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Racine Advocate (Newspaper) - May 31, 1848, Racine, WisconsinNo. 2s. Racine Wisconsin May 31, 1848. Whole no. 288. A Roni Lii Naii until Ken. I ii i , the curse tub charter i ,.ll Sii i Breakers. Iiri Jrimia a a i ,1 Civ . And liberties Al irined by i Ofiaria deemed of such in 1 i n in my i 1 p Lymn .Il i Ulrici Liyi Liu i Orlaine of Ibe Liillie Century this t the i ii l in in tin. Iii and in their pontifical Robes Olioun i to to i my in the presence of die King and re l n i Ilia ii iils i tin of lilo estates of England Tho 1st i a Nisu a imn against the n i u in u i no a to Cim i a Fringer of that . I he imposing i co remont look place in the a Reul mall of i i1-. I i Inu am Ann i i of. Kiil he v Testini Aster. A Olllie curse o i hey . I i sir. Now before us declares Ihal by 1. I in l ,.r, ,.ml Fiorill us almighty cod sind the ii a i incr. Anil in i blessed an sales and Marl my and .Il the re new . l of j saints in heaven and those who violate i ii. Air i tin the Ringi ish Hoci lies and secretly open a h v Ivun ii. i l i Tillie i v 1 x Doud word counsel do make .Il. in nth m in statutes if t Ikani being it talc to against said liberties Are accursed and Sci i on Liv is Kijuc Elered irom the of heaven .Il and die of the holy ., i. will t Lanui j i t i ii i a Lii ii n in Piini ecu ii lit Alu Mirable p Juhli in c Pili i run. Eal pamphlet in of Linus present litle i. I i ii la in Van i in. A i adding to the curse of v. Iiri it. Theohar isl Hix Akers says i am reman Atholl and Little value their Olier curs yet i declare i would nol die world incur this curse As every in doth who oilers violence to the freedoms thereby n. Of aloud and Rihn i i Lii a 1 i. I Elk llll., i u ii Wintis i n i ii .1 la. I u in l. , 1 u.Il.ln. No a i Inelli i ii . It. 1 i u . I u i la i. j7 . Ii. Royal hull.-, Laii in ii it Pri Ali Moil i m tin ii .Il ii . arum . In Artinr , .Il in Kinu ii a i Niin .Il inn Knight spun Anil i Niuaali. Stoil in in Lii in in n .Il firm in t Melv ii . Can Rah s Nir Sii i Liv tin tapis in Neil Ahcin lit Limov. it. Lik .Il no a i in try Horik Timil Mii Anil a full f-.ii-n-1 n la Hall. T . If la i .Il Llull Linell m .1 la i i i l i .1 in in i in i a i. Ii in tin1 Bill by Ivy Lolli ii l n i Nili .1, n my. Ali runt. , i m .il.iv, Ivy Lair i i n taif h Ali. ,1 i 1. n Thi runt1 j i a i j l tin i it no i l i n i 1 i Nain " In i in i ,--.ii Apar i m ii i rim. K. La 1 isl if in Thiol. R-1 i1. I. H ii ii. I in i 1 in. Aril Liv i Lull Tenil a Hill to i i i main is. L ii inc Lii Ruri i in a in alive a i1 m1 ii i d in i Lilii Lioviiiiitin-1 a Wink re l. .1 .Il in.c of win .1 Hunt. i d and hit Linn l i in Len lyran1 no ii in 1 in 1 tin like Wim Jyh find and the am1 Rodili a Down Liavine i Niwen. Llu if poll in in no Llo Avi m Jui Al. Ii a t i Vijh us i ii sin i in j Sis old a nov inn .Il if Xii Wai a i1. I of Sla c i m tin b cd and Noil a a find ind. Fraud on los .Il Cihir wants sin tiny Hii Lilian i . By laughs a Lii i is 111 a niiin.u-lo1. Veins. A on Iurii Moi rely nol .Il ii ii. I. Us 1 1 , Avelli Witt Lilu i. I Fant Mikkl co1vi.-i to ilii1 a Liori with pier. I then in Only Ling knt ind Ihu Rani id Ihn , spin lid ii .Il sold find fir Nijah a Mizuki i not till i not i hit.Il.i-, must to dts Tom n a St a ays in f tin.1 not lied Lilli to if did Rixis e the Wink nut to Fabii on and sliil.2, lie int in Etui us Liki nol in Miil tur Lii reling prayer to Imine lilo new life s Hlis on the Sable of this on Dun streets i m Lille Knave Sab uth rest i Uvea in slave no fur words am works like , it Why n. Lesion is to make harsh s Flait it i nisus ii dad and to level Loiti and i in Serl Ani Kinin and Christ of Joi in Lieut in tie Hinn Blest "1 thy kind j Hii e to i is Pray thorny Wuy Pine tug up the weeds of sin. Letting Chii veins warm Sunshine in Walshii i on the Illus of fail Lisle ining what the spirit big f l the dim seen 1 get far liken hearing Star lot s Art than j n tin in i liner one i a Viva them .Il Light uni Elway . The litter o Temple Spirios Jle Arim notes Ehnis m Hure As yet in Een conies Len View pie of patinos on inc till upon Kuril s grateful and lists the City of our god sea in monster. The tide of , seems amply disposed to believe that has been related of ravages. A Northern Gailor of the of Dens is said some years ago to hive his Llu be us his i n in the Alric Ati seas by a monster of Alltis kind which unexpectedly made appearance while Linese men were employed Durini a Calm in raking Sidn of the vessel. The colossal Lisle Elliree men in arms and Drew them under water in spilt1 of every .Il yet to preserve them the thick Ness of one of the arms which was Cut .Il in the contest was thai .Il the Mixen Insl the suckers of the the sea Serpent has Itjen Quiel for seve ral Summers past but it is re Mored that i will return to old lers in Bay an a atm As the Vii Iris am1 remain in these Waters through the season. It is singular Thill our has never been honoured by i Visi. Iviam the Kunken the Norm monster believed by some to by identical with Llu , which Are Sori Clintes met Wilh of Vlra Ordinary pro portions Anil l Lishi Haliil-.1. J he belief in the of the Kraken is said to he uni Versal among sailors Anil fishenne1 the norwegian coast and it has been often alluded to by Llie a writer from die Carmical. Period to the pre Seul Day. The following an abridge.ienl of an account Given of this Noii serous animal by the celebrated Oi Tisher Tneia usually Ssiss be thai when they Row out several Miles to sea particularly in hoi summer Days. They Are i in , by various Circum stances the i .Iken is us the Bottom of die sea. Evenly boats get Lovether Over him and from will in Over. Indicia Lions Pilicy perceive it is in ing they get away As fas As they when they find out of danger they lie upon thur oars and itt a few . They see Fie Mon Lei come to the surface. show. Himself sufficiently though omy a Small of his appears is which appears to be i mile and a Hall in books Al lir Al like a number of Small is lands with some Diing which like Tea weeds Here and Llie Rii a Arger rising is observed Sand Banks it last several Haig ii Points o.1 Burns appear which grow thicker the Dit to and Sotu Elimas stand up As High and As Large As Lite musts of Middle fixed vessels. It seems these Are the creature s arms and i. said Ihal if they were to hold .Il Llie largest Man of War 1 key would pull in. Down to the Bottom. Afler the mouser has been a Short Lime on die a Macc cd the to begins slowly to Ink again ind then he danger is Greal As tie Aioli ii of the sinking causes such a Well and such an Dily sind Whirlpool that he carries every Hong Down with this account will in1 Many be Rev re .Il is Sci i Lilic men Are of opinion the n May j Idini Lilied . Of tits it Eurtle list Vav hich have been described in die annals of science indeed i Lucri no Pic homilies have i juried Sinif Lucient to show 1 in existence of an i . He deep thu Cudie ish iiussessc.1 n. Chati Kleis to a remark Iolj de give listing Nash in from Oiler Erca lure is known and agreement Whiteb observed in Deseri items when compared Willi those of Ihn Edc Oral Cal is obvious to in arrant the , Ihal Ibe orca nor animal Lottis a sized is to be con dered not As a wild and groundless Ehi ii Ora Buas either identical with near y Allied in this co Lowd ii Lyle Lisle. Intr. I in tint in his description of the Eigil Irinod in Lyle fish Saj -5 in the Nodi seas this has Icen found such a As to Menoni c Welve feet in breadth across the Ern Viil Lart. While each Arm was fifty four Lent in length thus making it extend from Point o Point about Lido feet. He further so alas hit the natives of the Indian files when i l their always take care o be provided with hatchets in order immediately to Cut .Il the arms of such of hese Simals a happen to Iling them Over Jie sides of Fie Canoe lest they .Il it under water and sink another eminent writer . Shaw is decided it expressing belief in Ibe exis Leniec of this animal. He says the existence of some enormously urge species of Llie Eutilie wish tribe in the Indian and Northern seas can hardly be doubted find Hough some accounts May have been much exaggerated yet in arc is sufficient Hausa for believing that such May very far surpass that Are generally observed about the coasts of european seas. A modern to Zislin Guislin this tremendous species by several inst nees Are also a claimed by Denys Moll Ord in his Nau iral history of Iarj Mutl sea of the appear once of this monster. Among he slates that Lloro is in a cd arc i is. An t to j Voto picture deposited there by ii Crew in n mum Braih a of their i id Prestr Vali ii Whin Ai e 101 oils and Dedy i Breve arms across Lamy wilt1 on Ibe to of .Igglng it to Llie Willom but the Cun Linned of the Crew compelled Ibe Afier a Long and Ever to Hij grasp. The of one of tie so huge of Jilless in due Large fashionable to Visil die be Shore dining summer my if he Likely to scrape such a close with o. fishermen and coast cars we Hope la will keep Liu ii since ind Lei he sea Serpent who seem to be an info i and most Telicak hold undivided Sway in the Waters which form Massa Ehu Jilb Lipitan jul Strnat. Romak Toh of French police. Tin trim i a Larj. Of lit . p. Iris has been occupied for Lair last week with the Story of de Fin tide and v for ions of the lull1, which from the mystery which. Police in an incl and do la Tiia lie was lost and fell upon his Kihei s to beg for mercy while Caius Midiere spurned him with his fool As he exclaimed l of icon base vile miscreant in thu first Nisi Neil of my Wilb 1 had Dir signed to Ditl ruled thee with my own inn but my Andrer cooled Imo Lein .Il and Zijm thee into the Hiinds of those who will Deal towards thee with More Justice and More Sevo Rily than i should done by depriving line of do Lodde was immediately hurried away to the Oneie Gierie where during the night Bis trial was heard and judgment pronounced lie was condemned to he slow in the court Yard of Llie prison. Mirshid Noy and the d i Nghien execution Wii to follow immediately upon sen Lenco. The criminal was brought for Ward Uilah pinioned Arn eyes and planed Wall tin word was Given fourteen muskets fired on taif instant and unhappy fell Forward on his , while a Busl of 1-Iughti-f echoed from the executioners who ran to pick him up. The exeunt was hut a farce meant to intimidate miserable Lull and made him the terrors of and without the curse of blood Apon the consciences of his judges hut the event has tilled them never Rieless. With remorse and Wilh alarm for la Lodde was taken up and put to bed in the most ii Lii Rin ing condition. that night he moved not nor gave any signs of life. For some Lime be thought to be in reality dead but he recovered Sulci ii icily to open eyes Anil give tokens of i Wiiri consciousness Bill Aldi Ough he can Par Inke of Noisiri Shinell he has Neight a Nur spoken since that memorable thursday night. Al appears that lie i Lodde the and fashionable has so lung been the Charm of our Bondii a by .Il am Gall Miry other than a his himself was Ann Musl the denounce.1. La w .in1 envelopes Illo excite the git a of the police. Even so late in . It appears thai ii jul of a Cli nary Flis i minis had hero who was one of he most renowned exquisite and Gall auls of the saloons in Paris who was a know Der Dlo be a first.tlr artist a poet and Kiiji Joseil to be a gentleman of Moraine was one of Abr to to the Luv inon tit lot Sunu kind of employment d to Salem. Ills Friend i aussie ilior.1. Who had already Elc cled himself of i l lick go him iiar. to some led in his i Eov cry and Pippr Cheri Ion. Judge of the Comsti Rua lion which adventure has produced amongst our Fash Bible Cill eries who Liao so Foleti Icett ally Tipti ditled for the. Possession of he Fullil Dlo Lite of do around i lion of our Lair lionesses who li.uier-, him until last. Flu a he was de find pressed him into he service Ai l of so in Tho hotel do mile on de h Lodde i judge of the ind Una in i a nit to leave his Ollu a was i co hed opera Ball and concert and who have so by a fellow in Blouse my Sabos Long contended for the Honor of his m. Hailed him As an old Friend and Comrade Cor. Of Irin upon his a Dile i , sind Appie really Loloi Trishin in which in was found. Although the Gay was observed to change commie Minn at sudden re j Ibe last ten years Ore of the most Yogi Ilion of his Sivieng vol of d b lie of 1 -i.-. Her is arrival in Coli in a so .Il y denied any former a the l , Sho tool Tho Load Sis a Wilh him. Anil by Stopp Nir in per Focion m she was of to his crib Rolel which with d re Grey wailing at die door of the i ii d.1. to him Homo he 1 left the obtrusive Iviam i tar behind. Jid arrived to the cafe he was engaged to dim Wilh a party of fashionable Iio Nain .aneo.s, Raiher flurried of fio Urso. With i adventure but fully do to Good me was t a Fdl no ills Laud ble intention Hon wailed upon a from c Atis Midiere a Reiji inst to see him directly at the Ive inc Tut do pol be la Fodde a it disturbed the summons fur he was prep ring to hour Irisi s Benefit it. The Opo .-.i. However the Mossage Loo peremptory to of so lie one More Jun Piid Inlo dark Brown Cabriolet picked o in Wilh Orange which has for so to a a limn been the sind Pride of the champs ulysees and again did the Hijji pro i Init Iron Grey Hoar him at a towering Page through the Streels of Paris. Arrived Al his , he was in Niedith by us Erbil Inlo the presence of his Friend . Whom he found sur Roun ded by his num Jer loss it .Il flanked As , by die redoubtable 1 Brace of horse pistols which have never 1 left his Side since his first nomination to office. None of ibis would have created the slightest in the mind of Young j de i for to was accustomed to the Lone and hearing of his Friend Causs dare and know that after he was a to i c Thant Whoso bark was worse than his bite and he advanced Fuir Lessly Willi ouf hand and a Gay greeting upon lips. I Rose Nelly however he started .Il would have led not the door been bolted behind him immediately on his Entrance for behind the chair of Caus Sidire he beheld his other Friend of the Lotel de Ville and spread Oul upon the table certain paper.3 and documents which to. Knew hat too Well and which Lead been taken from archives of the a Romam. The , it is born for Young her it and ooiivors.ional Jowers soon left her ire Emi Nener. Slu in a year two Hisame. . With keen and a cad Sidtis iry. She look up science and before Long became Beautiful Centre of a Circle of men of learning lastly non having Len a work of Divinie which i added la Tho respect of Superior men for her Powers. Th11 Princess was lately called upon by a scientific Gen Lemon. On entering her .m i Rooni he be sorted i Olli immedi Alev id no his fair Friend under to

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