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Sheppard Field Texacts Newspaper Archives Dec 5 1941, Page 4

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Sheppard Field Texacts (Newspaper) - December 05, 1941, Sheppard Field, TexasPage four Sheppard Field exacts Friday december 5, 1941 Sheppard Field exacts published weekly on Friday by the wings publishing co., with offices in Wichita Falls Texas and Champaign Illinois. W. S. Schlentz general manager. Distributed free to All military personnel at Sheppard Field. Single copies to civilians five cents subscriptions $3.50 per year including postage. Inquiries with regard to local display advertising and subscriptions should be made to wings publishing co., Box 2095, Wichita Falls Texas. Address All communications with regard to National advertising to general manager wings publishing co., Robeson building Champaign Illinois. Circulation free controlled .15,000 commanding officers major general Rush b. Lincoln. Commanding general a. C. T. T. C. Colonel Edward c. Black commanding officer Sheppard Field it s yours men every column Inch of it. The editorial contents for your pleasure and information and the advertisements for your convenience and service a permanent record of your Days in the service made possible by the merchants and products carrying space in exacts. The wings publishing company. Civilian do you eat much in the mess Hall Kay det Thadda a mean by much much often or much Quan tity ? sergeant to gabbing recruit hey Bud you got your Hunting License ? ree Croot huh no i ainu to got none. Why sgt then quit shooting the Bull. last exacts is born today. Today the a Monarch of the army weeklies first sees the Light and starts what we Hope will be a Long and Lusty career. We must say concerning its birth however that to a certain extent it was a conceived in sorrow and brought Forth in Start ing from scratch to produce a newspaper for a Community of upwards of 26,000 is not a Job we would recommend for Idle off duty hours. There were moments when we we Ere entirely willing to forget the whole idea ready in fact to give the whole 620 acres Back to the Oil Drivers. There were hours of wrangling for example starting Way Back when nobody could decide on the name the size or anything else about the paper much less How it would be published by whom and where. There were weeks of indecision when we considered and discarded one format after another and one Printer after another. There were Long hours of gathering and writing news sometimes w Ith cooperation from the sources and sometimes w without. There were trips up to Vernon 50 Miles away where the Sheet is being printed editing copy and writing headlines As we jolted along the highways trying to make printers deadlines. And there w Ere Long and deadly session into the wee Small hours up there Reading proofs As they came off the press trying to Jam 16 inches of unyielding Type into to inches of space and otherwise going slowly and steadily mad. All that is past however and forgotten for this week. We gaze on our new offspring today with what we think is justifiable Pride. Its a pretty Good Little paper. Its Worth All the overtime Effort and the Long suffering patience of our overworked staff. We Hope you will think so too. We want you to remember that this is your paper too. Nominally there is but one editor but actually there will be More than 26,000. We mean by that that exacts is going to be written and edited entirely for you. To make that statement More than a Mere expression of policy we hereby invite any of your criticisms and suggestions As to the Content of exacts. If you have an idea for a feature a department or other material you would like to read in your paper let us know. If the suggestion is compatible with our simple policy hereby expressed of attempting to please the majority of Sheppard Field personnel we shall certainly adopt it. Many Hile since it is your paper get behind it and give us the cooperation we need whenever you can. A give us the loyalty that Wear. Giving you. We Hope you enjoy exacts. There was a Young lady named Kate whom All the soldiers did Date for laughs and for fun she went with each one till she found they were just out for Kate. Corporal that fresh recruit just came from the Supply room. He a fit to be tied. Private sons his uniform twice around him. There was a Cadet from this Field who became a notorious Schlegiel. His complexion was dappled his name it was Apple he was Rotten to the corps and the Field. Chorus and orchestra needs personnel for a the Messiah if you sing in the Shower room and live to Tell of it you May be just what the doctor ordered. The Medico in this Case is pfc. Philip Macgregor supervisor of vocal activities. A a Doc Macgregor is sending an . For Sheppard Field cadets who can sing or play an instrument. Cadets with either Talent Are needed for the choruses and orchestra of a the Messiah a to be presented at the soldiers Christmas party in memorial auditorium dec. 19. Next rehearsal is to be held sunday dec. 7, 2 p. Rn., at the first Baptist Church 1200 ninth Street Wichita Falls. Music is under the direction of Arthur Davis conductor of the Wichita Falls symphony orchestra. Pui Yat is yank medi Corporal All right private Billy what is a red corpuscle ? private h. A a non com in the russian army. C. O. To coloured Soldier who Bas violated a regulation Well Gabe i suppose you know this Means a Black Mark on your Escutcheon. Pvt. Gabriel Horne Suh it May be Black but it wont be visible. We be just heard of the bundles for Britain knitters who due to the shortage of Wool Are just getting by by the skein of their Teeth. As he private receiving his first pay said a fall this and bedding a Calendar j % u,._n----------�?��?----- Friday choir practice at 7 30 p. In. In Post Chapel. All members Are expected to attend to rehearse dedicatory service. Saturday enlisted menus dance boys club 8 p. In. See your orderly. Catholic confessions heard at 1 30 p. In. In bldg. No 872 and at 3 p. In. In bldg. No. 732. Sunday Field services episcopal. 8 30 a. Rn., bldg. No. 892 general protestant 9 15 a. Rn., bldg. No. 892 Catholic 8 30 a. Rn., bldg. No. 372, and to a. Rn., bldg. No. 732. All cadets Are urged to attend the dedicatory sen ices of the Oost Chapel at 3 p. In. Monday protestant study club meets at 7 30 p. M. In the Post Chapel. All interested Are urged to attend. Tuesday Wichita Falls stamp club chamber of Commerce office la Milton bldg., 6th and Lamar its. All Cadet philatelists Are halted. O. Club 7 30 p. In. Wednesday free movies at the u. S. O. Club. 8 p. In. Bring your friends. Choir rehearsal in Post Chapel 7 30 a. In. Cadets Are urged to Jan a Quot Quot thursday round table discussion scriptures 7 30 p. Rn., led by chaplain v. C. Frank. Friendship hour 6-10 p. Rn., first methodist Church Wichita Falls. Recreation games Etc. Entertainment at u. S. O. Club throughout evening. You can practice boys Sheppard Field musicians who like to Brush up on their notes every now and then with a Large group Are invited to practice with mask at shrine Temple band in Wichita Falls every wednesday night at 8 of clock in the shrine Temple City National Bank building. Information May be obtained by contacting Al Ellis Telephone 3884. Instruments will be provided if possible. Band needs men permanent party personnel who wish to join the army air Force band May Contact sgt. Meese in Ping Pong tournament at u. S. Bldg. 877, area 7 6 per cent of Field personnel join in red Cross Roll Call with a heavy Rush of payments from Squadron Headquarters after the recent payroll the 1941 red Cross Roll Call exceeded All expectations by enrolling 76 per cent of the Sheppard Field enlisted men. Operating from nov. La to 30, under the direction of col. Edward c Black chairman of the Sheppard Field Roll Call committee the drive readied every officer enlisted Man and civilian on the Post. A fall officers and men a said v. W. Hall red Cross Field director a Are to be complimented upon the unusual enrolment of 8,117 out of a possible 10.609 Quot Twenty organizations and squadrons boosted percentages by enrolling their men too per cent. The officers exceeded the enlisted men by piling up a 91 per cent coverage and 232 out of 254 Are Enro bed the men at Sheppard Field from the highest ranks to the 121 a month Buck private have shown their belief in the red Cross by digging into the sock and laying Money on the line for the 1941 Roll Call. Two groups join red c Ross the two squadrons which enrolled the largest number of men in the 1941 red Cross Roll Call Are the 319th school Squadron with 840 members out of 959, and the 401st school Squadron with 671 out of 712. U. S. O. Goes with troops when the army moves the u s. O. Moves with it. With the soldiers on Maneu vers u. S. O. Officers this year spent $99,722 of the $150,000 allotted for recreation. Culm Fiji use men Here we Are thrown together by order of our commander in chief for the purpose of preparing ourselves to defend if necessary our beloved country. This while being an honorable work and one in which we should take great Pride is at the same time a task for which we must equip ourselves by doing All things Well. We have an obligation to defend our country whenever it is in danger because of the conduct of enemy nations. The very thought of being privileged to serve our country should be an inspiration which will drive us on and on to Ever loftier Heights of patriotism and self sacrifice. Self sacrifice is necessary. Drilling and training Are not easy. If we continually lock at the present things become rather gloomy at times but if we keep before us tile goal for which we Are striving namely a nation free and unhampered then All the training All Hie Drill and All the hard work necessary to make a Good Soldier becomes pleasant and at least somewhat easier. Your commanding officers will provide a schedule designed to equip you physically for the task ahead. Physical fitness however is but half the preparation necessary for a Good army. We must have men of courage men who Are really and truly what the word a a Many implies. To become men of this Type we must do All in our Power to develop moral fortitude to live As our creator wants us to live. Your chaplains Are Here to encourage you in living such a life to help you Over the rough met with on the Long Road travelled in becoming a Good Soldier. We Are Here to help you in every Way possible. That is our purpose in being Here. We have no magic pills or cure All potions to hand out but we assure you that we will be More than to of us if you place Eno a c?6nfsence in us to in see your burdens with us chaplain i. C p a Echler. First of All i reckon i ought Tell a who i am. In a pvt. Yank Yar Bird. Most people done to believe that my name is Yar Bird but it is. Honest. My father is in the poultry business. He a swedish. His first name is Stollar Stolla Yar Bird. He started out with that one Chicken from scratch and built a big Chicken farm. My folks was married five years before i was born. Every sunday they take the Wishbone of a Chicken and wish for a baby boy. Then they really pulled a Boner and there i was. I was born while the flags was flying and the Bells ringing and the Drums banging on the first armistice Day. They say it afflicted my conduct. Bein born patriotic like they decided to name me Yankee. So they did. My pals called me Yankee until i moved into town my last year in school. I was a freshman. And a Jerk. The fellas said i was a funny kind of a Jerk so they called me yank. That a funny kind of a Jerk. Back Home i Laid around most 0 the time until Uncle Sam pointed his Finger at me. Then he caught me by the Slack of the Slacks and Here i am. I been up to my neck in work and up to my Ankles in mud most o the time since i hit Sheppard Field four months ago. I like it Here just As Well As you do. When they decided to run a Post Noo paper they asked me if id write a Thadda a column. So Here i am a Ritin a v. Hadda a column. In supposed to put the punch in this Here paper dont Tell me 1 know you Hope the punch is spiked. In Gonna try to make a laugh Ever once in awhile. In Gonna Tell How swell everything is and everything. That ought make a laugh. And listen if Ever a hear any Good clean jokes Tell pm to me so i Kin write pm if Ever a hear any dirty ones Tell pm to me so i Kin enjoy pm. Soldier songs big hit top popular melodies of soldiers a who have won prizes recordings or a radio phonograph As a result of Glen Millers Sunset serenade broadcasts Are a still reveille and a i done to want to set the world on sixteen radio phonographs and 2,500 radio recordings have gone to 16 service Camps and bases thanks to u. S. O. Co operation. Orchestra s pianist awarded nickname a solid sender a solid sender is the title awarded to Tom Acosta pianist and Arranger of the Post orchestra by his fellow musicians. A member of the 404th school Squadron Tom is working with the newly created orchestra while waiting for school to Start. Born in Elpaso Texas 22 years ago he spent the past 14 years in and around los Angeles. He picked up piano playing by himself has been playing since he was Able to climb up on the Stool. With his own orchestra for three years Acosta played colleges turned theatres and numerous other open bookings. Teddy Wilson is his favorite musician outside of Dick Willis Bass fiddler on the Post orchestra. Service club figure High at the present time there Are 468 u. S. O. Units in operation. By january 200 new u. S. O. Club houses Are expected to be added. Cadets Renfrow a is Headquarters for if make your selection now so we can prepare los Christmas gifts for Early mailing. We will we rap your gifts purchased Here for at no extra charge. Renfro drug company a eighth and Scott phone Lith

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