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San Antonio Light (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, San Antonio, Texas Price 0 cents pay no More Fht City edition first Section of local state world news. Vol. 156. Published by the Light Publ Lilac company Sun Antonio Texas sunday june 23, 1940. Ninety pages. Vol. 156. French sign nazi armistice leave for Rome negotiations Senate committee on naval affairs to quiz cd a appointee on views testimony to wait until after Congress recess for Republican Parley Washington. June disco inf a surprising amount of to president Roosevelt s dramatic Cabinet shake up the Senate naval affairs committee to Day voted to Call col. Frank Knox to testify before it acts on his nomination to be Secretary of the Navy. The decision was reached at a closed meeting of 11 of the 17 members of the committee. Sena tors who attended the secret ses Sion said later a surprising amount of opposition to the Knox appoint ment was one of the highest ranking members of the committee said that not a voice was raised to defend the nomination although there were eight democrats present. Chairman senator Walsh d. Revealed every member of the committee received Opp tint president s Cabinet Shifu. Fiat it u the the is not Friendly Dis posed to any pre disposed this was taken to mean that the committee would question colonel Knox at length regarding his views on for eign policy., quiz deferred. Colonel Knox u was said will be asked to testify sometime after july 1, since Congress is expected to adjourn for the o. O. P. National convention this week. Arrangements already have been made by the Senate military affairs committee to question Henry l Stimson named by president Roosevelt to be Secretary of War. Battle lines of the supreme court enlargement fight were being re formed in the Senate As a bitter controversy Over confirmation of the Stimson and Knox appoint ments loomed. Mends of vice president Garner and democratic National commit tee chairman James a. Farley re ported both opposed appointments of republicans to the Cabinet. Gar Ner and Farley held a conference Home hours after Roosevelt s Nomi nations were read to the Senate but afterwards had nothing to say. To air views senator Wheeler . Assumed leadership of the forces battling against the Knox Stim son appointments aided by Sena tors Johnson Clark d. Clark Nye r. N. And half a dozen other democrats. Although confirmation was indicated barring a big Senate shift it was made Plain that the views and actions of each appointee would be thoroughly aired before the final vote. The most irritating development in the far As administration supporters were concerned Lay in demands of opposition forces thorough investigation of the resignation of Secretary of War Harry Woodring. Senator Clark . Submitted a Resolution calling on president Roosevelt to make Public Woodring s letter of resignation. New York june York police notified state police at Haw Nornen y., Nancy Dorwin Good Rich 18, Vassar College student and a ton att governor of been missing the exact manner in which miss Goodrich was found and her present whereabouts were not made Clear her Mother mrs. Louise Haerle of Indianapolis told reporters the girl is on her Way Home with her step father Louis Haerle. And she had been visiting friends in White Plains. Host of telegrams praises . Action Hyde Park n. Y., june 22. Roosevelt s Nomi nation of col. Prank Knox and Henry l. Stimson to head the Navy and War departments has resulted in a flood of several Hundred Tele Grams the temporary executive offices announced today. Of the messages it was said Only one was unfavourable to the appointments. British 1910 class signs for service London june British military class of 1910. Esti mated to number 300.000. Registered for military service today bringing the total number Ftp Brit ish reservists to s. A s population gain recorded Over figure for 1930. San Antonio s population Accord ing to the 1840 census reports re leased late saturday afternoon by Ben s. Morris census supervisor is As of april 1. I this is an increase of Over the official figure of 231x2 reported in the 1930 count. Olmos Park returns were 1890 Terrell Hills 1230, and Alamo Heights 5684, All As of april 1. The lust named suburb had 3874 reported in 1930. San Antonio had in 1920 and in 1910, according to census reports. The reports made saturday Ris said Are subject to correction if the occasion should arise. They do not include recently annexed sub divisions he stated. Final reports will be made to Washington where the official stamp will be Given. I w 0 re i. Freight cars to show route maps Chicago june new medium for outdoor Advertis ing being developed by the rail roads for themselves is the sides of freight cars. The Atchison to Peka Santa be Railroad is draw ing route maps of the system on its Box cars while other roads Are promoting crack trains of picturing Scenic spots served by the line. St. Louis shows gain in building Clayton mo., june a steady increase in the number of building permits in St. Louis county Over the last six years Cli maxed by a record breaking total of 3626 for the first 11 months of the current fiscal year is reported by county assessor Martin l. Neaf. In 1935, Only 1130 permits were issued for the entire year. Myron Taylor on Way to recovery Florence Italy june ins some improvement was noted today in the condition of Myron c. Taylor president Roose velt s special peace envoy to the Vatican who is seriously ill at his residence in Florence. Physicians said his condition now is More mrs. Taylor is expected to arrive tomorrow. Canned varieties now total 350 Washington june More than 350 kinds varieties and styles of canned vege tables meats soups fish milk juices and a Large variety of combinations of these on the Market today the National canners association estimated. Three French armies give up As germans predict Quick end to resistance Berlin. June French armies in Alsace Lorraine capitulated to German troops today after being entirely surrounded the German High command announced tonight. The whole of France s mighty Maginot line fell into German hands with the dissolution of three French armies and the capture of 500.000 French soldiers. Total collapse seen. This latest and perhaps biggest German Triumph was claimed in a special communique. Even As a cease fire armistice command was expected As a result of the compel one peace negotiations the High command s com Munique said the French armies surrounded in Alsace Lorraine have Capitu lated As a result the entire magi not line is in German hands. Half a million French soldiers surrendered including the com Manders in chief of the third fifth and eighth French armies and several other generals. Sporadic resistance in some places will be broken in the shortest already the major attention of 3ermany, and her italian ally was turning to the War against Britain. The official German news Agency and reported nazi bombing planes Sank a transport ship in Bordeaux Harbor and nearly 5000 men were drowned. It was Leved this May have been a Brit ish vessel carrying British troops away from France. Oil depots fired. German planes striking at eng land in increasing numbers were stated to have set huge fires to Oil depots in the thames and hum Jer estuaries and to have dealt lows at British naval air and anti aircraft stations. A Large conveyed merchant ship off England s East coast was said to have been struck in the Bow by German bomb. The germans claimed their anti aircraft fire drove off the War s first serious British bombing raid Over the Berlin metropolitan area. British raiders dropped three incendiary bombs on the Gabelsberg station near Potsdam severely dam Aming a nearby Hospital the Ger mans charged. A Post office in the Gabelsberg neighbourhood was demolished but other damage was slight. It was announced. Gabelsberg site of the u. F. A. Film studios is known As the Ger Man Lith reunion of cowboys planned Stamford june Veteran cowhand of Texas will gather in Stamford july 2, 3 and 4, for the eleventh annual Texas Cowboy re Mion. Membership of the association now numbering 1800, includes c. Pox Clark of san an Tonio. Membership is limited to men who were actively employed As cowboys on ranches at least 35 years ago. Japanese move on indo China seen new York. June report that additional Large Jap anese troop concentrations on Hain an Island can be taken to signify an impending japanese offensive against French indo China was carried by the official Moscow in a broadcast picked up in few York today by the National broadcasting company. Plant rocked Krupp works struck by bombs London june great Krupp munitions works at Essen were rocked by two violent sex following bomb hit.1 during British air raid it was officially revealed tonight. The Focks Wulf Al Cratt works at Bremen also was hit it was announced. In addition six Supply trains were wrecked Between Osnabrock and Bremen. Other import ant factories were damaged in Bremen Kassel Rothen Burg and got Tingin in night raids it was German warship damaged nazi battleship Scharnhorst reported bombed by the British. Attacked by plane and submarine off trondheim. Admiralty reported. Speedy defense meet Washl Naton june j2.-olm a pin american conference to Dis cuss Western hemisphere defense and other problems rising out of War was assured today when Secretary of state Hull announced All 20 of the latin american governments had indicated their de sire to Convene the meeting at once. Their replies were made to a note sent by the United states suggest no a conference previously planned Lor next october at Havana take place immediately. Hul l said that pending further discussion he could not announce he Date or place of the conference but added it would be held As soon As practicable. Or if Al e 1 l i Washington june the. Relief appropriation Bill including a provision that no alien communist or nazi bund member can be employed by the spa was sent to the White House or president Roosevelt s signature by Congress today. The measure also carried a pro Ision authorizing the president to order compulsory non combatant raining for youths in acc Camps. Congressional approval of the measure was Given when the Senate agreed to a House conference report on controversial provisions of the Bill. As passed the Bill carried for Relief of european War refugees and a similar sum for the surplus commodities corporations. A total of was allocated to the spa. This appropriation was made a potential National defense fund when an amendment was written into the measure Al owing use of funds for construction of projects necessary for National defense. The Senate also sent to the White House a measure appropriating for the social Security administration and the labor department. The Navy Speed up Bill limiting profits on government contracts under the National defense pro Gram to a per cent also was approved by Congress and sent to the White House late today. Nazi radios give thanks to fuehrer Berlin june networks throughout the Reich concluded announcements of the Franco German armistice signing at comp Leone with the words we thank our the announcement was followed by a three minute silence. The objects to be included in the likewise Are still being discussed. It is assumed Here that the conference certainly will take up military and naval measures necessary door the announced policy of the United states of resistance to any Transfer of american territory from one european Power to another and prob ably measures of economic Solidar Ity in the new world. Meanwhile Hull said the presi Dent s plan for establishing an inter american trading corporation was to be submitted for the approval of the other latin american govern ments. He declined to say whether this project would be included for discussion in the Agenda of the pan american conference. Italian sub is captured surrender is forced by British ship. London june Render of a Large italian submarine to the British trawler Moonstone after a Battle in the Gulf of Aden was officially announced tonight. Attacked by depth charges the submarine came to the surface and fired torpedoes and shells at the trawler. The Moonstone however scored several hits with four Inch shells forcing the italian under sea boat to surrender. Italy Swiss pact signed. Rome june com Mercial agreement Between Italy and Switzerland was signed today. Tisi i London june Germany s mighty battleship the Scharnhorst was badly damaged by a blistering Aerial and submarine attack in norwegian Waters off trondheim. The British admiralty announced tonight. Protected by a swarm of 50 Mes ser Schmitts and a destroyer the participated in the Battle ending in the sinking of the British aircraft Carrier glorious a fortnight nevertheless vulnerable to British attacks she was hit by one torpedo from a submarine and three heavy bombs dropped onto her decks from British bombers the admiralty statement said. However because of poor visibility she was Able to Limp away from a British naval unit the statement said. Two German fighters were shot Down in flames and five. British bombers were lost in the attack after a British submarine saw the vessel emerging from trondheim and launched a torpedo which found its Mark. More children in Austin school urged june Way to Cut Down the Cost of state government would be to get More children into schools. This opinion had been expressed by state superintendent l. A. Woods who pointed out one child out of every 15 attends no school a total for the state of Many of these Are roaming the streets and naturally form them selves into bands of Petty he said. From Here on the development into real criminals is just a matter of time. If we can get these boys and girls Back in school the chances of their becoming criminals and. Wards of the state will be War at a dance comping be Forest is signed by French and German plenipotentiaries French envoys leave to discuss terms with Italy. Malo l Orient in Brittany taken by German troops advancing into France prison ers 260 air planes captured. Eight killed 16 injured As British bomb Berlin area British transport sunk with 5000 aboard. States await talk by King Carol following Monarch s pro fascist moves. Capital gets its first air raid alarm of the War but no bombs Are dropped four Hurt by shrapnel. Planes raid Marseilles Bizerte three enemy ships sunk. Hull announces agree ment by the 20 latin american republics to conference when Western hemisphere defense probably will be discussed. Of 1910, numbering or dered to Register for service German battleship claimed hit by three bombs italian submarine taken. Envoys leave for talks in Rome comping be Forest France june France and Germany signed an armistice tonight that imposed upon the Defeated French Republic what its chief peace Delegate described As very hard Condi bowing before Adolf Hitler s Blitzkrieg machine France then sped a delegation to Rome to negotiate a parallel truce with Germany s italian ally thus Assur ing a Continental peace that will enable the Axis pow ers with the Aid of French resources to turn their full fury upon great Britain. In the same historic railway coach where Germany surrendered in 1918 to the world War allies French German armistice was signed in a Brief but dra Matic ceremony at p. M. A. M. Ending a deadly conflict that lasted Only nine months and 19 Days. The armistice however will not go into effect until six hours after Germany advises France that Italy has signed a similar truce in Rome. Thus All hostilities on the battlefields of France in her Waters and skies were expected to be halted either sunday vying or monday. Col. Oen. Wilhelm Keitel Gen. Charles Huntziger signed the armistice in behalf o Germany and prance respectively. General Hunts Igor opened the history Mak ing session with a Brief Declara Tion saying in a voice hoarse with emotion "1 wish to state that the French government has ordered me to sign this armistice. I desire to read a personal declaration first. Consideration asked _., " of arms forced to in which we were engaged on the tide of our allies France sees imposed upon it very hard conditions. Prance has a right to expect in negotiations of the future that Germany will display a spirit which will permit the two great neighbor ing countries to live and work the Veteran Huntziger member of prance s supreme War Council and one of his vanquished coun try s outstanding military men added in tones that fell almost to a whisper As soldiers you will Well under stand that an onerous moment has come for general Huntziger and his Threa fellow delegates then seated them selves silently and France s chief plenipotentiary performed his heart rending duty of signing the armistice signifying his country s defeat. Terms kept hidden terms of the armistice person ally delivered by. Chancellor hit Ler to the French delegation in the comping be railway coach Friday were not made Public and were not expected to be revealed until after the French italian truce has been signed. General Keitel. Chief of Hitler s army command affixed his signature immediately after Huntziger had done so. Five minutes after the sign ing the Stern visage Keitel arose from the same chair where marshal Foch had sat when he forced Ger Many s capitulation in 1918 and solemnly paid tribute to the Many thousands of soldiers killed in the fighting Between the Reich and France. He declared i request that All members of the German and French delegations arise in order to Ful full a duty which the German and the Brave French soldiers have merited. Dead honoured. It is honorable for the Victor to do Honor to the vanquished. All those who have bled for their fatherland and All those who have died for their those we now Honor by rising from our with Heads bowed the French and German delegates quietly stood for an awesome minute. Then with an Exchange of stiffly dignified Mili tary salutes general Huntziger led his delegation out of the railway car to a nearby tent where the French emissaries telephoned the govern ment of Premier marshal Henri Phil Lipe Petain. At Bordeaux that they had carried out their fateful task. A few minutes later the French delegates were taken by automobile to the comping be Ai drome where they Boarde d a German plane for1 Rome. Little More than-27 hours elapsed Between the time when Hitler dictated his peace terms and when France bowed to them. Parley set soon with the Franco German armis Tice completed in exactly 27 hours and 20 minutes of negotiations nazi circles said a Parley Tor Perma nent peace would be rushed with the same Speed. A conference de signed to fashion an Axis dictated continued on Page 1, col 6 Barcelona june the Duke and Duchess of Windsor for Madrid today and More than 1000 persons j. Ered in front of the hotel rite to see. Them off. With an entourage of ii including four servants and a Secretary the party is expected to arrive in Madrid sunday but s Secretary declared he did not know whether the party would go to Lis Bon. From Madrid As reported. Both the Duke and Duchess were looking Well As they left the hotel together and greeted Many members of the British Colony and consular staff. Petain assured of scions Confidence Bordeaux. June one Hundred French senators and members of the chamber of deputies meeting in the Athenee theater in Bordeaux tonight unanimously adopted a motion expressing their entire and absolute Confidence in Premier marshal Henri Philllps Petain under the present Circum air corps units Are transferred Washington june the War department today announced several transfers in the air corps to allow use of certain air stations As flying schools to Speed up the Pilot training program. The changes ordered include third bombardment group barks Dale Field. La., to municipal Airport. Salt Lake City and Twenty seventh bombardment group. Barksdale Field to fort Benning a. Japs mass troops near British area London june eral thousand japanese troops were lined up along the Hon Kong Border today reportedly to bring pressure on British authorities to halt Pas Sage of arms supplies to chunking through Burma it was stated in a. Reuter dispatch from Hon Kong. Weather forecast san Antonio and Vicinity partly Cloudy sunday Light to moderate Southeast winds. Airport tempera Tures High saturday about 92 Low saturday night about 72 High Sun Day about 92. East Texas East of the one Hundredth partly Cloudy sunday moderate to fresh South East winds on the coast. West Texas West of the one Hundredth High and inter mediate cloudiness sunday with scattered showers or thunderstorms sunday. Not much change in temperature. Weather Outlook for the week be ginning monday East Texas fair to partly Cloudy greater part of week with Ture near or above Normal. Additional to 1

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