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Sheppard Field Texacts Newspaper Archives Dec 5 1941, Page 2

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Sheppard Field Texacts (Newspaper) - December 05, 1941, Sheppard Field, TexasIn Quot Elf. Phil Page two Sheppard Field exacts Friday december a a taps and a a revelry w you fee a dope we Aon a unto och to this town japs i these whistle pts cookers jus aint Bihn Twenty one bait by sgt. Duane i h Lya hugable1. Sorry Streamliner How s Fer. A 4the red Light \ the Choc shimmy an j Khaki Clad local a Date ? beats you to the Green if he asks me. Of of does she a Means Hiya Sarge a can keep them pants if a want a acts shield has history Insi Gnia Whit bathers repress courses. A Why a Iree White leathers ii corps tech Nical Scho if asked question has been rept dred times and Here ver for the Benefit o a ious cadets who have posed the interrogation. When the school we As started in october 117, three courses mechanics photography and communications were Given. The three leathers were included in the coat of arms As symbols of the three branches of the technical school command. Since that time several additional courses have been added to the technical schools. In 1937, there photography communications engineering meteorology and mechanics. Today the six Basic courses still exist but have been expanded tremendously because of the necessary specialization. Important to every Soldier in the air corps technical school is the coat of arms description. Blaz onry of the coat of arms consists of three sections the Crest the shield and the motto. The Crest pictures a Brown fist grasping a Green key Bent sinister Wise on a Wreath of Gold and Silver. The shield has a background of Blue superimposed upon which there is a Gold lamp and the three Silver Ostrich feathers. Written below the shield in a scroll is the famous motto of the air corps technical schools a is Stineo the latter Means a a i sustain the wings of which the modern Conception is a keep pm the Gold and Blue Are the army air corps colors. The three feathers represent those first three courses offered in the school and the Crest shows the mechanics gloved hand grasping the key of knowledge. The Green color of the key is the old air service color. Now you can answer any and All of those questions concerning the insignia on your uniform when you go Home this Christmas. Can to you Multi engined fighter plane i Given to structures phase a Multi engined fighter air plane Yum la has been turned Over to the Structure Branch of the air corps technical school to be used for instructional purposes according to capt. A t. Brackenridge director department of mechanics. The plane is a two engined Pusher Type fighter which carries a Crew of four to five men. The plane will be moved from the line at Kelly Field to the structures hangar As soon As it is completed. Seven squadrons enrol too per cent orchids to the 2nd provisional group squadrons 417, 418, 419, 420, 421, 422, and 320, which is enrolled too per cent in the 1941 bed Cross Roll Call. No other Quot roup on the Field can claim this Jan of Complete co operation with the red Cross. It la get a but dont try it Soldier where there a a will to laughter a Cadet finds a Way to provoke it. Quiet is supposed to reign in the Barracks after Tattoo but there Are noises sometimes be Sipics snores. Some cadets like to lie around on their Beds during their off duty hours listening to serials on their radios. But after the lights Are out they sometimes find Quot serials of a different sort in their Beds. Although the various dry breakfast foods May slide Down the Throat easily when fully doctored with Cream and sugar they Aren t the most pleasant things to have As bed partners. Serials in bed Are Fine but cereals Are just so much Static for they crunch at every turn and unnerve and awaken the heaviest of sleepers. The Best trick which has been pulled on the Field follows a slightly different thread of thought. Imagine the predicament of a tired Soldier trudging into the dark Barracks slipping Oft his clothes clumping his shoes to the door and then trying desperately to climb Between sheets that refuse to part. Ile pulls and he pulls. He thinks proudly that he must have done an excellent Job of making his bed. He pulls again. But his pulling avails him no sleeping com fort for his pals have sewn his bedclothes together. On finding that he has been the victim of Tho cadets sewing Circle he raises the roof and the culprits. In Back of his mind he knows quite Well that his Day is coming. Vari Etc show Given a variety show sponsored by the morale office was presented wednesday night in area All cadets were invited. The 402nd boxing team has a motto a champions Are made not Sheppard Field the most appreciated Trade in town cleaning a pressing alterations Baxters cleaners a taps and a revelry make their debut Wright Here by pvt. De Hamlyn exacts staff writer the comic strip above is a product of Charles Duane Wright staff cartoonist caper Cutter and artist of tile Sheppard Field Public relations office. A taps and revelry a not a misspelling of reveille Are the characters for idiom sergeant Wright searched the Field the town and his mind. Finding All of those places a Complete Blank he sat at his drawing Board whistling the last tune he had heard on his borrowed radio. The tune was a from taps a til reveille a so he puled an obstetric trick Peculiar to artists and gave birth to an idea and the characters taps and revelry. New ideas coming the comic strip will probably develop As it goes along for sergeant Wright claims that he will have some new ideas. Besides the two leading characters who Are typical Small town youngsters the cartoon will feature a sergeant who like Wright is not hard boiled. Unique Slang and a curious character who asks everyone a where a from Joe a will be used and merchants of Wichita Falls May be pleased to find their business establishments used As background. Every scene will be Taid on the Field or in the Vicinity of Wichita Falls. Besides the strip sergeant Wright will contribute cartoons to exacts As Well As the downtown papers. He Drew cartoons for Chanute Field wings while on duty there. Liking his work it. Vav. R. Young Public relations officer decided he would like to have him at Sheppard Field. So he was transferred. Although an enlisted non com he was commissioned by lieutenant Young to sit at his draft Board at Sheppard Field to draw cartoons con lie strips bits of Art work and his pay. Practical joker Wright has a background of six years in commercial Art work for which he prepared not Only by Art education but since his first years of Grade school. He remembered 703 Indiana phone 7175 grand opening of the United military store Complete military outfitters 805 Indiana Wichita Falls his Early life Well enough to put the episodes and similar ones on paper for the enjoyment of others. He is a practical joker who made his jokes practical in a monetary sort of Way. Besides cartooning for National magazines and writing gags for others he has even worked for a living he has done everything from smashing fenders with an Eye to the artistic effect in parking lots to peddling women a monthly magazines and cooking hamburgers. Says Wright a hamburgers were once my business then i ate one and gave up my Wright at Home sergeant Wright claims that Wichita Falls is his Home although originally he popped out of Missouri where the mules come from. Contrary to the contrary four footed variety when he was old enough to know better he left Missouri. Lie has been moving Ever since without Benefit of sheriffs. Quot my Home town a he says a is Wichita Falls until i move. Its tile Home of my family comprised mostly of the better half who being better than the average better half is really a better you May assume from that statement that he is married. He is to a a Gracie who acts As his Model puts up with his puns and gags. Duane and Norma Grace were married july 5, 1941. While lie was still stationed at Chanute Field. Wright was on the Field for about two months before a a Gracie could assemble Hor clothes her person and More necessary their Money to trip gaily into Wichita Falls. Since her arrival he has been quite Happy in his work and very Busy too he a bucking for staff because As he says a a Gracie is beginning to get of hungry or not she a Field actors find roles in coming drama Guild hit when cadets with theatrical interests enter Sheppard Field they feel lost until they find some outlet for their avocation. Pets. Dale voile and Elwood Geissler of the 401st school Squadron did and Are now engaged in last minute rehearsals for Ibsen so a dolls a House to be presented by the players Guild of Wichita Falls monday night. Private voile has an outstanding dramatic background having studied at the Pasadena playhouse for two years prior to entering the army this summer. Private Gassier who was associated with the Green room players of Franklin and Marshall College and did summer theater work plays the leading male role in a doll s stage manager and costume designer for the production is pfc. Robert Price also of the 401st, who has studied scenery and costume designing As Well As history of Art and Art during his seven years of College work at the University of Colorado and Harvard. Pets. Geissler voile and Price will find outlet for their abilities. In the theatrical group being formed on Sheppard Field by the a. And r. Office As Wadi As in the players Guild of Wichita Falls. Tickets for a a dolls a House May be bought from the cadets Mern toned or from pvt. Edward Ham in in the Public relations office in Post Headquarters. The production Wall be Given at the woman forum Harrison and Speedway monday night dec. 8, at 8 15. Splendid Model for revelry and the Fellows on the fold will of just a bit jealous of a tape / the couple cavort across the Liges of exacts thanks to sergeant Wright. U j officers soldiers civilians see us before you buy biggest Stock in town a radios a tires a Gas Oil a Complete Auto motive service a accessories prompt courteous service a the Busy Corners Wichita Falls Battery amp elec co Paulk tire co. Phones 4135�?8128 Travis and fig111

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