Tipton Republican in Tipton, Indiana
13 Apr 1860

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Tipton Republican in Tipton, Indiana
13 Apr 1860

Read an issue on 13 Apr 1860 in Tipton, Indiana and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Tipton Republican.

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Tipton Republican (Newspaper) - April 13, 1860, Tipton, Indiana Tipton w Rubus tid Evirt jail Jay by i office terns or subscription s a 1 if paid Weihin 12 if payment in delayed until the Topi ratio of will be to paper at the option j of the until Are Tipton april notice of appointment of Etc ecu Tor or of hate of 1endeocy of petition to sell read notice of Sale of real non resilient notice of notice of tip Toni to promote private inter est must Tio paid for at regular Advertis ing Uncle a the diimbe0 of a Bertioni desired id Markd on be continued until ordered und charged the regular Joseph attorney counsellor at fur the i notice in the of april the Toiuo j that editor of Tutt Sheet prom 6ba to hand me Over to somebody 1 me particular Goas if Eire particular attention to the pc sunup and and will promptly to All tin nisted to his Corner Public Hijra to i will come oat Over my own he seems like All bogus demo an thirst for principle a is what i am after and not name to i notify him 1 have placed my name at the Bottom of ibis you if it be True that there to no Power in existence to prohibit slavery in the territories by can it be Success fully held there without positive Law pro i under a demo cratic Buitt Furno the present administration has used the Federal troops not Only for its but to encourage ils introduction into the when you Are told that slavery is in Kansas and Buchanan message is quoted to prove you resort to the trick of saving it is opinion of one Why my dear that in the very Region that i was compelled to Jive you Tea opinion of one is carrying slavery will practice in All the courts of j is the governing Prin spec a attrition will be Juaiil utile kid i in the counties of list Olsch incr Joes attorney at Law Vod not any John attorney 4 counsellor at Law office Kortje Wesl cart Crof to Republic counsellor at Law about Joshua a Tousey counsellor at ill prot ice a Lite c Ortw of la and Alto rid Pron Pill big d collecting claims to Cip Leof Jour is leading you just where it Aud in Low a ragtag you to Charleston to nominate another o Pir tits of one you say your principles Are to be found in your ii Buchanan standing on the Cincinnati platform plat forms Are used to hide your attorney a counsellor at Law 111 you make them at conventions Lobo used at you pm acc your men of in Btty off Whan it suits them to do and whether they be found on under Viii pre in the and will them or opposed 10 you will throw up your Hau and a Uriah for democracy your that a englishman or a dutchman can not by enslaved As Well As after r a f l a will Pru Rupil to any i truite to him in Howard and adj Vul give prompt action Idun a furl t is no than the old answer when Eaid you a Connie be bpm by or and not Kotney office har Riviau Law anti Cru had not Limo main you would have Given a democratic have attorney office in Pic Tud of Buhan in Rejc Etc by Sichin i hit of Milt pc of it Tiitson Iru Ilija Fiven to hits or North of a Fidenci North and main All Calk promptly at Day a Ltd fashionable tenders Liis service to the at i Icv and he w found at All in the formerly occupied by ill ill to wait in Olio May favor clerk him with a c Short it Iona the p do try i Mil warrant i Cabinet maker i it keep on hand c Supply or fun Gol up in latest chair and in every thine belong into to an establishment Coffiei upon Short soil cite the patronage of the i Tirecia of Tipton and Arr dancing fur p thankful Evans t dealers in Clore Titi Public 13 dec spa on and u order of All Kinda neatly and done it bit South Public lie keeps Iron a Kokomo Mabbie has on Hind b lire 3 veil selected Block of foreign and american and can Laake it to the interest of both far Iod la to Fly their Tomb and left at some other Black Republican to Aud the matter would be brought to complaint Laid in your courts or any other lawful body having authority to act in such president and directors summoned to appear Aad testify would you allow your president to throw himself upon big dignity and refuse to obey the summons i Tocy i Bear him saying to the sheriff As he reads his writ my dear i am ident of this society and it would be an in Tuit to that body for me to Sloop so Low As to obey your summons but i declare to you before god that i am entirety innocent is the democratic position of your democratic presi shame and everlasting contempt be upon such democracy yet it is the kind that Yon Are smoothing Over and trying to cover for fear the masses May see it a its caked deformity and be compelled to abandon it on account of its rottenness and tendency to the worst of my dear you ought to Rork nth Quill to hand Day and to cover up and excuse your president for this Fly word for honest democrats will not stand they Wilt drop your parly quicker than hoi unless you contrive some plan to hire these things from their Truk trial the chairman selected the following named persons constitute committee Mont and upon the convention adjourned tint Andrew e Ifo Katoom j seen 5haupsviile sunday school a picture of Home by i recall a Home Long since left behind in the journey of life and memory Hoats Back Over me with a Shower of emotions and thoughts whose full my heart o pens it Atli greedily like a thirsty it is a Home among the ble end in its wealth and the Waterfall Singi met at their on the 1m of and al gain in my As it used it singing Oulu Ter singing and prayer by the superintend the dreamy mysterious the Rose the school proceeded to a the the Patch of Tansy Ander Lite terms of Adf Erly i one each subsequent 1 1 1 3 1 6 1 for each additional Square 50 per cent Hutt Nesa cards not exceeding 8 i tical with 1 column a 3 i 1 6 a 6 i al by electing new officers for the ensuing the superintendent presi Ding and Haynes acting As Secre after a few remarks by Lambert and the school elected v Supe Rindt senatorial i ueprentat1ve the republicans of Hamilton and tip on Tho school adjourned to n Sabbath at9 Congress y ton met in convention at Dumican for on the 7th to nominate candidates for senator and the meeting Wai organized by culling Andrew Mikuzis to the and no mini bag suitor and i fume Conner arose said that he would now offer it Resolution which he be would meet the approbation of every voter to the except a tic old liners and that we that of Hamilton county be declared the Nomi Nee of this Contention Forst 2arriid without Anju the neighbouring the old the grand machinery of Tad the Hule Smithy Noder tue Hil that with strange Light through the Dull Winter the the the ghostly White Birches on the Hill and the Jim Blue Haze upon the relining these coma Back to me with an Appeal which touches my heart and moisten my i sit again in the doorway at summer Rov read off upon the darkening and listening to the shouts of boys upon the calling or driving to Meward the reluctant i watch again tie devious any of the Dasky night Hawk along the and Tuten to his unmeasured and the Boom that accompanies Hia headlong plunge towards the even the old crazy in eve ref Ber and gaping at every i try again he breathless leap e m j from the great beams into the i Sii Sharp look up a collection to procure again on of Iho widely opened to the soft sorb wind of copies of the r ordered that a copy of Thesa proceed Ings be furnished to the Democrat and fit the superintendent being called to the proceeded in a Brief manner to speak of the further organization and interest of the school and appointed mrs David Trimble and e m Sharp a committee to invite All persons As not in regular to meet with on motion of m Guient feature in the debates of was a i acunsion of to it on a proposition reported from Lite committee on territories de Claring polygamy a and annulling All the territorial Laws of Utah legalizing establishing the democrats of the if Case were oos ready in stand Forth As lha advocates flu porters of this Peculiar o institution on Hie other ban they Couit v f j Fly a and i wag adopted 23 13 20 9 10 1c 9 the same natural right to hold one that you have to Hom but you not the main Force in both i of conclude that i been to be Lieut Linta Good As a Whit i believe no such thing neither do i believe that it Man who will go for party at the sacrifice of a As feed a i at onto who would prefer principle to and because i hold that opinion i do cot claim the right to Hom bogus Dein of cents in Tou say urn you would by if to the old flip and die battling fur our principles and friends than to join a la that Man or party who opposes Jio Eite lion of and is in favor of giving the poor Man a Possession of the soil while belongs to hit of sex Preis preference to have your share in there is the secret you dont want to give the Lodi to the you would rather have the govern ment to sell it to toe Rich slaveholder for that old or your president May get hold of it and spend it a carrying before i conclude let me Fly off at an other and get take if you at that Model the figure head of democracy i to Man whom you and i helped to place no the head of the nation you will with other leaders of has been Char ged with the basest having used Publio funds to carry the present Congress appointed it com Mittee for the the and Eer Laia democratic gentle men were under by their testimony to sustain the charges it we thought to have Buchanan sworn and give in his thereby giving him an Opportunity to Clear himself the f innocent Bat that Model Democrat re Faseli to obey the summons of it lets himself Back on Hie dignity and uie Toobey the Laws of bit and the same ume declaring before god i am suppose the president of your county agricultural in connection with of its were to appropriate one or two Hundred dollars of the funds to the for the purpose of motion of or Ona Delegate rom each township was selected As a com Mittee to report it basis of the chairman appointed the following w w Noblesville s ii Jackson s ii White River j Fisli i of forcing urn aut Jority con refs tile territories in relation to the for if Congress May limit the number of wives a Man May it is difficult to see Why it May not also limit the number of slaves Tmay have if popular sovereignty in the territories a delusion and a in regard to Why not in Wayne a Adums t pro latin to slavery also this natural Clay d Delaware b Cic Ero or Jefferson s m wild cat j a Liberty Prairie and ii the coven tied took recess for one the meeting was again called to order y the when the committee on representation made the following wild democratic received a Del ice Levind discriminating expression from the lips of the Obrien Bianch of Norih who was willing to pro Hibit but could not Brand it As c because they might afterwards be a filled on to put r Simitar stigma upon thai other twin relic of pressed on the popular sovereignty or Branch he was ready to Uke All pow open to lha Boft watch the whole faces look half human Tome As they Sun them and while drop by the dissolving Snow upon the roof drills hotel through Limo wasting drifts beneath the the first Little lambs of the season Oddla by the sides of their and utter their feeble while Tho flock nibble at the Hay or a pair of rival Wethers try the strength of their build in an half in and half Jaq plot Jav thu proud old rooster crows upon his Dunghill and Nome delighted member or his silly family her and tells to her hates and Ioma to Arthero is another egg in tha the in horse Whinnie to his Calls to me for 1 look up to the roof and thick of last years to return catch ii rope of apr fun Lar through the Diamond shaped open Singth Kcf Garfi i know pvt Tod cars but the old barn is a of has entered into mar and Given me growth and but i look into tha House where the life abides which Lias appropriated these things and finds among them its the hour of evening has the lamps arc and r Good Man in mid die of very old he seems to Down the Well worn Bible and reads a Chaper from its hallowed i my f on Buchanan we extract the following from a Pun gent article in tha Philadelphia on hat it terms the great treason of the administration in the Miji of Thig any one had dared top Ropkey that Buforo the Clustin of or Buchanan administration of the two Terri Orlea of Kan tn9 and appointed by would interpose their veto in order to de feat tha Law of the of thou respective territories abolishing he would have been denounced As an my and ridiculed As a and what have we within the last Fow weeks Samuel governor of and Samuel w governor of no doubt instructed by James Buchanan and ii have come for Errard for the purpose of giving a practical evidence that thousand pledges Mado in to name of or in and based upon Bis own voluntary com have All been falsified himself stud ing the to show that he did not mean what he and that his whole object was to deceive and to betray the popular the excuse for this Ireasa i principle is As bad As the act the president and his not Content with flying in the face of his and the record of the whole democratic parly n setup the Moo a Iron a Allega Tion that the supreme court of the United bus decided that slavery exists in the arid that because i does so exist i must be promoted by the or by in the very face a the most declarations to the this idea is sought to be lerp Ojales into the democratic Creed and the very Man who do so Are conscious that Alliey Are putting Gross insult the supremo court of Tho United and Turat tribunal in the of fictions nil Confidence of the of emulation has been termed a to and assumes to be it Spur but it a a Spur composed of baser if tried in the will be found to want that which the characteristic of in thai Pur sues Only to surpass is not from wishing others less Forward than himself and he thai too much Lia own will be Loo liitle grieved at the defects of other we might also insist Qyala thai Iran though the most Humble of All he Moat progressive to must to he a Alexander scorned 0 Impi because their no Kings to so he thai Sparta Only to outstrip will spend in when the end is attained and in Many incline him to stoop ror the even before has a Guinea hatha views of the Christian a Sweet woman sits by Jiva sleepy head upon and Brothers Hud bisters Are grouped reverently i do not understand the but i have Are More and More enduring ambition not to conquer Bat and he unbuckled Bis Only i for his been it understand the Woi told that Thev Are the Fords of Tbod Ressis Demon tar sir enly years the democracy draw t line a round the Sod Aid 10 the slate tra and i believe the Long chapter whole number of necessary to a is8 c5 this great so Long talked to by gradually tical the plan adopted by the select committee of the Houby to l2jof Lecog Leno i Ordinor of your Stutto or m p Evani moved that the Conven Tion Tio now adjourn to meet a Tipton on the first saturday in after consid Erable Ducus Fin the motion was or Conner then made b motion that the convention proceed to ballot for a Candi Date for the following named gentlemen wire announced a each pledging himself to support the nominees of this convention 8 j Lindsay and d the name of Evans was Bui or Eann Forward and declined be ing a convention then proceeded to bal lot j lit 11 72 19 4 Lindsay 2j 3c then withdrew Bis 2d Ramsey g 1 3d Goar Erans Goar 73 69 no 100 Lindsay Goar having received a majority of All the vote was declared the Nomi Nee of the upon motion the nomination was made t on motion to appoint a District Cen me 5007b 01 the works t t j Thev turn Humble to Jat Ghana Ana of encouragement As i Bend Over my lev Uta Nuuuli l i t t j Lav to where Vou please the land is All schoo Iho As Ili Down to by j the patient bearing with the freaks of my Fly build but one provides for commencing at two Points on the Border of the Western Stales one line proceeding from the Western line of a and another from the Western line a Sieve starting from two converging one from Iowa and tha other from Missou and uniting within Hundred thence proceeding by the nearest and Best route 10 the Bay of or to the navigable Waters of the Sacramento lands equal to three sections on each Side Are to be appropriated in Altern ate and Bon is to be Javan red As House am barn and Orchard have passed of Ray restless the gentle counsels new god re proofs and the sympathy that and assuage every sorrow and sweetens every Lills these re turn to me mind the responsibilities which press upon me and i feel As if 1 had onco lost my Good Man grew old and National troops shoot Down who Ever is the dred Scott d evening Artl last will of a queer old miser who has just died h much talked of it he Cut of and made r very t in extremely Hind some by fell asleep at with blessings on he Ole of his considerable prop lips for some of thuse who called so far there is nothing him father lie Side by with him in the same Calm the others Are but i Jereis a condition added to the testator was r and had r club the work proceeds from each and growing larger the work becomes More expensive towards the Middle portion of the the big Well and provisions is made to secure the reims Era men of the Bonds in ser at fair the Bonds Assuta Are limited to sixty and the land is the smallest amount appropriated to Aid railroads in Pew states or the entire Lead feb of line thus required will not exceed two thousand Miles of and if sixty millions will Sec Are sufficient Mevoi to build the it i considered As securing great work for a comparatively Small tight the Kan South Kkt is said that Sev eral heavy orders have lately been sent from Charla Stoa for fireproof locks and other Means of Protection against burglars incendiaries and such the object in this precaution will be found stated a to Charleston enough that thaa a or at the approaching convention or Hurt Himi eff and dwt Lin new and the old which defect probably had obstruct Etc Many attempts the a tint qua that the heiress is Only to get the property Only when she marries a Man shaped to she is besides to lira in m into the Possession of who have Learned or Are to look upon them As i do forever left that Home is mine to Day As truly Tail Ever for have i not brought it away with and shown it to you it waa the Home of my in it i found my first mental and by it was my Young soul to me through weary and Runny dangers and Sor it has been a perennial Fountain of Delight and purifying simply because it my and was and a part of the Roie at the Gale blooms for me the landscape Comei when i and i hear the voices that Call to me from lips which memory makes Sas City metropolitan says that senator in engaged in n Light rope performance on Mison and Dixons but As be Las a mighty Small Chance Flega it apprehends he will fall and break his three months in each year to Pray for heir sat Law have attacked thid Odd last on the plea Bat when it irm made the testator must evidently been As there is How tree no equity jurisdiction in they May tied their talk not an easy x5tthe following we find in the new Albany a boars the degree of refinement which exists among democratic office Beckerat the editor of the Lafayette courier says he was if Orwid by senator Bright at a few Days that on that morning be received three letters from one of which informed of the dangerous illness of John l Tad the other two contained applications for his vacant office in he should Dir

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