Tipton Republican in Tipton, Indiana
23 Dec 1876

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Tipton Republican in Tipton, Indiana
23 Dec 1876

Read an issue on 23 Dec 1876 in Tipton, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Tipton Republican.

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Tipton Republican (Newspaper) - December 23, 1876, Tipton, Indiana 1he equal just and free publisher december per in Locha la the Ruah of Vul Ubea Rod Burna through Ibao wintry world Liei Waling for glory of the then a Luul milling Jurt without upon the so two White catch the gleam of Tunny an a Hrutkai Lal Rora stealing Bon of Lluc Zocki to fill t an they i Guk floating hither with their menage of Goodwill t what Aro Elm Ufa they chirp and slug t Are them Palms at from Harreii that com lordy bring t Bocy feet upon the eager Facia peeping throng with first pm Ray of Canning Cherub i come in has of toe and gleaming symbols of a by Ned in their Chambr they 81 reaming All along the Well we know weary of Usu innocent surer rom waiting with full beam and Leader while Yoor Lulf household Wylte and in the lir Tua with Iba Sweet old Welc merry Mercry a Christmas it was Juet a week before perched on his three legged in the counting room of the great House of Worthington old Joe the ancient bookkeeper of the finishing his saturday night while thus a hand was Laid on his and turning his he saw Hia old Gray haired the sole survivor of the beside it a the last my old said the pointing to the Ledger the news this evening decides unless something happens before throw the Firat of Worthington Brothers must close and wind up old Joe started As he listened to these melancholy and a tremor ran through Dontay that dont say air he and dabbed Hia Bald forehead wit this old Danna handkerchief As he Jay that Worthing ton Brothers sir1 e than returned he with a heavy i Hope of the great in Europe have hopeless by 1 with by expression in Hia or Belore the first of r 1 the House will Cloe its i uld Bear that when i i the name of oct Lugton Brothers tonight Mial any resources or important intelligence no and bad news almost worse than air you remember my Eon of course you remember you know he Ourse you went Abou t two years ago to live with Van Zundt at Antwerp air what of him dont Tell a air Pang a spared but 1 have had very bad Newa of my did i wrote recently announcing and recommending Hia re turn and Van Zandt re plied that he left them nearly a year left them1 1 he had fallen into evil courses and they reprimanded when he went to one letters were written to me by the but they must have nothing has since been heard of i fear he has taken to More evil ways he May be unhappy that i am 1 All connected with Meadema to turn out badly the merchant uttered a old j in looked at him with deep co Misera i am still More unfortunate than you he in a Low i had a Noble a sir you knew Mund he was to so bold and he was lost at sea lie was on a whaler the ship and the Crew were my Ioor Edmund we Are truly two unfortunate be boy y de there the conversation and the t and bookkeeper the following week until efforts were made to collect the re sources of Worthington but alight a Scesa crowned the merchants efforts to Rescue the friends of seemed a satisfaction to old Joe to g at the vacant and to think of Bis Eon a present and enjoying their Happi and when at last the desert and the wine was poured the old Man looked toward the vacant chair a he raised the Glaza to his suddenly the Roice of Daisy rang half choked with Why we Are forgetting our tree pee cried we Are really losing sight of our Uncle did anybody Ever not waiting for anybody to Daisy started and assisted by Uncle bore the magical Cedar in its neat covered with to the Center of the night had come and the tapers on the tree were As the fairy spec Tacle of Manyco lored Candy and presents of Needle and and flashed Forth in the Light of the As this splendid chrismas tree burst Forth on the eyes of All the Young Darlings uttered a suppressed and in curia and a made a reckless and desperate attempt to climb upon the Board and carry the prize at the Point of his baby cried wait till aia Ter gives you list Uncle John a going to text a Beautiful Story up in the Pacific and to the South beat by a trading he worked his Way to countered Charles roaming about the Gold speculated there and made great and were coming Home in the next that was the a old Joe grew pet suddenly run behind Hia mothers uttering an appalling at the door stood a tall Young with a ferocious Howare Uncle and Daisy they ran into Bis uttering cries and the Sailor was Home again never to leave them More a Daisy rested in her Brothers with her Rosy Cheek upon Hia she laughing and crying father How do Christmas gift the windows Shook a she was doubtless the merry goblins highly pleased with themselves and everybody else and the holy the blessed night went on Ita Way full of Joy will you and Mother its so Lovely the Ruah of laughter in the Vici made All icon at Why did the Childs Cheek flush and Why that dazzling Light in her Eye but now Uncle John suddenly riveted everybody for the moment he was the Center of excited interest for the whole Darling he seemed to feel the responsibility resting upon he reflected for a moment mailed dreamily thru med on the table and then began the tale i am going to my dear Young Eaid Uncle i must inform is strictly in last years seemed to have grown and every it waa written Down regretted their inability to Render assist by the King of the and the caught once and it waa Only by great a acrid up in the beak of a great Bird called a ices that the nouns succeeded in making i the Prince up to the Day before i having been shipwrecked on a desert the firm j Island where the Bird came to payments u in t As noted Hia and put on Hii to Drew a Long breath of King his old bookkeepers he homeward with a thankful As they a Parai murmured let keep a Good heart old Olio bad1 ruin ruin ruin groaned the a no not rum see Here sir wfi0 fli100k the i i have saved a Little n Ami old Jpe Drew from Hia pocket Mote Street of the especially honoured killed the and the Story has been in the Palace of where the Prince Ever at Thia commencement the Young Ith a thankful i Darling exhibited an astounding inter at the he As to his excitement was beyond the Power of his Eye resembled two Mouth opened to a utmost in the excess of Hia he nearly swallowed Hia baby no one looked with Oue hand shading her eyes from the and the other placed upon her she looked at Uncle or furtively towards her Uncle John continued having told my dear How the Atory came to be i will next proceed to relate it for your entertainment there once lived in the City of bag and tha now was and the wind whirling it about like a thousand goblins seemed old Joe Darlings small1 in a re seemed great by the Hobgoblin Reu by nit Uuttu Uijun once Iive in me cil Jui bag windows till they rattled i dad an old merchant whose name was unsteady Deposit in fir it waa made in no a dirty shilling in it he thrust the into the ire chants but the sighing but speaking in a voice of that is not the Worthington Brothers do business if we it shall be after honorable we will not drag Down our friends and Are our Eldot and beat the House has kept Faith and Honor for fifty pushed them old a great fire breakfast table rubbed his hands in front of the blare and looked out of the when a voice behind with a Rush of laughter in and w claimed Christmas dear Ive caught you v old Joe turned he did to a pair of Rosy lips pressed Hia and two Arma Clung round his belong a being translated is the j he had a clerk an and old Joe unlike the Nam a Mue fairy of by you and indeed the face resembled to Brilliant was the Light of the Daisy was with a cozy in a Plain but pretty dress and you saw at a Luwi us us pain nut pretty dress Anu you saw at if we will go Down it that big one of a not our i will do my end nimble fingered fairies who Are Trust in to the end Bles inca of the Homes in which the As he the old merchant went to As he the no merchant went to his Safe Aud took out a Roll of then he directed the various employees to be sent and paid them All up to the end of the he had a kind word for and an inquiry abut every mans family or concerns and then he turned to Hia but them211 did not what Are you waiting for my friends can i assist you in any my Ner asked the old if you said the Foremost of the we would Lite to our Money in your he and the speaker turned toward his rough who uttered a hoarse murmur of absent leave your Money in my mud the waa the hear Tell How times Are hard we with Worthing ton and the House Job in we dont want cur Money he do your and he looked toward those in the another growl of assent All the spokesman to that we Are not in want keep the the merchant with deep the honest my kind friends be i now we what it a to try 11 do our toil proof of your Friend ship too Chea me i cannot accept your Buch a Small would be of Little service to and May god Fakava Yon and Yoan i the retired on cot it to intrude further on tree a cd of the father in hefty i thank thee the turning be picked up the evening to hide Hia emotions a hts Eye full upon a paragraph attracted his Atten it announced the failure of the Bank in which the old bookkeepers a ring had All been with a he handed it to Joe and j deeply regret my old Ify ruin was enough old Joe Reid the announcement with blinking and echoed the nigh of Hij Lordi will be sir he her father and fondly passed his hand Over her a he Gai cd at he thought of his Well nigh Ien Milf is and heaved a poor Little ladybird i have Noth ing for you he sighing hat Day did not seem to regard the circumstances As at All on the contrary her face and turn ing her Bright head toward one Side she whispered Ive got a Christmas gift for father you youve gone and worked your Little Finger to the its a Ive done nothing of the a not your the Rush of joyous laughter in the girls voice nearly drowned her she Etra med bursting to reveal Semese their talk rfcs interrupted How appearance of Mother Dar Ling and her with old Uncle looking wild and Daisy bad somewhere the handsomest Christmas tree a Bushy full of Light Blue berries having returned from whither she went dutifully with the Ehe proceeded with the Aid of Uncle her prime Friend and to deck the wondrous tree with its tril giant a the evening Drew on it waa and erected on the sideboard its paper and pres and making it a magical spectacle to the Young who gazed at it with open eyed then the cd Rittman dinner and riveted All the great roast Turkey and round of the flanking Side aroused the wild enthusiasm in the Young Joe devoutly said i ind the Youthful Membra of the Darling chirping like it flock of called each others Atten Tion to the splendid All Bat old Joe looked theres one seat too he i aet it said Uncle John for brother have you invited some Friend brother i thought of our de the old bookkeeper looked wistfully at Hia and then went and held out hit band to thank he Ltd in a Low re turning to he when the Flat Pang Hud it cry is ruined of our own for a Long time Abou Benderling served the Good Mer chant whose caravans brought to Bagdad al the treasures of hut misfortunes the Caravana were overwhelmed in the hands of the the moment was near when would probably be compelled to brew dust upon his and wander through the streets of the this continued Uncle just before the great festivity which the Twenty fifth of the month of Abou Benderling came Home that thinking of tha misfortunes of his and also of a great buffering of his allot us must my his Eon had been loot at and the heart of Abou be Darling waa he returned to the festivity of uie Cedar but Hia heart Felt Abou Benderling la miserable he there id no Man More miserable a he thus Hia daughter Pari Banou approached my signifies the Flower of the she came now to Abou kissing him in the Eastern o father dear o Abou Benderling do not despair the feat is and the Cedar tree blazes the tapers thereon Shine like and Many Gifta hang from the boughs of the wondrous tree Here 1et suddenly bunt Forth Why its like our tree he cried Only he left out the r in Pel do not interrupt Taid Uncle i continue Abou be Darling sighed when Hia daughter thua Flower of the he thy Cedar tree Thinea but my heart is and there is no gift thereon for there a a gift for our raid or Flower of the Daisy a she there was a curious hidden1 laughter in her there Job a gift that our father will value More than All package Hia name on it from a Distant they did not look at who was and whole hand scarcely Post fled strength to draw a letter from her Uncle John continued and where is this my child to which the Flower of the Daisy replied father dear it ii Here i take it from the boughs of the holy Cedar tree and give it to you As Uncle John uttered the Daisy sprang Forward with a letter in her Here it father dear the bursting into tears and it nearly killed me not to Tell you i take take it i our Edmund a not dead i and throwing her Anna around old Joea she bobbed upon Hia while with Eye full of he read the letter from his As he read to seemed to doubt whether he waa read ing a real his eyes closed be uttered a and would have fainted had not Uncle caught him in his tha letter Wai written to Daliy by her he had been picked and a year Range Christmas came and saw the House of Worthington Brothers and old Joe and Charles the husband of the Flower of the and again the Cedar tree waa and spread around in cheerful and the loud wind and the merry goblins seemed to a merry Christmas what miss to Izard saw at the Brook Lyn miss Kate who played the part of Marianne in the two in the Brooklyn on the night no a lying in a very precarious condition at 46 Union her part having been she waa on her Way but before she had got More than a Block away Ahe heard the cry of looking saw flames bursting from the As two of her friends were in the Ahe hurried Back to give them at the stage Ahe tried to waa a panic stricken in a Only a few feet above her was the stage endeavouring to one of Hia arms had caught in a Hook on one aide of the and he was unable to extricate the flames were close upon and miss powerless to rave saw his body shrivel up and curl As it broiled in the tremendous the Man could have been Elliis Girard Hud any of those who were so much concerned about their own safety Lent helping the Ruah a she pushed her Way into the passage seeking her but a Man whom Ahe did not know forced her then two men ran against knocking her one stepping on then Ahe was trampled upon by and to last site re members is that a beam fell on when she recovered conscious Neie shei Vasin the police she waa taken to a drugstore and thence to a House on Pierrepont and thence on wednesday a Midg to the office of her Phy Elliott in Waverly where she exhibited few Tigna of being Able to move about with out a violent pain in the Chest seized and when she arrived at her Home in Union Square she began coughing up blood in great these symptoms recurred and on the following and the pain became so overpowering that Elliott bad to administer at last she was comparatively but Felt very several of her ribs Are either fractured or Misa Girard lost biding ills there were vigorous inquiries at the Post office yesterday for the chief ind when the captains face appeared at the window the inquirer asked has a Croig eyed woman been Here asking for letters addressed to me the Captain haunt seen Heil this Shes my and Shes a Tittle weak in Shes got the notion that i it love letters from a woman in can and hell be Here to ask for Well i dont get any such of but you Rautan t give her my she might get one with a draft n and not know in just say to Ler that you never knew of my receiving a letter and that you have repeat edly heard me aay that i have the beat wife in but i dont know never mind that in dealing with an insane woman Ita to be and and just shake hands with Praise her Small and Tell ice Ahe ought to be proud of Auch Hus band a i Cleopatra Needle was not erected by nor in Honor of that jut by Barneset the great prussian Blue does not come from but it is the precipitate of the Salt of pro oxide of Iron with the Prus site of brazilian grass does not come from Brazil or even grow in nor u it Trasa at it consists of strips of Palm and a chiefly imported from whalebone a no Bone at nor does t a Oatess any properties of it a a sub Alance attached to the lower jaw of and seems to at rain the water the Crea Tuic taiga ii in Large sealing Wax a not Wax at nor does contain a single particle of it a made of Venice and cinnabar it the deep red and the turpentine renders the shellac soft and Lew Burgundy pitch a not nor a it manufactured or exported from Bur the Best a a retin Otu prepared from common Cense and brought from but by far the largest Quantity is a mixture of Recin and Palm a baying prevail in Turkey that it takes two turks to iwo Lea two 3 reek i to swindle and two jews to swindle a political the Florida returning Board threw out Republican voted As Well a demo their action was unanimous up to the Point giving the Hayes electors 324 after that the vote of the Board stood two against Chandler Maya emphatically that attorney general of Florida has Noj doubt whatever that the hones and Legal vote of Florida waa for he has a doubt whether it waa Kepul can on the state but no doubt a to the result on the raw recruits Are sometime a frightened by yells and wild shots and much beat ing of the but Veteran soldiers the democratic Gasconade am noisy threats count nothing with Veteran republicans who know their g on with your governor Tilden a quite sure tha of acted an Tilden a also quite sure that the democrats in the who murder coloured people to frighten that race from the acted anything which helps Reform is Legal stealing of a re hot the question of what will be done with the electoral vote of the new York a a very simple the Legal vote will reach the Peai Dent of the Senate by the messenger a and will be opened As the Constitution will then be it is proud to boast of the average in there that were he in Louisiana he would be the worst kind o certainly he would Anc that he is not Here in the North a owing to the wholesome restraining influence of Republican principle which shapes Public the extreme generosity of Cronin tildes bogus in casting two votes for should not be Over he could just a Well have them to and thus Given made Hia majority five instead of Croniei evidently a a Liberal sort of and should be As he no doubt will by the people of it a the policy of the democratic party to agitate and inflame the and hence they Prate about War and indulge in Thia policy a so weak that even Ben Hill Calls a and openly taunts the old Copperhead Speaks with insincerity and it is in accordance with the eternal fitness of things that Hill is made the instrument to torture to e following Are the votes for the con tested parishes in compared with the vote in 1874 Easl Bitoy Lumc let hut j70 i Louis is a democratic and yet Ahe elected three Republican con Why because the better class of the substantial business men of the the men interested in the Prosperity of the City and the found themselves in eym Pathy with the National policy of the republicans and honestly against the National policy of the democratic Thia a a Point fur those who Are seeking Light on the present complications to new York Tribune there was one pretty badly Democrat at Washington the other he waa bluster Ine about declaring that the House would not allow Hayes to be elected if tilde were but would prefer to have the president of the Senate to fill the an Illinois Republican con Gressman quietly remarked that the Illinois legislature will be in session at that and if necessary will elect Grant to succeed senator whose term expired March in order that the Senate might make Hini president pro Tern the Bare possibility of Auch an event made the Democrat a a Fine old democratic everything a Lovely no nor anything of that democratic majorities Are manufactured in a quiet and respectable for it transpires that in one Ward in port Ami t transpires m thie recent Over four Hundred Republican votes were Over two Hundred voters a Viii affirmed the fact under their own but when the count was com ninety eight Republican votes the object of this Little Jame was to elect a democratic con but the Republican Jorge Nee got in after i Sonnati special to the Chicago times he governor speaking of the Oregon Days there a nothing in it when his attention waa called to a five column letter to the commercial recently from George showing Why governor Grover is right in doing a he he said it would take Ive Columna More to put any reason or sense in it he wears the appearance of a Man whose mind is wholly at rest on the and who has no doubt of Hia Itle to the presidential there a no appearance of anxiety about and Hia health Seema to be unimpaired by any excitement or worry of any tiie manner in which the democracy clutch at the Straw held out from Oregon shows not Only the desperation to which they Are but the dishonesty to which they have recourse at the first Prospect it opens to of the 369 Egal electors 185 have cast their Zotea for and the creature appointed by the governor of Oregon to do the dirty work of the democratic party Haa no chum a Ecat in the electoral a ollege than to a neat on the throne of there is not a Democrat who does not know this and acknowledge it in Hia but thua far we have not heard of a Democrat who has the honesty to come outland say that the electoral College a no place for buffoonery and and that the people of the United states were prepared to accept the Legal of their Legal ins Titu re card Lew of whether Auch Rei ulu leased them not the difference Between the action of the returning Board of Louisiana and the action of the governor of Oregon a that the latter entirely and shamefully disregarded the while the whatever else May be said of Are admitted to have kept inside the statutory Power bestowed upon the republicans respect Aud obey the and ask Victory except under its forms their opponents disregard and look for Triumph Only by trampling Law beneath their republicans have asked Why two re publican conspired with Cronin in Ore pan to carry out a democratic senator of who knows the Maya that the two Toola of Gro ver and who were reported a Are in fact Strong demo and cast their votes for Hayes under orders from to cover the in Famy of the proceeding As far As there not two republicans in All Oregon base enough to countenance the the presidents the presidents message is a very characteristic document it a unconsciously but actually addressed to the country rather than it a a Plain to those whom Lincoln called the Plain of the reason of faults alleged against the and it a at Rikino illustration of the simplicity Huha to the when the fint Ripe Luis of youth Hia with la Hue o and fear when ill be Molm of the Puta eem by the Shadow of succeeding jmr3 when the Taring becoming com much of woot etl Faith and Niit Whf borrow Day by Day grow half forgot lira trodden in the How it Inch Lime will Tome tue Jon forgotten a Sybil Bat Flower All crushed and Braken lying hid in Tome stir Igieln tha icy bean to Loiue once More the memories of the bringing mingled Tho Aghta of grief and Whie Pring of the found at at length from past to present Oace again peeps Forth a hopeful beam a full Oil the Iun through Dull Clouds breaking Lnu the autumn with Ruddy r Odds and inc Ana patriotism of Ita and a a significant rejoinder to the wan ton Anayit to the executive offered by Randall in taking the speakers it a part of the debate of democratic politics to represent general Grant a and military Des pot As a matter of the Only Mili tary president in our history who has displayed the military spirit in civil life was the and dogged one of the great gods of demo cratic but general Grants entire civil career has quietly turned into ridicule the Rhodo montage about his ambition and Hia design the tone of his message in its personal allusions is but there Are few m partial americana who have watched the course of the administration closely who will not agree with the presidents Ronda mistakes have been a All can and i admit Bat it seems to oftener a the selections made of the assistants appointed to Aid in carrying oat the various duties of administering the in nearly every care selected without a per Sowaal acquaintance with the but upon recommendation of the representatives chosen directly the it u impossible where to Many Truvata Are to be allotted that the right parties Iho old be Thonen a every history shows that no from the time of Washington to the Haa been free from these mistakes but i leave Coin Arisona to claiming Only that i Are acted in every instance from a conscientious desire to do what was con within the and for the very 3eat of the whole failures Jave been errors of no of the criticism that a Friend of the pres ident would make upon this statement that tie president himself has not distr used sufficiently those who gave Lim the bad and has listened to after they have been plainly Dis it in the same disposition that Las led him to cling to measures which he country Auch As the Santo Domingo to which he badly record in the but when All criticisms Are there remains the deep conviction in the minds of those whose in our is Best Worth and certainly of most of those who have been brought into Clio personal and official relations with the that he had acted in every from a conscientious desire to to was within the and for the very Deal interests of the whole general Grant did not seek the presi it was thrust upon him by the latitude of those who had sustained the r for the which he led in the held to a triumphant for that Reat for his devoted us for Hia proved personal purity amidst All the unclean rumours and charges f Hia Hia place in american Lia tory is and the faithful record will attest that Hia l failures have Rora of not of intent there is a Tona of weariness in the last Worda of this message which is very touching with the present Congress my official life it a not probable that Public flairs will Ever again receive attention from Jne farther than a a citizen of the always taking a deep interest in the and Prosperity of the whole that republics Are ungrateful a and that a faithful and Well meaning servant of this Republic has Een greatly slandered in the president there a no a letter illustrating he Ribald abuse which he Haa received Las been lately attributed to whose name a signed to but we have would disclaim o denial Haa been and if the Etter be it will appear that Charles the lawyer who tried to subjugate new York to the slave Law f and the orator who tried to Nelt the manhood in Northern hearts hat the slaver debauched South might undue the has forfeited the re pet of every honorable american by eating upon Grant he retires fouler Buse than waa Ever addressed to a presi Dent of the United states since duanes a spat at the retiring lawyer Bancroft of san before killing himself with wrote in a letter to the Coroner i beg to inform you that this la a Case of Laud anum taken with suicidal the reasons concern no one but myself any one should insist upon Bavin a you May aay i was driven to Dea aeration by the presidential and Weeink no Prospect of ascertaining in his world who was to be next president vent to the where All things Are up Popeil to be for tue Infix Ujma the funny election bet of two Nan bucket doctors a that the loser take a Low of Cotor Oil in the financial Stringency of the times waa sadly indicated recently in the Elo quent failure of a Drunken Man Down on front Street to borrow seventy five cents of a hitching sitting Bull has no but he sits in his tent with an Ulster Over coat with a Burnt stick and apiece of sheep skin draws out a diagram Lor the Spring 111 never go to said a coun try tradesman to Hia i always spend sundays in settling you will said the that the Day of judgment will be spent in the same Jour of buffering have emerged the strongest and the most maa Aive characters Are seamed with scars martyrs have put on their Coronation Robes glittering with and through their tears have the sorrowful Firat been the Gates of a countryman bargained with a California photographer for a Hal length picture of himself at half and when the artist delivered a Fine View of tha subject from the Waistband the victimized bitter indulged in remarks More forcible than children must have love inside the and fresh and Good and some Good companionship otherwise Young life Runa the greatest danger in the world of withering or growing or at beat prematurely old and turned inward on Tikik we a Inan who had a lib name via Matthew he wound it regular every night for nearly Twenty at last i precious timepiece proved an Dock to and Traimer Man than mean you would cot wish to a portly gentleman crowded him into a horse car Nert to a Young perhaps you would not crowd in Here if you knew i had the of that waa the Repici for Thia the first time i have been out since i had it freshman talking rhetoric to senior rho prides himself on his literary pro churn id like to make a quotation from one of your senior which one do you freshman with a twinkle anyone will the professor wants us to give an example of Lack of How often in the Bright Days of our when the hours Fly Paat on Jolden and the world Welly for our we Are stunned by the Shock of unforeseen disappoint Menta and like a with iia guileless countenance wreathed in he smiles that Are the reflex of the la Pinesa at his Alides Down the front Stair banisters to alas too ate to Stop Hia downward that some one Haa left the Hal lamp on the lower Poal Oil Sweet and Beautiful is when the Moon la i and coun leu like loitering Park plug la the while the Balmy breath of the summer Breeze Coida Down id one fond voice alone is night b Lovely then but whoa that in Femme moans of Sickner out Mocka the anxious ear Bat Stiim to catch i vain then a Lenny we watch the tapers flickering when All we Iota is fading How terrible is night a party of eng Iiah says the Mana Are expected Here in a new Days to Hunt Buffalo and Thia recalls he Story of the London Laving suddenly inherited came 0 Thia country in immediately after wishing take a in to informed the hotel the tier ordered a stylish Cutter and told ii briton that he should have a Gena Nealeigh thinking the Cockney might need another he asked by the Ahall i put in an extra Buffalo you let me ave an you know rather n6t drive a Buffalo first you Many proverbs admit of contradict a witness the following the More the not to one hand a enough in a nothing but what has an not a ring Haa for it a Money is a Mercat not when it brings a thief to the world is a Long Iun Over it n a it is a great Way to the hot of of the not to it is but a loved a Friend Bent found n not so for then there a none to be the Pride of the Rich makes the labor of the not s the labor of the poor makes the iride of the a Man who was being examined for a schoolteacher in after a turn b in through some simple arithmetical was asked where Boston in answered i know All about probably just a Well a you do have heard of the place several but somehow or feel to locate with a View to helping him com Mil teem an it the Cap Tal of some a it not1 i Odieve it what stale 1 probably a Well As you what state Bostonia the capital but fou tee i Haven got the flow of Lan Guage to express the examiner but the applicant in the Wor note the s

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