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Sun Coast Gondolier Newspaper Archives Sep 8 1977, Page 1

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Sun Coast Gondolier (Newspaper) - September 8, 1977, Venice, FloridaSun coast gondolier the voice of the South county vol. 33, no. 67 a 38 pages second class postage paid at Venice Florida 33595 Telephone 813 484-2611 thursday sept. 8,1977 published twice weekly a Price 10c Council cautious in code revision invisible Man fishing at the jetties a Wall not quite. But the weeds around this Fisherman make him almost invisible. The shot was taken this week by Sun coast gondolier Chuck Koelsch. Condo lease challenged charging that their leases contain provisions that Are in violation of Federal anti Trust Laws 17 unit owners at Gulf shores condominiums have filed suit against the apartment lessors. The suit which asks for treble damages and injunctive Relief contends that the recreation lease required for occupancy at the Complex creates Trade restraints contrary to the Clayton and Sherman acts. It names As defendants Fanny Kaye both individually and As deceased Boris Kaye a personal . Condominiums inc., Gulf shores condominium assoc., National Bank of Sarasota and Fanny Kaye As trustee of the Boris Kaye irrevocable Trust and Virginia b. Hulse. The recreation lease is a mandatory condition of ownership. It stipulates that residents must pay a monthly fee for 102 years for use of the swimming Pool and parking lot. The charge inside today Bridge scene. 5 churches34-35 classified26 editorial4 entertainment8-9 fishing12 Flea market36-37 horoscope2 hospital.20 letters 4 obituaries3 real estate 27 thru 31 simply sinclair.4 social news6-7-8 sports11-12 tides.12 is levied whether or not those facilities Are actually utilized and must be assumed by anyone who subleases the condominium. The 17 plaintiffs represented by former assistant state attorney William Willner maintain that this Assumption agreement a constitute an illegal Burden on interstate the illegal burder arises the suit says because a a substantial and significant number of the original sales and subsequent resales were to out of state purchasers and All resales. Have been and Are tied to the. Recreation As a result of the mandatory tie in to the recreation lease the suit continues a the out of state unit owners Are precluded from entering into agreements for other More beneficial recreational facilities thereby preventing competitions for those facilities. The recreation lease according to the suit has damaged the plaintiffs because it forces them to a pay recreational lease rental As part of the Purchase Price of their units a abide by a unreasonable and unlawful restrictions of the resale of their units by the tie in to the recreation lease a and a pay for recreation facilities whether they use them or not without the Benefit of a competitive therefore the plaintiffs ask that the recreation lease and the sub lease by declared a null and void a and that the court award them triple reimbursement for the recreation fee payments they have made since 1971, when the condominiums were built. Gulf shores is a 70-unit Complex. Each condominium owner is assessed $70.55 monthly to pay for use of the swimming Pool and parking lot. Willner said such recreation leases were fairly common devices several years ago but added that the a Law is presently being strengthened to prevent their use. The final review and revision of the proposed zoning code got off to a slow Start tuesday As the Venice City Council got bogged Down Over the question of whether to totally restructure the complicated document or try to proceed with it in its present form. Councilman Bill Freeman and John Vickers argued As did several residents at last months Public hearings that the zoning code is much too complicated and is poorly organized. Freeman advocated restructuring the code so that it would be easy for a Layman to go to the building department pick up the document and be Able to easily understand How it applied to his particular piece of property. In its current form several Cross references Are required in each Section and some have complained that it makes the code unwieldy for both the Layman and the professional. Although the rest of the Council seemed to agree it finally decided to keep the proposed code in its present form because it would be too time consuming to have it restructured again. The proposed code has been in the works for More than two Walker who urged to Council to go ahead and make a line by line review of the code said he was not surprised it was complicated. He explained that the code must be complicated because the zoning business is Complex and argued against oversimplification. When asked if he favored sending the code Back to a committee for further revision before Council action Walker replied a this thing has been committee to death. Lets brine it up to the Council level and get off the Walker conceded there Are some problems with the code As it now reads and favored making changes to Grandfather in existing structures which would not conform to its regulations. But he did not want a change in format just Content. The subject of non conform ties was obviously a major concern of the Council members and All voiced the opinion that they should be eliminated before the code is passed. Quot i have this great fear of non conform ties a mayor Harry Case said. A i understand the reason for it but i just done to like years. Councilman . A a Berry Freeman expressed similar believes saying a i think you should give some thought to what non conform ties can he explained that under the proposed code a non conforming Structure could not be improved or expanded unless it is brought in line with the new zoning regulations. Since a Good Deal of the City would not comply with the new code Freeman said a in a period of two years you would have some blighted areas in the City resulting from prohibited improvements. A i done to want to see the non conforming aspects of the code bring our neighbourhoods Down Quot Freeman said. A i think one of the Basic rights of americans is that they should be Able to do anything they want with their Walker agreed but had reservations. A i think we must Grandfather a great Deal of things a he said but cautioned a the mistakes of the past should not be allowed to the Council indicated it May take until next year before revisions on the code Are Complete despite a suggestion by councilman John Vickers to Complete it before the december City elections. Environmental specialist hired by county the Sarasota county commission tuesday accomplished a perfect set up Job when it created an environmental specialist staff position and simultaneously appointed a Man to fill the Post. The Board agreed with county administrator de Maroney a belief that the position is needed on a one year trial basis and also with his decision that or. Jeffrey l. Lincer is the Man to fill the spot. Lincer a is not an unfamiliar name in Sarasota county. Prior to assuming his position As director of the Raptor Birds of prey information Center with nixes lighting District at the request of the Venice East Community associations Board of directors the Sarasota county commission tuesday pulled the plug on plans to create a special lighting tax District for the subdivision. Commissioners approved the directors request that the associations june 24 petition for a referendum to establish the taxing District be withdrawn. In a Resolution to the commission the association said it a originally sponsored the proposed Street lighting program As a progressive action for the safety and Security of the but because a the population of Venice East is composed primarily of retired families who live modestly on fixed and or reduced incomes a and because increased Utility costs have produced a serious economic effects to the financial welfare of the residents the directors vetoed the proposed plan. A the earlier popularity of the proposed Street lighting program for Venice East is now viewed with general Disfavour because it represents another element of tax which cannot be absorbed without personal sacrifice from present incomes of the retired families a the Resolution concluded. Old Battle Man against Mosquito recent flooding during the last three weeks of unprecedented painful has inflicted a Maior Brood of mosquitoes in the Sarasota and Charlotte county areas. A countywide beginning three weeks ago we have had extensive flooding in Low lying pasture and farming areas Quot Norm Thomas of the Sarasota Mosquito control department said. Adult Icide and larvae cide chemical treatments Are currently being spread with ground and Aerial equipment utilized by both counties. Part of the equipment used in Sarasota is a fixed Wing Aztec while the Charlotte county department uses a 1,000-gallon-capacity Hughes 500c helicopter for its flying missions. Several methods of treatment whether Aerial or ground Are effective in the control of mosquitoes but the complaint from both departments is that the controls Are Only temporary. Thomas cautioned against leaving any open containers around the Yard. A eliminate water that collects in Bird Baths tin cans Ponds with no fish and even a Low lying spot in the Yard Quot Thomas said indicating fill dirt could be shovelled into the Yards potholes. A and get rid of old abandoned cars that hold water any of these things will act As a Breeding ground for a female Mosquito Quot Thomas noted. A child a playing Pool if neglected for a week or More provides a convenient crib for Mosquito larvae according to Thomas. A cuttings Are popular with gardeners and Plant enthusiasts Quot Thomas said but considered in the House cutting jars to be a target. A a we be tested jars inside the House and found that an adult female Mosquito has gotten in and Laid eggs in the cutting jars a Thomas stated. Are he the aside from eliminating stagnant water Thomas commented that commercial chemicals available to the Public but added a footnote of caution. Thomas warned against use of malathion by people who live on the Bayfront. A someone living Inland should have no problem a he said a but we do have some Salt Marsh mosquitoes on the keys and beaches resistant to malathion is one of the chemicals used in a Public Purchase loggers a and Thomas said he recommends using an alternate chemical. A the classic Way mosquitoes develop resistance a Thomas disclosed a is through Aerial treatment under dosing the rate so the most tolerant adults live to produce larvae. The method called adult Icide Only attacks and kills 95 percent of the population and leaves the remaining 5 percent to Breed a genetically stronger larvae. The National wildlife federation in Washington d.c., he served As both an environmental research scientist and environmental health program Leader at Mote Marine Laboratory. He holds a doctorate in terrestrial ecology and has authored numerous publications dealing with environmental and ecological concerns. No other applicants were sought for the $25,000-a-year Post designed to provide expertise on important environmental issues facing the county. Maroney explained that Lincer is Well qualified for the position and said advertising for additional candidates would be a a waste of Money was an important Factor in the boards decision to create the specialists Job. The county has for some time been involved in litigation with phosphate industries operating in Manatee county As a result of commissioners steadfast opposition to enterprises that pose a potential Hazard to the areas environmental Quality. The Cost of gathering information and hiring expert witnesses for the litigation has proven expensive. Lincer a duties will include preparing data and testifying in the county a behalf eliminating the need for High priced outside Aid. In addition the Board expressed its belief that a county As a environmentally conscious Quot As Sarasota should have a resident expert on ecological and environmental subjects. A a we be been operating blindly for too Damn Long Quot commissioner Jim Neville commented. A we should have hired one specialist 10 or 15 years Lincer is expected to assume his new position by oct. 1. Weather High Tow rain sept. 1 92 75 .01 sept. 2 90 73 .26 sept. 3 75 70 3.96 sept. 4 82 73 .07 sept. 5 87 73 .00 sept. 6 88 75 .00 sept. 7 89 76 .00 rain for the week. 4.30 rain for the month 4.30 rain for the year. 35.29 temperatures and rainfall Are recorded at 8 a m. Daily on the dotes shown for the preceding 24-hour period armed for attack Man and Mosquito meet

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