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Sheppard Field Texacts Newspaper Archives Dec 4 1943, Page 1

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Sheppard Field Texacts (Newspaper) - December 04, 1943, Sheppard Field, TexasSheppard Fiel official publication of Sheppard Field vol. 2, no. 52sheppard Field Texas saturday december 4, 1943 free is ii x l exacts carries of Battle Flag or two years by Cpl. Everett Sears Post editor the Battle of Sheppard Field Ages on the Basic training Center was it outflanked this week by a platoon of immunization guerillas using in foot harpoons. Approximately 234 air plane me Hanics wedged open a new salient n the North with a Gallant drive across numerous grease smears my against attacking a a Grasshopper planes to recapture 22 oppressed Prairie dog towns. And to exacts Many times out Nane Vered strafed skip bomb so rocketed Bazo oked and torpedoed stuck its bloody Masthead above the terrifying Din of Boom no ordnance screeching voices willing dust rattling Dice and .50�?Ts,�?� zooming aircraft and hanging tank destroyers. It was a proud head though neared with blood. The features of the face were Strong masculine Are worn and proud. Exacts the Banner bearer for Sheppard Field was two years lid two thirds of an army hitch typewriter commandos few men in the Battle of Sheppard Field have stood up to the withering attacks of the Savage Memy on the North Texas Plains hese two years. No Man who now writes for exacts saw the first edition and Airth of the Monarch of army weeklies on dec. 5, 1941�?just Friday before the fateful sunday at ack on Pearl Harbor. But All the present exacts men Lave been through Battles. The Ough Battles of writing the news of by and for the men who Are lighting the Battle of Sheppard a a held. The typewriter commandos hey Call us. The paragraph Pura troopers. We be been pushed around by he enemy to nine locations including the fight for the Hamilton building the raid on hangar 2 my the invasion of technical school Headquarters. But the news stories forged ahead. And military observers say morale increased with each weekend attack by exacts. Each weekend attack there have been 104. Exacts has attacked the dreaded aggressor slumping morale�?104 times with 1 104 issues. Two whole years and we re winning. Exacts like the whole a Battle a is stronger than Ever. Battle looks better the air plane mechanics school has refined and altered its training to make its offensive the finest in the air forces. The Basic training Center is turning out hundreds of air fighter replacements More skilled for the fight than Ever before. The glider department is strafing the enemy relentlessly with More and better equipment. The whole Battle looks better. In fact when exacts wins its hash Mark and is decorated for meritorious action in the Battle of Sheppard Fields it might again raise its blood smeared Masthead to to say a the Battle of Sheppard it Field is Over a and the boys who have fought and Are fighting in the a a battled Here will have had a big part in it the real struggle the one on Germany and Japan a vertical flank. Special regards to exacts Why Texas to Many May wonder How two year old exacts got its name. Well Here it is the name a it exacts is derived from the contraction of the phrase a Texas air corps technical school and was selected Quot because it has an inclusive and distinctive application to this Post Only. A bit of Slace Poi Rex acts Quot and Iha gang 6 5m Eppard Field birthday0zeetin6g rom male Call mercy flight saves life of Soldier s son by Cpl. John Fryer maj. Gen. J. E. Chaney gave orders monday afternoon for a flight which saved the life of Robert Paul Jacobs jr., infant son of Cpl. R. P. Jacobs instructor in 5th academic Squadron at Sheppard Field. The 5vz months old son had an opened safety pin lodged in his Throat. According to capt. Barnett p. Briggs medical officer a a a new York nov. Ii -/<?43 message from Gen. Chaney to the personnel of Sheppard Field it gives my a great Deal of pleasure to congratulate you on the Celebration of the second anniversary of Sheppard Fields official publication exacts. You justly can be proud of this Fine newspaper and of the reputation it bears among service papers Over the entire nation. I know that this record was achieved through your interest Diligence and hard work which has made exacts a Model publication. The service it has rendered has been a vital Factor in maintaining the High morale of this command. May your endeavours Merit continued Success. J. E. Chaney major general United states army commanding. At Sheppard Field attending the baby it was necessary to employ special equipment known to be at Brook general Hospital at fort Sam Houston san Antonio. It. Col. N. C. Voshel Post adjutant arranged with general Chaney to have the general a official plane a b-25 known As a a shiftless Skunk ii a made available for the emergency. Under the direction of maj. Paul j. Calder Post operations officer preparations for the flight were made in record time. It. Gil w. Taylor assistant operations officer piloted the bomber with it. F. D. Orgain As co Pilot. General Chaney gave special authorization so that mrs. Eileen Jacobs could accompany her stricken baby. Occupants of the ship in addition to Cpl. And mrs. Jacobs and their child were capt. Briggs and it. Arnold Black medical officer Here and s. Sgt. A. C. Topp Crew chief largely responsible for the speedy flight preparations. Approximately 60 Miles from Brooks Field destination of the race against time it. Taylor contacted the Field by radio in order to ascertain that everything would be in readiness to handle the situation. When the a a shiftless Skunk ii landed three ambulances were standing by. In consultation with a major Coleman at the Brook general Hospital the medical officers succeeded in moving the open pin downward into the child s stomach since direct removal was not discreet am Natl. Convention of 8-25, b-26 and glider officials to be held Here dec. 13,14,15 the latest exacts a Mechanic of the month a shown above is a married Man with two daughters hence he modestly casts Liis serious eyes away from Milt Caniff so miss lace a two columns to left. He is pfc. Joe t. Miller 316th ass. A a a a a a i serious Joe Miller Mech of month straight faced serious Joe Mil Dull Btl Ilc ult Cli i Chiu v Cut Cio Hui. I to. Feasible. It. Black although in Ler of the 316 the Squadron Doest assigned to the Case Lent his assistance. After an observation period during which the medical officers were prepared to operate the pin passed naturally from the infants j body thursday afternoon. The baby a release from the Hospital is expected shortly. Take More pains civilian workers Here will receive awards at review wednesday s. Sgt. James Maclin Sheppard Field will be nost on dec. 13, 14 and 15 for a b-25, b-26 and glider training conference to which representatives will come from All Over the United states according to the office of the director of training. The conference will be attended by officers enlisted men and civilians representing manufacturers other air forces training schools and units using the bombers and gliders. The conference was ordered by maj. Gen. John f. Curry com i manding general of the for the purpose of assuring that the most up to Date information possible is available to All components using the fast medium bombers and cargo gliders. Similar conferences have been held elsewhere to bring personnel up to snuff on other types of Aap aircraft but this will be the first get together of experts on equip ment specialized in at Sheppard Field. In addition to the series of conferences planned there will also be a tour of the am and glider schools for the visitors so they May better understand How Sheppard Field has gained its Inex liable reputation As one of the air forces greatest technical training centers. A giant air show will be held on tuesday afternoon dec. 14, featuring formation and acrobatic glider flying using both the big gc4a ships and smaller training gliders exhibition flying of the big bombers and a formation flight of the l2m a a Grasshoppers used in the glider classification school Here. Guests to the conference will be welcomed by maj. Gen. J. E. Chaney commanding general of the Field on monday morning. After the opening address col. D. W. See Parley Page 2 see anything funny about the air plane mechanics school Here. In fact he was so Earnest about his technical studies he grabbed the november a Mechanic of the month award. He a no relative or even special pal of a joke Book a Joe Miller just to put the records straight. Soldier Joe is a rugged thin haired Guy with an impressive face and a a a Bull a Eye look in his Eye. He a a pfc., married a native of Cumberland md., and has the i wizened manner of a gravel Buster who a put in a three year hitch with a motor transport outfit to make the same Grade pie won Here in two months. Joe a Pride is his two daughters Ruth 3, and Patricia i vat civilian employees at Sheppard who Are with the Mother in cum Field will be honoured at a special Holland where he made Good pre Retreat Parade wednesday with induction Money As a fabric sex the awarding of a emblems of j Miner for Hie Parachute division faithful and meritorious civilian j of celanese corp. Services by maj. Gen. J. E. Cha j High school graduation set Joe Ney commanding general of the up for enlistment in the army in Field to the Many employees of the 1936, and his peace time i travels Wichita Falls area who have been gent him shuttling up and Down quietly but efficiently doing their the Atlantic Seaboard for three part to help defeat the Axis. Years. It gave him his pfc. Chev under arrangements made by Rons a hash Mark and a thorough capt. Edwin j. Dikeman Post knowledge of the army Way. Civilian personnel officer All i a after it s All Over i think i la Vilian employees at Sheppard Field stay with Joe said. A it will be excused from their duties looks like a business with a big in time to reach the Parade ground j future. And this training Here by 4 45 p. Rn., when the program wont Hurt will begin with selections by the Miller was inducted May 15, Post band. Shipped to Sheppard Field in Early general Chaney will make the August and soon began his Aai i presentations to eight selected training. _. I representatives of the various i heres the win. Place show and Vilian groups on the Field. He is a also s1 in the november lining i expected to Praise the universally i of t in air plane mechanics Acue i Fine work that the civilian a a Mic and military open i ploys at Sheppard Field have Etc. Joe t Miller i pc. Albert been doing in the maintenance of w. Settle pie. James c. Preston a the Post and instructing in the and sgt. Charles j. Brouwer in i air plane and glider mechanics Cher. Winner Joe s winning aver schools. Age was 89 8 per cent of Penett

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