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Sun Coast Gondolier Newspaper Archives Jul 18 1977, Page 1

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Sun Coast Gondolier (Newspaper) - July 18, 1977, Venice, FloridaSun coast gondoliers Tho Volvo of Tho South county it vol. 33, no. 54 24 pages second class postage paid at Venice Florida 33595 Telephone 813 484-2611 monday july 18, 1977 published twice weekly a Price 10c Hatchett Creek Span affected Bridge regulation gets nod by Sheri Bridges gondolier staff writer the draws of the Hatchett Creek Bridge will raise Only four times an hour Between 7 30 . And 6 . If a recommendation made by the seventh coast guard District to its Headquarters in Washington d.c., is accepted. In a packet of suggestions sent to the National office the Miami based District advised that the Bridge which connects downtown Venice with business-41 should open on signal Between 6 . And 7 30 ., according to capt. Richard Hodges chief of the . Coast guards Bridge Branch. Code to be reviewed by planning commission things Are slow in the to Monde business a it used to be that a sure Way to make a Little pocket Money during the summer was to open up a lemonade stand to quench the thirst of passersby. But Young John Eder found that business was Quot very slow Quot late last week. So slow that he had to Send his assistant sister Laura Home Early. Photo by Koelsch the Venice planning commission will take one last look at the controversial proposed new zoning code monday night before Public hearings begin in August. Commission chairman Frank Proctor said the commission does not plan to make any revisions in the lengthy document but rather hold a discussion on How the Public will be handled during the hearings. The City Council has set aug. 3, 4 and 5 As the dates of the first hearings to be held in the new Community Center. More hearings will be held aug. 24, 25 and 26. A we Are just going to kick it around a Little bit a Proctor said. The new zoning code has been the Center of much controversy in past months because several of its provisions make much of the City a present zoning non conforming. It has been revised by the Council in such a Way that most of the non conforming structures will be allowed to stay and even rebuilt if they should be destroyed. The parking and landscaping requirements that were originally set Forth in the code have also been revised to satisfy Public opposition. Following the Public hearings Council will be free to make More changes and eventually adopt the code if it chooses. Also scheduled for the monday continued on Page 4 Venice Mac Branch finally gets Okay by Sheri Bridges Sun coast gondolier staff writer plans to establish a Venice Branch Campus of Manatee Junior College passed the Hawk eyed inspection wednesday of the colleges Board of trustees. The new South county facility will Greet its first students when it swings open its doors aug. 16 at the Brickyard shopping Plaza. The final run through the administrative Gauntlet was Over without a stumble when the Board unanimously approved the and hoc committees proposal to organize the Branch Campus and decided to locate the facility in the upstairs South Wing of the Brickyard. Ellen Kansman chairman of the and hoc committee and Charles Wheeler fund raising chairman flashed Victory smiles As they told of the trustees endorsement. A we have $17,000 pledged or donated. They took us at our word that we can raise the rest of the funds needed a Wheeler said. About $52,000 seed Money is required to hire a top administrator an assistant Purchase Basic furniture and building supplies. The full time administrator appointed Friday to supervise operation of the Venice Branch Campus of Manatee Junior College Mac is or. Jack Dale. Or. Dale has served Mac As a placement and follow up specialist and has been an energetic supporter of efforts to establish the South county College facility. The administrator will be available tuesday morning in his office at the Brickyard 530 s. Venice bypass. The Telephone number is 484-3076. Wheeler said he and mrs. Kansman had to a Swallow a Little hard before they assured the Board the remaining sum could be raised but expressed Confidence that the Community will give its generous support to the Branch Campus. The Brickyard was chosen As the site of the College facility mrs. Kansman said because it can be ready for classes in August. Installation of some lighting fixtures and a few partitions is All that needs to be completed before students Settle in for instruction. The 4,800 Square foot South continued on Page 4 but during the heavier traffic hours Between 7 30 . And 6 ., the seventh District suggested that the Span open Only on the hour Quarter hour half hour and three Quarter hour. The recommendation came after nearly four months of studying the results of a March 17 Public hearing on the scheduled Bridge openings for spans in Venice and Sarasota and after compiling the local feeling regarding the proposed regulations expressed in thousands of letters mailed to the District by area residents. The seventh District also suggested that the Ringling causeway Bridge in Sarasota be opened Only on the hour and half hour Between 7 30 . And 6 . And that the draws of new pass Bridge be raised Only on the hour Quarter hour half hour and three Quarter hour during that time of Day. Both Bridges should be opened on signal Between 6 . And 7 30 ., the District recommended siesta key Bridges another Span under consideration for scheduled openings should remain unregulated the District said. Capt. Hodges indicated a sightseeing boat which travelled under the siesta Bridge and required frequent openings no longer motors in that area. He said this is probably the reason the District decided regulated openings for siesta Bridge Are unnecessary. The suggestions made by the seventh District Are subject to final approval of the Washington office. Hodges said he and Frank Teuton chief of the navigational Section will meet july 25 to decide the matter. Hodges explained that Teuton is currently vacationing but said he has made a preliminary review of the seventh districts recommendations. A i think he a agreed with two of them but in a not sure which two. I know he wanted to look at one of them some More a Hodges said. Hodges noted that the coast guard received 2,674 letters from people who were either in favor or opposed to the proposed regulations. Most of them he said agreed with scheduled openings. When the Public hearing on the Issue was held in Sarasota last Spring the consensus of local officials was that regulations Are necessary. One after another the Public servants cited the congestive traffic problems created by on signal openings and said frequent raises of the draws also pose hazards to emergency vehicles which Are delayed while Bridge spans Are lowered. For every official who spoke in favor of regulations a boat owner talked against them. Several area residents noted that scheduled openings Are particularly dangerous at Hatchett Creek Bridge. They said there is an insufficient turning Basin in the area of the Bridge for a boat of significant draft to maintain a holding pattern while waiting for a scheduled opening. Some also said that under certain wind and tide conditions treacherous rip tides near Hatchett Creek could throw a boat out of control. Hodges said the recommendation for regulations of Hatchett Creek Bridge openings could be the one Teuton wants to give further study but he was not sure. Dogs Are Good friends burglar alarms Council actions hit employee morale by Tony Briggs Sun coast gondolier news editor at a time when Union elections among Venice City employees Are looming on the horizon morale has seemed to hit a new Low and Confidence in the City a leaders is beginning to Wane. Employees who prefer to remain Anonymous have told the Sun coast gondolier they Are disappointed in recent Council actions affecting employee relations and Are taking a second look at the Union As a better representative of their needs. The workers Point to the recent Haggle Between the police department and the Council Over an attempt to get a better pension plan for the uniformed departments and poor treatment Given City Engineer ted Yeatts when he took a problem directly to the Council. Some employees also Are unhappy with the City policy of giving some workers a five percent annual salary increase when the Cost of living is going up at a rate of seven percent. On the matter of the police pension Council finally agreed to provide $750 for an actuarial study on the feasibility of establishing a local pension plan in conjunction with the state administered program the officers Are now under. But the approval came Only after initial rejection of the suggestion and More than a year of inaction on the part of the Council. Some sources say the policemen still Are not satisfied with the councils response and several of the officers Are now looking elsewhere for employment. One continued on Page 4 by Sheri Bridges Sun coast gondolier staff writer Baring vicious looking , the menacing dogs growl and snarl threateningly As they leap toward the Fence in the Hope of escaping their cages. The steel wire bows slightly As the huge canines pounce upon it but the dogs again lose their Battle against the sturdily constructed enclosure. Their Barking continues incessantly though and they do not Stop lurching against the Cage. This frightening scene is enacted by nine ferocious canines each time a stranger visits Robert pikes Home. Pike is a dog Trainer who spent 22 years with England a Royal air Force Raf k-9 corps and who now is the owner opera Tor of ask kennels on Woodmere Road. The trainers dogs Are mighty protective of their master and his wife june. They react like hungry Lions each time an unknown person a a threatens the peaceful atmosphere of their environment. Being around at such a time is not a pleasant experience but the dogs Are a More than effective deterrent against would be burglars. Pike came to the United states in 1970 with some firm ideas about How canines could be trained and used More efficiently in this country. A a you re 20 years behind in your training techniques. You still use German methods a they re hard. The germans have dogs that can take it. They re Good hard dogs a he said with a thick Cockney accent. Quot when it comes to training a dog that Isnit so Good As a result of indiscriminate Breeding this is where you learn about training. You have to use psychology and you can do it All with your voice. You never have to Lay a hand on him a he continued. The tall thin englishman becomes very animated when he discusses his profession. Dogs Are his life a work and As he talks about improper training techniques his angular face looks sad. A the majority of dogs Are tied to a tree and beat until they get Nasty. The proper Way is to bring out their protective instinct. Always Correct never punish. Half a second after he a done something a dog has forgotten it a they get confused very easily a Pike noted. Taught properly a Ca nine will surely be both Many a Best Friend and most reliable protector he believes. A nine out of ten British policemen would sooner work with a dog than a partner. A dog is aware of things Long before men Are. I could put a cigarette in the Middle of a five acre Field and my dog would find it Quot Pike said proudly. England uses dogs extensively in the Field of Law enforcement. Canines Are also being used More by the British military and civilian aviation companies. As an example Pike noted that bomb fins Are painted with a special Sharks Oil substance. After the bomb is dropped dogs Are sent to the shelled area and Are Able to sniff the radius of the weapons devastation. The so called a Black boxes placed in the cockpit of planes to record conversations Between the flight Crew and ground control Are painted with this same substance. In the event of a crash which could spew wreckage across a to m faithful Friend. Formidable foe a robot Pike kneels next to Axel his Rottweiler. Although very lovable when around his master Axel becomes vicious and protective when fulfilling the guard dog duties for which he was trained. Large area canines Are usually Able to find the Box within a matter of hours. Dogs Are also indispensable for use in sniffing out narcotics and for tracking work. Pike said nearly any Breed can be trained for this purpose but the instructor noted that it takes a special Type for patrol and attack tasks. A a police dog is the finest dog in the world. Only two out of ten make the Grade. You want a dog who a been brought up in a Good Home one with a Placid temperament. Friendly. You done to want a vicious dog because he works with people a with children Quot Pike explained. German shepherds Are the most widely used. Pike said Labrador retrievers Are also Good dogs but chuckled that a a nobody a going to be afraid of a floppy eared animal who a always wagging his continued on Page 4

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