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Racine Advocate (Newspaper) - May 17, 1848, Racine, WisconsinVoll Mivi. No. Racine Wisconsin May 17, 1848. Whole no. 286. I in a s r ? 1ec125l-____i a Cirii. I Pitoau Ifil Liy Llie 1 in ill 1 Umney Appi Dpi Manl Liy the Lut t u . I die toll uni in to wit Rii-i.1, 1 i lil i an met n i l i . 7ft t i in i Mill i s k a. U . I la 1 Stiim Tient in the Holhi Titre Hind Imu i Ain ten the Avii Tine i Nui ii i a in Imu liner Mil. I n in i of it nil Hilll will i will n till 0 Niini Man ii Init l n in t uni a per is v i . I a Lin h Hill Wiik in Cirii i 1" i s it cd. In ii ii i Monsak to Itji Init nit ii 1 i l i Ali intr lion l i. Lin a Nilli la it i a lit i an i in inline ii. I., i Lif u ill lie. I 1 die Ravine the .1 i n i Hini l Lanil. Neil Trio Hal 1 ii la. J Annii i in bin Lilian t l ii Fiji Oil ii 11 Irh no i. .1. I Lam inn. H in in i ii a in work will in it. T if i a ii. Null i Mcm Linja promo att a. Lit so. Jim i. I ii n i ii Ltd ii l. u. A Neil. I. Nit . I fir r Dii ii i in in , ii n Wink in 1 Mii in ii Eim n iln1 thu n line and sex i ,1 to mate in. V i my. Inc lie to m h .1, i a i a. I a. Ill Ai Mil s5 lit it. Vii i in till l i m .1 or la i. x. S silly i. I tin i s. A i 4 of. Into i . A n. N. I h 11. I. T., i till i v i a. Uli a nil i. .1 Hill ird lift in 4. M. A. N. M. In ilm i. Lar. I r Ilni la. Tin Lois ill nth i i1 ii in t . In. lev. I m i p.iiln-Iikn-. N the c i in min unit lit . i n Ai in . U. Co. Of new ,11 to i a. Att annul of n t i Imanil 1. S. Tiivi in j i i in n i m 1 n i Risiti it a in Nii. ii Tiu Mili Ami aniin.1 i in a in Liti Ilijin in tins a no Llic i., tin1 life Clit u in. I s Lur i. To livid jul i ill tin i n on tin. 1st , i in Siml n to m l i any Amin an Mil. U. I to. In a. A Villi ii ., i in in nun tin i ill in L a v uni i Tolx in i. In Ilii i in. Anil in in nov no Vink Ami us . A m. if Lii. I twin Paliv arc tin tiit1 i join Ripe r tic or Vitorino Par in it ill Mil it jct to in to tin .11 .iu a Cit nine int Tii Iuni null s i a i ten in nun hits a in n i ii ii .11 ii a Jet Ulrith Conru i oni i of ii Ali n. Slanc iry Llic of in in Irwin Illn. Anji Itu m rail Tlell slim Lipil i no. Tub new Bra. Kaliim.1 an up from ten risk tip ten in in us nil s t nil Mill i up. The of Power is o or Day 1-Rnncj at last Vivoni uni by chore i Lvuv is Jials my a Curry Kiln out All air Nihil u cull on to spi in the i Luis s lion in tin Plains Ami Liri a i.1 of Trio chains uni in in Rinert Fin m no Rev i or birr is Vnsv-5 to in in in s no Anns. Oil. Lust ii Usi no Vic it v m of tit in i sin. I 1 ii. Ii i. T m v. La ,111 i i1 i uni a i m i. h u Llin a .11 til. I m i tin. If i ii u m .1. Ill i. ii a it. 1.1. I is k ii m. 4 v. 111l.- i Midi -., Ucich to u L..Ri i Lull tilt i. Pm i n i h . Kli. Mii . --------.1 .1 Mill r a .tl., i to the evening Zephyr. In mis i k i Akht. I my urn n1 tin1 wild lice is listen in .n i or Ali i Veu Aitel Liu Liiri Lily int Nim or Uli nrvi.11 Llev of t u the tie Bint sky Alx Jet a Lijin in inc Plinio t Slitni Liny Ivon to no re prove us me a in o ill St in i t thy to Levy , ill Enlil j Lenni a Natl St nut have to Tamri ivc tit Likit thy line tin me Tiu i int All tie Lini lit i tors in inc skies striving it inti so Tai Evoi to ill grave nuni Oit Oliy sighs. Mill waiting tar Liee j luuk Lur the Wavis us lie uni Ailiin Sann id i tit the Ullie the Liniai Point that to Freel Theo Willi heat of the Nunn Litho Opp Ruit i Balecha lightly in meet thee Blini it 1 Kenniv mini the West. Alas it Ulitin indent me i is Only my i hint then i Pinyi of my l.im1 in Onee Nii Lulu Oliy Amis from h n i uni Bali of Tinct to the dogs. Ill t Aii Tii l h i received Hill to Day or. l said a customer to enl Ercil Tho of a it Chafic. Arc bending out on accounts at this Rutm cd the my Haniu Bow ing i in any Vury Well or. Linker Wurf always Alad i Lini you must throw Oil Somcy Liinar. Let me the customer Drew out inc Twenty seven dollars and i orly six cents. Tic qty Livo will do. There receipt the Liili i la any hot fifi Murf Shook us it oud. 11 i can t deduct a cup Irenn Ihal Bill or. H tour. Vury article u charged at regular yes you can. Just Nitika it to finds five ill last even Money Here it and Linker counted out the Cash. , i Leniu it. I m sorry or. Ankur but i t of Lii Eini to ii Thinie. If you la Only owed to dollars your Hill it Collins . Kli. 1-i is lung f. I 11 Mutt. la. Ann. Virv in foiling. I. Liali in a a i Jill i la Sci Minim h , i. , no. M ii Jurii Riihl j l win win i by it lev. W. Lull Ullh la Lili nil i von it a co. Of Llor Llull Cailini no 41 i Jln i in a . Rnnliniif1 to insure la Mir by i in All Kimu us neb us Dpi Lilik Hin hcs hard , St. a or Nittie. I in some f i1 in Lutin i Erin Auxin it the in in would Lioen just limit ainu no. I would not have added a cent try Oil what in due nor Van i Lake anything loss i it Wjk j l. And i l ill Hills i. M . A. No in tin draw i if h the. To ii. I nut is i of u of or nor in a. I hand l Lii i ii Al ii Oln or l 1 1 Mim i Lili i Illi i pm is in n 11. . or. I .01.1 a. J Hon you tin Odd inon by of i cannot very the manner of the customer . He was evidently of fended. I Lio Hill is too High by just the sum i asked to have stricken off. Slut no Maiter i can any Hail in the Insu tilt Mechanic who was an Independent sort of i nun that i am clip noting you out of Lac dollars and forty six i did t say lint it Plain that you think so or Vou would t have asked an abatement. E ii Lii in to ii reel if or in i Linni then ii. Neil All i Jno Init Cuil eat i til Ilten Liimol. I k. Hack i Irit. Ii. ctl., Raeine. He s. M in in it Kris . U ii t tit Ami i Irenr Ihm Ninf. ii in i. I in Notri it if you considered my charges just you a. A a u i n k i n s 11 ram u k be Eliee Weilun Lenur All Otlyn r j hip in Tran any ports an. In in Kwh Neil Vii a in in All Kinin to til Merubia Nilise i uni s. I in to i1 any no the Lake enl i Hurt in Lair Bikini. A vessel 1 i is kept a ii nilus trait Ninino the n Ami of ill the vesels w fur the Benefit of Luwis Busi vhf am i-.1hi i insurance a anti Titt. ,1- i in to. , i. In Sii in us Rean i n a k Hei Ullic. .s.mifii. is is. i m Lerv in Mil Sliwi a w n lit Mam St. Hac . N l 111 Liu Uli Liy u m. .1 Blunt. I it . An in. That the i c .11 fur -nl.j.-. T l no i Lav us a i Kavain. I vie us ital ii of Rii Pai exist Iris my in Liller this Ilay Ilissyn Lucil by Mutual Etin ent. The brain visa will in Intro be i ont bit i Llic title of i . A Taine March pm t-s-18. I7 jul ax1 Wink just re tic Llano wave store of we. J. Hunt. J in Liln t never mind never mind Well not waste words about it. Hare s your or. Linker and lie added another live Dollar Bill to the sum he had Laid Down. The Rne Elianie receipted the account Tonj gave the change both of which his customer turns. Into his pocket with a petulant air and then turned away and left inc shop without Annie or word. It s the lust Bill to Ever has against muttered Baker to himself Asho walked away. If total a his Mumer of treating customers hell so ii go to the dogs. He downright insulting and no gentleman will stand thai from another and much less from Michanic. Humph yes i did moan to and or. Linker., involuntarily quickened his Pace. Hell lose one Good lie continued to himself. Fac paid him n Grent Deal of j Money hut it is the last Dollar of mine he Over Linker was As Good As his word. He withdrew his custom from the offending Mechanic Ami Illo another. I be got one of your old customers said a Friend in the same business to the Mechanic some six or Highl months afterwards. Alt who is it shrugged his shoulders. U How came you to lose i la Tell you How to keep i your Hill amounts to thirty dollars make it and a few Odd a tits by increasing some of tin items. He will want this surplus knocked of which you can afford to a then he will pay it and think you just the Lor Vou lost him then because you not Abati anything from a True Hill i thank Yon. Hut suppose my Bill should be Twenty six or seven or eight what then 1 could t Knock Oll the Odd Dulles Lor the purpose of making an even no. In i hut you rims add on until you got about and Buck to yes it will be knocking off rho Odd dollars which to will Shiuk Clear that Wou lil hardly be hardly. But you must do in or lose his Cummo some Day or i shall have to him 1 suppose. Ii lie will be cheated it can t of the very first Bill that Linker paid to his new tradesman he Oli Laincz an abatement of one Dollar and ninety cents Odd Money bal actually paid three Dol Lars More t Lan was justly due. Slit he was very Well satisfied imagining that he had a saving of one Dollar and ninety cells. Tie Noi Over scrupulous trades Man laughed in sleeve my kept his customer. Having withdrawn his from , in was the candid opinion of or a scr that lie was going to Lite dogs Asho expressed about As last As a Man could go. He often passed the shop but rarely saw a customer. To lie would say to him self. A Man like him can t expect Don t deserve i islam in Iko eyes of the very grass seemed to grow upon the pavements be fore the door of inc inclining dust Sellei thickly in his window and Llie old sign turned greyer and greyer in the bleaching air. Doing to Ilia dogs Ami no Linker would say to himself As he went by. Lie appeared to Lake n so rage inter est in watching the gradual decay of Llie Mechanic s forum is. Day a tile Friend said to do you know anything about this Why Isk Cid Baker. Tsewu ise he wait s to make n pretty la i Nill with on inc yes on the edit of six Don t sell him. Why inc Man is Ifong to the dogs at Nih indeed yes i m looking every Day to set.1 him close up. He migh have dons Well for he understood his business. Hut lie s so a accommodating and might Tsily insult ing to us customers that he drives the lies ones be has away. I used to Mke Large Bills with him but Haven t dealt at Hie shop now for some a i was Noi narc of Bluit. I am glad 1 spoke to you for 1 should t like to lose six or seven Hundred six or seven Hundred is it possible that he wants to buy so recklessly take my advice and Don t think of trusting i certainly shall when ordered the goods the merchant declined Selling except for Cash. As you returned the me chanic indifferently and went elsewhere and made his purchases. It happened that or. Leonnard had a very pretty and d a Gluck on whose the Mechanic had be stowed great pains and it also mat Linker had a son who in most things was i Chip of the old i particularly was he like his fall or in his great love of Money and scarcely had lie reached his majority Ere he began to look about him with a careful Eye to a Good matrimonial arrangement by which plenty of Money could to secured. Adelaide , on account of her beamy and accomplishments was much Carousel and mingled freely in society. Young Baker bad met her frequently and could not help being struck with her Beau. By intelligence and Grace. There s a Charm for said a Friend to him one evening. In miss she s a charming replied the i Ker who Felt exceedingly Cut Down on posed of As for the use of Ami children. The prices which icy com Yonng Man. I wonder if her father Worth people say yes. They suy the old fellow has Laid tip something unite handsome arid As Adelaide is his Only child she will of course get i was not aware of it s All so i after Liis Young Baker was a feeding by attentive to miss icon Izard and made perceptible upon her heart. He even went so far As to visit pretty regularly Al her House and was a dilating an avowal of his attachment when his lather said to him one will Young lady was that i saw with Yon on the Street yesterday after noon her name is in fighter of old in yes or. Baker looked grave and Shook his head. Of you know any tiling Abigil asked the Sun. Molding about liar but i know thai her father is going to the dogs As Fust As a Ever account of the mistake he had made and particularly so in View of the elegant House and seventy thousand dollars which have belonged to his son in Maii ded on lie Island varied from ten to Twenty dollars but by Llie Linn a Liand Nonie conk Fla Ali new York or new Orleans he was Likely to command one Hundred and fifty or two Hundred int by far most in cresting Circum stance connected with the wild horns of Aseal Cague had reference to the annual festival of Llic animals for the purpose not Only of bringing them under subjection Bill of Selling them to any when might desire to Purchase. Twin Nlay ill question was the lentil of inn on which occasion there was always an int Meniw concourse of people assembled on the is land front All Paris of the surrounding Noi Only men but women Ami came to children planters Money who wished to Purchase hide 1 thought he was very Well of no i be been looking to see his shop shut up or to of being sold sheriff every Day for these Tvan years 11 miss is a very Lovely she s the daughter of a poor vulgar Mechanic. If you see anything so Lovely Ihal Henry Yon have a strange there is no gainsaying Adelaide s personal replied the son if her father in in the condition you allege Ihal settles the matter As liar us site and i Are concerned. 1 11111 glad you in i rogue the subject for i might have committed myself and when too Hue discovered my Lime if lie had Noi fallen Minlu such an egregious error Abom old ii Onward. Most persons Are Apt to make mistakes of this kind and imagine thai because from some slight Ottelee they have withdrawn their from a Man lie Pinsl necessarily be Gning to the dog.1-. I Roba Bly in the Mailer of slopping subscriptions to newspapers and periodicals people Are More prone i fall into this error than any thing else. A Man guts a Dawlud Awil through some error of the Elora his Bill has been Sint to him after in has been paid through the Jig Eccl of a Carrier or the propensities of news vending , Bis paper fails a few times and in High indignation lie orders a a Beautiful animal for a present together with the grooms or horse tamers who were noted at the time for Luicir wonder Ful feats of horsemanship. Hut .1 Marjre proportion of the multitude came log Lucr for die purpose of having a regular frolic and dancing were carried on it Greal extent and that Loo upon Lam open Sandy Shore of the Ocean the peo ple being expo de during the Day to the scorching and the scene being enlivened at night by immense made if wrecked vessels or Drift Wood and the of Thi Moon and stars. The Supli Busic set of these however was to tame and Brand Llic Hor ses Bill to five an account of All the particulars attending these existing would require More Lime than 1 can Cuparo at the present Mineni. Suffice it to say that the horses were usually cornered in a pen perhaps a Hun dred Al a time when in the presence of the immense concourse of people the la Niers would Rush into the Miusiu of Llic Henf Ami Noi Only noose and Halter the wild untamed creatures bin mounting them no discontinuance. Alicr that he is firmly convinced Lylial Ilia paper Musl Down and if he happen to meet with it a Lew Mon is afterwards by Accident will very Likely Why is this thing alive Yel 1 thought in had slopped Long so the world moves on. J Cupic Are prone to think thai what they smile on Hies and what they frown is blighted and must die. _. The people of acco Xac. A Teller published ill tic intelligencer gives an insert Siitia account of Ibe inhabitants of that Long Peninsula of the stale of Virginia which lies Between Chesapeake Bay and the Ailan Lic Ami is divided into iwo comprising the Southern extremity Ami Aee Omae the northerly portion. The people and some of their customs Are thus described of the Twenty five thousand souls who inhabit the Peninsula 1 suppose that Noi More than one thousand could distinguish the difference Between the Kejr Lish and the Cherokee alphabet. N he times even without a bridle would Rush two counties of Accomac and North amp and a Sud error it would have ton the idea of even a weekly newspaper was never dreamed of. The people Are imry. I tiny future Mailer of ii kind 1 Hope you will be perfectly Frank me. I have a much More accurate knowledge of the condition and standing i of people Yon can possibly the Sun promised to do As his father wished. A Viii that Lime Trio to miss icon nerd were Aba cd and his attentions to her when they met in society be came cold a formal tic Sweet Young girl whose feelings had realty been inter ested Felt inc change and was for a time unhappy bal in a few months she recovered herself and was again As Bright and cheerful As usual. Time went steadily on sweeping Down one Mic Selling up another and still old Lico Anard to lion l go to the dogs much Lollie Surprise of link or who could not ii Ngioc How the Mechanic kept his head ii Buvac water after to bad drove away his Besl customers As be must Long since Nave done if All were treated As he had been. But he was . Lied of one thing Al least and thai was that the Mechanic must be miserably poor is he in fact de served to be according to his idea of the matter. One Day idiom a year after his Itin uly Catt him to his son in regard to miss fond of Armisce meals which consist Princi Pally of dancing and card playing parties and the saturday of each week usually appropriated As a Holiday. Any event which can bring together a crowd is gladly welcomed so that court Days training Days election Days Llie fourth of Only Christmas Day new year s Day and thanksgiving Day arc among the White Days of the unwritten Calendar of Lite a Comac ians. Tic roads of the country Are All Liy nature very Good inc people exceedingly fond of going through the world As pleasantly As possible so that each Man who own a horse is sure of owning a gig of them Are particularly unit Jive and lot Leish something like a scow boat in a of wind. Hut Lite crowning peculiarity of ibis Nook of the Greal world has reference to the Eusimo of raising and taming wild nurses. Like every Ali info poetical connected with the habits of Una people ibis Eusimo is rapidly becoming obsolete and will soon be remembered merely As an Idle and romantic talc. The very idea of hav ing to do Willi Virld horses excited my fancy inti very moment 1 heard the custom alluded to and 1 every Effort us from Llic pen and perform a thousand fantastic and daring cais upon the Tew if any of these horsemen were Ever killed or wounded while performing these exploits though it is said that they frequently came m such close Contact Willi the la rises Aslo be compelled to wrestle with them As Man with Man. Int what was still More remarkable t u Cue men were never known to fail in completely subduing the horses Alliey attempted in tame and it was often the Case that an animal which was As wild As a Hawk in Llic morning could be safely Ridden by a child at Lite Sunset Moh Aboosh and Ekbom the we can easily imagine the exultation of Triumph with which the Newso flow month will be received on the Oiler of the Atlantic. The proved hollow ctr of despotism the Lili Calion of intellect the Majestic Advance of a Young demo think we hear already nerd it incr happened to pass dung n collect information in. As it existed half a Century ago. As Good Abr Lune would have ii found on an Intelli gent and venerable gentleman nip plied me with Many interesting the oldest inhabit list to whom i allude is the Hev. Druid Walls of Llor town who is now in the 82d year of his nge and Lite substance of his information is As follows Llie Atlantic Ocean Oil the Northeast Ern Shore of Aee Omae lies a Long and Sandy Island known by the name of Assa to Agni. The distance from one cd remily to the Oiler is perhaps ten and in reaching it you have to Cross a Bay that is perhaps eight Miles wide. Al the present Lime there Are Only four families residing upon the Island one of them having charge of the Light House Llic remaining three be ing devoted to the Fishma business. From time immemorial it has been famous for ils luxuriant grass and from the period of die re Volution to the year gup plied an immense number of wild Horsch with food. When those animals were first introduced upon inc Island has not been ascertained but in is said Ihal they were the most abundant Aboul half a Cen Tury ago. Al thai period there was a kind of Stock company a existence composed principally of the wealthier planters re siding on die main Shore. The animals were of the Pony Breed but generally beautifully and very Leot of a deep Black color and Willi remarkably Long tails and Manes. They lived and multiplied upon the Island without lie Street where he had not been for sonic Moulds lust opposite a Large new and Beautiful Bansod which the painters were giving their last finishing Louie Hes he met a Friend As they passed Linker thai s an elegant House. U has been built since i was in the yes it is a very line House and i sup pose did t Cost less than Tun thousand no i should think not. Built in do Vou know v ves. It was built by Liy Linker looked Surpris by old Loon card. You know impossible i he s not Able to a House like of yes he is and a half a dozen More like it if necessary certainly. Why he s Worth seventy thousand von must to in his daughter is to be married next month loan excellent Young Man and this his been built is to be handsomely Lum shod As a marriage pres ent. Incredible i thought he was going or had gone to the dogs Long the Friend could Noi help laughing aloud. He go to the dogs he s the last Ona to go to the of no. There in l a Man in his Trada who Little does so Good a business with As show As he makes. Good work Good least care from the of Man and prices and punctuality arc the. Cardinal i ratios of his establishment and make All substantial. How world could you have taken up such a i dont know but such has been my impression for a Long a feeding entirely Oit the grass of the Salt Meadows they were in Good Condi Tion throughout to year they were employed by their owners to a consider Able extent for the purposes of Nigri Ellure but the finer specimens kept or Dis periods with which the american caucus is Are by this time ringing on. Such themes As these and to which Oacle successive will give a louder Ami loftier Lone. Nor in be denied that things look As though philosophic Lici nations of. De Tocqueville were about to be realized and the old world were go ing to learn a new political alphabet at the feet of her transatlantic if sprit in. The exiles whom the a trope of the Kiili and 17th centuries disinherited As prodigal children planted their ideas in a Conge Nial soil and the Luxuriance of Pineir growth is overshadowing and blighting Iho Parent tree. It would be considered Irre Levant Al this juncture to inquire accurately into Lite respective merits of the two systems of government which Are at Aslo which produces the greatest amount of individual happiness of National great of moral Ami intellectual there is no at tiny Rule of to Ica i lie most powerful Natl Proi intr Ous nil America May be allowed to full advantage of Ilic popular tendency to cry Miclis and shout with inc winning Side. No Sonbi ii is a Good and valid Argil ment As far As it goes against despotism that ii to be in its nature evanescent and to carry with it he of its own decay Llic civilized world to have outgrown in so at to have been unconscious of its own pro Gress till at a touch from without the mask Falls old and the whole pageantry of arbitrary Power vanishing like the Bane less fabric of a vision leaves not a wreck strength and stability Are essential Points to be considered in deciding the respective Mcwils of different of government and it is useless to prove on paper that a certain Constitution the Best if As a Mailer of fact we find that it in pinot Aland alone when attempt to realize it. Just now the fact that in plus american people were polled to Morrow from the Rio Grandc 1o the Lawrence every single individual would Vole for precisely the . which he

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