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Sheppard Field Texacts Newspaper Archives Apr 21 1945, Page 9

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Sheppard Field Texacts (Newspaper) - April 21, 1945, Sheppard Field, Texas Saturday april 21, 1945 Sheppard Field exacts Page nine Squadron squibs continued from Page 8 Westbay returned from their fur laughs much refreshed. It did j them no Good to come Back on a saturday night however As Sun Day was declared a training Day. I in the local . Volleyball tournament Supply beat _ the orderly room on two occasions. Pinball captures America National tourneys planned 1j la 11 Iii 4> 2 y while Bis Mother in Law is visit to him. Reason for the a great Whit a to there so better vision May be those Classy new spectacles he s sporting. Congratulations to 1st. It Joseph c. Angelo who this week returned from the old Hometown a married Man. The Grade school Angle has not As yet been Huncov or could it happen Here _ by exacts research staff. Ered. Next to it insurance and War Bonds what do Sheppard Field Cis consider their Best what could have b n ?0 in Ter orderly room on to o occasions. Pinball machines. 1 Esting in Snider okla., to eau. With the temporary loss of sgt. Bet for Post War Security. A a _. Reveals that 1.999 intend to Pur j the operations engineering and q. A. Bradford who is on try a pol conducted this m Eek of 2,000 gis on1 th�j3 a the i 999 figure is a quicker Parachute department Heads onto Keester Field they May have a a Etc a in Runkell machines each after the mar. La the ,.< a g mrw to make such a a Battle on their hands this week. Toil. A Pirih Mhyl 1ilrtll. A ,. Laking care of the future of the girls he will leave behind when de Sheppard Field Clad in Brown parting for parts a not trunks in the Center of the ring Competition for the of calmly he places his first lady is hot and heavy As ail Nickel in the Slot. The crowd the mechanics Are seeking toe has gone wild. Listen to that prize Crew chief position. J be cheering lady is a b-25 who will be a Keg politicians take hint a lot of Nice Cross country hop. Politicians will use pinball As a f Alling Al offered political football a if elected i the entertainment facilities offered proms that every pinball mane by the Etc club. At present Niy lecturer in the country will put a climbed number have Menthe into their machines one extra ranks of the Pav Trail a would be a Good time to invest. Advertising will Appeal to pin unpaid advertisement Ball fans. A Jake Schultz a the radio rumours have it that sgt. Reed will blast a seats a big. Heaping of the link training dept., is give delicious bowl of weepies before ing up instructing for drafting. Each championship pinball games must be a big reason for sum a men will attribute Long life to. Brastic step or is she Small constant playing of pinball a fast heart never won fair lady a a l. Bradford who is on try a conducted this week of 2.000 Good the w i quicker Parachu tvs department Heads in to Keesler Field they May have h feet of Jaq pinball machines each after the mar. La tile 1,9 g a listed of course to make such a a Battle on their hands this week a reline their retirement than 30 years in the army. Of the 2,000 polled Only j hurried trip. Perhaps Marsh was watch this column for results Way to earning the individual and anti social intends to raise chickens after the taking care of the future of the commendations Are in order to Man dissented. He a rugged Lanai Louai Ana a girls he Wil leave behind when de pvt. Norris Bergeson for this War duration and six. A Quot 1"inwn information Corner in the Day j in Post exchanges and service Personne Squadron a a i intend room. It contains among other c us throughout the Post. Gis Are to wide a Book entitled a How i things maps of the War Heaters rapidly becoming aware that pin j beat the pinball machine or t kept up to Date several times a Ball is americans fastest growing a pent a Fortune learning How. Day. And by the Way Norris is1 sport. During noon hours a Lloyd Frederickson. Squad one of the ones including this crowd of gis 12 deep Are Las j c of the 73th stated a pinball writer and pfc. Clyde Bonds Cin ated around every pinball Mavour Muscles it look at who have joined the ranks of one a Bane one cannot go into a Cox Mott institutions the Ned in flown town of our oldest Snake bit club two i a a i in. We a a a airily my Muscles in my thumbs a institutions. Need i a a a ? a teen Day if shipping orders had t tilted the control to exacts two inquiring re Squadron o it at. Lames p. Daniels c. A. By Cpl. Harry s. Sivia porters the two that really inquire twisted the arms of several of men this week until they were forced to Stop work and asked their views on the pinball Siena machine a said pfc. Dick Flink radioman of Squadron a a i took the pinball machine to bed with me one night. My wife said a either this pinball machine goes or i go so she slept on the Couch trial National tourneys pvt. William White. Squadron a better late than never a was a on a red Toast a Quot embed St is a what rvs had i the electric water coolers being i said s. Sgt. Charles Messier of j Sot no in the orderly room and unit personnel Squadron a. Day room this week. Long a Lux this pinball things keeps up How believes that National pinball Ary enjoyed Only by those work-1 petals throughout the land will j tournaments will be established Ine out of Headquarters offices establish special wards for 8�1- after the War with play offs Uke Tho cold water dispensers were Diers with pinball fatigue r bowl Cotton bowl Etc. In by some thoughts and Cpl. Eugene j. Cassity of squad in football. A there is no far sighted training group c. O. Roo c was unimpressed by facts declares it a Why Sheppard Field Iback in 1943 after much Bicker i and figures. They say this spin soldiers have a head ing Over priorities and Man fac Ball is a great games yes it. Uie a Thig athletic Competition Ture not to mention Miles of red i is for the Guy who owns 1 Ltd said pfc. Michael Storniola of a a a Chine a Parum of Squadron s a life be or i a. N just a St staff a my greatest expense item each month next to the rent is pinball a sgt. Don Luna top kick of Squadron a retorted to our in Quiry a i never touch the stuff. Tape word was received that the coolers were finally coming through. Now that they have actually arrived and permission has been obtained to install them there remains Only the problem of maintaining a powerful 24-hour guard about the premises. Latest word via Grapevine informs us that top kick Thomas h. Booth spent his recent 3-Day pass cultivating a Garden and planting his Mother in Laws potatoes. Quite a change in routine Isnit is Sarge most Guys try to think of ways to Plant their mothers in Law. Permanent party Patter Cpl. Elbert Smith our Good natured sergeant major has acquired the sobriquet a hamburger Man a which is All right with everybody in the orderly room. Pvt. Les Harriman of the mail room stumbled in from his furlough at 11 59 p. In. A no use coming Back Early a he explained As he caught his breath. Sgt. Walliam Lofton is Hep to All the latest War bulletins. Maybe you should try your hand on the weekly new sense show. Sarge. What was the so called a record breaking performance that occurred in the permanent party Barracks last tuesday exe Ning. _ the members of Squadron o Lake this Means of expressing their deepest sympathy to first it. Ferman g. Skelton Squadron adjutant on the recent death of his father. Resue a the opinion of Sheppard Field gis As summed up by exacts. Reveals that there is a future in Chines. In 1980 Tex a i s May be Able to interview an old. Decrepit gentleman who insists a i owe mgt 99 years of life to practice of Good clean habits. I Don t it Ink i done to go out with women i done to smoke All i do is play pin Ball. Gad ifs been monotonous. Gang wars Teh tech and a sergeant at that. Luck was with Cpl. Bales and pfc fort the when they took a 3-Day pass last week. Seem they met one of these fabulous Texas Oil men who really did his stale proud in taking them under his Wing they were put up at Quot Rort x a by i i of x Iivo i gang wars Are liable to flare up Worth s hotel of distinction 0 a. 1. A m a a in a nip the Ron Trie in metropolises like Podunk Cen Blackstone treated to a big Chick Ter and Cornball Junction Over the in dinner and Given tickets to toe pinball Concession 1 Icecap Ades. All these observations have Cpl. Stewart is the unit s Snow been compiled through Contact expert on a Cross countr it Dight it Quot Xuy o future in with Sheppard Field gis who to Colorado he passed reveals that there is a a have entered the pinball compete kind of Rock formation is that pinball. We have inside info c scores. We have one was Stewart s classic query. Guadron to Rei Oneo to hfnhriuine5 pinball games in More Soldier to ask and then we Cpl Rosenthal appointed re jury a i never touch the de tor atrium a nicer. I will move on to writing up the Porter while pfc. English furloughs s. Sgt. Horace Warren of squad Post War Aiena. A will Sav 1 Stock Market. A Pardon us. We i in the Windy City. Broke his leg it a a a Edison invented the elec perhaps c e9\ Garden is Sav a but could you state your d g b0sptalized while visiting in Light. Marconi invented the a Madison s qua e Garden r whirls on is and Friend in Oklahoma City. 1___� Pic the slammed to toe ran. R Craz it. Fri inc Xun 1 to a a i Mother radio bul where i. The Genius jammed to the Raiter quite a change who invented the pinball machine i c i bout the Bell. I Vino tor the first bout. Theres a so sgt Edwardk card of unit i the contender an excl from around Here is a sgt. Lowell h. Phillips who was a Tail gunner on a b-24. Of yes. A sgt. Elbert j. Ninesling informs us that he was a Ball Turret gunner on a b-24, too. A sergeant whirls on us and Guj a Send in Oklahoma City screams a crazy Bat some Fellows wont go or something ? i need 10.000 with Brough to be near their lady this next Ball. _ loves. T. Sgt. Standridge. Just released after one and one half month in the Hospital was welcomed Burh with open arms by the boys in the ,. A. To Lea �?~��?~t6 an Quot officer a Safe be m Quot while on a �?o&Quot.3�?� i Quot Heri a initiate Ftak Mouth tra Ines or department besides a a d Rue ties had the cd he 2nd mean of telling Che Field Missine his charming Personalty a being Jerrie Quot on j the Doun of Ween. Namely hey give been Short handed in i. The Hunt fishing his knowledge our Squadron column absence. A by 1 u4. J cilium to. Squadron s maj. R. F. Wand Schneider by pfc. Michael t. Storniola 7sth Aarbu it. Col. Samuel n. Lap it Ley co by Harry a Humble Henchman a Cpl. Harrison Colson the 78th news Hawk being still on furlough Squadron r Apt. Norman p. Register c. O. By pvt. Bill Pitts Stu. Of German he told them to and i commendations it Olum Quot Vance Tow Ard him but the Jerries major Luke our t. D. And i just froze in place. So he snarled Mewhinney. Our adjutant tor the. A obey alien an offer orders a efficiency and wonderful Bai King sure enough they obeyed and i and understanding to the a. Found themselves facing the ugly j personnel for their sunday pvt Arthur l. Cooper from muzzle of his Tommy gun instead pics. Holcomb and _ Hott Muskegon a a worn a charge at Cut Mon thong with the others to titty himself As the level Ash has recently been attached i this Humble person takes Over to headed a softening organizer in j to Squadron t stir lbj7aise 2nd malicious Rumor that Pinch hit. I am liable to whale chief of the Gallant runner squad. S. G. A de Aji clerk is i to Osny train every sunday or into the Good Harry before this is sore feet painful backs and other housing amidst detail who is Kilroy wha Over and i want All to understand aliments shared by runners a off to ithe go a cd ,0 j Day off 2. Who he seems a it is Only for_0t� reason that met by him with an energetic Oor �?zuadr0n. Did a wonderful Job i Desline to so Down in history there he is basking in the Quot remember Pearl hat Bor handling the pass a Ith no and nov Schmoe Golden Sunshine of my own Home a look Quot in a tone of Voiret Winch the Dlug the. P in Quot it a a family by word. Stale. California and Here i am modes prevents the author of in the Middle of a less Squadron bus column from an Prairie chewing dust and sweat bouncing. His marriage to miss ing out my own leave which by a look a in Quot a tone of voice Quot which i in handling the pass situation leaves no one got any he is now the Hospital. Cpl. Howard t. Williams our finance Man busted All Woi id records for Coke drinking. Special arrangements Are being made the opponent breathless and painfully apologetic. We Are glad to extend our be to wishes to pvt. John l. Focazio 19 years old. From Niagara Falls n. Y., who was one of 16 Eandi nerf de him w Ith his own luxe i to Welcome two Cru Tuwa a. Dates from n. To be Appon machine. Incidentally he put in j and people to Sheppard Field Dier will begin on the 25th of by congressman Andrews to go a a cokes sex a d wishes the very Best to the this month to West Point. He took his pre a a Ana Wisnef u getting Back to sergeant Price first of All this week Here is an luminary Entrance exam in to is p pfc flood m. Gilpin our file ve2vitati0n to the infirmary Tell i am really sincere in the Hope pen letter from the squadrons n g March at fort Shi okla took off for the wide open a a uti pm emn Thanee his onion regular correspondent pfc Charles Hoina and is now awaiting he spaces a f Well deserved Lur \ vol Hirv who is on furlough. Orders to proceed to the i s. A m r Jim ill Cill Tine by Viv a a a then letter from the squadrons regular correspondent pfc. Charl a a 8. Vosbury who is on furlough a Well gang i can t write to All of you but i can say this much a i am having a swell time and sure w ish that All of you were with me. The old town sure looks Good. C til j it Wcu-uvcx4 a thai a Mon Iii Ders to proc a to h v i Lough which he will spend partly in the a a a Whf i his led an in Dallas the City he Calls Home. Obaer Latiol weight Jitter and has led an _ 1 bouncing. His marriage to a Quot Ecial j Vincent i Scibona of Denver the Grace of the Powers that be a to i Colorado so this reporter takes mostly sergeant Price who m Cut it be to a a Opportunity to Welcome two cide tally thinks i am a Baa so .4 tit of Poi in 111 in a of a Ain in the 25th of to it the infirmary Ion a a set plan ski and Cpl. Kowalski thai he Vin soon change his that a morning report is made up Ion of me and my military manner a an in it hip Cnown in athletic life. A letter posted in August 1944. Was received Here a few Days ago in. The old town sure books wag received Bere a new Uay and so do a few things that i have for a Soldier who failed to show missed a Long time period up a mail Call. The letter went a i met a Bien Dof a so on the through 16 army posts in the rain and also a pal of qua Eken Ujj g before Landing in Sheppard wish s notice to 1st sgt. Booth of i held and without reaching the it Squadron o. Give Howell and Soldier. We sure Hope that ii ask my regards and Tell them does not contain a discharge hat the Sun is always brighter i u Tvr of n Ohio. Squadron t major John b. Luke i. O. By Cpl. R. C. Mclaughlin it this Squadron having experienced the usual problems and gets not con Tam a disengage. L f ii it Rani. Cd h Monash from new York. Mishaps As with All new Organ who fought at Anzio came to this nations and having who fought at Anzio came timis1r Ruilt a is 1st sgt. Nagy still handing j Squadron with a unique exp i from a state of violent not it the pills and is Holmes still a it Ting in the wrong it class j veil i will be seeing All of Youster on. Give my regards to copt. Legister. It. Culliney it. Kolenda my All the i a pfc. Charles b. parades sgt. Ting Back from furlough with Alig smile. Sgt. Do Onofrio mod Ling his new fatigues in a big Vay. Pfc. Welborn has been transferred to Squadron a. Pfc. Quot red Thompson has been offering from a cold the past few lays. I All of the boys have taken a time nit to Welcome pvt. Don Lynno Ren who came from Squadron m. Hon is another of our permanent party online trainees. Also new j i amp is a j try to it hard ii i Wiz you yer on shipping and Hope that the conspicuous Ness of my absence through the blankness of a gig Sheet in my Barracks will somehow bring him Hack to that Beautiful understanding we once had when i was simply an inconspicuous Soldier stumbling along in the Groove of routine. Speaking of Powers that be. The writer noticed Dottie Tschabold Back from furlough which Means that the a Power behind the throne a Chuck Sauer of the Section a orderly room is undoubtedly due for sleepless nights. To continue along the lines we n i have begun it seems to me that growing pains Are pie Alent As a a morning. Observation by a recruit malaria is a terrible . It brings on chills fever and Long Dull lectures. After that last joke ? i think this As Good a time As any to get out of Here. Bye for now. 2618th aah base unit major Howard f. Olsen co by unit scribes More and More air plane mechanics and link Trainer personnel enter the 2618th fold. Hearty welcomes Are being extended from All sides to the new7 men. It. Zimmerman took off for a Short visit to Randolph Field after everyone in High Headquarters ated j j cd l a of in pc v v a i u the relaxation of the 78th s rep headline maker time out while the wac typist swoons a glib has been misinterpreted and that some of the insinuations about the Way he spends his evenings have been grossly sex niger his worked like mad preparing Bud Case tor the journey. S. Sgt. Ellis has solved the manpower problem he uses crumpets As work incentives. Dark circles around the eyes Are not always due a a dissipation fake the cae of the Husk ser it is noteworthy of mention ural the ?8th dance band has played on even with the loss of Ace trumpet player. Milt Sheid. But he is due Hack soon enough to enable one of the others to take a furlough. There will probably be a riot in 894 and the last Man i sit of the of hip ou8r Quot it a Grant in Headquarters who sleeps standing will be the Only one Abl in the Bard. Hard floor these Days to a take Oil

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