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San Antonio Light Newspaper Archives Dec 9 1926, Page 20

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San Antonio Light (Newspaper) - December 9, 1926, San Antonio, Texas Gub life f pfc read this Story of a girl who played but did t want to pay i continued from Page one tired the elevator put his hand into his pocket. Are you in Saab a hurry to pay me off and be rid of she rallied him. Am then you might take me some Junere to great let s go to Andre seated across the table from him. She accepted with a Businesslike air the four Bills he handed her. Returning the accurate change. After a time file said Musingly you can t imagine How funny this Don t think about it that he not that that s Over and done with and the books closed. But sitting opposite to you this Way. I be hardly spoken to Man except in the Way of Budness since i came to new two Long his brows lifted at her. Are you off our Well but not too favourably known bitter experience or boredom if i m too inquisitive jump caution. And necessity. Haven t cad the then you Don t wholly condemn no. As playmates you re Al said Desideria. Thoughtfully thais As far As it goes with am that s a pity j Why a he leaned across nearer to her. People who know that they Are Bever going to see each other again can afford to be pretty Frank and Hon est about each other can t they without at her nod he continued if i read you correctly what Yon want or intend won t hold you Well it won t hold it has so far. Why won t it Al because you be he said slowly and judiciously More than almost any woman i be Ever met the imme Diate Challenge in you. Wait son re notto take the word in its cheap and tainted sense. If i said you d have swallowed it to without a quiver. But temperament is dust a quibble ser is what i mean. In in t the blatant advertise the Challenge of a Spring delicate and fragrant and subversive i m glad i m not going to see again. your name ought to be it Early of. Desiderie. Derry for Don t Tell me the rest of. He fetid tin going to have a bad enough time keeping my Promise without the clue and temptation of knowing who Joe Are. Goodby Der Goodby. Hope Yon see me sometime in the dress just to know flow Happy i am in that s the prettiest thanks in the he returned gravely. Out in the flush of the maj wind she pm said to herself May have done crazier things 3a-your life Derry Thomas but i Hope Yon re never going to again he s got the most changeable eyes i be jever seen. But i d Trust him in any thing. Well i should say so. I some women have the Art of making a Mieir environment fit them. Even in its unseasonable heat of May the lit Jetle apartment was Cool and fresh. Jerry Thomas slipped into the faint of the place As a spent run Laer might enter the chill restful Ness if a Stream. She called. F the response in a Jentle made toned voice came from tiny dining room. A Wisp of a entered. Once she most have a been Beautiful with the same Beauty Kinti Defiance. A Chat was Berry s. No one could have Verr Nyhl Cal failed to know them for Sisters. She moved like a ghost a Depre Eross Vord ozzies. Will you Promise not to marry for three he could you Tell me a word for panegyric in five let asked Derry s sister. Derry blows her employer a kiss As he the born and practical hypocrite that it had taken Derry a year to discover and appreciate his simple direct and upright character. She had come to Trust him simplicity though she did not particularly like him. He did not invite liking. He was a handwriting expert of note who had built up. On the Side a profitable Trade in Auto graphs and rare manuscripts with occasional incursions into the Field of paintings and old handicrafts. Upon entering he. Shook hands jerkily with Berry took his gloves Oft and put them in his pocket sat Down and surveyed the room with Small Birdish movement of the head. Is a pleasant apartment. A very pleasant was his verdict. To you run this Esta Olsh ment on the thirty five dollars a week that i pay have you come to inquire into my private Frank at Derry gave the matter a Long minute s consideration while or. Ostrander at intervals twitched. You must have suite Good she decided. It in t so easy to explain. Pm not accustomed to dealing Young ladies personal mat ters. I really Don t know what personal matters there can be Between us or. Said the girl a Little haughtily. Well there Are. I mean to say he shot at her Sud Denly and Detje Ratel. live Here with my older she got a Little. So have i. Between is just enough to support us in genteel a strange definition for this be protested. It in t meant for this place. I hate genteel Shab Biness. So 1 work for you to earn the margin Between that and she made an Indica Tive proprietary gesture with one sweeping hand. Tasteful Comfort he interpreted. Independence. That s the important thing. Independence of Circum stances As Well As of a he muttered. A futile dream. None of is can be Independent of people or i can. My life is my own and i intend to keep it my be spoke h a kind of Defiance. All very Well until some attractive youth comes along i Don t know any attractive Voutos Chatory ghost if there be such a thing Don t to. They comply in Wrai Bland. Everything about her Cate was sub vitalized. She seemed to main he Shook his head abruptly Yon her being precariously in a Are a very attractive Yoang woman Jiu bed world of her own wherein miss nothing mattered. Yet it was with some Pale effect of Triumph that she announced exhalations was Miasma and a message bearer was Clever of Yon i Derry always Bis Money and did t make Good on her bargain. She really fell in love with another Man gave full rein to her yet continued to live in the same House with her husband in i Stead of leaving him. She sends me Money but i always Send it Back. Are by views shocking you to desperation Lar. But that was an exceptional Case. You be been prejudiced by an unfortunate i m not through yet i spoke of my other sister who was More a Mother than a sister to me. I want you to see her the still wraith of Letitia Masury came in at the door and greeted the visitor with timid or. She said anxiously could you Tell me a word for in in five or. Ostrander looked unhappy and bewildered. He murmured. Why mrs. Masury is interested in Cross word explained the younger sister. Words sometimes help Rou Niu to said the other confidentially. Since Cyril killed me i Don t like to too paean is your world dear i hink. Sun and put it said Derry As to a child. The sister with a Pale smile of gratitude drifted out. Her husband bad a love affair with another woman killed the Wom an and committed suicide. My Sis ter s delusion is that she was tie one killed. Well she was do you wonder that i m inoculated against a wintry smile appeared upon the thin lips of Elihu Ostrander. You re a better risk than one would suppose to look at he admitted. Still there will come a time and a "111 sign an agreement never to marry if you it would t be binding. Contra Tumos mores As the lawyers say. But a pledge for a limited name your _ there was something Peculiar about his smile about his hesitation a suggestion that he was enjoying a Pri vate joke possibly at her expense. Well three said he. Tou Al be Bow old nearly i m a dog with a Bone when it comes to holding to a be warned. As to business you know what is required. Just to keep track of the office and the mail and keep me posted on any important sales you go it s too she cried. Ishan t know what to do with he said with a sudden kindly smile. I be forgotten How. And i be no you la find them. Or they la find discovery has been upon is returned dryly for i. Juu. Ire maps it is just As Well loyally evinced keen Leti l to Europe in a few Days where i trill get new impress but a line of troubled thought sods the Gray fringed forehead. Europe Are you going to close wait there was something about i he tool Porter to remind me. Co Porteur depends upon miss message bearer of yes a message for you. A Man has been telephoning. Act i run it Efie averred. For Derry s eyes widened. Before entrusting you with 8ns i Don t know say men none responsibility 1 wished to know Chat would have this there used to be to pro a bounced the gentle lifeless tones. In the old Days. Before i the girl ignored this. Did he give Liis or. Tried to rec Ember it by Ostrich Bird of the desert it s called in sunday s Puzzle. Said Derry bait relieved half for one truant hour that afternoon she had More about 7011 r Jbv of he hence my visit. There will be Little to do nere during my absence but that Little May Call for judgment and Reli Malhy. I expect to be gone through the summer. Your salary for the of my absence will be 5300 a month. Derry gasped. If you justify my Confidence a you your increase salary will continue and Tou will have an interest one in the business provid i ,1. To _ z lingered. Ostrander in i a o t la a Man. He s a machine e rage Nia Cine. In Good working order fortunately for before Cyril shot and killed me you never had to murmured the other. Now you work the time. You never have any Joy in life. And you re so pretty. Derry Don t worry about Roe. Work la never Hurt he was very particular that you should be in this evening. I told Bio you were always in spite of herself Derry signed. Well. I like it better in Thap j do she asserted stoutly. So Why should t i stay in j must be some thing important to bring him after office chapter h. Consider in the Light of a permanent business relation l the risk i take of 5 losing in Relief Derry laughed aloud Ion lose me if you left in the Yard All "1 Ara by no Means so sure. If returned to find you married or engaged to be i m not the marrying kind 7 i doubt whether Lloyds would or. Sure Vou against marriage under it would be wasted she fun tiered i d better Tell decide reluctantly and Roifus understand. I Gren up with example of marriage All arc und a. Father and Mother both kindly j Eolk poisoned Lite for Esh Otter i Pocai Wije Rhey could t live the second meeting of the Quarter master training conference being con ducted Here trill be held at o clock Friday at main Avenue senior school according to col. J. R. Onrie. Director of the conference. Four classes Are being conducted for members of the quartermaster re serve officers of san Antonio by Mem Bers of the army on. Duty in the Var ious Camps. Capt. C. A. Mogar Rutrle and first Lieut. J. If. Rooks will have charge of the second lieutenant class. Capt. E. F. Koenig and capt. A. H. Pey ton will instruct first lieutenant s. Tape. R. C. L. Graham. Capt. R. R. Segre and Capr. To. W. Wyse will handle the class of captains on staff emblems. The class for majors and live ten not Rolo Nils be under the of maj. R. A. Omun. Capt r. A. Blair cant. Daniel o Cotinelli. H. A. Tarqu Prie. The National defense will be before the entire school by Mai. Lewis Turtle and capt. F. Schoenfeld. he predicted with Confidence. If you could know How lease i feel How irresponsible and vacation a. You d be afraid for me. I m afraid for i d be More afraid for those who Cross your she blew him a daring Tiss in acknowledgement of the implication and wondered whether it could have been a Blush that wrinkled his face so painfully As he took his leave. From within the Wistful voice of Letitia asked what could the height of happiness be in seven let ters laughed Derry joyously what on Earth else could it Bel continued tomorrow advertisement Check coughs and colds Quick with Mcmullin s formula. Don t take chances. Get a bottle today from your druggist nothing better for weak lungs asthma Catarrh or bronchial troubles. A reliable preventive against germ diseases. Berry s door. He was a sleek thin of inapt Promin self see with Ifni Ryff i working tide and a fidgety in Sony k in Nach perfection the Sunata o Matrimony. Both my parents died and my of is Parr. Fifth Era year older Ray self brought a up i la a tar. My x millionaire Vernow love. Friday night to p. M. Make no Datos. Be sure to be Here. Fpud by papers. bring Hubby Hubby bring wife. Women will hear world traveler or. Nina e. Picked it world traveler will deliver a series of four addresses before the women s club at 201 Cam Den Street on four successive nights starting at 8 o clock thursday. She is appearing Here under auspices of the theosophical society. Need help need a position read classifications 160 to 180 of today s Light classified ads. Illness of Japan emperor increases Tokio dec. Illness of emperor Yoshihito again is Caus ing anxiety. A household department bulletin issued today said his Condi Tion was unchanged except that he continues to lose appetite and longer than usual. This is viewed As somewhat unpromising. Until the last two or three Days improvement noted in his condition. Honor debt liquidated new York dec. Debt of Honor which David v. Picker Baa been paying gradually for twelve years will be paid in full Christmas with interest. When he in the clothing business his credit ors gave him receipts in full but he insisted on remitting. He went into the movies and is vice president of the Marcus look enter up new. The unpaid balance is in connection with the bulletin of the Texas spinach marketing Geason for 1025-1020 issued thursday by a Austen Hunter of the chamber of Commerce Market news Bureau it was shown that to Date ninety six More cars have been moved for1 the 1926 1027 season than were moved for the same length of time at the opening of the previous season. For that entire season of Rollings from Texas were 4513, an increase of 1000 cars Over the year before. The first shipments of the present season indicate that the Texas spin Ach movement trill be a decided in crease Over that of last year Hunter reported. Council will pass pay Eoll an ordinance appropriating to meet the current pay Roll of the City Hall will be passed at monday s City commission meeting it was announced thursday. Firm of Dro Siau established in of True City 75 years ago refilled a certain Rhein More than am Ilion times. Pfc pleven com tried. of this famous rheumatism prescription which is called a-285l, taken throws a Day stops rheumatic pain and Rel Cyca pm Ful stiff swollen too or bet it for Yon. Eimer Amend 7j5 third Avenue new York or. Albert Kunz goes on one gallon of gasoline to win i san Antonio elimination contest in the following 9 Drivers placed in the order named and will enter the final contest to be held in san Antonio december 15th, in which winners of the elimination contests held throughout Southwest Texas will com Pete for in prizes. Judges chief Sarran Walter Hood Fritz Rueter. H. Manness 42.45 Harriss 38 j. Layne 35 Schoepfer 41.6 d. Evans jr., 37 h. Gill 35 Gus salary 39.4 h. Whitley 35.5 h. Green 31.1 average mileage 39.935 Crawford motor co. 509 West Houston St. Yantis motor co. Broadway at fourth Herpel Gillespie East Houston Street Morgan Woodward Auto co. 234 South Flores St. Jordan Ivers motor co. South Alamo and Garden watch sunday s papers for details

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