The Indianapolis Journal in Indianapolis, Indiana
4 Oct 1883

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The Indianapolis Journal in Indianapolis, Indiana
4 Oct 1883

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The Indianapolis Journal (Newspaper) - October 04, 1883, Indianapolis, IndianaAmusements this evening. Grand opera House Hobson and Urano in our boarding Hugh. Englishes opera House tiie devils aug Tion. Pakk theater castles specially company. The daily journalist Iso. C. Sew Nia Avenue. Chicago Paimer House. Cincinnati j. C. Hawley & 00., 154 Vine Street. Louisville a. T. Dear is Northwest Corner. Third Aud Jefferson streets. It. Louls Union news company Union depot. The monopoly candidate for mayor will not get there. Democracy comes High and thank Good Ness we dont have to have it. The democratic ballots should be endorsed not paid for want of funds. The City election is on tuesday next oct. 0. Do not forget the Date and the duty. The tax papers of Indianapolis do not pro pose to vote so As to risk tiie doubling of their taxes. The journal prints this morning the list of the pensioners living in the fifth Congress ional District. The Sentinel finds the journals Case in a nutshell a hard one to crack. It May As Well gnaw a file. The figures Are there and figures dont lie. The democracy rely almost entirely upon the indifference of Republican voters in the Strong Republican wards. With a full vote Indianapolis will give its usual Republican majority. The new York newspapers Are receiving the bitter and United opposition of the news dealers in the wholesale reduction lately inaugurated. The dealers refuse to sell the two cent paper for less than three cents and John Swinton says the papers Are greatly troubled by the action of the newsmen. The Cincinnati commercial Gazette has a paragraph which May have a local application. It says there Are hundreds of republicans in Ohio who would not vote tiie democratic ticket in View of the past record of the party but who will permit some trifling affair to keep them from the polls. A vote lost under such circumstances is half a vote for the democratic ticket. According to the receipts of Revenue for the past Quarter the decrease for the fiscal year from the amount received during 1882 will be about $79,000,000. It will be remembered that the estimate of the reduction Cade by the last Republican Congress in its Tariff and Revenue legislation was $77,000, 000. This is As much As the government can Well afford for the present. An unholy Alliance carried the township of Center because 5,700 republicans living North of Washington Street staid at Home. Shall the City be lost to economical govern ment and Given Over into the hands of spoil ers from like indifference the Battle will be lost or won North of Washington Street. South of that line the republicans Are doing All and More than could be reasonably expected. If Indianapolis goes democratic it will be because of the indifference or neglect of re publicans and of republicans living i the Northern wards. In the South Ern wards the republicans though in the minority Are making a vigorous and spirited fight and gains Are confidently expected. Can the citizens and tax payers of he Strong Republican wards afford to be com responsible for a democratic administration of affairs and the probable increase of taxes and profligate waste of the Public revenues this is a Little nut in which is contained the Kernel of the record of the Republican and democratic administrations of the City government. Let the Sentinel try its jaws n this the debt less the Cash to treas Ury on May 15, 1874, was #1,034,829.43 the debt on May 15, 1876, was. #1,565,734.03 increase under democratic control #530,904 61 debt May 15,1876, less Cali in Treasury #1,565,734.03 debt May 15, 1878 #1,801,134.46 Deeres 89 in Twenty three months by republicans #364,609.57 to is stated that Secretary Folger May possibly recommend to Congress the Issue of \ Long time 2-per-cent, Bond to be used As the basis of National Bank currency. The Secretary has expressed the opinion that a 2-per-cent, Long Bond the exact limit of the Bond not being mentioned could be told at Par and that it might be a Wise course for the government to pursue to Issue such a Bond and to buy up some of the fours even if a considerable Premium bad to be paid for them. Die question of a basis Lor National Bank circulation in View of the rapid payment of the Public debt and the Call of Bonds now used by the Banks for that purpose is a matter that is pressing for con fid Eratico. There Are some things which answer lie selves. Here Are a couple of extracts rom democratic newspapers submitted without comment. The Man who lost his apples through the Tail Board of Bis Wagon in going up Hill could not do the subject Justice. The first is from the new York world tiie democracy is worthy of Public Confidence. And the record shows that it is More capable than the Republican party to give tiie country a Safe honest and economical administration. The next is from the Cincinnati news journal the democratic party is the party of the poor and the defender of the oppressed. It will Deal justly and generously with the col ored people when it comes into Power no matter How they vote. Postal savings Bank Congress shall have Power to establish pos offices and Post roads. Upon the authority of this single declaration in the organic Law the greatest postal system in the world has been developed. It in Etudes a larger number of pos offices and More Miles of Post roads than any other nation has. Very Early in the history of the sys tem the strict constructionist arose and denied the Federal authority to carry the mail As the cold letter of the Law Only included the establishing of offices and roads. The strict constructionist carried the ques Tion into the courts where the doctrine was enunciated that the Power to carry the mail was implied in the original proposition that lodged the Power in Congress to establish offices and roads. From time to time since that Era by judicial interpretation and official construction this dictum of ten words has made every railway navigable River and Highway a Post Road. The great sea is Laid out in tracks and pathways for the mail. Ships to and from All quarters of the Earth carry the mail for government pay. Every rail Road in the land is servant of the postal department and so with Many vessels upon our Inland Waters. Star routes have been mapped out and Star routers have been wiped out. For All of this the vital Force is couched in ten words. The strict constructionist went a step fur then and denied the authority of the United states to punish mail robbers. The court was against him again. The decree set Forth the principle that the Power to carry the mails carried with it the Power to punish those who should unlawfully interfere with the Safe and speedy transportation of them. In Short the stickler for a literal interpretation of the Law has stood at every turn and Corner in the Progress of the postal system and denied its rights until brushed aside by an order or decree of the court. The strict constructionist in the meantime has not lived in vain. In his Effort to defeat everything Many excesses and abuses have been shut out. The Good measures have car ried Over Bis head and Bis cautious opposition has led to the ferreting out of the bad. He finds himself the Remote cause of some Good though be never intended it that Way. There is a sentiment at present in favor of further testing the elasticity of this significant proposition of ten words. It is demanded by Many that the meaning be carried far enough to include a system of savings Banks in connection with the postal service that the postmaster shall also be the Peoples banker and take the care and custody of such funds As they May see fit to Deposit with him. The argument is made that England maintains such a sys tem and therefore our government ought to do so. This logic is faulty. England May do Many things successfully that could not be satisfactorily done in America. The conditions Are very different. Not stopping to argue the Points that might Well be raised there Are a number of practical questions that will have much to do in the matter. The postal service is already overworked. If additional duties were Laid upon the depart ment additional Force must be employed to do the Tvorik. If it be banking that is added the Cashiers would still be men and the liability to loss by Deal cation theft and embezzlement would not be removed. The government would not be responsible for such losses. It is not responsible now for the loss of registered letters a matter wholly and peculiarly under its jurisdiction. Government aside from men is a Mere Sruti i intent. In practice All the functions must be performed by men. Hence the notion that Money put on Deposit with the government at the various Post offices throughout the country would be absolutely Safe is erroneous. There Are a few defaulters among Post masters. If each office were a Bank there would be great temptation to Many defaulters. Theress anew translation to the old saw that Money makes the Mare go. It now reads that Money makes the Man go. I All the safeguards that the government j could employ to secure the Peoples Money in postal savings Banks Are within the reach and generally used by private and corporate i Banks. The Maxim that a government should do nothing for its people that they Call do As Well for themselves is pretty sound. Upon the question of banking the Maxim seems to apply with full Force keeping in View the National prerogative to Grant Char ters stipulate methods and limitations. What would be better than another system of Banks would be a More rigid inspection of those we have. Bank directors ought to actually know at All times the condition of the Trust in their hands. State and National examiners should be held to great Diligence and stand guard constantly Between the peo ple and the danger of the loss of their Money by the dereliction or dishonesty of those to whom its safety has been entrusted. There May be reasons Why the postal savings Bank would be More secure than the Banks we have or can have but such reasons Are not apparent. Until they become so the enter prise of postal savings Banks should be approached with a full measure of caution. We have enough of nearly everything in this country except improvements on what we have. The acceptance addresses of the two candidates for mayor gives in Brief not Only the spirit which animates them but also the spirit which animates the parties they represent and will be the guiding Prin Ciple of the administration of affairs either under the one or the other. Or. Schmuck said in acknowledging Bis nomination i am always willing to lend Aid to the democratic party and am ready to accept tiie compliment you have paid me by nominating me for the highest office in your gift. I feel deeply moved by the testimonial of you regard. I will do my Best if elected to fill the office of mayor in a Way that will bring Success to the democratic party. In contrast with this read what or. My master said if i am elected to the office for which you have just nominated me i will Endeavor to discharge the duties for the Best interests of the entire City believing that whatever is for the Best interest of the entire Community is for the Best interests of every portion of that Community. A real Democrat such As or. Schmuck is have spoken honestly in any other Strain than he did and so a True Republican As or. Mcmaster is could not have spoken otherwise than he did. Democracy is for democracy first last and All the time. Witness its record when in Power in this City in the years 1874 and 1875, in the last legislature and in its disgraceful raid upon the benevolent institutions. The Republican party endeavours to carry on its administration for the Best interests of the whole people. Witness its record in the City state and nation. Reduced taxation faithful application of the revenues and the payment of debts. You do not like this Man or that Man granted. You do not like spots on the Sun but because of that you do not ignore the general Benefit of the Sunshine. There Are some things we could wish different but they Are of the smallest possible import Ance when it comes to an estimate of the general spirit of the two parties. Or. Rappaport in his letter to the Candi dates for mayor asking whether if elected they would vote for or against the incorporation of the new Street railway company said we ask you respectfully to answer this question and in Case of a refusal we consider you an opponent of the new company. Or. Schmuck replied Ido not think it proper to answer the question whether Lam in favor of the new or metropolitan Street railway company. Or. Schmuck therefore willingly assumes the position of an opponent of the new com Pany. Or Mcmaster in his answer says i can heartily say that i am in favor of admitting it. If an Opportunity offers. I shall vote in favor of the new com Pany. Here is a Plain question plainly and unequivocally answered. The thousands of people of Indianapolis who Are determined that monopoly shall not control its streets will not vote for an opponent of the new company. Tiie news of last night sums up the City Campaign in the following paragraph a single Pivotal Point is presented in the present City contest. Our debt is up to the limit so is our tax rate. We can command additional Revenue Only by an increase of assessment. Nobody who pays taxes wants to pay More than he is doing by enlargement of either. Where lies the Best Assurance that the City administration will pot need an enlargement of one or the other when neither can be made when the limit of taxation and the limit of Loans Are reached and the limit of valuation determined by positive conditions we Are in a fix literally. We cant move an Inch for Revenue and upon whom can we Best depend to repress expenses within reach without moving the news made at the time of their occurrence repeated exhibits of facts that should turn the contest upon the Pivot. In two years the democratic Reform administration of 74 and 75 increased the City debt $530,000, tiie City assessment $8,000,000, the City tax rate 40 cents on Sion. With this High tax rate and High assessment the democratic administration commanded a Revenue $112,000 larger than that used by its predecessor to cover the same expenses. Yet that part yes administration left the City $550,000 deeper in debt than it was before. If anybody can see any reason to expect that a democratic administration now will do better an in Quiring Community would be delighted to learn the secret. What citizen or tax paver desires a return to tie Days when democrats emptied the Treasury doubled tie debt increased the taxes and put the credit of the City at ninety cents on the Dollar or. So Linnick and his Street car letter. For. Til tie indians Tribune last evening. Tie Telegraph begins its defense of or. Schwinck with a very mean insinuation. It says the republicans arc trying to make the Street ear question the deciding one m the com ing election and then continues for this Pur pose a letter was written to messes. Mcmaster and Schmuck asking whether the candidates for Mayo rare in favor of the citizens controlling the streets or lie Sheffa corporation shall do so and further whether they Are in favor of the new st tet car company. We do not think hard of tie Telegraph be cause it does not Tell its dozen readers that the Tribune sent the letter in question. But the in situation that the letter was caused to be written by which the Telegraph evidently Means that the republicans caused us to do so requires us to make a truthful statement. We have no reason to leave such attacks unanswered As the Telegraph May have. To Are not in the pay of a parly we never had any assistance from any parly and never asked for it. Ever since the Street ear question has been before the citizens of Indianapolis the Tribune has fought with All its Power against the Street oar monopoly. The Tribune has repeatedly declared that it would support no candidate for Council who will vote against anew Street car company. It has repeatedly protested against the re election of those Roii Neiline who voted against the new company. The mayor in Case of a to will have the deciding vote for this reason the Tribune addressed the letters to the for mayor. The answer of or. Sel muck was surprising to us As we did not think it possible that a candidate could write Suen a suicidal letter. We give both the letters. Here follow tie letters or. Selimic makes his action dependent upon the wish of the property holders Ana the the Indianapolis journal thursday october 4, 1883. Graph consents to this. Prince Windisch Graetz once said that Oue begins to be a Man when be becomes a Baron a Aud so or. Schmuck and his Organ the Telegraph seem to thing that one be gins to be a Man when he is a property Holder. The thousands of workingmen who often live Miles away from their shops and to whom the Street cars Are a Blessing have nothing to say Only the property owners shall have the Deci Sion so cording to or. Schmuck. Or. Schmuck As Well As the Telegraph should know that the property owners have no More to say on the Street car question than any other citizens that the poorest Man has As much Rig it on the Street As the richest property Holder that property is made valuable by streets Aud not streets by property. Or. Bali muck is either opposed to the new Street car company and has not the courage j to say so or he has no understanding of the question. Or. Schmuck sees his mistake Aud declares through the Telegraph that he is in favor of a new company because be said i am As a Citi zen and will be As an officer in favor that the citizens and not a corporation shall control the streets. But without saving How he will events adv vote this declaration is Only a mean ingless phrase. After All the Comfort we scientific people have been getting out of those interesting Little Ani Mal known As bacteria it is distressing to learn that they Are. So to speak a myth. The sup posed existence of bacteria in the human sys tem has been a source of unspeakable satisfaction in accounting for various diseases and their transmission the causes for which were other Wise obscure. Bacteria explained so Many things that nobody had understood. In them selves they were not agreeable to contemplate but in conversation of a Learned character they were invaluable. They were of a Low form of life Aud could not speak for themselves but they were apparently Active Aud vicious enough to compensate for the Lack of tongues in their organism Aud besides we could All talk for them. After having talked so much and so profoundly to discover that we have cherished a de Lusion and a snare is truly painful. A physician in Buffalo one of those prying investigating Radical men who is never ready to believe what he is told must needs investigate bacteria. This unpleasant person has conducted a series of experiments the disgusting particulars of which Recd not be Given Here that demonstrate a i too plainly that so called bacteria Are not at All but Are merely granules and pieces of fibrin. It is sad not to say mortifying to admit that this is True that the Little tubular and spiral Micro Cocci which have been pictured in eloquent and scientific language As in the act of chasing violently up and Down the veins of fevered patients filled with a venomous desire to escape that they might carry contagion to others it is mortifying to confess that they Are not alive and dangerous but Are As dead As nits and As harmless. We have depended upon Bao Teria to carry us Over in by a scientific Snag Aud what shall we do now that they arc no More if the Buffalo doctor Cauuet invent a satisfactory substitute he should be considered As having overstepped tiie regulations of the code Aud be read out of the profession. A curious smuggling scheme has just been discovered by a customs officer at Ogdensburg in Northern new York. About a month ago a Young Farmer living a few Miles from that place brought him a Quill containing diamonds which he had found bound with silk to the leg of a Pigeon which he had shot. He also brought the Bird itself which was found to be a Carrier Pigeon of the finest Breed. The customs officer at once suspected that the Pigeon had come from Canada and proceeded to investigate the matter in order to discover the smugglers if possible. It was a difficult matter As a care Ful inquiry in the surrounding country failed to disclose the existence of any homing pigeons kept by Farmers or others. In the meantime two More Birds carrying diamonds were shot while flying Over. Finally in the Bills of lading of an express company it was found that a regu Lar shipment of fowls had been made for two years to a Small country station. Detect Ives were sent out Aud by Mere Acci Dent one of them while wandering through the Woods in the Guise of a sportsman stumbled upon a Clearing in a Marsh where were a number of cages contain ing Currier pigeons. A log hut was the Only sign of human habitation but no occupant was found and among the papers in a table drawer not a line giving a Clew to his identity. The customs of flier is pluming himself upon having found the spot whore Trio smuggler had been since he could not capture the Rascal himself and in having As he thinks broken up the Busi Ness. It is estimated that the total amount smuggled la Between $700,000 Aud boo too the loss to the government being 10 per cent. The present duty on diamonds. The stones Cap tured Are valued at a Loo. The editor of the Central Christian advocate speaking of the Lay electoral conferences he had visited says the laymen naturally pursue the methods of political meetings rather than imitate Confer ence manners. They nominated candidates Aud set Forth their claims in open session had in formal ballots and at some of the conferences the amount of electioneering crowded into a Small space of t me was wonderful. This is All right but if any Lay conference can Lay Over the Little scheme by which at clerical conference Carole a preacher to count him for it general conference Delegate a delighted country would be glad to hear it. C. Edwin , the Crank who pretended to have been married to Lotta the actress has been following that Little lady about Europe. He failed however to obtain an interview with her and has finally disappeared what he expected to gain by his queer conduct it is difficult to imagine. Of Pope Leo Xiii it is said he never says a foolish tiling or does a foolish the Pope May be a Happy Man if this be True hut he must make his associates very tired. About people. The emperor of Brazil has Given professor Lacerda $20,000 for a Colira bite antidote. Of Henry Villard it is said that when he was a boy lie Cut Down a whole Orchard of Cherry Trees and confessed the deed. George Augustus Sala Calls the United states the a omens kingdom which is greatly to the Eredi of american citizens. President White of Cornell University brought with him from Europe an Orl Lual Auto graph latin poem by . An elderly female twined her arms about Henry Ward Beecher in California recently and planted one on his Ruby lips before he could get away. Hans von , tie famous pianist and composer is in a Lunatic Asylum hut kind Providence still allows the mail with an accordion his Liberty. M. Beckx the general of Tow jesuits who has ordered the election of his successor has held ids position since 1853, and is nearly eighty Niue years old. The Princess of Wales is beginning to make her own dresses. Her husband is getting very hard of hearing and if lie loses his situation she will be Able to support herself quite comfortably the malady of which Tou Guenoff died was a cruel one cancer on the spinal marrow. It affected his nerves and to some extent his mind. This Good Man looked Forward with horror to the Tuquib. His physical sufferings wore intense for More than six months. When asked How to Felt he said As if my whole body were a foot j in a tight Boot in which i had been walking a whole Day. Tiie number of books announced for fall publication by american publishing houses is 956. Of these new York publishers announce 473, Boston publishers 338 and Philadelphia publish ers 121. Robert Browning the poet has passed the season at a newly discover eur Retreat under the brow of Monta Rosa 5,000 feet above the sea level and is about to take up Bis abode in Ven ice for the Winter. It was before the mind of Horace Greeley was at All shattered that he said the Saddest to j intent in the history of a Young mans life is when he conceives the idea of getting a Dollar without squarely earning it. Rev. J. 8. Reagey pastor at Tiffin received a visit from a Large company of friends on the evening of sept. 21. The occasion was one of much Rich social enjoyment. A Fine supper was served and or. Reager was surprised with a gift of $l5o. Miss Blanche Gray weight 517 pounds the new York bowery Queen of fatness who mar ried or. David Moses aged seventeen years is said to be gaining five pounds a month and in ten years at that rate or. Moses May love 1,117 pounds of wife. Keely the motor Man says it will be impossible for him to have the trial trip of his motor engine next month because of a miscalculation in the chromatic Scales of the Vibrator. Any stockholder who is not satisfied with this ought to be put out on the roof. It is not generally known that Prince Bis Marck is a Timber merchant in a Large Way and a distiller in a still larger. At Var in be has recently had anew distillery built steam engines put up at an enormous Cost and the re sult is that Over 90,000 liners of Ger rnai eau de vie Are turned out monthly. My. Miles Rock assistant astronomer at the naval Observatory at Washington has been appointed air Roomer and Engineer commissioner of the guatemalan government to locate the Boundary Between that country and Mexico. The Boundary line is about two Hundred Miles Long and one or two years will be required to flush the work. Or. Rock has also been commissioned by the smithsonian institution to col Lect notes on anthropology in the country Over which his Survey is to extend. In is reported that or. We. B. Astor has transferred All his estates to his son. Air. William Waldorf Astor the United states minister to Italy reserving to himself merely an annuity of Sion too. The total value of the estate is unknown but it is probably $70,000,000, and it consists mostly of real estate in new York City. The objects of this step Are said to be to pre serve the estate in integrity to prevent litigation about his will and to conceal the value of his possessions. It Isnit Cheek that Bartley Campbell is troubled with. Oil to. He is addicted to hand some stationery and each Sheet has a quaint Little device engraved in a Corner at the top of the Page. This device represents a couple of miniature cupids standing upon two closed books and assailing each other with Quill pens. One of the books is labelled sea Speare and the other is labelled Campbell. Underneath the picture upon a scroll appears the line a Friendly tilt for immortality. Or. Campbell May be in pretty Good health now but there seems to be danger of his eventually dying of enlarge ment of the Gall. A Short time ago the of Italy in the course of a railway journey stopped at acer Tain station and was met by the mayor and municipal big wigs in All the glory of their Robes of Honor. An elegant luncheon had been provided but the Royal appetite was Uncertain and the Queen requested the obsequious deputation to get her a Glass of wine which was All that she required. This was promptly brought but while drinking it a drop fell from the Glass onto her travelling Drees. She at once sought in her pocket for a handkerchief to remove the stain but the worthy mayor whose daily avocations behind the counter had possibly accustomed Bim to the purposes for which ladies seek their pockets misunderstood tiie motion of the Queens hand and murmured humbly but earnestly a to your majesty assure you it is All paid for new books. How to the poor. By mrs. James t. Fields. Houghton Mifflin a cos. Boston Bow in. Stewart & cos., Indianapolis. Boards 80 cents. The executor. A novel. By mrs. Alexander. Leisure moment series. Henry Holt a and 3 percent. Three Hanks allow considerable overdrafts. These Are properly Loans authorized by Tiia Board of directors to persons desiring to employ an Uncertain amount or Money in their business for a Short time. Average Dally balances Are taken the examiner states and interest is charged on tins every month. Where so much eare is taken these Are certainly Safe Loans. The expenses of the Banks in the matter of salaries Are not Large. The highest Price paid a cashier is $1,5c0 per year but the general Sal Ary is about is too and it is sometimes less. Almost every conceivable interpretation or. Foley says is Given to that provision of the Law providing for the execution of official Bonds. In some cases perhaps in a majority those Bonds Are properly executed Ana tiled with the Secretary of state but once. That is when they Are first elected to their respective offices although the elections Are held annually. Again new Bonds Are executed and filed after each annual elec Tion and again the president gives such a Bond every year while the cashier gives hut the one Bond that he makes when entering upon the duties of his office. In other Banks this order is reversed. In the Bank at Franklin the Only Bonds on file or that have been Given Are the ones Given by the pres ident when be was cashier and the one Given by the cashier when lie was assistant cashier. They said that they were acting under Hie advice or their attorneys in not Fili Gaddi tonal Bonds their opinion Hsiug that the Bonds already Given were sufficient. The auditor of state Lias submitted a question to the attorney general asking what Bonds Are required by Law wants Cash for coupons. Governor Porter yesterday received a letter from Albert von Roi Nasli of Frankfurt am main Germany who is a Holder of $2,000 Worth o seven per cent Bonds issued by the City of Evansville and complains that he hug been re fused payment on his coupons because there was no Money in the Cit yes Treasury. He asks the governor to Aid him in getting his Money and adds that Germany is buying Large amounts of the City and Railroad Bonds of America hut if you allow the City of Evansville not to pay her debts your state will not to Able to borrow Money in Germany. 4

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