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Sheppard Field Texacts Newspaper Archives Oct 16 1943, Page 1

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Sheppard Field Texacts (Newspaper) - October 16, 1943, Sheppard Field, TexasSheppard Fuld publication of Sheppard Field >1. 2, no. 45 Sheppard Field Texas saturday october 16, 1943 free Wichita will premiere army Quot movie oct. 21 of a this is the army a Broadway smash hit recently trans i red in technicolor to the screen will have its premiere show a in Wichita Falls at the Wichita theater thursday night m 21> at 8 15 of clock. Only one performance will be Given i seats for the single performance will be priced from $1.10 of Quot to $11, All Money realized from Ivo officers Treshow to be presented t0 the 9 s-3 office for i ic2 i t i in. F1 a a additions completed re integrated plan of to Sheppard Fields training Jujj ram came two new officers Tolj week to Complete the picture Uthe newly reintegrated and l realized plan and to serve As mutant directory of military a ruling and assistant s-3 respect f v they Are it. Col. Ernest hour to la and his assistant s-3, maj. Higdon both recently of a c of Utah. Suming shy after oct. 7, colonel Groh i. Major High their duties imme. Major Pence of their new Post at Don bring the sex very similar assign ats in Kearns highly successful Hiram to id Pard. In assistant director of military us colonel Groh will super fix military training in Etc As a pc a it in the technical schools ii Ary training program. In the to v of his supervision will fall conical warfare service training r ranges physical training invitation training films Camou a i and the special training unit Tram. It i entered As private b1 Lonel Groh entered the in if i ranks As a private in 1919 i. Louis. Missouri a co. G 1 Fie 138th infantry. Commis-n3 i a second lieutenant in 1921, ii Las steadily advanced to his it n commission. �?~fti111 its induction As a unit on hip 23, 1942, colonel Groh served ill continued on Page 2 a save More planes in Ricer promotions Aii Field include in Quot be majorities Al Rar department orders this he promoted 27 Sheppard in d officers to higher ranks. Roasted from Captain cies to Louises were Thomas r. Ser commanding officer of j 303rd group Marvin Hay. Slant s-4 Supply Herbert ayin assistant s-2 Intelli be Carl d. Sutherland and stand p. Smith cons of 302 he and 301 to respectively. A Tript Lincies were ordered for is a. Fuchs assistant Post army emergency Relief fund a fund to help All soldiers and dependents whenever they Are in need and deserving of assistance. The Wichita theater will Bear All expense of the presentation leaving the entire proceeds of the ticket Sale for the Relief fund. Maj. Gen. James e. Chaney commanding general of Sheppard Field will appear on the stage of the theater to accept the Check for the army emergency Relief fund preceding the show soldiers from the Sheppard Field Public relations office will present their regular thursday night radio broadcast a the Sheppard Field of the stage of the theater. The broadcast begins at 7 p. at 7 30. Tentative plans Are to fill the remaining time before the main performance with Soldier acts from Sheppard Field. Plans for the special showing of a this is the army were made last tuesday afternoon by j. E. Transfer col. Jack Greer colonel Greer to Transfer to Maxwell former executive officer w As of Pioneer col. Jack Greer genial Post Unger Wichita Falls manager of i executive officer who had his tree project branches into big planting Job Sheppard Field s tree planting project instigated a Little Over a month ago by maj. Gen. James e. Chaney commanding general of the Post is a a going like a House of fire a according to announcement this week by capt. Earl l. Bliven assistant Post Engineer in charge of the project. Although general Chaney in the initial announcement of the project in exacts official Post newspaper and through the a Sheppard Field news broadcasts expressed a desire for 10,000 Trees More than 17,000 have been donated to Date. Many of the Trees donated were offered by direct mail to general Chaney. Plans Call for the Complete lining of Street curbs with Trees with additional plantings in individual areas. Blueprint Layouts for the project were completed recently by pvt. John Monroe who has had five years of engineering study at Baylor University and the Texas school of mines. Private. Leorn juice _ of Monroe was assigned to the Post Elvey Lari Nln a engineers office to work especially a a combat course is now under construction newest course beset trickiest obstacles by interstate theatres inc. H. R. Young vice president of the City National Bank capt. W. R. Young Public relations officer at Shephard Field and it. J. H. Stringer army emergency Relief officer on the Post. From the lilting strains of a a Vinci a Rock Date yester Day. Left my heart at the stage door. Canteen to the rocking rhythm of a this is the army or. Jones a Irving berlins show has been transferred to the screen by War fingers on the pulse of the Post As few others had is leaving Sheppard Field. He has been ordered to duty immediately at Maxwell Field Alabama. No successor had been on the Job night and Day colonel Greer perhaps was the busiest officer Day in and Day out on the Post. First As Post adjutant and then As executive officer on the tree project As was sgt. Karl Roberts former Louisiana farm boy who is Well versed in forestry. The largest donation to the project was made by attorney John Storry Vernon Texas who today conjured up the awesome image of Gray Clad dummies leaping from concealed entanglements of thorny Brush and wore twisting Tricky Mesquite mazes straight walled tank obstacles dizzying catwalks and the running footsteps of fully we atoned Sheppard sol presented the Post with 12,000 ele a Slimy racing through the Trees of various kinds while the e6 uni most challenging Maxon nurseries of Vernon gave c0�bjt a is Adf. Course Ever Laid 1,100. Twenty five Hundred Salt a the Post s Nie quite dotted Cedars for hedging were presented Mica by g. W. Paynes Farmer living i a a Ucb ave re. The p Quot sgt d awns near Wichita Falls. Other generous ref jul a r t t t donations were received from Joel a led or who first a my today by Long and e. F. Riley ranchers a pc a rde f Mab l,0n1 As Well As from Wymore Downing. I a a did a a Casl Nee Brothers. Soldier Talent Soli be Quot As the a a Hock absorber a the. It. Dip ill la not Tuppits i a nomm annl _ Cher comedy Soldier dancing sol Dier singing from almost every army Post in the country appear in the show pipe line Between the command ing officer and All departments on the Field. A Pioneer among officers at ii a i a i i Liviu i a in a ii a i Vilcio Civ toe Tonis hav it fun t. 8 Sheppard Field colonel Greer Joe Louis heavyweight Champion win be missed. He was one of the first officers arriving Here and of the world who received orders to join the show while he was stationed at fort Riley Kansas. Added to the All Soldier cast Are notable Hollywood stars. Irving Berlin who wrote All music for the show sings his own composition a ooh How i hate to get up in the morning a a song hit during world War i and Kate Smith sings a god bless America a another Berlin masterpiece. Has played a major role in every important phase of the Fields development. Farewell luncheon in a Surprise Farewell gesture More than 50 officers yesterday afternoon gathered at the officers mess for a luncheon honouring colonel Greer at which time the departing officer was pre continued on Page 2 Wichita Falls Nursery owner who gave 1,245 Trees for planting among them shrubs Cedars locusts Pecan and sycamores. A number of sycamores 40 feet High have been donated by individuals. Trees still needed Are Hackberry Pecan Green Ash commonly construction the course is As full of surprises As a Christmas package. S. Sgt. John Hollowell in charge of the actual construction of the bewildering array of new obstacles described some of them in detail. Others will be detailed As they Are added. Enemy dummies winding Over the Low Hills and called american Ash and Honey i a it i i i escarpments through thorny Mes tar1of Nugg a a to Beau i Quito and diving into Steep walled olm a id in chess gullies and ditches the course will Elm Cottonwood Mulberry and Send advanced soldiers Chin berries have been received. Captain Bliven says. Planting of the Trees Over barricades of interlaced Cross ties and leaping Over anti tank trenches. Dummies Clad in camouflaging Gray Green set Oft by ingeniously concealed Booby trap continued on Page 2 save More planes transfers take i i to Buckley Lowry service officer Samuel Ai a1 Aon academic department an a Lombardi assistants a per a Iel Ford a Martin adjutant a the 311th Squadron Charles l. Person Marcus e. Cox Roger fist Ere Frederick Gabriel har Yuji Ginsberg Arthur Lampert Ai h. Murdoch jr., Arthur Sinowitz Abraham ramen of i and Harry f. Vail All of the Beal corps Dick r. Lane j1 ital corps Mewton a. Mccosh \ min Ary corps and r. M. Jones. It lie tenancies were Given in Mas j. Blankenmeyer Supply ter of Liq. Amp f q. Sqq a Etc Giard l. Saunders jr., registrar a Tate station Hospital Thomas d. Libero jr., adjutant of the 302nd 1 in Frederick e. Dixon medi administration corps and ton Manning. Sheppard he s first by pvt. Bill Woolsey exacts staff writer does a parachuting airman see his past Flash before him As he plummets toward Earth . James d. Platt jr., of the 417th t.s.s., at Sheppard Field to train in a new glider Pilot training program says yes and there Are plenty of people at the yield willing to take his word for it because he is the first Man at the Field to Parachute. For a few minutes in the Bright october sky last monday afternoon sergeant Platt flirted with disaster and a it seemed like a couple of hours before it was All Over he said. Flying to keep up a required four hours a month in the air he suddenly found himself jumping to save his skin. Construction failure in the seat Brace of his Light Trainer plane tumbled sergeant Platt backward in the cockpit and jammed the stick. The 31 year old flier sergeant chutes safely ripcord Puller Here Wall be started sometime after the first of november following the first heavy Frost and falling of leaves. For the planting 8 or to soldiers with forestry experience As Well As 200 soldiers detailed to the project As common labourers Wall be used. Where necessary in i transplanting big Trees Large of fir pre from fiver wrecker machinery from the Post Viil Oclo i i i 11 i in Ili engineers office and air plane trailers for hauling will be utilized. Captain Bliven estimates that were the entire planting eleven Sheppard Field officers project let out to private con Many of them with Long periods tractors the Cost would be nearly of service at this Post this week $100,000. Received orders transferring them to stations in Colorado. Ordered to report to Buckley Field were capt. Charles w. Gley Steen jr., of the 315th ass capt. Jonathan r. Cunningham 308th to capt. Pullman c. Carr. 302nd i to and 2nd of. Wallace w. White j 4th academic so. I receiving orders to report to yank Lowry Field were capt. Roy a. Twist Kelly 62nd Abs capt. Ernest the front stick to the left and e. Morey or. 307th to capt. Orting the plane out of its tight Rin b. Peterson he and he so spiral. He failed and then knocked Etc and capt. William h. Hap out the door and grabbed a strut son 304th to isl it. Carlr to pull himself out of the plane. Senkbeil 12th mess a 1st it. Part of the Parachute harness i Ralph w. Shannon Lith mess so caught on the Edge of the seat and 1st it. Paul r. Glenn. 63rd by this time sergeant Platt tag. Wag. Thought he had just about worn save it Ore his Luck thin. Arthington goes a funny though he said. A i to Denver a. Post Chan t once think that the Accident capt Earl j Arthington station would end fatally. I just kept try technical inspector Here has been transferred to Headquarters of the at Denver. Colo., it worked like mad the seat upright first to next to the seat Brace gave Way at about 2.500 feet up eyewitnesses was announced this week. He will Hen Plait finally freed bin the office of the inspector himself the ship was dangerously general. S. Sgt. James d. Plait or. Near the ground. A i think it was about 700 feet although persons on the ground thought it was Only 400 feet when i cleared. And a buddy flying above me said it was about 1,200 feet when i finally got continued on Page 2 coming to Sheppard Field As a master sergeant Arthington was commissioned a first lieutenant on the Field and later promoted to his present rank. Mrs. Arthington is Secretary to maj. Gen. James e. Chaney commanding general of the Post

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