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Sheppard Field Texacts (Newspaper) - July 10, 1943, Sheppard Field, TexasSaturday july to 1943 Sheppard Field exacts Page three by c pm. Harry a a red Ryan we have just returned from morning calisthenic and Are now sitting in front of our typewriter trying to concentrate. We have always thought it a Good idea to concentrate a bit before writing this column. We have had trouble this morning however deciding on what to concentrate and even if we knew what to think about we know wed have a hard time meditating. Its those radio Guys. The radio division which is Only ten feet from where we sit consists of Thiee desks occupied by three stooges namely Johnny Courcier formerly with the Columbia broadcasting system and Paramount pictures pvt. Bill Karn. Creator of the a missing persons�?T1 program producer of a Plantation and writer of a Ama Perkins a and numerous other top notch radio skits and1 Cpl. John Fryer former Yale uni verify theater student and radio staff member of the nationally-1 known j. Walter Thompson advertising Agency. Right now these i three Guys Are All Reading aloud at once with their eyes glued on the clock. They say they Are timing a show. So we suppose that is what they Are doing. Chief of chaplains is visitor Here w Quot a it. We Mike and Joey learn ifs a Long hard Road also get slammed in Bastille it. Col. Charles i. Carpenter Washington. D. A. Head of army air forces chaplains paid an official visit to Sheppard Field this week during which to addressed a meeting attended by All Post chaplains. Following the meeting colonel Carpenter said he was highly pleased with the work be ing done by chaplains Here. T he pointed out however that this Licud is Short of chaplains and that lie will make every Effort to Aid the situation. Army regulations Call for one chaplain for every 1.000 men. A number of chaplains Here because of their experience will be sent overseas he said. Colonel Carpenter was accompanied Here by maj. Patrick e. Nolan eighth District chaplain i whose Headquarters is in Tulsa okla. A save More planes services Catholic 6 45 a. In. Building 546. 8 30 a. In. Theater no. 2. 9 30 a. Rn., Hospital building 1241. 9 30 a. Rn., building 5 46. 10 30 a. In. Building 546. -12 30 p. Na., building 546. 5 00 p. Rn., building 546. Every weekday morning a. In. Mass. Mass. Monday. Wednesday Friday evenings 7 00 p. In. 6 00 and jewish p. In. Friday evening. Building 540. Sunday morning. Building 440. Daily devotional except sundays ll30 a. Rn., building 540. 7 30 9 30 a. In. Apai ifs we want them to know. Of course that we Are paying any attention to them. But get a Load of this. A private just walked unassuming by into the office. Simultaneously the three radio Guys stopped Reading. They recognize him immediately. He is Nathan Kroll violinist who before entering the army air forces was featured with Erno Rappee of radio City music Hall Fame also with Andre Kostela Netz. F rank Black Leo Reisman add Paul Whiteman and who a conductor at Rio picture studio.-, and a conductor with the National broadcasting company. Incidentally when the Bankers of America lost favor with the Public several years ago. The american Bankets association chose Kroll to sell them Back to the people with a 26-week Abc program. Which he conducted for the Money lenders. By pfc. Mike Mechanic exacts staff writer a de Munee hit me in the Haid with a Dull axe hurry up heat yer Oil and turn or Over. Pal Joey less catch this next bus to the City of Wichita fall town a in such a manner As thus i screams like a wounded cat at pal Joey Crotch who ainu to speeding Fer sore apples to catch the sat Idey bus Fer the Village. A Okay Mike in a Corning a cause me Haid is bended our spiritual weapon Many of our Best generals to Day realize the need of prayer and for the development of sol Diers spiritually. Generals from Washington to Pershing and admirals like Farragut and Nelson have All been praying men. Admiral Farragut said before the Battie of Mobile Bay a i am going into Mobile Bay if orc is my Leader As i Hope he is and in him i place my episcopal building 540. Chapel no. 1 sunday 8 30 a. In. Celebration of the holy communion and Sermon. Wednesday. 7 00 p. Rn., Celebration of the holy communion Anil instructions. Daily except mondays �?6 00 p. Rn., evening prayer. Protestant we dashes up to the bus waiting line like a couple Beer Wagon stallions Fulla fresh Oats. They a no Leas than 943 other Yankee dandies fresh pressed like Fer Boit Day parties sweating it out aha id of us. A Well never git see pal Joey discouraged As bad As a grounded Pilot. No general in history prayed so fervently and so often As did Stonewall Jackson who once said. A on him i rely a and a we Are sustained by divine Providence. The text of ones life is a gods will be x anyway the radio Guys finally get him to talking and we with our a nose for news a stretch an ear to catch the conversation. Its not that we re eavesdropping you understand. But Here indeed is a Case that proves the army always places the right Man on the right Job private Kroll. An expert violinist was assigned to a permanent mess Squadron. Never before had this prominent musician had the Opportunity to practice the culinary arts. But now for a month he has been learning the specific Technics surrounding the preparation and serving of pork. But unfortunately. Just when he was going Good a memorandum stimulating a search for musicians came through and private Kroll was forced to leave his new found pots and pans and return to music. Although Kroll. When forced to Transfer to the 24th air forces band quarters Squadron tried to be a Good sport about it. It did upset his a after the duration plan that of opening a Nathan Krolls pork House pork As you like it with All the now then if you la excuse us Well go Back to concentrating. I a Tulles the next bus Stop git filled up. Two Guys fall out the windows three others scream in pain and the thing groans of toward the main Gate with its tire rubbing the fenders. Among general Montgomery a final words to his staff at the Southeastern command Headquarters before he left for Egypt were a gentlemen i read my Bible every Day and i recommend you to do the we put in a Tough week. Pal Joey. In a Gonna get to the City if i Haft go by another bus goes by but we seems to be getting no closer to the head of the line. Sowers and civilians climb aboard. Joey sits on the curb and i joins to. We re Gettin sunburned by now. A lookup Here a a empty bus a shouts Joey. We hops Back in line. The bus buzzes our line we sits Back Down. Theres a Virgint right by us and i asks in a does Wells Fargo run a covered Wagon route thru Here sons As we Kin git to the City to see a show an eat a beef Steak a Back in yer Hole worm the Virgint see. I ainu to no Guy to smart off to a Guy wich outranks me so i just shuts up me fat face. Men training Here at Sheppard Field May think they shall never see the time when they will wish they had Learned to Pray. However. Many men now at the front in Battle had the same thought while they were training in Camps on this Side but Many of these same men now Pray to god for Protection and guidance when the going becomes too difficult and Aid through material Means fail. All of us Are Likely to find ourselves in such circumstances before this ordeal has come to a close. A there Are no atheists in Fox holes. A is a familiar quota j Tion to us All. And this fact has been proven time and again to those who find themselves in the1 battlefields. 9 00 a. In. Building 344. Chapel no. 3. 9 00 a. In. Building 345 Bible study Chapel no. 4. 9 30 a. In. Theater no. I. 9 30 a. Rn., building 345. Chapel no. 4. 9 30 a. Rn., building 672. 9 30 a. Rn., theater no. 3. 9 30 a. Rn., building 540. Chapel no. I. 9 30 a. Rn., building 212 coloured. 10 15 a. In. Building 232. 10 15 a. Rn., building 344, Chapel no. 3. 10 15 a. In. Building 345. Chapel no. 4. 10 30 a. Rn., building 192. 10 30 a. Rn., building 212 coloured. 10 30 a. In. Building 1241 Hospital. 3 00 p. Rn., building 344. 7 00 p. Rn., building 1241 Hospital. 7, 30 p. Rn., building 192. 7 30 p. Rn., building 344, Chapel no. 3. 7 30 p. Rn., building 540. Chapel no. I. Special Christian science. 9 00 a in building 232. Latter Day saints 11 00 a. Rn., building 344, Chapel no. 3. Christian Church. 11 00 a. Rn., building 345. Chapel no. 4. Lutheran service. 10 45 a. Rn., building 672. Lutheran service. 7 30 p a building 345. Chapel no. 4. Take More pain Gray lady hoaxes Hospital patients and they like it something new in lines was a sweated out by station Hospital patients attending the red Cross carnival in the red Cross Hospital area last saturday night. Scores of soldiers stood in line for More than two hours to have their Palms read by mrs. Bentley Nelson. Member of the Gray ladies organization who dressed like a Gypsy with brightly coloured garments flowing hair and colourful beads in a makeshift a Fortune telling Booth. Patients were still standing in line when the carnival closed. Some soldiers unable to get in it wanting to know him we Waits another half hour. A bus comes by Jam packed. Buzzes our line agin. Then another bus pulls up to a Stop. At least 456 Sowers climb on without the Aid of sardine Oil. No civilian tried this trip. They weren t protected by i insurance i guess so. Another bus comes by and another and another All loaded. They whip by us like a railway payroll car does a tramp. Joey wakes up a Little an see a a getting dark ainu to it Mickey a a ainu to it though a at last a bus pulls up the remaining 787 Sowers climb on and off we go into the wild Blue yonder of of City. It s 9.<j0 when we drop off in town. We grab a burgers Zed meat Yannich and race for the show House. Joey sees it before i does. Its half Block line sweating out the Fust show after the Fust show. A Okay i see a it takes real courage to be a Sojer with All these lines. Les Buck it out Joey a at the ticket Booth i slips a Buck in american Money through the Slit in the window Over the counter. The ticket girl Stamps a steel shutter closed on my Paw. We re closed for the night. There in t even any Standin room a i Hadda Chase pal Joey for the next two hours to keep him from Goin Over the Hill. When i caught in it Wiz 2 02 a. In. But the my downtown did no to really treat us so bad. The joke Wiz when we got restricted to the Post Fer a week. Only Strong Sowers try to get off the Post in this heat. Cpl. Everett Sears what is prayer prayer is that which enables us to approach closer to the realization of gods eve presence and of his eve present protective care. Prayer is tile method by which we May shut out Evi a suggestions and silent whisperings of fear doubt. Discouragement and depression which May try to crowd into thought and thwart the use of god like ideas ideas which bring to us the realization that a god is our Refuge and strength a very present help in psalm 46 1. Week Day wednesday. 7 00 p. Rn., building 344. Chapel no. 3. Wednesday. 7 00 p. In. Building 540, Chapel no. I. Wednesday. 7 30 p. Rn., building 345. Chapel no. 4. Wednesday. 7 30 p. In. Building 672. Wednesday. 7 00 p. Rn., building 540. Chapel no. I. Chris a Ian science what the future held in store for them tried to make appointments for a later Reading. At this Point. Mrs. Nelson had to explain to the curious soldiers that her act was just a gag and that she was not really i a sees All knows ally Gal. Incidentally the carnival sponsored by the red Cross recreation department was a huge Success. The purpose of prayer is to bring men into conscious relationship with god. As this is done the Dominion which god has Given to his children finds Normal expression in purer motives Aims and acts. There is no grander prayer than unselfish living. There is no better test of the sincerity of our prayer than the influence prayer has on our relations with others. Sunday services. 9 00 a in bldg. 232. Thursday evening services 7 30 p. Rn., bldg. 232. Study room is located in bldg. 572. Chaplain Eugene t. Sealey Christian science chaplain. Save Mitt Gideons presents we. Especially those of us in the armed forces need to he prac i timing with prayer As Well As with Rifle and Bayonet so that our re Hance on god will become such a habit that we will use it As spontaneously in crucial moments As we will respond to the com mands of our military leaders. I ooh testaments to soldiers Here a the word of god is Quick and powerful and sharper than any two edged hebrews 4 12. Sooner or later men must learn to use this two edged sword the word of god. Before real and lasting Victory and peace can be won. By chaplain Eugene t. Sealey Sheppard Field soldiers were presented with 1.000 new testaments by Gideonse International this week. Maj. Carlton w. Harrod. Post chaplain accepted the Handy size volumes monday night at the Texas electric service co. Auditorium. Bound in White special testaments were presented by James t. Kier. Head of Gideonse in Texas for Sheppard Field nurses. These were accepted by capt. Fannie Easley chief of station Hospital nurses. Previously Gideon has presented Sheppard Field men with 4,000 new testaments

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