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The Blackfoot Optimist Newspaper Archives Nov 30 1911, Page 2

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The Blackfoot Optimist (Newspaper) - November 30, 1911, Blackfoot, IdahoBesieged by i bks italians no farther advanced than on the Day following their disembarkation. Town of Tripoli is virtually besieged by turks and their Arab allies who Are patiently waiting and hoping for revenge on enemy. Paris that the Tow n of. Tripoli is virtually besieged by t urls and the a t Hom s is in no be the r situation is the opinion of the correspondent of the Temps who has succeeded in joining the o Tom an forces near Zoua Gher. H e telegraphs regarding the e turkish bide of the War the m message which was received thursday saying i t is Certa in that a fee r a m month and a half of War a fee r Large expenditures and serious losses the ita lians Are no further advanced than on the Day Fol lowing the e in disembarkation. If the t turkish forces Are inferior in num ber to the italians they m Ake up in Confidence w hat they Lack in number. I expected to find disorder and Dis courage ent. On the contrary every where i m it order discipline and con ten to ent. A a tien t and ready for everything the t turkish Soldier is accepting All w without com plaint. If he suffers he knows it is for the e Empire of islam while the e Arab knows the a t if he Dies Parad ise w Ith m Mhammed will be h is. The correspondent is unable to divulge the num ber o r plans of the turks merely saying the a t the e in m Ilita by a tracks m ust await helpful observations. Train drops into River. Sixty passengers drowned As result of Railroad disaster. Saumur France. Sixty passengers it is estimated lost the e in lives through the plunging of a tra in into the Thouret River thursday owing to the break � Down of a Bridge on the s Tate railway at Montreuil Bellay in the depart m ent of the m Aine it Loire. Many of the passengers who got out through the windows tried to save them selves by clinging to the tops of Trees which showed above the water h i m Ost cases however they were quickly washed away. Several skiffs m Ade ineffectual a to tem pts to m Ake Rescue. The Crews of these were nearly swamped. Labor leaders to be tried. Justice overrules motion for dismissal of contempt Case. W Gompers John m Itchell and f rank m Orrison the la Bor leaders m ust again stand Tria l in the supreme e court of the d District of Columbia on charges of contempt a Ris � ing out of Bucks stove and Range Case. Justice w right on t thursday handed Down a decision overruling the motion of the labor leaders for a dismissal of the proceedings under the s tat Ute of limitations. The court held tha t contempt of court is not classed As Crim Inal and consequently not a sub Jec t to the bar of the s Tatu the of limitations. Fought Duel before camera. Paris a dispute Over the m edits of the charges against m. Langevin. P professor of general and experimental physics a t the College of France brought by his wife and involving the professors co worker in scientific re search Madame Curie resulted in a Duel with swords Between m. Chervet editor of action Francaise. There was a num ber of bouts under scores of photographs. Finally Daudet was wounded under the Arm. A Rico cilia ton followed. School has course in Matrimony. Los Angeles course in m at rim ony is included in the curriculum a t the Gardena agricultural High school. W Hile partly hidden under the e Nam e of household economics five c lasses of girls daily take Advant age of instruction in the care of babies m other c raft and Domestic Economy. Boys will be Given a somewhat s in Ilar course beginning next year. Rebels capture outposts. San revolutionary troops captured one of the forts on Chun Shan Hill a t banking thursday a the r several hours desperate fighting according to a Cable received thursday from Shanghai. Must pay the penalty. Helena supreme e court b As affirmed the judgment of the Sil v e r Bow court in the Case of w. A. R Oberts convicted a t Butte for the Gnu order of w Illiam werholz and Given twelve years in the e Penitentiary. Funds for Mcnamara defense. A convention of the american federation of labor has re Quested All salaried officers of the fed e ration and affiliated unions to Givi one weeks pay to the m Nam Ara do sense fund. Charged with bigamy. Los of having a three known wives and the police s Tate a t. L e a s t one m Ore whose identity is not known Nelson e. Brown was a a rested thursday on a charge of big Amy. Dropped bombs into Camp italian aviators use explosives on turkish Camp with disastrous results to turks. ita lians rep o it the a t he turks w Ere repulsed in three out Post a tracks tuesday w Ith Twenty nine killed. Five aeroplanes re turn � ing to Cam p reported the a t there had been no change in the turkish Posi Tion. They succeeded in dropping bombs inside the t turkish Camp which w As destroyed. A t the Sam e Tim e the ita Lian a a Mored c re Iser Carlo a Alberto bom � barred the Village of am rus and the fort of h Enni a few Miles from t rip � Oli. A Lively com Bat also occurred a t Derna w Here the t urls a tracked under cover of a fog by t w Ere driven Back. Discuss reclamation. Engineers in charge of big projects discuss problems encountered. Boise engineers in charge of reclamation projects u United s tates Carey act and private in Idaho Oregon and w Ashington As sem bled in this City tuesday for a three Days general discussion of the problem s the a t a re encountered in rec Lam action projects. This in the first m meeting of the e kind Ever held in the Northwest. T he discussion tuesday was con fined largely to the e sub Jec t of w Ater distribution. I t was unanimously agreed a t the e close of an Anim ated Exchange of ideas the a t the Engineer in charge should supervise the Dis Tribu � Tion of the e w a ter through the canals late rals and ditches until i t was delivered to the w Ater user. This it was argued would eliminate the e chief source of trouble Between settlers. Rate suits to be appealed. Counsel for government wants an other trial in the transcontinental rate cases. W for the gov Erna ent late tuesday filed w Ith the Commerce court a w rit of Appeal in the trans con Tinen Tal rate cases. The Appeal is from temporary injunctions granted by the Commerce court in the cases involving in Terp Reta Tion of the Long and Short haul provision of the in Testa the Commerce Law. A motion was also filed by the govern m ent counsel the a t a final decree m aking Perm Anent the injunctions be granted by the Commerce court. May order special session. Governor of Idaho May Convene legis lature Early in new year. Boise James h. Hawley officially announced Here tuesday the a t h e May Call a special session of the leg Isatu re of this s Tate e Ither in february o r m Arch of next year for the purpose of am ending the Revenue Laws and formulating Neces sary constitutional am end ends in connection w Ith the e proposed changes. T he Call will be issued if definitely decided upon he said in m mediately a fee r his re turn from the e trip w Ith the governors special to join which he left Boise tuesday night. A jury of married men will decide Fate of mrs. Patterson now on trial at Denver. a jury of com Para timely Young m married men among whom there is no t a Gray head g ert rude Gibson p a the son will be tried for the m order of her husband whom she shot and killed septem ber 25 last while walking w Ith him in a suburb of Denver near a tuberculosis sanitarium in which he was a patient. Acceptance of the e jury Cam e suddenly a t the close of tuesdays proceedings the s Tate having left two peremptory challenges and the e defense two. Choir sings on historic spot. K Ansas the e historic tem ple lot in Independence consecrated More than seventy five years ago As the s ite of a g Reat tem ple to the lord by Joseph Smith the Prophet and founder of the mormon Church one Hundred m embers of the mor Mon Tabernacle choir stood on tues Day and Sang a e t Hank thee o god for a Prophet. Castro on Venezuela soil. Mexico dispatch to Nuevo Fra from c Caracas says the a t general Cipriano Castro sex president of Venezuela has won in a Battle which occurred in Venezuela having entered his native country w Ith thousands of followers. Poisoned brother in Law. W Winnipeg. . Josie w Ilson was on tuesday found guilty of poisoning her brother in Law at Swarth More Saskatchewan and was sen � tended to serve five years in the Penitentiary. Begins study of Mars. Los . E. E. Barnard a distinguished astronomer is in los Angeles for the purpose of conducting a series of experiments which it is hoped will Lead to important discoveries concerning the planet Mars. Coal strike settled. Fernie b. mines a t Coal Creek were in operation tuesday for the first Tim e since the m Iners went on s Trik e la St april and a great Deal of p preparatory and Clearing up work was done lost ten m Illions minnesotan tells House com Mittee of his business relations with Rockefeller. Claims that Oil magnate through his agent took securities valued at ten million dollars to satisfy a Call loan of $420,000. W d. Rockefeller and h is Almoner the Rev. F. D. G ates of Mont Clair n. J., will be invited by the House com m it tee investigating the United s tates steel corporation to reply to Testim ony Given tuesday and w wednesday by Alfred and Leonidas m Erritt of Duluth minn., charging the a t Rockefeller through Gates As his agent took from them in 1893 $10, 000,000 in m Issabey Iron m Ines and Duluth m Issabey & n Northern Railroad be sureties to satisfy a Call loan of 420,000. These securities w Ere after Ard sold to the e United s tates steel corporation and they today a re a part of the a t corporations vast holdings. A after m Erritt had testified on w wednesday the a t he had gone to new York with $10,u00,000 in securities had m it or. Rockefeller and to o m months late r had Noth ing except a Chance to walk from new York to Duluth on the ties the Stempl com m it tee had an an executive session. Interested in jew8. President Taft May ask a revision of the russian treaty. W Here was a Well de sned rep o it w wednesday the a t p res i Dent Taft in his m message to Congress might have som ething to say on the subject of negotiations Between the United s tates and Russia looking to a revision of the treaty of 1832, p Rin � Cipully to. Remove the present re s tric � tons upon the rights of travel and domicile of american jew s in Russia. The rum or was coincident w Ith the beginning of the official Calls of George Bak Retieff the new r russian ambassador. Mrs. Bake Retieff had a Long talk w Ith Secretary Knox and soon will present his c credentials to the president. P resident t t a it has already received Many insisted t suggestions the a t the treaty w Ith Russia be abrogated. Of the o the e r hand some of the p Resi dents advisers i t is said have coun seed against such drastic action. Start new revolution. Gomez Reyes and Zapata join hands in attempt to overthrow Madero. Mexico Ilio Vasquez go Mez general Reyes and Emilio Zapata have joined hands in an Effort to overthrow the Madero government according to information received by the president of wednesday from the Sec re t Servi agents of the government now to sat. Antonio. Zapata has been in open revolution since the close of the revolution. Vasquez Gomez will be a arrested in the e opinion of govern m ent officials who received such advices from the e in agents in the North. At the department of the Interior official advices were received on wednesday on the engagements a t the Hacienda san Nicolas g Guanajuato on monday in which the fed Urais Defeated the insurrection its under Candido Prochet who announced the a t he was fighting against the Cen tra l govern ment. The w a cry of his men is Viva Reyes. Brutally murdered by burglars. Salt Lake on the head with a chisel pointed track Ham m or while he slept and twice shot through the e body w Illiam s. Sandercock 47 years old was b Ruta Fly m ordered by burglars Early w wednesday m orning in the Sto re of the Sampson meat & grocery company a t Garfield of which he had been for two years the Man Ager. H e leaves a widow and three children a t St. Austell Cornwall England. Two suspects a re under a a rest. Light cigarette with $1,000 Bill. San h Artagan a real e s Tate dealer form Erly of Cincinnati l i t a cig Aret with a $1,000 Bill Here w wednesday. He intended to Burn Only the end of a b it of yellow paper pro truding from the Edge of the Bill for the edification of his friends. Sam Uel Haller Ano ther Friend joined the group just As h Artisan lit the cig Aret grasped the e Bill and held it until it was Alm Osten tirely consumed. Girl was held prisoner. San Bernardino Cal. Miss Jessie Mcdonald the school girl alleged to be the victim of or. A Rthur w. Mcdavit a dentist took the w fitness stand late w wednesday in the Tria l of Mcdavit accused of her abduction and told the e jury of her life in her prison adjoining m Davit s office. Fir costs two lives. children were fatally injured and a num ber of Man were seriously h u it when fire destroyed the Plant of the j. Baum Safe and lock company Early w wednesday evening. The loss was $150,000. Soldiers to be sent to China. f fifteenth infantry which is due to a drive Here december 1, probably will be sent a t once to China. The soldiers will arrive on the e transport Thom As and will leave for China on the Sam e b o a t in the Gem state at a Public auction near s tar thirty cows sold a t an average Price of $75. Reports from the upper country North of pm m Ett indicate the heaviest fall of Snow for so Early in november in Many years. Two men while Hunting rabbits jul s t was t of the e town Lim its of Mounta in Home killed a Fine a t Buck. The Deer was brought Down with a shot from a .22 Caliper Rifle. January 29 to february 3, is the Tim e set for the big poultry show to be held in Boise. Money is being raised for the Purchase of a m am � m oth ten t in which the show is to be held. M Ichael Conway who died recent by a t his Home near Notus was the firs t Agen t the Short line had a t Caldwell coming from u Tah when the Road was firs t built and late r in � gaming in farming. One of the m Ost com plete tele phone system s in any City of its size in the w est and a combination Auto Mobile ambulance and Patro l Are to be p a it of the equipment of the Boise police department next year. In a decision handed Down a t Lew Iston the supreme e court has decided the a t a debt ordered to be paid by judgment of the court is legally alive up until six years from the Tim e of the filing of the judgment. T he con tract for the e construction of a s Teel Bridge to be known As the m Mountain Home Bridge across the Snake River Between Elm Ore and Owyhee counties has been let. The Price to be paid for the completed Bridge is $22,674. The s Tate Dairy food and san itary inspector has rushed to the Protection of the Farmer who m Akes h is Rea l cider vinegar by issuing a w Arning to All dealers the a t the spurious goods have got to be cleaned off the m Arket a t once. John Corby found guilty of assault w Ith a deadly weapon for using a knife on James Lucas in a Boise a � Loon on the n High t of August 29, has been Given an indeterminate sentence of from six m months to two years in the s Tate prison. W Illiam Odell a widower sixty five years old killed his son David a t p Ost Falls and shot the e Thum b off Ben Stellm an. All the m in had been drinking and w Hen a quarrel arose Over a triv Ial matter the elder Odell was a tracked by the others. There is estimated to have been about 12,000 acres of Grain and 3,000 acres of Tim Othy raised in Long Val Ley this year which is less than 10 p e r cent of the agric Ltd ral land now under cultivation. Most of the Grain yield was 50 bushels per acre. Joe Glennan 74 years old was placed in the Penitentiary la s t week under a sentence of from one to two years for assault w Ith a deadly weapon. This is the e outcome of a fam ily quarrel in which Glennan and h is 19-year-old son engaged in a Duel. James h. W Allis s Tate Dairy food and san itary inspector has issued notices to All of the poultry dealers in the e s Tate w Arning them the a t any Vio la Tion of the s Tate Law s prohibiting the e Sale of Andraw n poultry will a prosecuted to the Lim it by h is depart m ent. Or. A Fang a chinese doctor of Boise who has lived in Idaho 45 years is to re turn to China Tak ing h is wife and daughter w Ith him As Well As four of the five Pioneer chinamen of the Basin. I t is believed the a t a la of the e party will re � m Ain in China. R in a decision handed Down a t Lew isto the supreme e court has affirmed the e judgment of the d is tric t court in k Kootenai county in the e sum of $9,000 in the condemnation proceedings b Rought by the Idaho w Estern rail w a company against the evangelical l u Theran Synod. M mystery surrounds the disappear Ance of Rolf Johnson the 15-year-old son of or. And mrs. F. S. Johnson of Cole school station who disappeared from the Sawmill a t Cam p 14 a t a a Row Rock on october 16 w Ith a t least $200 in his pocket. The boy has not since been heard from. Governor Hawley has asked the Short line to continue w Ork on the Sta Tion a t Ham m Ett. It was rum ored the a t the Short l Ine had decided to abandon the plan of putting a station a t h am m Ett on the grounds the a t the e re m ight be a shortage of w Ater of r the use of the Railroad next year. Marion k Kirkpatrick handsome Young woman of 22, is under a Are s t a t Boise on the charge of being a daring and successful horse thief. It is alleged that unaided she rounded up a Large band of wild horses be longing to a Large cattle company in Owyhee county selected the e Best horse and sold him in Boise. The open door policy for Idaho is the e slogan of g governor James h. Hawley who in a s Tatem in t Given out la s t week severely censures the fed eral government and its departments to r w withdraw ing from entry so much land. George Smith a Well known Idaho county Man it is thought is lost in the m mountains in the Vicinity of Adams. Smith is known to be Well versed in the Topography of the e and am s Cam p country and Many of Bia friends believe the a t he has m it with som e Accident. Alex Mcdonald one of the old Tim ers of the Boise Basin who left h is Cabin and p a run e r w Ith a consid Erable sum of Money about a month ago and who had not been heard from h is friends fearing foul play has finally been located a t Van w yak if a m an who never borrows from h is friends in it sure of going to heaven the e re is no such thing As just rewards. We think we Are fooling our ram i Lles by keeping our troubles from them when we a re Only w worrying them the More for fear it is worse than it York press. Reflections. Many a m an collects his thoughts from o ther people. It in it the Coign of Vantage the a t Burns a Hole in a m ans pocket. I t does seem strange the a t pulling a m an s leg should m Ake him Short. Money talks by t who w ants to Lis ten to the e conversation of filthy Lucre it is quite possible for a woman to be a Peacem Aker w without using m Ake up. The h Eart the a t can be reached through the e Stom Ach Isnit Worth reaching. Woman is a Riddle. � laugh and grow fat and you will find the laugh on you. The m an who expects to have g Reat Ness thru s t upon him m ust be a m mighty Good waiter. M any a scheme is cocked up the a t is really a raw Deal. Some people live entirely for them selves and some live on others. All m in Are born equal but the Equality seem s to end High t there. Many a girl thinks Sheds a world b eater when she cant even beat an girl of sixteen can generally cure her b Rokea h Eart with an indigestion Tablet. Some men always expect to be Given a Chance while others go ahead and take it. If we should All think twice before we speak there would be mighty Little conversation. Women will never understand men so Long As men prefer a Glass of Beer to an ice Cream soda. Of t t fit t t titty to drawing is my business care in handling goods and right prices characterize my work. T Hyrum Allen office at Hughes jewelry store 19 North main office phone 236. ? of of t ? f ? it to t t tires Dence phone 178 blk. ? Vacvav Vav Vita a Vav at vhf to George Heilig g eneral % blacksmithing. Horseshoeing North main Street. Blackfoot. ? Money to loan on improved farms mortgages bought and sold Idaho irrigated lands company Kennedy auctioneer will be glad to Date you for a real estate Sale or general farm Sale. All sales get my personal attention until finished. B Lack of o to id a h o phone 113 Black highest Cash Price for hides pelts furs and also All kinds of m eat products and poultry. James w. Killion r. F d. No. 2, Blackfoot Idaho. The Optimist goes into 1,000 Homes and Busi Ness houses does that f act Appeal to you or. Advertiser our Job department leads in efficiency hides hides dont give your hides and pelts away. We pay 16c per la. For dry hides. 9c for sheep pelts 5cc lot Cleau rubber boots and shoes. Green hides 7c per la. Cased coyotes from $2 to $3. Branch of the great Western hide co. M. Volpert. Mar. Telephone 166 red p. O. Box 22

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