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The Kadoka Press (Newspaper) - October 7, 1910, Kadoka, South DakotaSioux City Directory lBon-Ton g g Q Q || g A»k your dealer for these Brands Dealer* send for price a. Sioux City Broom Works, Sioux City,lowa THE ANDERSON 606-608 Fourth St. FOLDING CARTS All steel frame, best rubber cloth, rubber tire wheels, re- chniad back. Special Price $4-95 Send for furniture catalogue. FURNITURE CO. Sioux City. lowa 's x No. 82 Light Double Driving Harness. Me. I R. or Brass Trimmed. Made of best quality leather and bv expert labor With leather collars, $25.00. Send for our free Harness Catalog. STURGES BROS. Sioux City, laws411 K Fearl Street I hate to see a thing done by halves; if it be right, do it boldly; it It be wrong, leave it undone. —Gilpin WE SKI.L GUNS AMD TRAPS CHEAP Buy Furs and Hides. Send for catalog 105. N. W. Hide & Fur Co., Minneapolis, Minn I hold it indeed to be a sure sign of a mind not poised as it ought to be If it be Insensible to the pleasures of home.—Lex. TRY MURINE EYE REMEDY for Red, Weak, Weary, Watery Eyes and Granulated Eyelids. Murine Doesn’t Smart—Soothes Eye Pain. Druggists Sell Murine Eye Remedy, Liquid, 25c, 50c, SI.OO. Murine Eye Salve In Aseptic Tubes, 25c, SI.OO. Eyq Books and Eye Advice Free by Mail. Murine Eye Remedy Co., Chicago. Win by Being Prepared. Those who are prepared for the worst are the ones who generally get the best of it. The Only Way. "How can I win you for my very own?” "You fellows might get up a raf- fle,” answered the summer girl. "I’m engaged to seven of you.” New Version. “Now, Harry,” said the Sunday school teacher to the brightest boy In the class, "can you tell me how Elijah died?” "He didn't die at all,” replied the youngster. “He was translated from the original Hebrew.” Same With Political Pastry. Teacher —Now, Willie, which would you rather have, two-sixths of a pie or one-third? Willie —One-third, miss. Teacher (sarcastically)—You would, eh! And why so? Willie —’Cause If you cut It into sixths I’d lose more of the juice. The Weeds Return. "Confound these election bets, any- way!” grumbled Harker. “Lose heavily?” Inquired his friend. “No, I won ten boxes of cigars and they were so rank I sold the whole lot to the corner tobacconist for a dollar.” "Well, you made a dollar, anyway." "Yes, but that Is not the worst of It My wife saw the boxes In the window marked ‘A Bargain, s2,* and bought the whole lot to give me as a birthday present.” A Question. Vera (eight years old) —What does transatlantic mean, mother? Mother—Across the Atlantic, of course; but you mustn’t bother me. Vera—Does "trans” always mean across? Mother —I suppose It does. Now, if you don't stop bothering me with your questions 1 shall send you right to bed. Vera (after a few minutes' silence) —Then does transparent mean a cross parent?—ldeas. “The Smack” of the “Snack” Post Toasties and Cream A wholesome, ready- cooked food which youngsters, and older folks thoroughly enjoy. Let them have all they want. It is rich in nour- ishment and has a win- ning flavour— “The Memory Lingers” VUVTUIi CEREAL CO., LTD., Battle Creek, Mh-h. IVOTISS jnDOOkfiHSJ Requiring almost the same care care and using feed almost Identical, chickens and squabs should be in- separable. With a large flock of hens producing winter eggs, and a number of squabs at a time when young chickens are not obtainable, the poul- tryman has practically no competition. The supply. In most Instances. Is so limited and the demand so great that the young squabs are sold at the nest, people coming after them to be sur« of getting them. ACT PROMPTLY. Kidney troubles are too dangerous to neglect. Little disorders grow seri- ous and the sufferer is soon in the grasp of diabetes, dropsy or fatal Brights disease. ' ’ Doan’s Kidney pills tifr'i cure all distressing ¦ kidney ills. TheyjfvV”’¦''si make sick kidneys we ll- weak kidneys /Jl 1 strong. fl 1 John L. Perry, ’ L Columbus, T e x., says: "I grew worse •2KT and worse until It seemed but a qtfestion of a few hours before I passed away. My wife was told I would not see another day. I rallied somewhat and at once began taking Doan’s Kidney Pills. I steadily improved until today I am In good health ” Remember the name —Doan's. For sale by all dealers. 50 cents a box * Brood sows on the average farm may be almost entirely supported by waste products. And those same waste products form the best sort of bal- anced ration. Skim milk, buttermilk, windfall apples, parings, a run in the orchard, with shade, and after the Utters are weaned and growing nice- ly. a run in the stubble to clean up every kernel of grain, and in the clover fields after hay has been cut.It Is one of the foundation princi- ples of agriculture that no system can long be followed at a profit which does not make provision for return ing to the land In some form the ele- ments of fertility taken from it by crops. So, no system of farming has ever been successful for any great length of time in any climate which does not include the keeping of live stock as one of its important features. A hen that lays 180 eggs in a year will earn for her owner a certain net profit of one dollar and twenty-five cents, and If he Is careful about mar- keting his profit may be increased by an additional 50 cents, so that If he wants to increase his income by $250 or SSOO it is only necessary for him to keep 200 or 400 hens. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y. ENGAGEMENT NOW OUT. jtaWO'fV IfjMr <•' ¦ [ i nJ The special purpose character of the Dorset Horns lies in the fact that ewes will breed at any season of the year, but they are very prolific, are decidely heavy milkers, give birth to unusually strong and vigorous lambs, care for them well, and that their lambs are able and ready to use grain at a very young age. If you can do no better by way of making troughs for the sheep to eat their grain out of. you can nail two boards together in the shape of a V, with a couple of short pieces across the ends to keep them right side up. This will save much grain, and grain is money this year. No feed produces better milk or more of it than good June pasture. Next to this is good soiling crops and third in the list is ensilage. As the first and second of these are avail- able for only short seasons, the silo is worthy of consideration as the best year round substitute. Salting the cows Is most ImportM.t, especially when they are on green grass. About an ounce per day is re- quired by each cow and this is better given regularly and in small quanti- ties than only occasionally and in large lots. With hiried help almost impossible to get at any price, it would seem that all farmers would hesitate about taking more land upon themselves for cultivation, for a poorly-cared for crop Is surely a failure, but they plunge In regardless of consequences. Ethel—Weren't you surprised when you heard about my horse running away with me? Ernest —Not very. I'd do the sama thing myself if I got the chance. One of the most difficult things for the beginner In poultry raising Is to cull closely. A bird looks like a bird to him and the chances are that he will keep some that are not profitable merely because It does not seem right to eat them. No Help Needed. Some breeders claim that sex can be selected from which males and females can be hatched at will. Old hens mated with cockerels produce about 75 per cent, pullets, while mat- ing pullets with old cocks give a greater per cent, of cockerels. A little miss of five years who had been allowed to stay up for an even- ing party, was told about 8:30 to go to bed. Very, very slowly she moved toward the stair. An aunt, seeing her reluctance, asked: "Helen, can I do anything to help you?” "No,” replied Helen, "I will get there altogether too soon as It is.” Keep fine grit and charcoal where the chicks can have access to it at all times. They must have the grit, and while they can get along without the charcoal, they wdll do a great deal better If they have It. It aids diges- tion and promotes health. Did your cows fall off In their milk while passing from summer to winter conditions? This is a trying period and the cow that tides over It all right will, with normal conditions, safe for a good flow till spring. Pigs need some roughage for the winter. A few dry sods, put up tn a pile now and thrown Into the pens during the winter, will be greatly rel- ished and will help to keep the diges- tion of the pigs tn good shape. BABY’S SKIN TORTURE “When our baby was seven weeks old he broke out with what we thought was heat, but which gradually grew worse. We called in a doctor. He said it was eczema and from that time we doctored six months with three of the best doctors in Atchison but he only got worse. His face, head and hands were a solid sore. There was no end to the suffering for him. We had to tie his little hands to keep him from scratching. He never knew what It was to sleep well from the time he took the disease until he was cured. He kept us awake all hours of the night and bls health wasn’t what you would call good. We tried everything but the right thing. "Finally I got a set of the Cutlcura Remedies and I am pleased to say we did not use all of them until he was cured. We have waited a year and a half to see If it would return but It never has and to-day his skin is clear and fair as It possibly could be. I hope Cutlcura may save some one else'a little ones suffering and also their pocket-books. John Lesson, 1403 Atchison SL, Atchison, Kan., Oct 19, 1909." Sunflowers are usually grown for the seeds, and the stalks are allowed to go to waste. They contain so large a percentage of woody fiber when ma- ture that they would be of no value for feeding purposes. Dairymen no longer rely upon the average of the herd as a basis of com- puting their profits, but with proper utensils and accurate records calcu- late the producing ability of each In- dividual in the herd. It will pay to market old and use- less hens now, rather than carry them through the molt which begins this month. Many of them will not lay again until spring and will not pay their keep. A statement just to hand shows that the value of frozen meats Imported by Canada from Australia grew over 50 per cent, from 1908 to 1909 and that in the latter year the trade amounted to $87,235. There are two great and common mistakes in landscape gardening. One Is to make a garden without any flow- ers in it; the other Is to have a mess of plants assembled without any de- sign. No one who attempts to raise two Utters of pigs in one year from a herd of brood sows should expect them to do so successfully and profitably un- less they are given the very best of care. If you wish to Improve the quality of your flock without serious expense the best thing to do Is to cull out a pen of the choicest birds and hatch their eggs. The good cow is an industrious crea- ture, but she Is also a ruminating one and requires time and should have comfort In which to do her cud chew- ing. Very often when the large farm has been obtained at the expense of the home, so much of It goes to waste for the want of cultivation—thorough cul- tivation—that It Is really unprofitable. No combination of factors Is more conducive to prosperity, wealth, fer- tile farms and good homes than are well bred dairy cattle, capacious silos and productive alfalfa fields. Now that the hatching season Is over, all the male birds should be taken away from the hens. Your chances for fresher eggs and more of them will be Increased. New corn from the fields is a great treat to poultry, If not overfed. Take a solid block and a corn knife and cut the corn In half-inch sections and the fowls will do the rest. Manure ts Just what Is needed to bring up the yields and to increase the water-holding capacity of our soil, for without water no amount of fer- tility Is of any avail. There can be but little question about the advisability of feeding the dairy cow on pasture this year. If ¦he does not get feed In the barn she is apt to starve. Don’t forget the supply of sharp gravel or grit even In the fall; fowls can not always pick up a suitable sup- ply even when on a range and the weather Is good. There Is no big money In sheep un- less the operator understands his busi- ness thoroughly and It is no sphere for the novice these days. If the calves must be kept up during the summer be sure to protect them from the flies and give plenty of ven- tilation all of the time. If a little rape seed Is sprinkled in with the rye a variety of feed will be provided and the hogs will do even better than upon rye alone. A great many progressive poultry men are beginning to realize the value of crushed charcoal as a conditioner for their stock. Pleasant surroundings and modern conveniences, easily obtainable, will go a long way in keeping the boys and girls on the farm. Take care of the boards when blanching celery. They should never be uaed as walks tn the field. A hog should have some gra<u ev- ery day of its life although hogs can- not be raised and fattened on grain alone at a profit. Alfalfa ground may b< pastured if not overstocked. The third crop in particular may be profitably grazed by sheep. The dairy heifer is sure to be a profitable product of the farm as long as the demand for dairy cows con tinues. Green corn need not be a dangerous feed. If used right it is one of the best things that can be given the begs. In applying the spray to low grow- ing trees and bushes make the appli- cation when the dew is on the plants. The calf pens must be scrupulously clean If the youngsters would be kept tn a healthy, thrifty condition Good Advice, but A traveler entered a railway car- riage at a wayside station. The sole occupants of the compartment con- sisted of an old lady and her son, about 12 years old. Nothing of note occurred until the train steamed Into the station at which tickets were col- lected. The woman, not having a ticket for the boy, requested him to "corrie doon.” The traveler intervened and sug- gested putting him under the seat. "Man,” said the excited woman, "ft's as shalr as dalth; but there's twa un- der the salt a’ready!” Bran or O«io Crrr or Tolsdo. I Lvcaa couhtt. ( “• Fiuxx J. Oicxvr raakee oatn that hr H arnior partner ot tbe arm ot F. J. Csa.Ntr A 00.. doln< bualneaa la the City ot Toledo. County.and Slate r'oreaald. end that said arm will pay ?e sum ot ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS tor each and every tare ot Cataiirh that cannot be cured by Um use ot Hau.’2 Cat Area Cvu. FRANK J. CHENEY. Sworn to before me and aubacrlbed In my praaenoa. tala (th day of December. A. D. ltd. i i A. W. GLEASON. I **AL I Notast Pcsuc. Haire Catarrh Cure U taken Internally and acta directly upon the blood and mucoua aurtaoaa ot the wvtem. Send tor teat Imon lala. free. F. J. CHENEY A CO.. Toledo, O. Sold by all Druaeleta. 7le. Take HaU'a Family rule tor oonetlpaUon. A Contradiction. “Queer, wasn't it, that water in the place you went to made the folks there sickr "Why was it queer?" "Because It was well water." None so little enjoy life, and are such burdens to themselves, as those who have nothing to do. The active only have the true relish of life. Mrs. Window's Soothing Syrup. Forehlloren teetblna. auttenatbeauma, rednoMln* nuuiomuon Hl. «y.join rnre«windnollr Hcaboulo April and May hatched chicks give us beat results. AU the nest boxes should be kept perfectly clean to give the little chicks an unhampered start in life. Tbe trouble with most of our farms is too little capital to the acre People are happier for a lot of things they don't know. HIS RUBBERS HAD VANISHED Consequently Man From the Country Had Little Use for City Methods. The benches In the wafting rooms at the Union depot in Kansas City are used for other purposes than to rest on by travelers, the Kansas City Star enlighten, us. At every midnight the maids clean out the rooms. They do not forget to poke under the benches for stray bundles left by trust- ing travelers. Sometimes, after Intervals, the trav- elers return to claim their property. Some time ago a red cap at the depot saw a man in a linen duster, a felt hat and the manner of one who had spent his life in a secluded part of the Ozarks get down on his knees and peer carefully under several of the benches. ’’Lost anything, mister?” the redcap queried. “Wall, no, sonny, not 'zactly. I left a pair of rubbers here last January when I was on the way tew Emporey. Haln’t seen nuthln’ of ’em, have you?” The red cap explained that he hadn't, and, moreover, that the room had been cleaned out several dozen times since last January. “Well, I swan," replied the traveler, blinking and stroking his beard. “Th, city methods do beat me." Pleasant Place to Prosper. TO THE EDITOR: We want to hear from people who would appreciate se- curing a fruit, dairy or poultry farm In the Kuhn Irrigated tract In Sacramento Valley, California, at half the true value Beat water right In state. Ix>w mainte- nance cost. Work costing millions now actually being done Roads, drainage and water right included In price. Ten month's growing season Ten tons alfalfa per acre. Splendid dairy conditions. 600 nena earn SIOO a month or better. Oranges lemons, grape fruit, figs, English walnuts and a thousand other fruits, nuts, vege- tables and flowers grow here. Gardens winter and summer. Charming place to live. Very healthful. Who wants such a home? Land selling fast. Work for ev- erybody. Write us for enthusiasm H. L. Hollister & Co. 206 I.a Salle St.. Chi- cago, or 346 Fourth Ave.. Pittsburg. Pa Why He Wouldn’t Hurry. They were riding to church and were late. Several of the party were worried and one remarked: "The au- dience will be waiting.” “Well,” ob- served the old pastor (who was to preach that forenoon, "don’t let’s fret over It If we are a little late. It re minds me of the man who was being taken to execution. His guards were greatly exercised over the fact that they could not possibly get there on time. 'Never mind,’ said the poor fel- low, philosophically. ‘Don’t fuss over it. The people can wait. There’ll be nothing doing till I get there.'"— Christian Herald. DOCTOR ADVISED OPERATION Flirting With Fashion. That innate tendency on the part of the fair consumer to flirt with fash- ion, playing fast and loose with vari- ous commodities, is responsible for the uncertainties that have prevailed during the month. There was such a lack of confidence as to the ultimate acceptance of the various lines pre- pared by distributers and consumers that buying was somewhat minimized. Prosperity or adversity has nothing to do with the millinery business. Fash lon alone makes or breaks. —Millinery Trade Review. Cured byLydiaE.Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound Galena, Kans. —“A year ago last March 1 fell, and a few days after there was soreness in my right side. In a short time a bunch came and ij bothered me so much at night I could tMWig.!i''ajm»!!i! :i; ¦ i,' I not sleep. It kept aMSQMkh*!’ growing larger and by fall it was as -‘|y large as a hen’s egg. Wfaf I could not go to iji W bed without a hot 7 Wfe water bottle applied I to that side. I had A one the best doo. V. \ tors in Kansas and¦& ¦ S ITT JiO be told my husband . XjT' that Iwould have to Z*/ i7ll / / be oPc rate( i on as itIIH Z°/ IIJ l was something liks . a tumor caused by a rupture. I wrote to you for advice and yon told me uot to get discouraged but to take Lydia E Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound. 1 did take it and soon the lump in my side broke and passed away.” —Mrs. ILB. liUKY, 713 Mineral Ave., Galena, Kans. Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Com. pound, made from roots and herbs, has proved to be the most successful remedy for curing the worst forms of female ills, including displacements, inflammation, fibroid tumors, irregu- larities, periodic pains, backache, bear- Ing-down feeling, flatulency, indigea- tlon, and nervous prostration. Itcosts but a trifle to try it, and the result ban been worth millions to many suffering women. If you want special advice writ# for it toM rs. Pinkham, Lynn.Masa. Itis free and always helpful. Your Liver is Clogged up That’s Why You’re Tired—Out et Sorts —Have No CARTER’S LIVER PILLS S. SK’,?,?"’JMCMEItS JJS? JBP Gm • I*l - 1 H— T BA- faMlifMtUSa mml Sick Beadacktb SMALL FILL, SMALL DOSL SMALL FRKt Genuine Signature W. L. DOUGLAS HAND-SEWED CUAEC process onvt© MEN’S $2.00, $2.50, $3.00, »3AO, $4.00, $5.00 WOMEN'S $2.50, $3,53.50, $4 BOYS'S2.OO, $2.50 & $3.00 Z THE STANDARD £. M FOR 30 YEARS They are absolutely ths ¦Rf mo«t popular and beatshoes W for ths pries in America. 7/ They are the leaders every- AtMSte. Z where because they hold their shape, fit better, look better and wear lon- .Wk ger than other makes. XZ pSSS They are positively the ¦DKreSSferßwS i most economical ahoee for you to buy. W. L. Douglas name and the retail price are stamped i on the bottom—value guaranteed. I TAKE NO SUBSTITUTE! U y«er dealer cannot supply you write for Mall Order Catalog. W. L. DOUGLAS. Brocklo-. Mm. PIMPLES "I tried all kinds of blood remedies which failed to do me any good, but 1 1 have found the right thing at last. My face was full of pimples and Mack-heads. After taking Cascarets they all left. I am continuing the use of them and recom- mending them to my friends. Ifeel fins when I rise in the morning. Hope to have a chance to recommend Caacarets.** ' Fred C. Witten, 76 Elm St., Newark, N. J., Pleasant. Palatable. Potent, Taste Goad. Do Good. Never Sicken,Weaken or Gripe. 10c, 25c, 50c Never sold in bulk. Tbe rew- ine tablet stamped CC C, Guaranteed. t» euro or your money back. ME STOCKERS & FEEDERS Choice quality; reds and roans, • white facet or anguo boughi os orders. Ten* of Thousand* to> select from. Satisfaction Guar- anteed Correspondence Invited- Come and see for yourself. National Live Stock Com. Co At either Masses Citv.Ms.. St. Joseph. Mo.. 8. Omaha. Nofc IP TOU WANT THI BEAT BUT A MARSEILLES GRAIN ELEVATOR ASK TOUR LOCAL DBALKB OB John Deere Plow Company, Omaha PATENTS DEFIANCE STARCH DR. MARTEL’S FEMALE PILLS. Seventeen Years the Standard. Prescribed and recommended for Women’s Ailments. A scientifically pre- pared remedy of proven worth. The result from their use Is quick and per- manent. For sale at all Drug Stores. Latest Mine Horror. The Doctor —Of course. If the oper- ators In the anthracite and bituminous fields form a coalition — The Professor —Then there will be nothing for the consumers lo do but to coalesce. (Slow curtain.) Important to Mothers Examine carefully every bottle of CASTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for intents and children, and see t£at It Bears the Signature of In Use For Over SO Years. The Kind You Have Always Bought Not Strictly Orthodox. Police Justice —Young man, what ia your religion. If you have any? Chauffeur (arrested for overspeed- ing)—Something like Jim Bludso’s, your honor —never be passed on the highway. Generosity. The Backer—Go It, Billy, yer ain’t half licked yet. The Fighter—Well, you come and ’ave the other ’art. I ain’t greedy!— Tlt-Blts. Onions a Healthy Food. Onions are more nourishing than any other vegetable. W. N. U., SIOUX CITY, NO. 41-19101 11 IAA axle gre ase B B Keeps the spindle bright and ¦ 888 B B free from a box. B B B |H by dealers 11 ¦I W fBBTAN®*5£°,L co' DISTEMPER >HBx ¦••Miwfctfy la««i*tanoi—twolra yearn BFOHM ¦¦• ¦ ¦Oo«Mn. PUTNAM FADELESS DYES Cslar awre sosda krlsMsr and Msr colors then sei other dye. Ono 10s sockaoe solera aU Ibero. They dye la water seHar rm.. VeeeendfosnreannentnHkeotrieetaoaisrt. lor tree booklet-Hen to Dye, Biseek and HlaCderA BBnidWtM fTJTtrw WgiMl -» r ¦

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