The Kadoka Press in Kadoka, South-Dakota
12 Aug 1910

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The Kadoka Press in Kadoka, South-Dakota
12 Aug 1910

Read an issue on 12 Aug 1910 in Kadoka, South-Dakota and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The The Kadoka Press.

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The Kadoka Press (Newspaper) - August 12, 1910, Kadoka, South DakotaI THE KADOKA PRESS. VOLUME 111 KADOKA, SOUTH DAKOTA, FRIDAY, AUGUST 12/1910 NUMBER 15 Fourth Annual Stanley County Fair, Kadoka, S. D., September 21-22-23, 1910 MEET ME AT THE STATE FAIR. ¦this miraculous century machines | that can do everything human except ' talk—yes, and talki i ; machines, too. And then, aftc • t’. novelty" has worn off a little, you will begin to notice people as w- li rs thin;.’-. Y>a will unexpectedly bump in-: one of your old playmates from M - consin or New York, who is there I from some other corner of the state with a bunch of Prize pigs, or pota- toes or pumpkins, and you will have the time of your life talking over those dear old boyhood days—will learn who your first sweetheart mar- ried, whore they live, how many children they have, and turn your face away from your wife to blush when you learn that she has named the oldest boy after you. Say, you can’t afford to miss that. COMMISSIONER’S PROCEEDINGS Precinct No. 52. Homer G Taggart days ser- vice as judge of election 4 50 Frank W t 'alahan, as judge of < c c!i< .. . nd mileage and re- turning ballot box 17 50 Chas F Coyne, lzh, day as judge 250 Robert R Jones, as clerk 4 50 Harvey E Kirk as clerk 4 50 Precinct No. 66. W C White, 1 day’s service as judge of election 3 00 J W Dickey, as judge 3 00 R E Murphy, as judge 3 00 E S Lorimer, as clerk 3 00 George R Glass, as clerk 3 00 Robt E Murphy, house rent 5 00 M J Borden, as judge 4 50 C E Hknkammer, as judge 4 50 John A Swan, as clerk 4 50 M J Border, house rent 4 01 Herman Moser, as clerk 4 50 John M Stewart, mileage and returning ballot box 8 20 Precinct No. 59. J L Stanley, 2 day’s service as judg< ' I election 6 00 R G Blake, as judge 6 00 Allen Knelles, as judge 6 00 C N Boyd, as clerk 6 00 Frank Emery, as clerk 6 00 Ceder School District, house rent 5 00 J L Stanley, mileage and re*- turning ballot box 16 20 J L Stanley, posting primary election notice 2 00 Precinct No. 1 T H Tolton, 2 day’s service as judge of election 6 00 H Churchill, as judge 6 00 G F Halley, as clerk 6 00 S W Soper, as judge 6 (MJ J C Fcreis, as clerk 6 00 L. Soper, house rent 5 00 TH Triton, mileage for return- ing ballot box 8 00 Precinct No. 2. Geo F Moseley, 2 day’s ser- vice as judge of election 6 00 Glen McDonals, as judge 6 00 Edward Bell, as judge 6 00 Guy Rose, as clerk 6 00 Henry Dietrich, as clerk 6 00 Edward Bell, room rent 5 00 Edward Bell, returning ballot box 7 00 Precinct No. 5. Harry S Graham, 3 day’s ser- vice as judge of election 9 00 B W Witherstoon, as judge 9 00 John H Loobey, as judge 9 00 W H Kertzman. as clerk 9 00 C J Schlazeubusch, as clerk 9 00 P J Hagaaty, room rent 5 00 J H Loober, returning ballot box 22 40 Precinct No, 7. Theo H Baaeler, 2 day’s ser- vice as judge of election 6 00 Fred Klass, as judge 6 00 J L Core, as judge 6 00 Geo E Bellamy, clerk 6 00 J L Bettet, as clerk 6 00 C O Nash, room rent 5 00 Theo H Baseler, returning bal- lot box and mileage 22 40 Precinct No. li. James G Jeffries, 2 day’s ser- vice as judge of election 6 00 M E Walker, as judge 6 00 Harry Kirkbriye, as judge 6 00 A H Foltz, as clerk 6 00 Ross L Emery, as clerk 6 00 P Waldridge, room rent 5 00 M E Walker, returning ballot box to countv auditor 9 00 Precinct No. 13. James D Hull, 2 day’s service as judge of election 6 00 Dan P Brown, as judge 6 00 E O Osborne, as clerk 6 00 A J Damon, as clerk 6 00 L Z Hemphill, room rent 5 00 E O Osborne, returning ballot box to county auditor 12 00 Precinct No. 15. R W Hamilton, 1 day’s service as judge of election 3 00 W H Baddeley, as judge 3 00 L E Batts, as judge 3 00 S J McQuiston, as clerk 3 00 Lawrence Maher, as clerk 3 00 H Q Hopkins, room rent 5 00 L E Batts, returning ballot box 920 Precinct No. 14. J H Havercroft, 1 day’s service as judge of election 3 00 8 W Clapp, as judge 3 00 J L True, as judge 3 00 R Vandercook, as clerk 3 00 S Erickson, as clerk 3 00 i John H Havercott, returning ballot box 1 60 Precinct No. 17. E A Edler, 2 day’s service as judge of election 5 00 O L Johnson, as judge 6 00 I Gust Hedman, as judge fl 00 Edw Wentworth, as clerk 6 00 • Hans Hanson, as clerk 6 00 *<««««« <«««*«<«*| LOANS 1 S We Make Farm Loans at Current Rate £ * of Interest J| WE HAVE THE MONEY | * Our Methods Are Simple and Prompt. J| Kadoka State Bank * 3 J. P. SERR, Cashier * I Farm Land t i —,N— 1 5 Stanley County J f SKROVE BROS. LAND CO. f W Kadoka, South Dakota. J* 2 Is Your Land On Our List ? S WE WRITE FIRE, CYCLONE AND HAIL INSURANCE. J ???????????????????????????????????????????????????? ! LUMBER! LUMBER!! HARD and SOFT COAL WIRE SALT (Also a Complete Line of !!Windows, Doors, Paper 3 t Roofing, etc., always on z hand. (PRICES RIGHT; SATISFACTION GUARANTEED < ¦ JAS. A. SMITH In planning your recreation for the fall of 191(1 do it systematically, as in- deed everything must be done in these 20th century times to be success- ful, and arrange for all the enjoyment for yourself and family that your cir- cumstances warrant. The comfort and pleasure we get out of life is about the only investment that is certain of results. Nothing can rob us of the pleasant and profitable mem- ories of a day well spent. There will be county fairs and local expositions galore. They are delightful reunions and landmarks of progress which should be patronized and enjoyed by all who can afford the time and ex- pense. Then, there are old settlers’ picnics, soldiers’ reunions, camping parties, picnics and maybe the circus willvisit your town. They are all a Precinct No. 50. W R Hartly, 4 day’s service as judge of election 12 00 Peter Jacobson, as judge 6 00 Fred R Jarman, as judge 6 00 F Arthur Jones, as clerk 6 00 S H Sutton, as clerk 6 00 House rent 5 00 Precinct No. 8. John Daly, 2 day’s service as clerk of election 6 00 G T Hanson, as clerk 6 00 A C Johnson, as judge 6 <K) Clair Newton, as judge 6 00 A E Stinson, as judge 6 00 F W Foster, as clerk 6 00 E A Alden, 3 days delivering ballot box 22 00 Oscar Gaine, as judge 6 00 F N Gaine, as judge 6 00 Clyde Sellers, as judge 6 00 John H Brimmer, as clerk 6 00 Albert Anderson, as judge 6 00 School Board, District No 8, house rent 2 00 Precinct No. 21. G O Bently, 4 day’s service as judge of election 6 00 F N Gaine, house rent 5 00 Precinct No. 10. A beautiful custom has grown up in this cosmopolitan state, of writing around among friends and arranging to meet at the State Fair. “Meet me at the Fair” is a pretty good slo- gan, because where you meet those whom you expect, you are certain to meet twice as many whom you do not expect, and —you know how it is your- self—lt is the unexpected pleasure that thrills the heart. part, and a splendid part, of the great scheme of human happiness, and the Wise man never misses happiness with in his reach. But do business like a millionaire does it. Make a list of all these things within your reach and study the list carefully. Figure like a banker does, on the investment and return—what it will cost aud what yon willget out of it. That’s the way to “pursue happiness” w’ith a fair chance of catching it. If you will do it that way, there is one attraction—THE GREAT AT- TRACTION —the main feature of the year’s offerings, that you willkeep on the list, and at the head of the list every year—and that one is the GREAT STATE FAIR. Whatever else a short crop, a note falling due, or low or high prices prompts you to cut out,you will never fail to “Re- member the Maine” Event of the en- tire years entertainment. You will go to it and take the whole family with you—not because the Fair needs you, but because you nChd it. Think of what you’ll get if you go, and what you’ll miss if you stay away. Why, you willsee all the finest an fastest horses of the Great North West- running horses —perfect flyers—trot- ters, pacers, three year old colts that can lower the speed record of thirty years ago, and do it without turning a hair; you willsee magnificent draf- ters worth SSOO to SI,OOO each; won- derful Poland Chinas and Chesters that willalmost make you wish you were quadruped yourself instead of biped; great, big, sleek cattle that weigh about, and sell for, twice as much as the kind you have at home, and you willgo talking around among the owners tillyou learn that it costs but a trifle more to grow them than to turn out a SSO plug or a scrub steer. You will be surprised to see how many other places there are in the state besides “Way Baek,” and how many things the people in those places can do better than you can. You will see all the miraculous inventions of Bring the wife, to, that the dear old wife who has grown gray mothering the hens and milking the cows and nursing the babies through all the long struggle from poverty up to af- fluence ; watch her cheeks blush ard her eyes sparkle whileher heart throbs with pride in the grandeur she has helped to achieve. Yes, and don’t leave the children at home. The SOUTH DAKOTA STATE FAIR has heard about them and has taken them into its account. The Boys’ contests and the Girls’ contests will be a reve- lation to them of the scientific mirac- les they have learned to perform while they imagined they were doing mere drudgery. Stimulate the boy’s pride in his high calling and you will have done more toward solving the great problem of the next century — the bread and butter question—than the whole brood of scientists and gabartists. J F Forsell, mileage and de- livering ballot box and judge 900 A P Matson, as judge and de- livering ballot box 19 00 John McDermott, house rent 5 00 Claire Newton, returning bal- lot box and mileage 17 00 Precinct No. 20. F M McCoy, 2 day’s service as judge of election 6 00 Cyrus Thompson, as judge 6 00 Fred K Poland, as judge 6 00 A F Koep, as clerk 6 00 J H Schneider, as clerk 6 00 A F Koep, house rent 4 00 F M McCoy, mileage and re turning ballot box 15 00 Precinct No. 32. N A Huston. 1 day’s service as judge of election 3 00 Erick Bergstrom, as judge 3 00 W J Starry, as judge 3 00 John Burch, as clerk 3 00 John Dougherty as clerk 3 00 Erick Bergstrom, house rent 5 00 WJ Starry, mileage and return- ing ballot box 16 00 Precinct No. 39. Henry Davis, 1 day’s service as judge of election 3 00 R W Munson, as judge 3 00 S G Kerns as judge 3 00 Ford VanVoorhisi as clerk 3 00 J A Peters, as clerk 3 00 \ School District No 33, rent 5 00 ¦ Henry Davis, mileage and re- tur .ing ballot box 10 00 Precinct No. 12. Harry II Hoyt, 1 day’s service as judge of election. 3 00 E R Meyers, as judge 3 00 Paul A Nelson, as clerk g 00 R A Mempleton, as judge 3 00 And there will be fun for the chil- dren too. This Fair of 1910 willhave more things to make a boy laugh than Coney Island can show or Bar- num eyer dreamed of. From every point of view the State Fair has become a necessity as well as a luxury. If farmers will figure like business men, on how to get the most for the dollar invested, they willbe there —not by thousands, but by tens of thousands. The next regular examination for Life, State First, Second, Third and Primary Certificates will be given at Ft. Pierre, on September Ist and 2nd. No other examination will be given untilafter January 1, 1911. Grace A. Reed, Co. Supt. BIG AUCTION SALES EVERY SATURDAY At INMAN’S AUCTION STORE, Kadoka, S.D. ?????? ??????? Lumber O L Macy, as clerk 3 00 E J Lacey, house rent 6 00 Robest A Templeton, returning ballot box 4 60 Precinct No. 48. David Sigler, 1 dty and 3X hour’s service as judge of election 4 30 Martin Arnston, as judge 4 30 Albert S Nelson, as judge 4 30 Andrew Severson, as clerk 4 30 Ralph Swisher, as clerk 4 30 Ray R Jewett, house rent 2 50 Martin Arnston, returning bal- box 14 00 Coal Lumber Lime, Plaster, Cement, Sand, Bricks, Blocks, Lath, Roofing, Shingles, Sash and doors E A Edler, room rent 3 00 O L Johnson, mileage return- ing ballot box 8 00 Precinct No. 18. Harry Hough, day’s ser- vice as judge of election 4 50 J B LaVelle, as judge 4 50 C O Bjilkstrom, as judge 4 50 Gue M Broberg, as clerk 4 50 M D Simpson, as clerk 4 50 G M Broberg, returning ballot box to county auditor 12 Precinct No. 26. J W McPherson, 1 day’s ser- vice as judge of election 3 (Continued on last page) In fact anything you want in the line of LUMBER and BUILDING MATERIAL. We are in the lead all the time. A complete line of Everything. Best grades, and our prices are right. Precinct No. 23. T T Odegaarden, as judge of election 4 20 M 8 Peterson, as judge 4 20 Martin Berke, as judge 4 20 R T Fosse, as clerk 4 20 O Gould, as clerk 4 20 John Herman, house rent 5 00 T T Odegaarden, returning bal- lot box 20 20 COME IN AND FIGURE WITH US BEFORE YOU BUY The Fullerton Lumber Co. T. R. Baisch, Mgr. Kadoka, S. D. Precinct No. 16. John M Stewart, 1W day’s ser- vice as judge of election 4 50 MONUMENTS! Rapalee Marble and Granite Works. Largest in the north- west. Dealers in all kinds of Monumental work, Sioux City, lowa. When looking for a Monument call and see agent, 1. L. WHITE, Kadoka. * X) * i i

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