of private very Coons of or Indian Pali Oil nyint Solil by suit by in ii on Ruedi Pisot 5ucunts and Pur Tyrone Marble the Marble business will be carried on As Bere Toofie at Corner of Blair and Juniata streets where we will keep on hand at All and manufacture on Short monuments and tombstones of All descriptions at lowest Cash none but first class material j and please Send for descriptive circular and Price list the positive m Price Etc of u i ii Ifill up table and pocket located in pruners near Swistock All new jk1 Meminger 10 Juniata can Supply you with anything and everything in the line Caps and gents Call and examine his immense Goto John Moki nets to get your furniture Bee hives Tor Allegheny tween Logan and j practical Surveyor and office with

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