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The Indianapolis Journal Newspaper Archives Feb 13 1886, Page 2

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The Indianapolis Journal (Newspaper) - February 13, 1886, Indianapolis, IndianaThe Indianapol Zilb journal saturday february 13, 1886. Bread. Not a few of them have Bank to Bounto. A singular fact is the immigrants there never become naturalized and therefore take no interest in National politics. The agents of the United states in that country advice americans to keep out of Buenos Ayres and conclude after All that this is the blessed country. Fourth of a i l. Y claims. Titio and Indiana parties who Benefit by the Bill a passage. Washington special to Cincinnati commercial Gazette. The following Are the Ohio and Indiana items in the Bill known As the fourth of july claims which has finally passed Ohio marry Ann Allen Meigs county $15 Davison Bay. Guernsey county $125 h. L. Chapin administrator of John Bennett deceased Jackson county $37 Francis Conrow Belmont county $135 John w. Cardwell Gallia county $75 Cornelian Grady Gailia county. $100 Stephen h. Hooper administrator of William Hooper deceased Meigs county $170 William Lyons Vinton county $50 Seth Paine jr., Meigs county $13 Joshua m. Quillou Harrison up qty. $100 John sommors Hamilton county $135 William j. Banners administrator of Isaiah Smith deceased. Vinton county $75. Indiana Strael Arbuckle Jefferson county $100 Howard Libinson administrator of William d. Bratton deceased Kinley county $75 Enoch Curren Ripley to Doty $135 Jacob close Scott county $130 Poter Dearmond Franklin county Lek John p. Scanner administrator of John p. Faith deceased of Harrison county $100 Thomas f. Faris Scott county $125 Francis m. Sturdevant Washington county $135 John m. Sweazy Ripley county $100 Warren Tebbs administrator of Daniel Taylor deceased of Dearborn county $230 John a. Johnson administrator of William h. Johnson deceased Ripley county $220 Henry Jones administrator of Daniel l. Jones deceased Jefferson county $125 Joseph Kirsch a or Kirc administrator of Jacob Kirsch or fire deceased Ripley county $100 Nathaniel Leonard Dearborn county $51 Dyer c. Elder administrator of John Masten deceased Decatur county $125 Polly Myers widow of James Myers deceased. Harrison county $40 Albert Pugsley Ripley county. $135 George k. Shearman or Sherman Harrison county $353 John Hill Jefferson county $130 Moses. Hopper. Administrator of Levi Hopper deceased Jefferson county $100 Matthew m. Tarbell Harrison county. $125 Swilpa a Wilson executrix of o. G. Wilson deceased Ripley county $100. _ senator Paine in danger. An excited woman who insisted on furnishing names that were not wanted. Special to the Indianapolis journal. Washington feb. 12.�?senator Payne came near getting a woman s fingers in the thin hirsute covering of state manic head to Day. Before the committee on education and labor there was a hearing of the National woman s Industrial league of which committee Payne is a member. Mrs. Charlotte Smith president of the league and a somewhat fractious and frequently excited woman was testifying when the venerable senator entered the committee room. Mrs. Smith was protesting against what she termed the a a practice of some women who were not ladies a a unduly influencing their Way into departmental positions. She was insisting upon giving names too when or. Payne who remembered one col. S. H. Donavi n who gave names exclaimed a i object to this. You had better go somewhere else. A insist that this woman be called to order. I won t be dictated to. This is Ashe uttered these words senator Payne looked a barrel of daggers at mrs. Smith. There was a Ripple of excitement in the room. The antiquated statesman readjusted spectacles and mrs. Smith flew into a passion. Those in the room expected to see her Fly into the senator s hair but before she could act chairman Blair very emphatically admonished her that the committee would not be the vehicle of defamation that if she had evidence the committee would hear it but no characters should be blackened. It took some time to restore order. Mrs. Smith excitedly declared that she could give proof and she undertook to mention some chief Elerk who had promoted a female department clerk through favouritism and spoke of the immoral character of the female clerk. She was again stopped and admonished that there no blackening of character. _ _ the Doc Ament rooms. A. Contrast that makes a bad showing for the democratic House. Special to the Indianapolis journal. Washington feb. 12.�?there is a Good Deal of complaint being made by members of the House about the Way the document room of their Branch of Congress is kept. Everything is in disorder and confusion they say and Only political favors have been observed in selecting new men to take charge of it. The document and folding rooms of the House of representatives have been filled with new men every two years As Long As the oldest statesman can remember. No one has been retained in either Ulace who could keep run of affairs and the Onse Quonce is no one is there who knows any a icing about the documents of past congresses. In the Senate the superintendent of the Docu rent room has held the position for Many years and he can instantly recall the Date of any old documents and Lay hands upon them. Senators find invaluable in preparing information upon Tho various subjects they Are called upon to Deal with. Or. Arnzil Smith the superintendent is a regular encyclopedia of congressional information. He can upon Short notice Supply any testimony taken before congressional committees for decades Back and knows All about the car loads of documents stored in the capacious rooms Over which he presides. Ail this information he has accumulated by being retained in position through successive congresses. The members of the House know this and the confusion in their own document room and the Folly of the May changes that Are constantly made is forcibly impressed upon them and they Are growling about it. The rebel Panorama. Mittee printed sheets containing in Brief objections to the passage of any International copyright Bill he avowed himself one of the american pirates and said he had the Black Flag flying. Incidentally but with emphasis recharged that the cyclopedia Britannica a reprint of which be was the publisher was imported at less than its lawful duty and this was done under a false ruling of the Treasury which had been obtained fora consideration. If he dared he would mention names. He suggested a reference to a report of special agents Dutton and Williams which he said was suppressed because it implicated every importer of books in the United states in irregular practices. They were All trembling in their boots because of the disclosures he was to make. Or. Dana Estes of Boston replied briefly to or. Sherman who he said was the publisher of a reprint of the cyclopedia Britannica. He represented himself alone in argument and wished to delay the passage of an International copyright Law until to could bring out the remaining volumes of that work. He was the Only successful pirate of foreign works. Or. Sherman had not told the committee that the Man who first conceived the idea of reprinting that work was now bankrupt. Minor matters. Grand army posts arranging a flan for boycotting the exhibition. Boscul to the journal. Washington feb. 12.�?the local press gives considerable attention Thia evening to the perversion of historical facts a it is proposed to represent the Battle of Ball run by a Panorama company Hern mention of which was made in these dispatch of last night much comment has been made already in Union Soldier circles and a great indignation is being shown. It is probable that a Resolution on the subject will be introduced in Congress inquiring into the subject although everyone concedes that nothing can of done to Stop the exhibition be Tho insult Nevar so flagrant. An order More positive and effective in character however than the resolutions published in the dispatch of last night will be promulgated by Tho grand army posts of this City and which will be a Boycott in fact. Major Hopkins who is in command of kit Carson Post in speaking of this matter to Day said that such a representation was very inappropriate in the capital of a nation. A nation s victories in Battle were the proud heritage of succeeding generations but to dwell upon its defeats to represent to children the humiliation of their ancestors was a spectacle that few nations would tolerate. A representation of a he Battle of wat Torlao in Paris would not be allowed for one instant besides to the night now t hat the disposition was not to glorify the Eon federate part in the great civil contest but to pass it by As a mistake and to rejoice in a United country. _ International copyright. Or. Bherman frankly acknowledges that he is an american pirate. Washington feb. 12.�?the Senate committee an patents continued its bearing upon the International copyright Bills this morning. Or. Rogar Sherman of Philadelphia Laid before Tho com reception at the White House a Large attendance of prominent people. Washington feb. 13 a the scene at the White House to night was one of the most Brilliant Ever witnessed there. The occasion was the president s reception to the diplomatic corps. In spite of the disagreeable weather the attendance was unusually Large. About two thirds of the diplomatic corps a Large number of officers of the army and Navy judges of the supreme court the Cabinet ministers and Many senators representatives and government officials with the ladies of their families were present. The president was assisted by miss Cleveland. Miss Manning mrs. Endicott mrs. Whitney and mrs. Vilas. Among the prominent people present were judge Thurman of Ohio and sex secretaries Boutwell and Mcculloch. Favourable action on labor Bills. Washington feb. 13�?the House committee on labor to Day agreed to report favourably representative of Neillis Bill providing that no property shall be exempt from seizure and same upon which execution is made for personal services rendered by any Mechanic labourer or servant to an amount not exceeding $100. It is provided that the Bill shall apply to the District of Columbia and the territories and that All actions under the Bill shall be commenced within six months after the service was rendered. A favourable report was also directed to be made on a Bill to Grant fifteen Days leave of absence annually to employees of the Bureau of engraving and printing. A successor for or. Cannon. Springfield hi., feb. 13�?Hon. Charles Ridgley a loading banker and Iron manufacturer of Springfield has been tendered the comp Froller ship of the currency by the president. Or. Ridkiey has telegraphed Brothers Wao Are partners in business As to the advisability of accepting. Miscellaneous notes. Special to the Indianapolis journal. Washington feb. 12.�?gen. Lew Wallace of Crawfordsville is at the Ebbitt. W. W. Durand a Well known Hoosier arrived Here to Day. Representative Cobb was at the White House for some time to Day in the interest of some of office seeking constituents. General and mrs. John w. Foster will not Start to Mexico till next thursday. General Foster goes on business for the Republic of Mexico which he represents Here nud he will be absent about five weeks. He will be accompanied by John w. Thompson a banker of this City daughter and miss Mary Burbank and miss Anua Wilson daughter of judge Jeremiah Wilson formerly of Connersville. The House committee on Commerce to Day agreed to a favourable report upon representative Belmont s Bill authorizing the construction of a Railroad Bridge across Staten Island sound at the Arthur kill. The United states treasurer has prepared a statement showing that the amount of Silver dollars in circulation july 31 last was 30,28-1,433 dec. 31. 52,541.371 feb. 10, 1880. 51,751.326. A disastrous flood is feared Here. There Are two ice Gorges above the City and one below. The Potomac is rising rapidly and it is raining hard All along the line. Merchants in the lower part of the City Are removing their goods to places of safety. An importunate Lover filled with Buckshot. Little Rock Ark., feb. 12.�?last thursday evening in Ashley township this county a Man named Ben Holmes was shot Down by Cecil Thompson. Magistrate George m. Barrow of that township held an inquest Over the remains of Holmes on saturday. The news has just been received and it seems that Thompson had a step daughter named Florence that Holmes was courting. Holmes was a married Man family residing in this City. So Thompson interposed an objection to or. Holmes a attentions and informed miss Florence of decision. But the Giddy girl still encouraged Holmes and he continued clandestinely to meet her. Thompson went to Holmes and warned to remain away. On thursday the two men met in the Woods near Thompson s Home and had a Long quarrel which ended in Holmes drawing Bis knife and threatening to Cut Thompson s Throat. Thompson was 8rmed with an a. And so kept Holmes at a distance. He ordered hoi roes never to enter premises again. Holmes said he would Seo the girl or a die in the on entering House Thompson got gun and returned to tha door saying to Holmes who was standing at the Gate a if you curse me and my family i will shoot a Well Blaze away Quot returned Holmes. Thompson pulled the trigger and filled antagonist full of Buckshot from the effects of which he died on Friday night. The coroners jury returned a verdict that deceased came to death from a gunshot wound from the hands of Thompson who is now in jail. Georgia a electric girl. Rome ga., feb. 12.�?miss Lula Hurst the electric girl who made such a sensation North and West Over a year ago is now a student in Shorter female College Liore. Miss Lula was a poor country girl who discovered by Accident that she could Tumbs a a Man out of a chair by merely touching it. Her father who is a hard unsentimental Man at once put her on the Road a and retired in a year with $100.600. This week to entered famous daughter in the College Here. An attempt to interview the Young lady was thwarted by or. Gwaltney the president who said a miss Hurst is a seeker after knowl Edge now and not notoriety. As she is under my charge she shall be protected from the gaze of a curious the charges against judge White. Indiana. Pa., feb. 12.�?yesterday, before judge Williams of Tioga pa., papers in the settlement in the White will contest were submitted and approved by the court and the Case was stricken from the records. The criminal charges against judge White in which he was charged with forging and altering the records of court were withdrawn but a new information containing similar charges was made last evening by sex sheriff Montgomery and the judge was again placed under arrest but was subsequently honorable acquitted by judge Williams. It is ascertained that judge White paid Bis brother a. White $65,000 in settlement of the will Case. Mississippi Valley Dairy association. St. Louts mo., feb. 12.�?the morning of the second Day s session of the Mississippi Valley Dairy Aud Creamery association was opened by the report of the committee on resolutions. Among the resolutions which were adopted was Ore calling a convention of All Dairy associations in the United states for the Parps be of framing and procuring the passage of a Law prohibiting the adulteration of Dairy products. After the discussion of various topics the convention elected the following officers Hon. N. J. Coleman president w. 8. Trusdale of st Louis and f. A Gully vice presidents j. W. Shepard of st. Louis Secretary Ami w. N. Alvy of st Louie treasurer. Popular discrimination in favor of or. Bull s cough syrup Baa Given it a larger Sale than any other remedy of its class. Price 25 and Illinois new the daily chronicle of happenings of All kinds in the two . Travis a fortunate discovery unearthing of a remarkable pension fraud at Slie Byville 111.�?notes and gleanings. Indiana. A Laporte woman makes a discovery that adds to her worldly possessions. Special to the Indianapolis journal. Laporte feb. 12.�?mrs. Curtis Travis widow once prominent citizen of this City made a Peculiar and fortunate discovery yesterday that increased her wealth $150. In april 1866, or. Travis sold a horse to son receiving in payment a certificate of Deposit on the Branch Bank of the state of Indiana of this place for $150. Twelve years ago he died but left no instructions As to the paper or its whereabouts. While carelessly looking Over the deceased sold papers mrs. Travis yesterday found this certificate and presenting it at the Bank received the amount. Tho Bank officials had for years wondered what Quot had become of it and stated that it was the Only outstanding paper they could not account for. Had the amount been on interest for the a Twenty years at the then prevailing rate of 10 per cent compounded mrs. Travis would have Roee ived Over $1,000. Minor notes. Steps Are being taken at Jeffersonville to organize a Law and order club to break up the gambling houses. R Agnes daughter of or. And mrs. O. E. Holloway. Of Knightstown. Died suddenly yesterday being sick Only an hour. Cannelton by an almost unanimous vote of its citizens is to be incorporated. Tell City is soon to vote upon a similar proposition. The revival work at Liber has added Over one Hundred members to the methodist and presbyterian churches of that place. Mrs. Kilgus of Jeffersonville annoyed by a crowd of Young loafers who infest the door of her grocery procured a cowhide and lashed some of them unmercifully. Philip in ilk one of the Scott county cancer patients who was treated by an alleged cancer doctor is gradually growing weaker and it is thought he can not recover. A a Adam Shearf. Of new Albany reports that a Horn knocked off a Jersey cow belonging to was replaced and although it bled profusely and was sore a Good while it finally healed and is now As Strong As the other Horn. Or. Joseph Taggart and miss Nannie Haymaker were married on thursday at Charlestown Rev. T. A. Reynolds officiating. The Bride is the daughter of or. G. W. Haymaker and the Groom is a popular and Well known physician. Notre Dame University near South Bend is now Illume by the electric Light. On tuesday night the building was ablaze with Light while Trio crowning glory was the colossal figure of the Virgin Mary which surmount the dome on the brow of which was an electric Crown with an electric Crescent at the feet. The Story of a huge Black Bear running wild is agitating the Eastern part of Wabash county. The animal was first reported by the night watchman at Lagro and has since been seen by parties at new Holland. The residents of the latter place organized in a body wednesday and have since scoured the country for . T. T. Berbridge one of the Best known residents of Lafayette died on thursday aged seventy six years. She was the widow late Thomas Berbridge for Many years a leading business Man of that City and organizer of the present fire department system of Lafayette. She leaves four children. Mrs. Mary Wethrell and mrs. Robert Jones and two sons Richard and Thomas. Gas has been struck in the new Well being sunk by or. W. C. Depauw. About eighteen Miles West of new Albany. The flow is the heaviest yet developed in Indiana but not sufficient for piping to that City. There is enough however to run Tho Salt works to he established at that Point. The Well has been sunk a depth of 280 feet and it is believed at a depth of 2,500 feet a sufficient flow of will be struck to justify piping it to new Albany. Illinois. A remarkable pension fraud unearthed by a government detective. Shelby Villa feb. 13�?a remarkable pension fraud has just been brought to Light in this City. In 1862 Jacob Roellinger deserted from the French army came to this country and joined the Union forces. Fearing that the French would Aid the confederacy and that he would be captured and punished As a deserter he deserted new York company and enlisted under an assumed name in an Ohio regiment. In Tho original command he was still accounted for and was finally reported As taken prisoner. In the meantime he served oat time in the Buckeye company was discharged and came to this City. About four years ago he applied for a pension giving name As Carmon. The claim was Pigeon holed until a few Days ago when a special agent dropped in to investigate the Case and made the following revelations Fred Roellinger of new York is drawing a pension As Tho dependent father of Jacob Roellinger who it is alleged died at Andersonville another Man claiming to to Roellinger. Drew Back and Bounty and went to Europe while a third named Cassidy is drawing a pension in own name in one place and Jacob Roellinger in another. Still a fourth representing himself to be Roellinger. Made application but was apprehended and sent to the Penitentiary while a fifth application is now on Filo at the department for the alleged widow of the Soldier in question. Notwithstanding All these complications the Case is now in a fair Way to to cleared up when the rightful Soldier will receive dues. Fire at Bridgeport. Vincennes ind., feb. 13�?a destructive fire occurred at Midnight at Bridgeport 111. The fire started in j. Buchanan a grocery store and spread to l. Schmallhause s drug store John m. Buchanan amp songs dry goods store Sehl enkers amp grocery store. L. Delaney amp dry goods store and Schmall Hauseng a grocery. All the above establishments were destroyed together with a great part of the contents upon which Tipiere is Only a partial insurance. The total loss will amount to about $30,00�. _ hog cholera near Hillsboro Hillsboro. Feb. 12.�?a virulent form of hog cholera is raging in this Section. A Farmer residing a few Miles North of Here has lost Over eighty hogs out of a drove of 150 within a Short time. He has tried every known remedy but so far has failed to find anything that cures or prevents the disease. A Large number of other Farmers Are also losing their hogs rapidly. Brief mention. J. Brown Fitch Clothier at Rockford has failed for $8,000. A woman at Elgin after attending five meetings of the salvation army has gone crazy. At a meeting at Springfield of the governor Yates Monument association governor Oglesby was elected president. W. J. Gray raised 4,270 pounds of tobacco on three acres of land receiving five dollars per 100 pounds in the Boonville Market. Two children of David Funk of Lasalle Are dangerously ill from eating pork infected with tri Hinte. Six other cases have been reported in that Vicinity. At Decatur the jury in the John Thomas As Sault to murder Case found the defendant guilty of shooting Harvey w. Downing and fixed Bis punishment at nine years in the Penitentiary. Time. Bar. Ther. Hum. Wind. Weather rain. 6 a. 10a. A. 2 p. A. 6 p. M 10 p. A. 28.78 28.83 28.70 28.81 28.81 44.0 40 4 45.8 34.1 32.8 1 0>�cac go j s ea6tijt. Rain. Sweat Thrett no West Cloudy. West Cloudy. West it Snow. .04 .13 the prisoner is a Well educated Man poet fifty and has a wife. He was formerly it school teacher. He made the assault while drunk. The Rev. Or. J. Sturtevant one of the Pioneer educators Mohe West died at Home in Jacksonville on thursday at the age of eighty. Daniel j. Christman is in jail at Freeport on a charge of practising Medicine without a License. He claims to have practice about the country for sixteen years. Charles b. James for bigamy was sentenced at Lincoln. Thursday to one year in the Penitentiary. He wrote the alleged novel a Zora Burns or the fatal at Havana on thursday Robert Huston killed d. W. Barr by shooting through the Bead. Barr was dismissed from the Penitentiary a Short time ago on a supersedes and almost immediately got into a quarrel with Huston who had been Friend in the previous trial. The trial of the Mcquillen gang at Bridgeport for abducting Cerilda huddles a four teen Vear old girl and carrying her to mount Carmel has concluded. The girl told a pitiable Story. The jury eave John Mcquillen four years alleged wife three years and Laura Adamson two years in the Penitentiary. They have two Little children which Are being cared for in the poor House. The daily weather Icib it 1 a. Indications. War department office of the chief signal. Washington feb. 13 special indications for Twenty four hours from 7 a. M., for Indianapolis and Vicinity local Rains followed by fair slightly warmer weather. For the Ohio Valley and Tennessee Cloudy weather and local Rains followed by fair weather winds generally southwesterly falling barometer slightly colder weather in the Vicinity of Pittsburg slowly rising temperature in the remaining portions of the District. For the lower Lake Region slightly colder with local Rains variable winds generally southwesterly falling barometer. For the upper Lake Region Cloudy weather and local radius slightly warmer except in the extreme Eastern portion nearly stationary temperature. Variable winds. For the upper Mississippi Valley Cloudy weather and local Rains winds generally southwesterly slightly warmer. For the Missouri Valley fair weather in the Southern portion local Rains in the Northern portion Westerly winds generally backing to southerly slightly warmer except in the Northern portion a slight fall in temperature. Local observations. Indianapolis feb. 13. Maximum temperature. 47.0 minimum temperature 31.0. General observations. War department j Washington feb. 13,11 p. J observations taken at the same moment of time at All stations. Stations. W 5 o 8 0 ? thermometer. Wind. A t-3 o so c is 2 5 s a of weather. New York City. Washington City. 28.78 43 n East .07 it. Rain. 28 70 44 North 1.12 it. Rain. Vicksburg miss new Orleans. La. 30.01 40 Calm. It Loar. 30.02 58 South. Clear. Shreveport 30.00 46 w it. Clear. Fort Smith Ark. 29.85 42 West. Fair. Little Rock Ark. 29.93 39 Calm. Clear. Galveston Tex. 30.00 52 South. Clear. Temp wifi Tenn 29.97 37 West. Cloudy. Nashville Tenn 29.90 34 s West. It Ain. Louisville by. 29.86 36 West. Cloudy. India aporia ind. 29.82 33 West. Cloudy. Cincinnati of. 29.83 37 West .01 Cloudy. Pittsburg. A. 29.71 51 East .16 .13 it. Rain. Cloudy. Oswego n. A. 29.76 41 South Toledo 0 29.73 41 West .01 Cloudy. It. Rain. Escanaba Mich. 29.77 33 no East .01 Marquette Mich. 29.74 31 n East Cloudy. Chicago i1l 29.75 39 a West. Foggy. It. Rain. Milwaukee wis. 29.75 34 a West .03 Duluth Minn. 29.72 20 so East. Cloudy. St. Paul. Minn. 29.72 26 so East. Cloudy. Lacrosse. Wis. 29.74 37 West. Cloudy. Davenport. A. 29.81 34 West �03 Cloudy. Des Moines a. 28. S3 33 s West Cloudy. Keokuk. A. 29.84 33 West. Cloudy. Cairo 111. �?�9.90 33 West it Snow. Springfield. I1l. 29.80 38 West .02 it. Rain. St. Louis to. Lamar to. 29.87 29.92 39 34 West South .01 Cloudy. Clear. Leavenworth Kan. 29.88 36 West. Clear. Omaha. Neb. 29.79 35 South a fair. Yankton Dak. 29.70 42 s West. Cloudy. It. Rain. Moorehead Minn. 29.72 31 South. Bismarck Dak. 29.96 85 North Cloudy. Fort Buford. Dak. 29.90 33 West fair. . T 29.92. A fort Custer. Mont. 29.94 39 South �7 Cloudy. Deadwood Dak 30.04 40�?Tsweet .02 Cloudy. North Platte neb. 20.88 42 West. Clear. Denver col. 30.08 541 South Clear. W. Las Animas. Col 30.00 46 West fair. Dodge City Kan a 29.89 45 s West. Fair. Fort Elliott. Tex. Fort Sill ind. Ter. 29.97 47 Calm fair. Fort Stockton Tex. Elpaso Tex. 30.16 58 West Clear. Salt Lake City u. To 30.08 50 East. Fair. Domestic misery ending in suicide st. Louis feb. 12.�?some time last november a Young lawyer named Boyd son of a former congressmen from a Western District of Kentucky came to this City from Paducah ky., bringing with Young wife Lucy a daughter of Well to to and Well known people of that City. Boyd attempted to practice Law Here but did not succeed and then fell into dissipated habits and it is said misused Bis wife. This grieved her greatly and she became very despondent. On tuesday last Boyd left boarding House 1106 Chouteau Avenue and has not since been seen. On thursday Mia Boyd became continued that her Bush Ltd had deserted her and she broke completely Down and some time during last night took morphine and laudanum but this not producing death she used a razor on her Throat from All of which she died. Her body however was not found until late this afternoon and an inquest was held tonight when the above facts were brought out her remains will be sent to Paducah. Serious charges against prominent people. Columbus Kan., feb. 12�?at the instance of assistant attorney general Austin nine prominent citizens of this county were arrested to Day charged with executing fraudulent land mortgages. The parties Are b. Bare. Demosten r. H. Lawton h. V. Girgan James Watson o. L. Woodruff j. L. B. Coplin a. C Oplin and l. W. Archer. Some of them Are also charged with complicity in the attempt to destroy the county records last september. By blowing up the building with dynamite. Among the number Are several Well known business men. The parties Are at Galena to night arranging for a hearing. It is reported that the Case was worked up by Pinkerton a Agency though there Are various rumours afloat the nature of the evidence was not made men drowned. Philadelphia feb. 13�?a special to the record says that during the dense fog yesterday the austrian bark Kraljev Ika from Marseilles France struck on Barnegat Shoals. The life saving Crew of Barnegat station went to her assistance when their boat was swamped and three of the men were drowned. The Crew of the bark fearing that the life guards would be unable to save them had left the vessel in their own boat. It capsized and sink and eight of the Crew were lost. The master and five of the sailors saved their lives by swimming ashore. The hark sailed from Marseilles on dec. 7. In ballast for new York and for nearly four Days the master had been unable to make an observation. His first intimation of Shoal water was when the vessel struck. The bark is breaking no and will also be a total loss. The longest pole knocks the persimmons and Bigelow s positive Cura knocks All coughs colds croup hoarseness bronc bits asthma influenza and combo option. Pleasant for children. Safe and speedy. Fifty cents and a telegraphic Brevi ties. Jules Celestin Jamin the eminent French physician is dead. He was sixty seven years of age. The total imports of dry goods at new York during the past week were valued at $3.464,670, and the amount thrown on the Market at 83,528,986. Archbishop Eider who brings the pallium for the archbishop of new York telegraphs from Paris that he will leave Liverpool for new York on the 20th instant John cokely the self confessed murderer of John sharpies who was arrested in Allentown pa., on thursday was serving a term in the Delaware county jail at the time of the murder. It is thought he wanted to get free transportation to Chester. The front Wall of the key Stone brewing company a balding in course of erection on the South Side at Pittsburg fell out shortly before noon thursday crushing Frank Souders to death and injuring another Workman but not dangerously. The damage to the building was $6,000. Edward of Brien formerly of the wholesale flour firm of o Brien amp Pierce in Portland me., and since then in business in Chicago and Boston hanged himself at Cornish me., on thursday. His suicide was probably caused by business reverses. C. G. Contant editor of the Garden City Kan Sentinel states that the Leavenworth dispatch regarding losses by recent storms is greatly exaggerated. The number of persons Frozen to death within a territory 140 by 100 Miles was sixteen. The losses of cattle he thinks within 20 por cent Only one Quarter of the estimate cited. At Boston yesterday Ernest f. Ward who lost $30,000 by the burning of furniture store in the great Chicago fire was held in $2,000 on a charge of forgery. As solicitor for William Brierton. The Boston agent for Baird amp Stillson of new York and Chicago it is charged that he received commissions and goods on bogus orders. On thursday a Deputy United states marshal arrested two men in Little Rock Ark., on the charge of passing counterfeit Money. They were examined and counterfeit Coin was found in one of their trunks. The Coin is of Good Mold and the men Are believed to be members of an Arkansas gang of counterfeiters. It is expected that startling developments will follow upon their arrest. At Cincinnati a local freight train on the Little Miami Railroad ran into the it. Lookout Dummy a Street car and engine combined at a crossing in the extreme Eastern part of the City and broke the Dummy to pieces. Its Engineer. Henry Coons was probably fatally injured. Mrs. Tin Ley mrs. Mears and mrs. Smith All of it. Lookout were slightly injured As were also conductors Mullen and Conway. A terrible mining Accident occurred amp to Webb City mo., thursday evening two miners in the employ of Page amp co. Had located a heavy charge of eighteen Sticks of giant powder for a final blast and were tamping it Down when the whole amount exploded. The two men. Welch and Peterson were literally blown to pieces the largest fragments of their bodies that were found being a foot and a portion of a lower limb. Mrs. Julia Bartells treasurer of the Eva Lodge no. 22, o. P., reported to the st Louis police that her House had been entered by burglars and robbed of $300. Officers were detailed to look after the matter and made an examination of mrs. Bartelle a House. They reported to the chief that they could not find any traces of a forcible entry and claimed that she had admitted to them that she bad used the Lodge Money for private purposes. The work of drilling a Hole through the Hill directly Over where the lost Nanticoke miners Are supposed to be is progressing fast. On saturday night 110 feet of 6 Inch pipe had been put Down. There then remained 185 feet to be drilled. The superintendent thought Bottom would be reached in about ten Days. When Bottom is reached it will be ascertained for the first time whether that portion of the mine is filled with debris. If it is there will be no other Way but to clean out the gangways. Asked if he had any idea of finding any of the Twenty six men alive the superintendent said a ooh no those men Are dead Long ago we Only put Down this pipe to satisfy the relatives of the poor unfortunates. I would be Only too glad if the men were alive but under the circumstances the drilling of a Hole is Only a useless National Kle Etrie Light association. Baltimore feb. 12.�?the convention of the National electric Light association this morning listened to papers on a operating expense a by e. T. Weeks of Kansas City on a incandescent lighting Quot by prof. Otto Moses of new York and one on a carbons and globes a by Frank Ridlon of Boston. The president appointed Moses Copper of Brooklyn Ridlon. Of Boston and King of Minneapolis a committee to consider the advisability of adopting a Standard Grade for carbons. In the afternoon j. H. Woodbury of Boston read a paper on a the relations of electric lighting to insurance a in which he demonstrated that electric Light forms a relatively Safe method of illuminating and that underground wires contain serious elements of danger in proportion to their defective insulation. The convention endorsed a plan for a Mutual system 61 electric Light insurance. The following officers were elected president j. S. Morrison of Baltimore Vic presidents. H. Cleveland of Hartford and f. B. Weeks of Kansas City treasurer Charles Cooper of Brooklyn executive committee George Bowen of Chicago Frank Billon of Boston a. J. Decamp of Philadelphia Otto a. Moses of new York George f. Fletcher of Dayton o. J. A Corby of st Joseph to. F. T. Lynch new York. Adjourned to meet in Detroit in August next. Silver men angry. Declaring they have been snubbed by the administration no legislation probable. Special to i in Adelphia times. It is generally conceded by anti Silver people Here that there will be no legislation suspending the coinage of the Silver Dollar this session or in fact this Congress Aud there does not seem to be the same concern among the advocates of suspension that there was at the opening of the session. It has come to be a prevailing opinion among financiers that the moneyed and business interests of the country for the present at least a cannot suffer by a failure to suspend the coinage of Silver. A prominent banker Here who has studied the financial situation thoroughly said to Day that the Silver scare is Over. The financial Public he continued has at last discovered that As Long As the balance of Trade is in our favor there is no danger of any Large Export of Gold. Notwithstanding our diminished exports of wheat and the lower prices we receive for agricultural products this balance of Trade is still in our favor and has been since the coinage of the Silver Dollar in 1878. During the eight years which have since elapsed we have increased our store of Gold from less than two Hundred millions of dollars to Over six Hundred millions of dollars while on the other hand we have exported More 8ilverthau we have imported. While this state of things lasts he argues it is Idle to talk about getting on a Silver basis. As already stated it is generally conceded by those who favor suspension that it is Idle to expect it from this Congress and in the present condition of things there will be probably not any further agitation of the question from them. Strange to say the principal agitation comes from the Silver men themselves who have everything their own Way and have nothing to fear from the influence of a Gold bugs in Congress. Their Only policy is regarded As a very simple one to do nothing. The Law is All on their Side and no one supposes that the policy of the administration can be changed. Yet these Silver advocates in Congress Are doing More just now than any other class of persons to keep the Public agitated on this question. They have just now a fresh grievance against the administration in the reply of Secretary Manning which was agreed Apon in the last Cabinet meeting to the Resolution of the House of representatives calling upon the Secretary of the Treasury for reasons in not putting More Silve dollars into circulation and for the Silver policy of the administration. This reply simply directs Tho House to the message of the president and the report of the Secretary of the Treasury on the subject and is in perfect Accord with the presi dents settled purpose to interfere As Little of possible in congressional matters to fully make known Bis views on Public questions in hts annual messages and then go Way and let Congress do the same. Yet it is regarded by the Silver people of a snub from the administration nod they Are very bitter in their denunciations. They have joined hands with tha anti civil service reformers in ail sorts of schemes against the president to prevent re election if he has such aspirations. They charge that administration is run in the interest of new yorker and moneyed people in the East that even office which should by controlled by the South and 15 est Are Given to persons in the East or influenced by Eastern interests. This combination of Silver advocates and civil service foreheads is pushing a Resolution providing for a constitutional amendment to Ranke Tho presidential and vice presidential offices elective by the popular vote which they say they bops to have passed through Congress in time to be ratified by three fourths of the states before the next presidential election. This Thev claim would give the presidency to the South or West and take from new York the balance of Powei which that state holds under the present system. At All events the moneyed interests would be less Likely to dictate the nomination and a Man would be secured who would be More Likely to represent the views of the masses of the people. The clearer headed people do not think that such a Radical change in our governmental system As that contemplated is at All practicable during this Congress. They say that such a change can Only be accomplished after an overwhelming popular demand for it which at this time is entirely absent in the meantime tha Silver question and civil service Reform will afford fruitful topics for Long winded speeches by these agitators in Congress whenever they can get a Chance to make them. Gen. Lew Wallace. He talks of the teachings and results of the War. Speech before the Loyal legion. A living is learning a and it is so with All of is. Twenty five years ago a fearful schoolmaster opened up a school in this country and taught some terrible lessons the lessons of War. His curriculum consisted of killing How to kill and How to kill the most people and it ought to have been sufficient. This terrible schoolmaster opened Bis school in America and had a number of pupils and he taught Usa great Many lessons individually and collectively to society to Trade and to the state and nation. The first lesson he taught us was this a this country does no to want any More applause we have sees enough of that and As soldiers i Appeal the you to night is there in this great Assembly of soldiers any who will hold up their hands and suy they want to see War again ones of a no Are there ten Are there five is there Nef cries of Well if you please now to will take up the second lesson. Will there again be another War i know there Are plenty of Good people in this country who assert there will never be. I done to believe them As Long As a ship leaves our port under our Flag As Long As to have diplomatic relations with foreign governments i think we May reasonably anticipate the possibility of another War. Well then what is our situation War can Only be avoided by preparation for War. Only a few months ago Germany and Spain had a dispute Over a Little Island in a far off sea and if the worst came to the worse Bismarck was ready to dispatch a Fleet to Cuba. Cuba controls the key of our Commerce from the North to the South. It is useless to say we could have sat by and not done anything. What could we have done Are we prepared no could All tha armies of the North and South have defended our coasts no. Our government ought to have the right to have a Bette definition of what treason is. It cannot now defend itself until the overt net has been committed. Mormonism is rampant in the West and is ready to t the up arms against the government if they do what could is do to defeat such an uprising they have n knowledge of the water places and the Mountain fastnesses and if now a half dozen apaches can out fight the regiments of regulars in the West what would we do to save ourselves from the sixteen thousand armed mormons the truest most certain and Best Way to maintain peace i assert again is to be prepared for War. There Isa weak spot in our Constitution and that is our definition of the term treason. Morinon-i8m is a treasonable organization. It is Only biding its time. It is waiting until the proper Loar arrives and it will present a unified front to us and yet the government can Only Appeal to them by moral suasion. Is that really the Way to contemplate War the weakest spot in our government and everything has its weakest spot is its definition of treason a Man May defend property and not the government of the United states enact a proper Law to take care of itself that is a lesson that comes to us by the War. The War freed for millions of slaves enfranchised them and you and i and All of us voted affirmatively to make them citizens. Done to you know and i know that the reason we consented to it was with the expectation that some one would take these four millions of poor forlorn people and educate them. Has it been dons that is another lesson taught us by the War of which we have failed to profit How Long is this to continue when is this present policy to cease who should educate these people not the states of no if you depend on the states to educate them they will never be educated. Our duty a now to use our individual influence to bring this end about and we should use All our influence to have the Congress of the United states do its Daty with respect to these people. As you love your country companions and friends take up these Points and see if the lessons taught us by this terrible schoolmaster in the Days of Long past Are to be forgotten. Why Young men Are invited ont. New York gossip. A Young Bachelor of my acquaintance who has More invitations than he knows what to do with said to a lady the other Day that he thought he must be a very popular fellow or lie would not be invited out so much. A not at All a she replied a that does not follow. Young men Are so scarce nowadays that one who is willing to accept invitations has to do duty for three or since that time this Young gentleman has not accepted so Many invitations feeling that he is invited to fill in rather than on account of personal charms. It is becoming More the fashion every year to entertain and it is becoming More distasteful every year for men to be entertained. So i Don t know what society is going to do. Now that Brown is dead there is no one to carry on business of supplying Young men for parties and the Bureau established by the world for this purpose having become a thing of the past i am afraid that society is going to the Doga the railway times says were 10,000 Miles of Road to to built every year the work of construction would not be overdone despite All assertions to the cont very. What is needed to protect such railway expansion is better railway management some sort of governmental supervision an honest regard for the richts of shippers and in general an honest administration of railway affairs. When we can have these conditions complied with a mileage of 10,000 Milea per Annam can be constructed and fair dividends paid upon the traffic. Steamship news. New York. Feb. 13�?arrived st. Laurent from Havre Western land from Antwerp. Had a bilious attack and one of those indescribable cases of constant weariness. Took quinine and other remedies without Relief. Took or. Jones s red Clover tonic am Strong and Well. Asa Thompson Logan o. A Price special extracts most perfect made in Rostand Stron longest natural fruit flaw Vanilla Lemon Orange. Almond Bose. A flavor of delicately and naturally As tha fruit. Price baking powder co., Chicago. A a flt. Lock

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