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Sun Coast Gondolier Newspaper Archives Sep 15 1977, Page 1

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Sun Coast Gondolier (Newspaper) - September 15, 1977, Venice, FloridaSun coast gondolier the voice of the South county vol. 33, no. 68 40 pages second class postage paid at Venice Florida 33595 Telephone 813 484-2611 thursday september 15,1977 published twice weekly a Price 10c one Nail at a time a that s How Venice s old civic Center is coming Down and it s taking a Long time. Currently working on the project Are left to right John Sclafani Jim Marcolini and Henry Richardson ii. The men have been unable to work on the roof because they Are Short helpers. Photo by Briggs demolition goes slowly the Board by Board demolition of Venice sold civic Center has slowed to almost a snails Pace because the City has not been Able to get enough workers to fully staff the project. City personnel director Lucille Doeble said this week that although six Ceta comprehensive employment training act employees were funded for the Job there have not been enough men to fill All the positions. Ceta is a federally funded Job program which provides salaries to persons who have been out of work for 15 weeks or More. Mrs. Doeble said there were five men on the project at one time but the turnover is so great that a full five men group has been on the Job for Only a few weeks Over the past two and a half months. One problem she said is that most of the unemployed who would be eligible to take the work live in Sarasota and Are not willing to drive to Venice for a Job that Only pays $2.80 an hour. But several workers on the Job have been so Good that the City Public works department hired them away from the project once again slowing the work on the demolition. During the past few weeks there have Only been two men working on the project. This has slowed things Down because it takes at least three men to handle the Large rafters which Are now in the process of being removed mrs. Doeble explained. A third Man was hired this week she said but Progress has been slow. A we just can to get employees a Doeble said. Public works director Larry Heath who was opposed to the manual demolition of the old War War ii Barracks from the beginning said he is not satisfied with the Progress on the project and blamed the High turnover of employees. Grievance policy put to test City Engineer ted Yeatts put the City a personnel grievance policy to the ultimate test this week by becoming the first employee to carry a complaint All the Way to the City Council. Yeatts Gripe revolves around councils decision to take away the car he had formerly been assigned on a 24-hour basis thereby forcing him to use the City car Pool when a vehicle is available. He contends that the use of a car was a condition of his employment with the City several years ago and for the Council not to let him have one is a Breech of contract. Yeatts brought his com plaint before the Council several weeks ago but it seemed oblivious to his claims and told him to go through the proper grievance procedure. The City Engineer initially appealed to City manager Dale Rieth to reverse the decision since he believed Rieth was Given the administrative authority to do so. But Reith interpreted the r a 1 weather High Low rain sept. 8 89 77 .00 sept. 9 88 77 .00 sept. 10 88 75 .00 sept. 11 89 75 .00 sept. 12 89 75 .00 sept. 13 92 74 .04 sept. 14 90 75 .00 rain for the week. .04 rain for the month 4.34 rain for the year 38.63 1 temperatures and rainfall Are i j recorded at 8 a m daily on the 1 dates shown for the preceding 1 1 24-hour period i a. J drinking Law is challenged by Tony Briggs Sun coast gondolier news editor a Venice Law which prohibits Public consumption of alcoholic beverages was challenged by councilman Bill Freeman who called it confusing and discriminatory. Freeman told his fellow Council members during a meeting tuesday night that the Law should be rewritten so it is Clear or be thrown out. A if we have an ordinance that does no to work we ought to enforce it or do away with it a the councilman said. A i think we ought to look at this very Freeman made the re Marks during a discussion of a proposed amendment of the ordinance in question which would allow the City manager the Power to Issue permits for Public consumption in special cases. The Council now has that Power. Freeman said the Law is a bad one because it is Only enforced in certain locations and is totally ignored in others. He explained that Beer drinking is common at the City Dellfield baseball Complex even though such actions Are prohibited by the Law and no one has Ever been arrested. Drinking on the Beach is common too he said but is also prohibited. But he noted that the City police done to think twice about arresting someone drinking on the Street or in the parking lot of a local bar under the same Law. A i think it is very confusing to the people in this City a Freeman said. Continued on Page 3 Mutual fire Aid pacts nixed by Volunteer inside today although the tearing Down of the building by Ceta employees will save the City some Money the process will be almost six times As costly and will take 400 times As Long to Complete As it would to hire a wrecker to come in and do the Job. Heath estimated a professional demolition company should Complete the project in three or four Days at a Cost of $3,500. It will take the Ceta employees four months and Cost the Federal government $19,000 to do the Job. Doeble said $6,696 has been spent on wages so far. But since the Ceta employees Are paid by the Federal government instead of the City the demolition is not costing Venice anything. Since the taxpayers Are being spared the expense of the project at least at the local level City leaders have rationalized the length of time involved in completing the demolition. Bridge scene. A. 7 churches. 36-37 classified. 26 editorial. .4 entertainment 8-9 fishing. 24 Flea Market ads. 32-33 Horoscope. 14 Hospital. 17 letters. .4 obituaries. .3 real estate.26 thru 31 social news. 6-7-8 sports. 10-11 tides. .3 the Venice fire department has had a very difficult time formalizing Mutual Aid agreements with surrounding Volunteer fire organizations because of the City councils a negative Altitude Quot toward serving county areas. Venice fire chief ted Deming made the statement during tuesdays Council meeting. Mayor Harry Case seemed surprised by the Deming statement and said a that s news to but he later agreed that the City should not give away fire Protection services to those who do not pay City taxes. Deming explained he had contacted the other departments at the direction of City manager Dale Rieth to work out Mutual Aid pacts. Although they agreed to come to each others Aid in the event of an emergency Quot on a handshake basis Quot said All refused to sign formal agreements. Despite the seeming impasse on the matter Council instructed Rieth and Deming to continue to try to work out the Mutual Aid agreements. One problem the Venice fire department has faced in the past is that there were fires in the unincorporated enclaves within the City which it should not technically have responded to but did in order to save property and lives. On the recommendation of Reith and councilman John Vickers Council gave a tentative Lemon Bay Hospital is threatened councils action in such a Way that he could not allow anyone except department Heads to have City cars on a full time basis. Yeatts is not technically a department head. Although Many City employees May be under the impression that the Council must have a hearing on a grievance it actually has the option of rejecting the grievance outright thus avoiding making any Public action. Yeatts Case is significant because it is the first grievance that has been carried All the Way to the Council and its action will undoubtedly set a precedent. The fact that Union organizers Are looming on the horizon will almost certainly be on councils mind when it comes time to make a Dorothy Lippstreuer Sun coast Condol or staff writer the proposed Lemon Bay Hospital facility moved one step closer to reality this week but it May be All for nothing. Tuesday the Sarasota county commission agreed to accept Morningside drive As a country Road contingent on receipt of rights of Way and mortgage Lein deeds for the Road approaching the Hospital site. Earlier the number of property owners dwindled who had yet to deed rights of Way for the widening of Morningside. The efforts to obtain the rights of Way have delayed the construction of the Hospital and May cause cancellation of the extended state certificate of need building permit. The Road to completion of the medical facility for the 25,000 patients of that area has had More detours than 1-75 coming from the North to the South. It Yould appear that the added five feet on each Side of Morningside drive May Well be a mile and the Road could Lead to nowhere. The Lemon Bay Hospital project has been plagued by delays since it was first brought to the Public three years ago. Prior to efforts to obtain the rights of Way the Hospital project had been involved in an extended Legal Battle with Nort port and backers of a Hospital proposed for that Sarasota county Community headed by or. Carl Reilly. Even after the head of the state Bureau of Community medical facilities Art forehand approved the Extension of the certificate of need because he Felt they had made Quot diligent efforts to proceed with the construction and had an Quot enforceable building contract Quot delays continued. Forehand a decision was challenged by North port and or. Reilly in a session with the state hearing examiner of the department of administration in february 1976. Federal attorneys with the department of health education and welfare hew were asked to Render a decision and forehand explained that after months of investigation they merely told the state to make its determination first. Meanwhile the Cost of the proposed Hospital has skyrocketed from an originally proposed $3.5 million to approximately $8.2 million for the planned 100-bed facility. Henderson amp few bonding Underw Riters have indicated that they will sell the Bonds however the Issue would be Well Over $8 million because of delays through Legal entanglements while construction costs have risen. A second feasibility study costing about $25,000, would then have to be done to make sure the project remains financially possible. All this work May be wasted. Forehand told the Sun coast gondolier on tuesday that even if the last rights of Way were obtained if the feasibility study was completed and if the Bonds continued on Page 3 nothing s lovable about love Bugsby Sheri Bridges Sun Cost gondolier staff writer the second half of september has pattered in like a sneaky tomcat fall is in the air and so Are the love bugs. As unavoidable As death and taxes the continuously copulating creatures Are again congregating in the Community to coordinate their Campaign against pleasurable picnics and flashy Wax finishes. The Black big have become a twice a year fact of life for floridians. They head South each May and september spend several weeks flying United and soaking up Sunshine and then depart to Lay their eggs and die. In their Wake the nefarious nymphomaniac leave a Trail of splattered windshields clogged Radiator grills and frustrated motorists. Norm Thomas county Mosquito control director said there a Only one effective weapon against love bugs. Quot a Blunt object moving at a High rate of Speed that la get Mem every time Quot Thomas joked. He said that although the county could use an insecticide Spray in an attempt to eradicate the Pesky creatures such a Battle would necessitate a daily treatment of every Road in the county a and that Thomas said would be neither mechanically nor financially feasible. We must learn to live with love bugs until their natural enemies build up he advised. Unfortunately its Likely to be a Long wait because Thomas said the bugs have a no prey As however he noted the flying critters generally begin declining in number three to four years after their initial infiltration. Their current area of attack is headquartered along Florida a West coast Thomas said but they Are fairly widespread throughout the entire state. He indicated that despite their usual pattern of abandoning an area after a few years _ continued on Page 3 let the buyer beware con men Are Back area residents look out. The con artists Are Back in town. The fast moving fast talking Flim Flam men have been spotted recently according to it. Don Craft of the South county sheriffs office and Are offering to perform All sorts of swindling services. Craft a Aid his office has received several complaints from citizens who have been bilked by the con men. The lieutenant indicated the bamboozle is have been passing themselves off As roofers tree trimmers and driveway papers. Their workmanship is shoddy if they Ever get around to doing any work. Sometimes they just take the Money and run. Craft recommends that anyone contacted by a door to door Home service Salesman be sure he a the real thing before agreeing to have any work done. Check paddlers out with the Venice area chamber of Commerce at 488-2236, the better business Bureau at 366-4830 or the sheriffs department at 485 9646. It will take a few minutes but in the words of someone who evidently Learned the hard Way its better to be Safe than sorry

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