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Sun Coast Gondolier Newspaper Archives Sep 1 1977, Page 4

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Sun Coast Gondolier (Newspaper) - September 1, 1977, Venice, Florida4_�? Sun coast gondolier Venice Florido thursday september 1. 1977 Sun coast gondolier Yorio published by Sun coast gondolier inc. Covering the entire South Sarasota county area Telephone 813 484-2611 Derek Dunn Rankin president and publisher Sam Dillon Michael w. Corradino editor general manager Courtney Willis. Advertising manager Tony Briggs. News editor Jim Beans. Sports Dorothy Lippstreuer. Women s editor Sheri sunny Sullivan. News features Chuck Koelsch photographer the Sun coast gondolier is published every monday and thursday by Sun coast gondolier inc., 320 Venice bypass Venice Florida. Second class postage paid at the Post office at Venice Florida 33595. Subscription rates in county $8 50 per year $5 per six months $3.50 per three months. Out of county $ i $6 00 per six months $4.00 per three months. Advertising representatives Florida press service Tallahassee Fla. American newspaper representatives new York n.y., Atlanta ga., Detroit Mich. Editorial ease off the throttle with the Start of school it s time for the Driver to be More careful. Children of All Ages wend their Way to school by Means As varied As the colors in a Sunset. But no matter what the Means it is important to watch out for them. Drivers would be a Little More watchful especially during the Early morning and mid afternoon when school begins and ends. Most visible to the Driver is the student who walks to school and who May occasionally wander into the Roadway. The Best Way to watch out for this child is to assume that he May dash in front of your car when you least expect it. In other words drive defensively when you Are in an area where Small children Are walking to school. Most Drivers probably Don t think As much about the student who drives his bicycle or motorcycle to school but Many accidents involve these vehicles. Once again defensive driving is the Best Way to handle the situation. Small motorcycles and bicycles Are sometimes hard to see especially in rear View mirrors. They also have a tendency to Dart and Man Uever faster than you would expect. The Best idea is to keep an Eye on such vehicles when you Are driving near them. The most common Mode of transportation for Many students is the school bus. And while it might be the safest in route it can be one of the most dangerous during disembarking. Florida Law requires All cars to Stop when a bus signals but the children who leave the vehicle Are usually still near the Road when the bus leaves. Once again watchfulness is the key to safety. Let s make this an Accident free school year. Tony Briggs venetians at conference a Venice residents left to right Robert Cross Mark Ledger mrs. Terry Ewing Glenn Ewing and Oliver Vankimmell were among More than 200 secondary school students and sponsors from six Southeastern states who attended seek 77, a youth environmental conference August 7-10 at Florida technological University in Orlando. Letters says officials at North port Only play acting to the editor As a resident and taxpayer of the City of North port Sarasota county i would like to make a few comments of the meetings held by our City commissioners and our mayor. They Call them meetings for the residents and taxpayers of North port so they will know what is going on and voice their opinion. I Call these prearranged plays. The main reason for this letter is my husband was Hurt on the Job and had major Back surgery. He worked for the Public works department of the City of North port doing a Job for the residents and taxpayers. In May his doctor released him to return to work and be rehabilitated As a less strenuous Job. So he want to City Hall to talk to his commissioner Boss and the honorable mayor about getting Back to work. They said a we done to have anything open that you can do and for the Best interests of both parties we think you should my husband looked at them Kinda funny and said a i will have to think this now this has been since May he has never been fired Laid off or Given a Job and she said plainly in the meeting aug. 26 that she did not have a Job for him. Yes he is on workmen a comp but Isnit any employee on this that gets Hurt on a Job in the meantime we had two Law officers in the City relieved of duty with pay while an investigation was going on. They were on leave with pay from aug. 15 to aug. 25. Now can you taxpayers go along with this when i his wife asked the mayor at the meeting on aug. 26 in front of All the residents and taxpayers present if they had been receiving pay she said no. But another resident asked her the same question and she said they were on leave with pay till aug. 25 when a letter went to each of them. Now in the first place Why should the taxpayers take on the Burden of paying two men who Are under suspension when another employee can to even get a Job with the City or get rehabilitated by the City this Man was Hurt on the Job not committing a crime. Can any of you answer this i think it is time for the residents and taxpayers to do something about City officials like this. I have kept my Mouth shut Long enough but now i think it is time to Wake the taxpayers in the City of North port. As far As the mayor and the commissioner of Public works neither one contacted this Man to see what his problem was or How he was after surgery. But they could Contact him when he was Able to be rehabilitated and ask him to resign. I will leave All of you with this a Man that is going to have a disability for the rest of his life and his employer turned his Back on this Man but is fighting to keep two others in their jobs. Why what else has happened at City Hall that we the people done to know about Lois a. Goodwin North port taxpayer Svca approves Caspersen curfew to the editor re taxation South Venice civic association beaches. Your article of aug. 24 has incorrectly stated our tax status. Until 1975 we were paying taxes on our beaches. Like Many other non profit organizations we were tax exempt the last two years. As it has been stated by one of our county commissioners South Venice civic association beaches Are Quot de Facto Quot Public beaches. Our association also agrees with the recent recommendation of the county to close Caspersen Beach from 10 . To 6 . Charles m. Drolet president South Venice civic association skip Baraus Washington Congress returns from its August recess next week Only to face a list of problems no Shorter than the one which greeted the Start of the 95th Congress in january. In fact there Are a few More problems now a problems the Congress itself has created Over the past eight months. Development of a comprehensive National Energy policy was one of the major problems facing the 95th Congress. And we be still got a Long Long Way to go to solve that one. The action of the House just prior to recess in adopting president Carters Energy plan comes nowhere close to creating a comprehensive National Energy plan. At Best it merely creates one More super bureaucracy to shuffle the Oil shortages around so that everyone suffers. It does nothing to unleash our economic system so it can Deal with and Correct the problem. So instead of solving a problem the House has just created one for the Senate to Correct. But then the House has done the same in amending the Hatch act in a manner guaranteed to restore the spoils system and turn the civil service corps into a huge political mishmash. While the Hatch act did restrict the political activities of Federal employees it served to protect them from those who would Force them to be political in order to save their jobs or to get promoted. That Protection might not be there anymore. So the Senate has another problem to Correct another problem created by the House. While the House has been Busy creating new problems for the Senate it has left untouched the constantly worsening crisis in the Economy. We Are still spending More than we take in. This year the difference will be More than $60 billion. But no action has been taken on my constitutional amendment to prohibit deficit spending and Force the Congress to balance the budget. That amendment still languishes in the judiciary committee As does an amendment to return our educational system to the neighbourhood school concept and end the insidious practice of forced busing. Hopefully in the not too Distant future we will get the 218 signatures necessary to Force that amendment out of the judiciary committee and onto the House floor for a vote. We have 196 signatures on a discharge petition already we need just 22 More to do the Job. But the discharge petition represents the Only Hope of solving this problem. The House Isnit interested. But then the House Wasny to interested in reforming the food stamp Giveaway either. Instead of tighter guidelines and More emphasis on cracking Down on fraudulent claims the House voted to give food Stamps away a move guaranteed to attract More fraud. The 95th Congress is now one third Over but the problems which plagued this country at the beginning Are still with us just As Complex and perhaps a Little worse. 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Tamami Trail Venice 0 phone 488-4574 open Mon Fri 8 30-5/sat 9-1

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