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Sun Coast Gondolier Newspaper Archives Mar 6 1980, Page 2

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Sun Coast Gondolier (Newspaper) - March 6, 1980, Venice, FloridaLetters to the editor sick of Laurel Road bickering it seems to me that after 50 americans have been held captive for Well Over 100 Days in a foreign land it is time the president made a full report to the american people. Just before the new Hampshire primary our chief executive made some optimistic remarks about the possibility that the hostages would be released now that a United nations commission had been sent to Iran. The commission was to investigate the crimes of the Shah and find out to what extent the United states has been involved in iranian affairs in the last 25 years. When the commission was formed the impression was Given to newsmen and americans generally that the . Had assurances that the americans would be released As soon As the commission started its work. Instead of that happening there apparently has been a steady worsening of the situation. Now iranian officials Tell us no action can be taken on the hostages until at least May and possibly beyond that month. Most newspaper columnists who cover National affairs have reached the Point where they refuse to Clam up on Iran just because the president wants it that Way. They seem to think so much has gone wrong in so called negotiations with Iran that All the facts they can obtain should be revealed. It certainly rocked me when Rowland Evans and Robert Novak two biggies in the capital wrote that contrary to the nearly Universal belief in Washington Jimmy Carter never was Given any Assurance before his approval of the in commission that this Concession would Lead to release of the hostages. The columnists said a top presidential adviser to influential democratic senators leaked the information. A the slow crumbling of unshakable .positions, leading to one humbling Concession after another suggests that in the end Khomeini and the terrorists May obtain most of what they have always demanded. This at least includes a self criticism by Jimmy Carter of the past . Role in Iran a they declared. Everyday in my newspaper one or More columnists castigates Carter for reversing his Field on How to handle the hostage crisis. Many Are opposed to his a Rose Garden role until the situation is resolved and others openly charge that politics is playing an important part in the Way foreign problems Are being handled. I venture to make that charge without having a signed affidavit but i was intensely interested in the poll which the lbs new York times if these words read like some kind of Hodgepodge some readers will chuckle with the realization that the mental imagery of this column is at an even Par. But if any semblance of profundity is detected the memo will qualify for a non Murph classification. No matter what your interpretation is Here Are the words. A couple of years ago the a a Mode music disc spinners were monopolizing the airwaves with a soul Rock hit called a if it done to fit done to Force like most of the Rock stuff it was difficult to determine exactly what the composer had in mind when he Cut his ditty in Wax a or plastic ?. As i recall there was diverse opinion As to what the Lyric message was. Some interpretation was negative and risque. Some was positive. Since i just happened to hear the thing again in a of a mind to consider the positive message in a if it done to fit done to Force think a Little and consider How amazing it is How persistently we try to Force events causes effects and the fates of ourselves and other folks in our lives. Sometimes we need to Force things but usually forcing Isnit helpful or desirable. Forcing things and people is More Apt to have the same destructive reaction of that caused by nuclear Power Plant malfunctions. Any traffic Light in the area during the season is a pretty Good proving ground for forcing. Any of us will try to squeeze the last millisecond out of a traffic Light. Isnit that True we All try to beat the Amber even at the expense of catching a piece of the red. At the same time we All sometimes get jumpy at the red Light and do some forcing. We Inch Forward on red watching the Amber from the Side anticipating the Green. That a one reason we hear the ambulances whistling and blowing so often. I have to confess to having been a fan of Diana Ross and the supreme. At their Peak they gave us a Good arrangement of Sun coast gondolier published by Jim Sun coast gondolier inc. So of a w x i covering the entire Lov i South Sarasota county area a Telephone 113 484-2611 Derek Dunn Rankin president and publisher Sam Dillon John c. Hewens editor director o i Sale s Roberta. Vledder general manager Jim Dorothy Lippstreuer Sociol news editor m b editor Helen port news Ned Burke new features Virginia Small. News Feo Fures Paul Schmidt photographer David manager Linda advertising manager the Sun coast gondolier is published every thursday and saturday by Sun coast gondolier inc. 200 e. Miami ave. . Box no 1028 Venice. Florida. Second Doss postage paid of the Post office at Venice. Florida 33595. Postal service regulations require All mail subscriptions to be paid in Advance subscription rates Carrier delivery $ 15-year j9-si months s15-year $9-six months $5-three months advertising representatives Florida press service Tallahassee Fla american newspaper representative new York by Atlanta go Detroit Mich took of voters right after they cast their ballots in new Hampshire. The poll showed that 24 percent of those voting for Carter said their reason for doing so was because they believed they should support their president in an International crisis regardless of How they Felt otherwise. If the foregoing poll figures Are Correct it could have meant that had there been no crisis Kennedy would have beaten the president in the primary. This is not difficult to believe because How else can you explain Carters rating As president surging from 19 percent to Over 60 percent shortly after the hostages were seized what happened to our plans to get Tough with Iran if they did no to free the americans at once i can remember the president saying that Iran would have to pay a heavy Price even after the iranians surrendered the hostages. As i finished writing this column the american ambassador to Colombia was seized As a hostage and our government admitted that combat russian troops were staging exercises in Cuba. The show must go on in Washington but i Hope we have a potential National hero in the wings. This one a you can to hurry our grandmothers and grandfathers experienced understanding have had them singing that tune to us for decades. Our observations of others and maybe our own experience of getting singed have etched in Large print the Lousy consequences of Rushing headlong into deep emotional involvement. Yet most of us do Rush to Force this critical powerful and sometimes dangerous human emotion. There Are gobs of us humans who Are in love with the idea of being in love trying to Force that emotion where it Hasni to the traditional snowballs Chance in hell of surviving. There Are other kinds of forcing. Students Force knowledge these Days. This forcing is usually a byproduct of time booting Oll hut the result always comes out the same a cramming loss of sleep anxiety and temporary learning. A Good pro Jock will always say not to Force a basketball shot or pass or Force the swing of the Bat or a pitch on the Diamond the quarterback should never Force his pass on a bad receivers pattern. In any Case the forcing habits split the losers from the winners. This mixed up ? profound ? memo can be sent to the composing room with this final paragraph. A if it done to fit done to Force its a truth which applies to each of us in our physical activities mental efforts social relationships love and editorial made no sense to the editor regarding your recent editorial concerning saving children a lives by erecting a Fence at the Airport makes about As much sense As it would be to erect fences on All our City streets. So far As i have been Able to ascertain there has never been even a near miss at the Airport but there have been a number of children killed while walking on some of our streets without sidewalks. Would not the Fence Money be far better spent on sidewalks for our City instead of ripping up a perfectly Good Golf course Roger l. Wolcott Venice to the editor after Reading saturday. March 1, 1980 gondoliers front Page article titled a Laurel Road answer offered a and a dust on Laurel Road unsettled a i Felt i should sit Down and give you some different views and opinions on the subject. Being a Laurel Road resident myself i feel qualified to do so. After keeping up with All the heated discussions and arguments and attending one county commission meeting on the subject and Reading related articles in the gondolier i got kind of heated myself and decided to write a doozy of a letter. Before i got started i turned to the letters to the editor Section of the same Issue and looked to see How to Start my letter off finding that simply to the editor was about the Best Way. One letter however caught my Eye entitled a says name calling wont solve it a written by Edward m. Myslivecek. Well thank you , for your letter. All the ugly names i was thinking of putting in my letter sort of faded and i decided to try to do away with the critical tone that i actually feel. Or. Myslivecek offered some very Good guidelines to follow which i will try to keep in mind while writing this first of All my family and i live on Laurel Road right before the curve to the pit Road. We Are located at the Point where trucks Are Down shifting or up shifting depending on whether they Are coming or going therefore the noise and pollution would reach its Peak directly in front of my House. My Wood Frame House has windows All across the front so i should be Able to hear the Racket As much or worse than most. Well let me Tell you in be got More things to do than sit around and listen to trucks going by. This is a thing we be Learned to live with like we re Gonna have to learn to live with the hum of the Highway traffic when 1-75 opens up. The Point is we moved out Here knowing the pits were Here first and the noise is just something that will have to be tolerated. I hardly even hear it any More. There is not one property owner that did not know about the trucks noise and pollution. In a sure they travelled the Road often coming out to look at their new Homes being constructed feeding animals fencing chores Etc. If they did not feel they could live with these things they should not have bought the property in the first place. It seems funny that All the trouble has started just since the Homes in this area have been completed. While the need for fill from the pits was a necessity everyone was tolerant but the minute they have All the fill they need for their pads driveways barns garages gardens Etc. Then its get rid of the pits trucks noise and pollution. The paving would be Nice in a few respects but there Are other things to think about if it is paved. The Speed for instance the vehicle and not just trucks travel is unbelievable. The Road conditions slow them Down a bit. I done to think a week goes by that i done to see a four wheeled vehicle in the ditch from excessive Speed fish ailing or just careless driving. If the Road were paved it would encourage higher speeds More sightseers and More traffic. Now you May think that in a against the paving i really done to care one Way or the other but in a against the Way some people Are trying to achieve their goals and for what purposes. The Laurel Road residents who Are working the hardest to get the Road paved no matter who is Hurt in the process have their Home and property on the Market for Sale. Are they worried about having to live with the noise and pollution or More about Selling their place and for a greater profit in a sure the Road in its present state is one Small Factor Why they Haven to been Able to sell. There is also a party who has been witnessed on several occasions taking a tractor and pulling Marl off Laurel Road and up into the driveway to improve the driveway conditions. But this same party complains and criticizes the potholes and conditions and complains the trucking companies do not maintain the Road properly. Its kind of hard to maintain a Roadway when the materials for the Road have been placed elsewhere. Or. Hurt has proposed what he thinks would be a solution to the problems. Has he thought about some of the problems his proposals would cause just for the record or. Hurt does no to even live on Laurel Road. He owns property on Laurel Road which he keeps some cows on so How is the noise and pollution bothering him every once in a while one of his cows gets out on Laurel Road which May be dangerous. But for whom the cow or the vehicle hitting it at 45 or 50 m.p.h.? then i propose if or. Hurt is so bothered with the noise and pollution that he comes out and feeds his cows after the traffic Dies Down in the evening. Then Only he would be put out a Little. Has or. Hurt thought about the people his so called limits or cutbacks on truck traffic activity will affect the truck Drivers and heavy equipment operators who Are employed by the trucking companies have families to support and need the hours of work. If or. Hurts proposals were met for Only 750 loads permitted per week and hauling Only permitted Between the hours of 7 . And 5 ., a lot of people would be out of work and their pushes for Bike walk path along Esplanade to the editor an open letter to Venice City Council the City of Venice owns a very valuable piece of property along the Gulf of Mexico approximately 1,400 feet Long by 60 feet wide. This is the Esplanade right of Way and extends South from the Public Beach to Alhambra by Venice Sands condominium. This land was meant for a Street but this is no longer feasible. it be great to have a Bike walk path along these two blocks with a Bench Here and there to sit and look out at the Gulf How Nice this would be for people in wheelchairs or otherwise handicapped who cannot walk on the uneven Sand of the Beach. They could get away from the parking lot and gasoline fumes and enjoy a Nice quiet spot to watch a Beautiful Sunset. I am sure this would not be a great expense to accomplish and what an asset for the people of Venice. Articles in the newspaper indicate there Are plans to give this valuable property away to a few property owners for the right to put up a Rock revetment along the Beach. This would not be fair to the people of Venice a it is our land and we want to utilize it for the Benefit of everyone. There is Beach erosion at times in this area As there was at the South end of Venice Public Beach this past summer. I do not think the City and state should spend several Hundred thousand dollars to put in this pile of rocks along a private Beach and give away our property to Boot. The Money would be better spent refurbishing our Public Beach and putting in a Bike walk path. Please reconsider. To the Public for those who wish to see the property in question look South from the Esplanade at the end of the Venice Public Beach. There is a Quot Road closed Quot barricade this two Block stretch Down to Venice Sands. This is the property in question. Please be vocal if you too would like this area available to All of us. I May be abound with a petition and i Hope you will be receptive. Or. And mrs. Kenneth Hoefel Venice families would suffer. My family included. We own and operate a tractor trailer combination a. Haul for an outfit Over in t Center of the state. My husband leaves Home Long before 7 . And sometimes does no to return till after 5 One reason we bought our property was so my husband could bring his Rig Home every night and could make repairs in his own driveway. We could offt afford to rent a place to Park somewhere else. Which brings up another Point or. Hurt proposes to give a Dollar per front foot toward paving the Road and suggests the other property owners do the same. Does or. Hurt pay Over $5,000 a year for Road use we do and i think that is quite enough. _ we would be very willing donate to the county our portion of the right of Way so they could pave and maintain it but we cannot afford any More Revenue for Road paving maintenance Etc. It sounds to me that if or. Hurt had it his Way the trucking companies would have to shut Down altogether. The fuel Cut alone is staggering in this business but when somebody puts a limit on How much business a company is allowed to do that could be the breaking Point. Or. Myslivecek says a solution to a problem should be the Best for everyone All things considered. He also states disagreement should also offer Anotn solution Best for All. In a sorry to say i cannot offer another solution Best for All but in a just asking that the Laurel Road residents who have been doing the quote a bickering a take a Good look at both sides of the problem. I suggest that we do As or. Myslivecek says and Presa what is Best for most much ifs some May not like it for their own self interests. Using this statement As a guideline i suggest that or. Hurt draw up another set of proposals keeping everybody a Best interests in mind. Only self interests being considered in this problem could be damaging to the majority. If he can do this he a 1 have my utmost respect. If it comes to taking sides we will Side with the trucking companies because after All we Are a Small trucking company ourselves and our need for making a decent honest living outweighs our need for a paved Roadway. Your newspaper and or. Hurt seem to think that All be residents of Laurel Road have the same opinion. On one occasion i visited your papers office to ask that a retraction be made of our name being used under a picture of mrs. Susan Powers and another gentleman seated in front of the county commission. This we considered to be slanderous to our name. A at that time i explained some of our viewpoints on the situation so that in future articles All the residents of Laurel Road would not be grouped As one. I suggest the gondolier Only use the names of those persons involved in the bickering and discontent. Correction i have come up with one solution for the Pelt be finding the present conditions absolutely intolerable. Move Betty j. Stahl Laurel More letters Page 3defines Folly % to the editor in or. Edward Myslivecek a letter concerning the Airport controversy he wrote that a Folly Quot Means foolishness immoral or criminal. I done to know where he got his definition but in websters new world dictionary of the end a a language the three preferred definitions Are in order 1. A Lack of understanding sense or rational conduct. 2. Any foolish action or belief. 3. Any foolish and useless but expensive undertaking. Furthermore the word Quot Folly Quot was used As a noun not As an adjective describing anyone. a. A

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