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Stamford American Newspaper Archives Jul 1 1926, Page 1

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Stamford American (Newspaper) - July 1, 1926, Stamford, Texas The american legion invites you to big Independence Celebration at Stamford monday tuesday wednesday tblcpb0nts car a to for run to a in St to a tvs devoted to Tho Best m / i u in b i i my ill interests of Jones Orcsi Dancs Telephone 704 j i pm Lwi i Ivy if and Haskell counties of Fie Telephone 600 Al j Al Al jul Malm Sra Jim jul Jim Marl m4r in a supreme in its Fields a a volume Iii. Number to. Stamford Jon is county. Texas. In the rest of the West thursday. July i. Iff. $1.00 a year and Worth i stage set for big three Day Celebration hmm no a band and officials of . Honoured Lee Duggan Whaley. Wade Are Honor guests at great banquet by Hamilton Wright Stamford paid homage monday night to went Texas chamber of Commerce officials and that organisation s official band pouring out in conium upon encomium bidding godspeed to Porter a. Whaley retiring manager and royally welcoming Homer d. Wade his successor. The municipal auditorium was filled with diners and honoured guests from several towns. A. Claude Easterling president of the Stamford chamber of Commerce presided As toastmaster. Occupying a seat of Honor was a. P. Duggan the new president of the organisation. The big affair which began at 8 o clock did not break up until after Midnight. Col. R. L. Penick founder of Stamford graphically related How the West Texas chamber of Commerce had been conceived and organised and reviewed the Peculiar participation Stamford had in it. When other towns did not care to offer the new born organisation a Home Stamford came to its Rescue and had Ever since provided it adequate quarters and conveniences. To the lot of Hon. R. W. Laynie of Abilene candidate for president of the West Texas chamber at the Amarillo convention fell the Honor of speaking in Eulogy of lion. R. Q. Lee retiring president of the organisation. Words descriptive of the remarkable Devotion of be to the organisation were extravagant. Laews one outstanding Forte he said a agricultural diversification. W. P. Mcdonald fittingly called a Quot Sweet Singer of Israel a Sang two appropriate solos from the stage to the accompaniment of the Stamford band. Mayor c. E. Coombes of Abilene paid a glowing tribute to Stamford the town whence go Forth big men such As a. P. Duggan who was the first Secretary of the Stamford chamber of Commerce Homer d. Wade former Secretary of the Stamford chamber of Commerce and Porter a. Whaley now leaving to assume the manage ship of the san Antonio chamber of Commerce. Coombes then launched into a detailed account of the life and achievements of pres ident a. P. Duggan tracing his activities from the time he graduated from big universities and his occur Pansy of the local chamber Secretary ship to the present time. President Duggan accompanied by his wife who drove from Littlefield his Home to Stamford a distance of Over two Hundred Milos to to present at this affair spoke complimentary of the achievements of col. Be and hoped that his own administration would result in Tho organisation being a Little larger and better when a turned the scepter Over to his sue Cessor. Quot it will to difficult to measure up to the Standard of Lee a dug Gen Saki a but we must carry the idea that the purpose of the organisation had been already achieved was berated Duggan stressing the importance of future work. Porter a. Whaley retiring manager was referred to by Claude Easterling toastmaster As the most popular Man in West Texas today while Reece Pratt local banker was accorded the Honor of speaking on the town s appreciation of or. Whaley and hit family. The part Whaley had played in the social economic and commercial life of Stamford was review Al in glowing words of Praise amid the applause of the Large group of diners. Due for a bump Hult Ion completes near Lueders plans to entertain Albanys Oil Field has 19 flowing wkll8 crowd in Stamford Stamford will have its own sesquicentennial libration next week. The nation s 150th birthday will he monday tuesday and wednesday Are the Days the Stamford Post of the american i Cion is Tho Host and visitors Are expected to flock Here from the four Corners of no less than five counties in this territory. Do la reported to have Bern found in the King no. I Well on the to Laik King place five Miles East of Lur Der. The Driller of the Well nay that he reached the Oil Sand at i Kun feet awl i drilled one foot m the mind no Celebration next week that he took three slush Burk nations 150th birthday will in observed a a it of of from Tho Well and then ,. J. I Down to it from the. Here with Throe Days of patriotic exercises Goliti own a ii. in to speaking thrilling air plane performances Quot of Quot a in of of old fiddlers contest fun frolic and friendliness. I to information a received by the i m an wednesday morning in Telephone conversation with j o Shipp president of Lueders chamber of Commerce. However or. Shipp stated that he had no first hand information. The Man who considers himself too my or too important to take Al interest in local affairs is Seldom missed. Ile May imagine he is travelling along above the rest of his townsmen h t no one envies him or seek us Perch upon which he rests. It is poor policy to run contrary to the Community spirit of the Home town. This is something for our Mutual Protection and Benefit so All of foil should be devoted to building it in. Not tearing it Down or ignoring it. By setting himself up As Bete r an above the town the me her imperils his own Fortune and opportunities. So Long As he live Here he must go along with Stamford and if he does not come Down a bit Anil a sen Riblet h is Apt to regret it. Besides the Booster is ready to testify that one ran enjoy life immensely by holding the right attitude toward the Community in which he lives. Lier of Commerce. J. K. Brady Lumberman welcomed Homer d. Wade and his wife Back to of the West Texas Chandler of com Meree told of the wonderful adverting which this Section of Texas is re Stamford. Ile paid a compliment to calving by reason of the agricultural the Man who for years was Ridenti exhibit which the organisation is fled with the growth and development now displaying at the ses Quicento. N of Stamford. Wade reviewed the Early Days of Stamford praised those great men who had contributed so much to the City s budding Many of whom have passed to the other world. The toastmaster took occasion to compliment the surn Ford firemen a Nisi at Philadelphia. The big banquet was served but the ladies of the first Christian Church just before the banquet a finished. Homer d. Wade new manager announced that All employees if to organisation under the was my a band now the official West texas1 Gime would a retained. I chamber of Commerce hand for Hal Clara and Ine Lively efficient my unselfishness and profit to of the Headquarters staff w. R among those present at the Bao qut this band has made every convention of the West Texas chamber of Commerce where band contests were held and won four first Prises and one second and now has become the official band of West Texas. R. B. Bryant prominent West Texas merchant stood upon his feet and paid Tribuz after Tribuz to the greatness of the hand and its Leader Dick Rowland. If there is anything 8umford sunds True to it is its band. Dick Rowland fire a thief who is also the Leader of the Mumford firemen s band responded briefly thanking the business men and the chamber of Commerce and Porter Whaley for the support that had always been Given it a Uncle Dick Mccarty the warhorse from Albany West Texes old fashioned orator kept the diners in an uproar frequently amid the sound logic which he give of the opportunities of this modern Day when brains Are in demand. Porter a. Whaley had evinced that he has brain and san Antonio found it out. A the Headquarters of the West Texas chamber of Commerce Ara situated in Stamford where Twenty years ago the idea of such an organisation was conceived. Mumford is the womb of the West Texas chamber of Commerce. Stamford has sent Forth great men and now is re calling some of them such As wad and Duggan. San Antonio is borrow a leading West texan announce d donation of five Hundred dollars to Ward the erection of a general off. Building Here for the West tem chamber of Commerce which recently was Given a valuable lot in the bean of the City. Dan Moody in Stamford to i Hany. June Jio the took Pool i Miles my it Hwy to of Albany the most sensational discovery in the his of the Oil world i holding up it High average of production with it my Wells producing 7.5h5 barrel the put 21 hours. I Ceser Pendleton mat land Are pre Taring to Start on a 2. Of foot tent in k t. By sic to Over on mile North of the Pool. Within the Mhz i area 21 Wells Are drilling or rigging ind three a expo Ted to to week or next. To i Pend ton Marland Are engaged in widely vane activities Nida Tion is timing completed for their absorption gasoline Plant in the look area with daily capacity of 12,000 Gallons of gasoline Kiel handling to too ski feet of a per Day the Newton proles is us a in absorption and Lark engines will in installed and pm a a Tion will be started the latter part of Ugur to a plan Are to Complete the Plant by that time. The Large pumping Plant in the water syst in has been it up on the a Lear Fork of the Bratus rivet am it it 17 Miles Northwest of a any Ort the Proctor ran hand the 6 in h water line is bring Laid from the River to the Cook Pool to furnish water for Trilling Wells the new gasoline Plant. The City of Albany will Lay line from their Lake Diller to the Ltd we Pool a distance of 4 Miles and will Purchase water direct from the Horner Pendl ton Marland inter St s. Thereby insuring an unlimited sup ply for the increasing needs of the City. The Waler system will la Complete by july 4th, Ami in Celebration of the completion a my Barbecue and picnic is expected to in held in Albany to entertain Dosser Pendleton Marland and their employees. Three Wells will lie drilled on the Stamford wins Many honors at . Meeting Pooh ably the most spectacular Fea-1 Ture of the three Day program will or i the Aerial a of Romance to a staged by m d. Dice expert flyer monday and tuesday afternoons a mini herdsmen of Stamford from their the in tabs m ing dropped from Ait Altitude of .1,000 feet Ami bursting i 1500 feet the Earth will be one Stamford came off with a Large of the ext iting features of this per share of the Honor s at the Westa i i. A. Texas a in Ber of t urn Mer e Conven formate e or i lice relats that when Ilion at x mar Lim last we he gave this performance in Mesic after electing a i. Duggan a for a a few year i came near meet a a a a r so a a of a or a. My a revolution the bombs bursting t. A 0. Proceeded to elect Homer Drill Ini High in til air ate her Mien lint make or xxx Aile another former so us cordite a deafening report or due also Willfo of manager Ami then selected the perform Ell of the Maut hrs a a Load a Elf known to a infirm. 1&Quot&Quot 1 Quot of a Quot the old fiddlers contest in which the Stamford band took second lug Cash Prises Arr timing offend i place a the contest first honors go exp Arti 1 to lie one of the big i of to Memphis however As the the k p. James shows and rides Memphis hand had already held the will in in Stamford throughout the Honor of official hand this Honor was Celebration or James has some awarded Stamford be Ond Cash splendid entertainments he carries prise of $250.00 also went to the Bino gambling concessions of any kind i a i band i be members of the hand but there will be plenty of red Lemon Ami Dick Howland director have Aile and Sofia pop for sail on the Leen showered with compliments and grounds. The Celebration will in held congratulations from All Over weal at the Ball Park on West Millarg ave-1 Texas As a result of the Victory at Nul. Amarili a great flood of oratory will in spilled at the Celebration candidates Foi every off he from Justice of them a a to governor have men invited to speak and Many have accepted further let is As to the program will in found elsewhere in this Issue. Music during the Celebration will in furnished by the Stamford fir menus band which recently has men in stagnated a off Ial band of the Vve to in handier of Commerce methodist revival on West Side make speech. Plant for an a time methodist revival meeting to in held on the weal aide of town were made at a meeting of the Wesley brotherhood of St. Johns methodist Chart h last Friday evening july 10 the tentative a late get for the opening of the meet Hev. It a. Stewart pastor of methodist Church will do the an old fiddlers contest will ire one preaching of the features of the. Independence there was son discussion of or Day Celebration to be held by the. Gani Xing a new methodist Church in and 7 he Western part of the City after Oli fiddlers contest to be held july 5-7 7 had been completed j within the next few month reception for Dan arrangement for a rousing Moody hours monday night when the Ujj Jug to carry american went to press wednesday afternoon. Or. Moody is campaigning tin Section in the interest of his candidacy for governor and was scheduled to speak at Haskell wednesday afternoon and at Stamford monday night passengers to Encampment Tim new bus recently purchased by the firemen a band will carry Pas a enters to and from the Encampment Church of Christ grounds at Lueders during the Encampment which opens july is the bul will leave Mumford St /1 do Arn aver r left set a in reaching the in i a in Ivy i Elvva in a Camp ment grounds in time for the classes Are offered i Hamilton Wright president of the the Content will is held in a tent brotherhood appointed the following on the grounds Tach night of the Cele committees to Bisie the Way for the bration. A Ash plies Are offered st1 meeting follows first prise $r,0 a second. Arrangements Hay Rector o. G. Price $25 third Price $15. A wis c. E. Wason ii l Park w. Old fiddlers desiring to enter the turned and j Chalmers Williams. Contest May leave their name at the comm it to select location for american office. Meeting a t. Overby j. E. Massey j in c. Methodist s. S. Picnic proves at Lueders opens revival july is ing Porter a. Whaley for a Short the genial manager responded at time a said Duggan length relating How he had entered Hunter Metcalf Marfa paid a Tri the methodist sunday school held a big Barbecue at College Lake tues Day evening with some 400 persons attending. Two fatted calves were killed and Barbe used and a great feast was enjoyed. The Barbecue was the outcome of the recent contest held in the h in Day school Between the men and worn study on the next trip it a will leave t Lam Ford at 9 15 a. I arriving at the grounds in time for the a peaking hours and returning at the services at the close of the morning session at 12 10 p. In. B. Smith publicity Cleburne Huston Thomas la Ann lion Wright. Twenty two members attended the meeting last Friday night. Rev r. A. Stewart made a talk on the work the Church of Holt of Lueders be undertaken by the brotherhood will begin a revival meeting july i j May a by talk a on Church Doc and wiil continue it through july la. It. Are a a % c. Thomas discussed the it v. A Walla a will conduct the problem of evangelism. In the afternoon the bus will leave Aningi at 8 15 of clock. Church. Services will lie had in the morn c. Of Ltd. Office ing at Rock o clock and in the eth commercial work and How he had Bute to the Texa. Chamber of in in which the women came out achieved acc be. He told How he Commerce and the up lilt of to pitfall winner., Tho men Paul their Leo would min Stamford. Ita Neonile. Ila to and Progre. A. Manifested by with the Barbecue tuesday Avenir. Church and the social enjoyment a. Stamford . He promised Coo a he paid compliments to pro Dent a. Tinted support of Marfa to the Cham miss Juanita Wright will r a urn Claude and or try her of Commerce. J saturday from Delime where he a. Hammon Wright of the local Cham-1 b. M. Whitaker exhibit manager been on several weeks . Her St 5 porn. End 7 p. In. The 5 o clock bus will arrive in time for the prayer conferences. The bund will play several sacred concerts during the Encampment mrs. John King and son John jr., visited mrs. King s daughter mrs e. M. Desk ins in Snyder sunday. Everybody is invited to attend. Up in the air a d. Dict a a l of the Stamford flying school re ii he d an Altitude of is so feet cons or by More Hun two mibs in in air plane this we. He was accompanied on the trip by John Ai verson. Moves upstairs in City Hall the i am Ford chamber of Coni in fee offic Aarn de from the fir t floor of the Ity Hail this week to f he second floor it of the same building the new location is in the old auditorium. Take the stairs on the West Side of the Bull Ling

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