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Sheppard Field Texacts Newspaper Archives Sep 25 1942, Page 1

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Sheppard Field Texacts (Newspaper) - September 25, 1942, Sheppard Field, TexasSheppard Heid by glider techs slogan a keep Mem floating by pro. Mike Mechanic of to Emu staff writer ordinarily i Ain not the kind of a Guy who it it in for creeks hut just the. Mkt Day i a a Over to the 8th,. Who Toter Mec Tworak a re learn., the. Trick of the lr.,to. Trad. I Rill it Ever whether Rase cow. Or keeping keep or whether Tho re keep pm brat k z thing i do Corn. Howo Vor. And Tho is Tho. The. Dows Witch to learning to be glider mechanics i. Very , a. Lug. In Keahle Guys. Indeed. Jus to give you a la Ca re sows like their work is the fact that the instructor and officers practically have to shoo the Fellows away from their Job we there is a five minute break for smokes. A mlle. While i am at the glider mechanics school. It. Raj a a Oft or in charge and Prin Elpel instructor or. A igme around and i see that oven though the school is new h already has a couple of Hona fade gliders there for the boys am lie Aily. You know gliders Are very Chuke a Rune except they has no motors of course. I Ortr bight now there is quite a number of men in e g and the first graduating class is set for oct. 17. A a is work divided into four phases Hie name o i. Basic ? woodworking is working and i Assembly fingers and nerves these phases give he boy. A solid background in such Hll so Ruble splicing fabric Aud doping doping being i in pro a Tho fabric to the Wing ribs Etc Fine Woodwork we gent dealing with plywood. One sixteenth rat i. Icing the. Splicing. I myself per ally a. At hand to watch the do some of this splicing work and i can Lei Yon hat it is very Fine sort of work needing patience Strong lingers and Quot to guts men Tenan. Dud., ie., me. To divided into cargo ship and training ships and even.,Illy he students in the i Witt to making Complete. Ships for instructions for other mechanics in fact. Die boys is personally making a Par j Phlp themselves and when they have finished he course of instr. Thin Iller. Is nothing they won t know about a glider. Or. Farr tells me when ram there that Cable splicing toughest part of the course for the gents run led Ltd he theory of flight is a Tough nut a far As Book a g while. And la., is he easier and Woodwork is the interesting to the men.,. incidentally Aho. In rce he Tim. Is devoted to Jelt and lit per cent to practical work where the Guy. Go out and Fin too by actual experience jus what it la a a a a a a ,./Mechanic i of which boils Down to la fact that these a. Fellows and their officer is a Bunch of Fine fellow pioneering Way to great things in a very Short time indeed. Vuu i in -. Jaa Aea a a troops bombed strafed by a enemy Pursuit planes a contingent of Sheppard Field troops from Tho Basic bomb when the wearing a a tasks to of in troops me Eddy Tov Charles t. Johnson former Austin insurance agent to one Salesman that a a practice what he preaches. Private Johnson who a Flo Etc men on the advisability of investing their Money ill War Bonds recently became Sheppard melds larges no Irwin he. I. Up 3.000. He u show., Ere one of the a a Tolz. Quot Frt Johnsl to ass Ned to the bonded ins,.ranee unit of the. Etc . Lieutenant finds obstacle course a real life a water Loo and wet Sheppard Fields famed obstacle course the cause of Many sore Muscles among recruits non coms and officers alike proved to be a real life a water look a last week for of. Lyman p. Hull of the 4051 h ass. Returning from a Hearty lunch in the company of Captain Gil i Bert g. Rollstin 405th command i in Ltd officer and it. William ii. I Hopson lieutenant Huff. A Vei. Flowing with vim vigor and vitality chose to exhibit to his fellow officers his conquering the eight foot water Hazard. The stumbling Block a Slop a moment and Iii show you How easy it is lie remarked As the officers Droe is the stumbling Block for Many w o face the obstacle course. So it was that lieutenant Hull grasped the rope thai Danes Over tile murky Pool swung bold continued on Page s Gilbert p. Snell Wing commander. It. Herbert h. Mcmurray his adjutant maj. Bernard Richter commander of group 3, and maj. Edward e. Peterson commander of group 4. And it James c. White Provost marshal. The Road March first such tactical problem to confront men in the Etc As part of their toughening up and preparedness program simulated As closely As conditions allowed actual combat situations. The air plane attacked the marching troops at 9 15 a. In. Just As the men were clicking off the fifth mile of their March. Heading straight for the column the plane dropped Fine Sand to simulate Gas. While the men adjusted their Gas masks it roared away then banked and repeated the process. Troops react excellently. On its third trip the piano skimmed the tree tops and St l ated and bombed the column which by this time bad dispersed and was adopting counter measures. The Sand sprayed bombed and strafed troops Well equipped for the strenuous March and air plane attack reacted a excellently according to lieutenant Mcmurray. Rookies just a few weeks ago the Well trained air forces troop showed Little fatigue after the exciting raid and thought quickly and accurately under a fire and Gas the commanding officers reported. There was one of continued on Page 8 credit privilege to be abolished starting nov. I j the credit privilege for personal purchases enjoyed by soldiers for decades will be abolished at army posts throughout Continental United states according to Washington press dispatches. Aft Ltd a preliminary test which a been in Progress at fort Bragg n. C. Since aug. I tile War department decreed a strictly Cash policy for All soldiers the order becomes effective nov. I at All army posts in the United j states except Alaska the new j order was announced by Secretary j Henry l. Stimson. The department sail the new policy would save bookkeeping further efforts to reduce credit buying and expressed Belier also that it would a inculcate the Babus of Thrift in the soldiers i nine Imit 1000 men Are coming tuesday speaking of air Force median j is. Walter c. Patterson of Boe ing aircraft is quoted in the sept. Is Issue of the saturday evening Post As saying a we have glorified the flying of the plane but overlooked the fellow on the ground that keeps them in the air. We can build the planes but it they re not flying we might As Well not build them. We Are glad to take on the training of these men because a bomber int Worth a tinkers Damn unless someone provides the men to keep la the Post article entitled �?o1000 men Are coming on tuesday. Describes the 28-Day factory course for graduate air mechanics and explains How the idea originated with the army and is being carried out on the Assembly lines turning out bombers and fighter planes. A in the factory schools the intensive 128-Day grind is divided about equally Between Lectie rooms with movies photo blow ups Cross Section lockups and diagrams to visualize the inst Rution and actual shop work on planes with wrenches welding and riveting machines plus hours o j night study on the 700-Page manual. The factory training follows five months preliminary course in one of the air forces technical schools such As Chanute Field iu., or Sheppard Field Tex. These like the factory schools Are units of the fast expanding army air Force technical training command directed by maj. Gen. Walter r Weaver. A big investment. A Donee they get out Here not Many Are washed explained Ca pm. Charles r. Quigley the air Force officer in charge of training at Douglas schools. A we be got a big investment in them and our Job is to make them not Bleak the article also quotes the Stu dents. Sgt. Francis Mccarthy i said a live Learned More Lier in a month that i did in two years with a service Crew. I hese Assembly lockups Are the thing. Until i saw them i never really knew what keeps a plane flying. Explaining the Assembly lockup the author writes a the Assembly lockup is an idea for Quick teaching first perfected by the Boeing staff but used in a the factory schools now on a huge plywood Board the instructors mounted every piece of mechanism used in the flying fortress Hydraulic system. On another the fuel system on a third the Landing gear mechanism. Every bit of machinery in its Correct position and properly a it works and we can see it work which is More than you can do when it is hidden on the plane Mccarthy adds. In conclusion the article state a the air Force goal is a Mechanic off Hie Assembly line for every continued on Page 8> a sife More Dan avoid Loose talk is warning from adjutant general the adjutant general once More warns All military personnel to guard against divulging military information of value to the enemy by carelessness on the part of individuals. A memorandum to All comma Ivi-1 ing officers this week again Points out the necessity of avoiding Loose i conversation on buses trains. In clubs and even in private Homes. Conversation dealing with in i itary plans operations troop movements and the like is Apt to offer distinct Aid to the enemy and might easily result in loss or lives an a resources the warning said. A take Mara rata a Retreat Parade started in Etc inauguration of a weekly re treat Parade in which non-co1 missioner officers act in All commissioned posts was beg i his week in the Basic train Center. I a a the ceremony lasts about 3 minutes during which the noncom must show their ability to act in various commissioned grades from lieutenants to colonels although the regular commanding officers Are on watch they keep in the background completely

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