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Sun Coast Gondolier Newspaper Archives Dec 12 1977, Page 1

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Sun Coast Gondolier (Newspaper) - December 12, 1977, Venice, FloridaSun coast gondolier the Volee of the South county vol 33, no. 91-32 pages second class postage paid at Venice Florida 33595 Tel 813 484-2611 monday dec. 12,1977 published twice weekly�?15c county prepares ordinance for City Airport Law is drafted by m. B. Macfarlane Sun coast gondolier staff writer the City of Venice will consider adopting. An Airport zoning ordinance drafted by the Sarasota county commission for Venice municipal Airport. The ordinance provides Hazard zones and various height limitations for structures in the Vicinity of the air Field. Venice City manager Dale Rieth explained a your City charter provides that we can adopt a county he added that since both City and county properties adjoin the Venice Airport it would have been difficult for the City to prepare a zoning ordinance for the facility. Rieth said correspondence was received some months ago from Phil Mcguire Sarasota county director of management control suggesting standardization of Airport zoning. The zoning ordinance has not yet been delivered to the City but when received consideration will be Given to adoption of the Law. The intent of the ordinance is to provide safety standards primarily pertaining to Airport Lazard zones airspace height limitations and land use restrictions in connection with new construction As Well As the removal alteration or marking and lighting of existing hazards. Rieth said he believes there would be no difficulties under the terms of the proposed Law with present structures contiguous to the air Field but said he could not be sure until a copy of the ordinance is received and studied. He added that one runway has been permanently closed for some years due to the noise Factor involved. The continued elimination or prevention of such Public nuisances could be accomplished by enforcement of the new ordinance. Sarasota county assistant planning director Chuck place said adoption of the ordinance would produce Little change. A the actual effect will be very minimal since the present zoning for construction is already More restrictive than the proposed Airport zoning a he said. Place added that the Airport zoning would be More of a preventative for possible future hazards and should not have much effect on present construction in the air Field area. Mother nature indecisive about her temperatures the recent weather in these parts has residents scratching their Heads Over whether to Don sweaters shorts bathing suits or Long underwear As Mother nature continues to douse the area with unruly and unpredictable temperatures. Mercury Levels have bounced Back and Forth Between the 40s and 70s faster than a Jai Alai Ball whizzing across court. From cold and Windy to warm and cozy the weather has been a daily Riddle that can Only be answered by warily sticking a toe out the front door. Ray Giordano meteorological technician with the . Weather service in it. Myers shed a Little Light on the mysterious ways of the weather. He explained that Low temperatures Are caused by High pressure systems moving into the state from either the Arctic or Pacific. Those pushing southward from Canada Are generally colder than the fronts generated in the West because they have less area to traverse and consequently less time to warm up. The cold air travels in the upper atmosphere at elevations of 25,000 feet or More he said and moves in Patty rns shaped like backward Check Marks. Once the front has pushed As far As its strength permits it Heads toward the Northeast again. Giordano said if Lorida is visited each year by an increasing number of High pressure systems. Some meteorologists he added attribute this fact to changes in the Jet Stream flow pattern but Giordano said no one really knows for sure Why temperatures have been dropping Over the past five years. Continued on Page 10 Highway surveyed for lanes the Florida department of transportation foot is surveying . 41 in preparation for plans eventually to six Lane a portion of the Highway in Venice. John Dewinkler Dot Deputy District production Engineer said construction of additional lanes along the bypass will not begin for at least five years but the department is Quot doing its Homework to ready itself for the future plans. Quot we re just getting a feel for the geometries of the area checking out the available rights of Way drainage structures and such a he explained. Dewinkler said the six Laning will be accomplished concurrently with construction of the interstate-75 segment in the Venice area. The anticipated heavy traffic generated by the superhighway will necessitate a bigger Access route to the Venice connector at River Road. A we feel that in 15 years or so probably not even that Long the High travel demands of motorists wanting to traverse off 1-75 to Venice will require six lanes a Dewinkler noted. The foot recently decided to Complete 1-75 to the River Road before continuing with work in Charlotte county. Previously plans had been to halt construction at the Laurel Road connector. But faced with complaints that such a plan would dump an undue amount of traffic on the already congested bypass the foot changed its strategy. Work on 1-75 in the South county area is not scheduled to begin until the 1980�?Ts, but the rights of Way have All been purchased. Inside Toiny classified. .24 crossword entertainment. .5-6 fishing. Obituaries .22 real estate 25 thru 31 a a society. 18-19 s sports. 14-15 s tides. .16 incorporation in hands of Englewood residents craftsman searches for Driftwood Art Sid Pinaud by Craig Nelion Sun coast gondolier staff writer a fighting the snakes is half the fun a explains Sid Pinaud who creates works of Art from materials that Are hundreds of years old. A a in a sure in be gone places that no Man has gone no this Isnit the Star of a Star trek or a discussion on ladies rooms. Pinaud visits desolate places in search of Buttonwood roots which he uses to create his Driftwood Art. Mangrove keys in the Charlotte Harbor area provide Pinaud with a Happy Hunting ground. A sometimes i search for months to find these roots Quot says Pinaud adding he enjoys these scavenger Hunts As much As assembling the various scenes he makes with the Wood. Pinaud is the proprietor of the whatever shop 635 s. Tamami to. From the Back room of his shop the craftsman can turn out an intricate Driftwood farm scene in just a few hours. His Driftwood Art is completely natural. A i use the texture shape and color of the Wood a says Pinaud. A no paint is used but i do give them a coat of Pinaud a creations include farm scenes wilderness scenes still lifes and for the Holiday season several nativity scenes. He also makes mobiles and lamps from Driftwood. Pinaud is unperturbed by the fact that he has yet to sell one of his new creations. Though he has dealt in Driftwood for years these scenes Are a new and Pinaud believes unique item. Previous to opening his whatever shop Pinaud worked in the building design Field. Though not an architect the artist says he had a hand in designing Many of the buildings in the Venice area. Pinaud is an unassuming Man working in a shop with an unlikely name creating unusual works of Art. It is now up to the people to decide whether or not to go ahead with a proposed plan to incorporate Englewood. The Englewood chamber of Commerce will launch a Campaign to inform area residents As to the pros and cons of incorporation. Mac Horton chairman of the committee set up to study the feasibility of incorporation submitted his report wednesday to the chamber Board. The committee unanimously agreed that incorporation is indeed feasible but that the matter requires further study. In their report the committee proposed a City government Structure and outlined a budget for the City of Englewood Fla. City boundaries would be the same As those now existing for the Englewood water District. The governing body would be the City Council consisting of a mayor and four City councilmen two from each county. The Council would hire a City manager to administer the policies of the Council. The fire department ambulance service water District and All lighting districts would be consolidated into and supported by the City. The proposed budget is broken Down into three departments the administrative department would have anticipated expenditures of $122,500. This figure includes salaries and expense reimbursement for the mayor councilmen administrative service expenses. Expenditures for the building and planning department Are anticipated at $48,500. This department would have five employees. A total of $491,000 is the estimated operating expense of the service department. This department includes the fire department ambulance service civil defense water District and Street lighting. Total expenditures not including leasing office space for the proposed City Are anticipated to be $662,000. Anticipated income for the City is $786,000. Of this $550,000 would come from a proposed three Mill property tax. The rest would come from building permits occupational and Mobile Home licenses Utility franchises cigarette and alcohol taxes state and Federal Revenue sharing and Homestead exemption. This proposed budget would have a surplus of $124,000 per year. Horton does no to think that most residents Are in favor of incorporation primarily because of the proposed three Mill property tax. Though at least a three Mill and Valorme tax is necessary to qualify for state and Federal Revenue sharing Horton says that incorporation continued on Page 10

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