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Southern Illinoisan Newspaper Archives May 20 1963, Page 1

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Southern Illinoisan (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Carbondale, Illinois Publication office Carbondale 227 w main Murphysboro 9 s 12th Herrin 212 n 16th Southern Illin into volume a copy two sections in Page soc Elinor Tot Carbon Dulf Presb Herri Dally journal Murphysboro Independent monday May 201963 Illinois five major Satin convictions voided the supreme court threw out today the convictions of lunch counter Satin demonstrators in four Southern states and a Leclare it unconstitutional for a state to require segregation and use it Powers to enforce it the pronouncement in an Opin Ion by chief Justice Warren Means this no negro can be convicted of trespass for seeking service in a White Only restaurant if the state has a Law requiring segregation in Public eating places the same principle would appear to apply to other businesses and in a Case from Louisiana the court threw out criminal mis chief convictions of Satin demonstrators even though there was no Law or ordinance requiring Segre gation Warren said that in this Case coming from new Orleans City officials had said they were deter mined not to permit negroes to fens for any person to go or re main on the premises of another after being warned not to do so the City also has an ordinance requiring restaurant operators and others to segregate races counsel for the demonstrators told the High court the ordinance was but a part of Alabama massive policy of segregation but an at Torney for the City said he knew of no instance of its enforcement in the other Alabama Case two negro ministers were convicted of inciting stators some of who were the Demon convicted of Quentlyn he said the City must be treated exactly As if it had an ordinance prohibiting such con duct in their broader implications the decisions in these cases could have greater Impact on the Struc Ture of race relations in the South than any other decisions since the courts 1954 ruling that school segregation is unconstitutional these rulings were not the first in the Satin Field but were the first to get to the heart of the Issue five major cases were involved in the rulings the cases were from dream n c new Orleas Greenville s c and two cases from Birmingham Ala the courts action was disclosed with the release of an opinion by Justice Harlan in which he con corred in part and dissented in part with the majority action in the Greenville Case Warren declared that when a state agon by passes a Law compelling per sons to discriminate against Otic persons because of race and the states criminal processes arc employed in a Way which the discrimination mandated by that Law such a palpable violation of the 14th amendment cannot be saved by attempting to separate the mental urges of the discriminators Harlan objects Harlan opinion said he Clis agreed with the court majority be cause of its treatment of the state action Issue Harlan also objected to what he said were the Broad strides with which it the court has proceeded in setting aside the conviction in All of these cases Harlan said the cases called for discreet treatment and results opinions by chief Justice War Ren were released singly first in the Greenville Case next in the Birmingham cases All of the cases resulted from the Campaign to Force desegregation of lunch counters and other facilities in the South by demonstrations by negroes and their White sympathizers the cases reached the supreme court in appeals from state court decisions in Alabama Louisiana North and South Carolina be sides the individual defendants directly involved in the appeals about 3000 other demonstrators convicted of similar activities looked to the supreme court for final word As to disposition of their cases arguments before the High Tri Bunal entered around the constitutions 14th amendment require trespass for the March 31 i960 demonstrations the Rev f l Shuttlesworth was sentenced to 180 Days in jail and fined the Rev Charles Billups got 30 Days and Fine the convictions were under a Lily ordinance providing it shall be unlawful for imy person to in cite or Aid or abet in the Viola lion of any Law or ordinance of Herity or any provision of slate Law seek desegregated service Conse coins of for the ministers told the supreme court that the Only evidence on record was that Shuttlesworth called for volunteers for Satin demonstrators and promised in Birmingham to throw them out of jail if arrested Billups drove some of the demonstrators to a meeting at which demonstrations were discussed the Louisiana Case differed from others in that no stale Law or City ordinance required racial segregation at lunch counters the Louisiana Appeal was by three negroes and a White person convicted of criminal mischief for refusing to leave a lunch counter in a Mccrory dime store in new Orleans Orv sept 17 i960 each got a sentence of 60 Days in jail and Fine Louisiana Law described the criminal mis cief As the taking temporary pos session of any part of a place of business or remaining in a place of business after the person in charge has ordered such person to leave the premises but the chief Justice said new Orleans City officials had said they were determined that the City would not permit negroes to seek desegregated service in res some schools face slices in programs by Larry Kramp of the associated press Springfield May 20 Illinois lawmakers Are being Tau rants consequently told by school District superintendents that unless More state Aid i voted some school programs Wil be Cut Back superintendents and teachers were urged at an Illinois House committee meeting last week to lobby their lawmakers for More state Aid the House education tee approved a Bill to state Aid to common schools b million Starling july 1 it next testis May 28 in the House appropriations committee commit increase the chief jus Tice declared the City must be related cd ally As if it had an ordinance prohibiting such con duct 1081 negro pupils expelled for desegregation activity Birmingham Ala May 20 a the Birmingham Board of Edu cation today expelled or suspended 1081 negro pupils who were arrested for participating in de segregation activities or Theo Wright school superintendent said in a letter that the Board voted to expel pupils Over 16 and suspend those 16 years old and younger the Board letter said that the pupils could apply for summer school to make up the work the pupils can apply for read Mission for the fall term the Board ruled but they will lose the final semesters work ment that a state must provide equal Protection of the Laws to says nothing about the right of an individual to discriminate and the supreme All its citizens the amendment court in Section guarantee bars discrimination Only through action by a slate the two cases from Nrose from Satin demonstrations on March 31 1900 in five depart men stores in Birmingham ten student demonstrators were i rested on trespass charges after seeking food service at various dining areas each was fined and sentenced Loho clays in jail under City ordinance making it an of parents killed superintendents of 28 districts have told the Illinois education association Iea in a Survey that some programs have been eliminated already Wayne Sone King Iea executive Secretary said questionnaires were sent to 846 districts receiving stale Aid of the 524 that answered 436 said their services would be Cut unless added funds came along in proposed curtailment superintendents most often mentioned leaving out music athletics kindergarten physical education vocational subjects Library and guidance services and foreign languages Murphysboro unit District 186 May have to Cut Back on some programs if More stale Aid is not voted specific programs that might be deleted Haven been decided supt James Blackwood said the District has been losing Revenue because assessed valuations in the District Are going Down weve lost nearly million in assessed valuation since the District was formed Back in 1957 Blackwood said he has no Esti girl injured in crash seeks lost dog Rusty Karen Furr 13 wants her dog Back Rusty leaped out of the car after a Headon crash a Quarter mile North of Wolf Lake on it 3 saturday Karen is listed in Good Condi Tion today at Union county hos Pital Anna she is Able to get around in a wheel chair a hos Pital spokesman said her parents it col and mrs James Furr of Charlotte no were killed by the crash Karen was one of six injured her brother Michael 15 is listed in serious condition today at Southeast Hospital Cape Giraudeau to where he was transferred from Union county Hospital about 8 pm saturday the Furr Auto collided with an Auto driven by Emmet Wil Liams 32 will has and two Brothers Gilbert 41 and Rufus 27 and another passenger Billy Booker 27 All of St Louis in arc listed in fair condition Anna stale police said the Williams Auto was southbound and tried to pass a car driven by Lora Vincent 54 of Gorham apparently the Williams Nuto clip Ped the Vincent Auto veered into the northbound Lane and hit the Furr car Headon police said Union county Coroner l f Pearson said no Date for the inquest had been set he is waiting for the conditions of the injured to improve he said Union county sheriff Jean Fullenwider this morning said no charges had been filed yet the sheriffs office said a search for Tihe missing dog was underway this morning lie is part Chow and part husky funeral arrangements for col Furr and has wife Are in Complete Norris funeral Home in Jonesboro is in charge mate of How the reassessment now under Way in Jackson county would affect the districts asses sed valuation the proposed increase in state Aid would mean about to us in a Blackwood said Lee Booth superintendent of the Herrin Grade school system said the schools Long Range pro Gram could be affected he said additional programs or salary in creases would be slowed Laurence Martin superintendent of Carbondale elementary school District 95 said the District will have to hold the line on pro Grams but Doest plan to delete any if More Aid is not voted Carbondale High school District 165is not affected by the Aid program according to 0 k Bow enacting superintendent this is because it receives Only Flat Grants not the regular equalization state Aid Marion unit 2 supt Orland Stanley said he does not Antici Pate any curtailment in the pro Gram unit District voters approved a 25cent increase in the educational tax rate May 11 Stanley said he would like to see the amount of state Aid in creased so the unit can enrich its Market accepts plan nato talks Ottawa May 20 a terrorist threats to bomb Ottawa hotels brought increased Security precautions today As top ranking diplomats continued arriving in the Canadian capital for the ministerial meeting of the North Atlantic treaty organize Tion among those due in today were us Secretary of state Dean Rusk British foreign Secretary lord Home and French foreign minister Maurice Couve de Mur Villa the meeting begins wednesday a number of hotels received Anonymous idlers during the week end saying hotels housing nato Lel gales would be blown up ii was assumed the thre a to came from the Fly Quebec liberation the group that wants underground to separate Renc speaking Quebec province rom Canada the Fly has claim id credit for a number of bomb nos in the past few months in Montreal so far its violence has Jean confined to Quebec province Ottawa is in Ontario and most of he provinces people Ore of Brit so descent Rusk and Many of the nato Locust on peach tree Branch future crops affected fruit Trees program Herrin Russell Emery could not be reached for comment High school principal ministers will be housed at their embassies West German foreign minister Gerhard Schroeder arranged a meeting with Canadian foreign Secretary Paul Martin for this morning the German made Clear hint he will Bock the proposal to set up a new nato command Structure to handle National nuclear units in the Alliance and to coordinate their operations diplomatic sources said there is Little doubt that the 15 nato countries will approve the new nuclear command swarms of locusts have enter Southern Illinois Orchards addin another woe to the hardhat Fri Industry info Lalion of Zero spell dealt a death com Hail dam Winter blow Mercial which to this peach years crop an Montre Almay 20 Cap a violent explosion behind armory in Montreal today demolished one car damaged two others hurled wreckage for 50 Yards and broke windows in Pri vate Homes a Block away no one was injured in the blast in Back of the armory of the Roy Al Canadian mechanical and electrical engineers firemen said damage was so heavy that it appeared possible there was More than one bomb nil set to go off at the same time but an army spokesman said the damage was caused by a single bomb placed under the engine of one of the cars the damaged cars All owned by civilians were in a Dairy parking lot next to the armory aged apples in some areas the locusts whirring sound first heard about a week ago Clouds of them have been settling on fruit Trees in Jackson and in in counties locusts will not affect to years crop their damage Wil be seen in 1964 and 1965 they do not eat fruit or leaves locusts or cicadas split twigs 01 Trees and Lay their eggs in the twigs the splitting damages whole branches of Trees retarding growth and reducing Apple or peace production in succeeding years Young fruit Trees Are hardest hit Eldon Starkweather Jackson county farm adviser said grow ers in the county first spoiled the cicadas a week ago one Farmei he spoke to had one nestled ii his hat Starkweather said intensive reassessment Rockefeller political plans to await results of polls an by Jack Bell of the associated press Washington May 20 intensive reassessment of the political situation will be the order of the Day for new York gov Nelson a Rockefeller when in returns from his honeymoon what his private pollsters Tell him about the political effect of ils marriage to Divorcee Margar Ita filler Murphy could have a direct bearing on whether error plunges into an Active drive or the 1964 Republican presiden Al nomination or merely coasts along awaiting developments the indications Are that his Narr Toge has built up resistance o his nomination the governor can be expected to tread water or a while until a new canvass can be made this falloff relative y Clear sailing is introspect he by St Pup his campaigning Rockefeller is a great believer in polls he also is a Man who plays his politics close to his Vest Seldom confiding his plans in and Vance even to party allies for example he told sen Kenneth b Keating Rny Only 20 minutes before the ceremony that he was going to be married although Rockefeller has made All of the familiar motions of a candidate for the nomination his remarriage after being divorced last year by his wife of 31 years has injected a new element of doubt about his intentions what Rockefeller marriage has done to his prospects for the nomination and to his chances o beating president Kennedy if the governor should be the goop Stan Dard bearer remain a subject of discussion and disagreement1 Senate Republican Leader Ever Etta Dirksen of Illinois who has adopted n Neutral stance on the Choice of a nominee said in a separate interview he thinks the whole matter will blow Over in a few weeks this is essentially the s a m e View taken in private conversations by sen Barry Goldwater r Ariz regarded As a rival of the governor for the nomination sen Abraham a Ribicoff d Conn who managed Kennedy successful 1960 convention bid for the democratic nomination said he thinks Rockefeller already has concluded from his private polls that he cant beat Kennedy in 9f4 and wants to Wail to try for the if Fiu gop nomination the governors marriage has served to spotlight Republican difficulties Over the religious Issue in a form from thai which plagued the democrats when they nominated Kennedy a roman Catholic three years ago Many Republic narc n holies might not accept a divorced and Man As a gop Candi Date in the protestant areas of the Middle West where Rockefeller has been trying to build up his image As regular Republican divorce and remarriage Are Gener ally frowned upon but in the big cities of the Industrial slates where he would be expected to have his greatest strength such matrimonial ventures Are not As Likely to cause raised eyebrows moreover the resentment of women voters against the Gover nors actions might be balanced by the vivacity Ami attractiveness of the new mrs Rockefeller in campaigning with her husband1 most presidential candidates want their wives when they go vote gathering those without wives such Ashe divorced Adlai Stevenson in 1952 and 195fi seem to operate at a Cli Salvant age soviet Force highly Mobile Washington May 20 a Gen Lyman l Lemnitzer supreme Allied commander Ines rope said today the soviet army can no longer be considered a cumbersome mass Force but is a highly Mobile one geared to the realities of the atomic age Lemnitzer gave that assessment tothe House foreign affairs com Mittee he urged the committee to approve president Kennedy re quest for billion Lormilia tary assistance abroad Lemnitzer who last year was chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said soviet military strength has been beefed up and modernized in every respect for Southern Illinois increasing cloudiness Torii Ghi with a Chance of a Light by Mon ing Low tonight in the Middle 50s Cloudy with a few showers tues Day turning cooler by evening High tuesday in the upper 60s weather details map pm 14 he said natural migration and winds could spread the insects to City Trees their damage is usually confined to Trees not crops the insects were last seen in great numbers in 1950 they Cov ered Orchards in Illinois and in Diana according to Karl Merkel of growers sales services car Bondale Trees in on attempt to kill As Many As possible the Cicada comes in 13 and 17 year cycles the insects now in festing the Orchards probably were born in 1946 or 1950 they have been hibernating in the ground since then eggs Laid this year will infest the Trees then Latch and the larvae will go Back into the ground to emerge in about 1976 or 1980 another Cycle of insects May hit the Orchard sin 1967 this would be the 17year Cycle one of the longest life cycles in the insect world some growers think this ear May be a combination of jie13 and 17year insects Stark weather said this is difficult to determine be cause the insects sometimes emerge earlier or later than sched led six nations ask formula of adjustment Geneva May 20 a the european common Market countries agreed today to Ameri can demands for across Leboard Tariff cuts this apparent rever Sal of position was aimed at end ing the deadlock Between the worlds two greatest trading blocs but at the same time the six european countries demanded thai in return the United Stales agree to an automatic formula for adjusting gaps Between h i g h american tariffs and lower european ones West German economics min ister Luch Vig Erhard claimed Cre Dit for the new proposal which he said he thought would end the deadlock with the United states French finance minister Val cry Giscard Destain said its for the americans to say the full session of the 73nation general agreement on tariffs and trades conference marked time while the common marketers and the americans cockeyed for Posi Tion chairman Hans Schaffner of Switzerland called off an after noon meeting but agreed to pre Side at a special evening session of the disputing sides Crux of the situation is that ministers of the common Market countries France West Ger Many Italy the Netherlands Bel Gium and on reductions in individual us tar offs they considered too High As Well As agreed general cuts the us delegation has insisted on equal percentage cuts from both sides with a goal of slashes As High As 50 per cent it wants to open formal bargaining sessions May 6 1961 a common Market official said 10 Date could be fixed for bar gaining talks until the United Stales and the Trade bloc agree on an approach he said the common Market would agree to a Date if the United states consents o handle the High Tariff prob pm on the same level As its proposals for across Leboard cuts Maurice Brasseau belgian min Ster of foreign Trade conveyed he Market groups decision to Hristian a Herter president cent cays chief negotiator at the Matt talks the talks wind up tuesday Cooper relaxes today meets Juk tomorrow Cape canaveral Fla with two Days of examinations questions and confetti behind him astronaut Gordon Cooper planned 0 do absolutely nothing today sex ept relax that something that comes any to a Man who can doze off while perched atop a rocket set to last him into space asked at a news conference minday if he thought his flight included project Mercury Coop or replied that it was his personal Pinion that great gain Wou i d ome from an extended Mercury Light then he tossed the question to or Robert c Seamans associate Drain Istratov of the National aeronautics and space adm Nistra on we Art faced with decision 1 the next week or so on another Mercury flight Seamans said it said it is quite unlikely an the Mercury manned Mission air be conducted the longer you keep Mercury personnel working on Mercury rights the longer you delay put gemini pro Ting them on the Gram he said tuesday the laconic okla Hcrman with the Huck finn Grin will receive the National aeronautics and space administrations distinguished service medal from press Dent Kennedy at a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden to address Congress then he will address a joint ses Sion of Congress and the follow ing Day will go to new York for a ticker tape Parade today Cooper Pleaus Oaly to rest from the one predictable after effect of Liis 34hour cosmic Advent Onrush adulation from an admiring populace his latest taste of arid Heartfelt Welcome by cock Beech who turned out sunday along a 5h mile stretch of Sun drenched High Way and waved flags and Bunting and Beach towels arid hollered Well done Gordo it was one of the largest crowds Ever assembled in this Neon Light de Sand spit Wlinich the astronauts Call their Home away

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