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Ottawa Herald Newspaper Archives May 24 1986, Page 2

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Ottawa Herald, The (Newspaper) - May 24, 1986, Ottawa, Kansas Commentary Ottawa May Page 2 saturday notebook some years Back when this newspaper had correspondents spotted around the a funny Story one we have never a Small twister hit a Rural Community and we sent a Kun journalism intern out to get the he with the Story appearing in the paper the same Day As the storm four Days we heard from our on cheap Tablet she scribbled four visiting then penned the note that everybody was too Busy with the Tornado to have any that reminds us of the newspaper fable of the crusty editor who sent a cub reporter out to cover a Tor Nado with the wire me a Lead As soon As an hour later the editor received a wire from the reporter which read god stands with me High on a Windy Hill overlooking a scene of to the editor wired Back forget interview get picture if what brought All this to mind was a Story we read this week in a Kansas City it was buried on an inside it was about a woman who suffered minor Burns in a fire at her quoted was a battalion chief who said she was filling her Lawnmower with Gas in the living room and spilled some of the Gas on the Gas fumes May have been ignited by hot coals in the leaving us hanging is Why she had the Mower in her Liv ing cutting a shag years ago that same newspaper sent a farm reporter to Southern Minnesota to cover a National Corn picking he went by but the train derailed in Central kill ing several passengers and injuring Back at the staff members waited anxiously to hear from the farm was he Hurt or was he Lucky to be in the mid dle of a big Story Twenty four hours later he called in an Advance Story about the Corn picking con wheres Charles Bronson when you need him 1 tv71 Windy City whims j Kansas longtime attorney Robert came out fighting the past announcing he will seek a third fou year he claims Hes doing his party and the people a favor that his sexual harassment problems wont worry the just some editorial writers around the state and a few we wonder if Stephan is go ing to pitch his Campaign against the press and not his democratic Den Nis Congress again is Messing around with the Senate has passed a Bill to Advance Daylight saving time three to the first sunday in we can remember when St Back in the Days of Franklin it was done in time to save now the claim is the moving the clock some would save the equivalent of about barrels of Oil a we want original with Ben Franklin first proposed it in he said it would be a Way to save candles in the by Mike Royko somewhere on the West Side of there is a Young Man who has to be one of the worlds least competent purse sat he selected As his victim Irene who was walking on Damen Avenue near Madison Avenue in Broad i will give him credit for picking a Likely Little old ladies Are the Best people to snatch purses and Newsome is a genuine Little old Shes almost stands 4 feet 11 and weighs about 100 who had car was walking toward a service station to get help when the purse snatcher jumped out of an Alley and snatched her then he started running Back Down the but he run because Newsome let go of the he you let Newsome hanging on with both being a purse he very Well let go of a so he just kept dragging the screaming Newsome along the after they travelled half a Block this Newsome lost her grip on the but then she grabbed him by one of his they went on that Way for several the thief dragging the screaming Newsome along by his then Newsoms grip slipped and she Only had him by the but he kept and she was sitting there holding one empty shoe in her while the purse snatcher limped around a Bend in the Alley and her screams Drew some people and they helped her to her feet and out of the he got my Newsome but i got his since there was Only in her and the shoe was from a pair that Cost at least that Newsome had the Mike Royko satisfaction of knowing the thief had not As they waited for a police a Young Man came walking up the Street in his stockinged carrying the other he went right up to Newsome and said give me my she said ill give you your shoe if you give me my i didst take your the Man if you didst take my How did i get your shoe Newsome the Young Man then proved that he was even a worse storyteller than a purse sat he said he had loaned his shoes to a needy Friend for the and that the Friend returned Only one saying that an old lady had stolen the other do you expect me to believe that asked holding the shoe behind her the Young Man started jumping around but several men from the neighbourhood kept him away from and that was when the squad car police looked Down the Alley and found the with most of her cards and papers but the they started to Lead the Man to the squad do you identify him As the person who stole your purse they asked she had to admit that she i never really saw his All i saw were his feet and that want the policemen a Man cant be identified by his but i have his Newsome that want enough the policemen and they even made Newsome give Back the As i he was a remarkably incompetent purse but he got away with in you dont need much just so Long As you try hard and Are crooked the senates super Trio the untouchables nothing it seems is sacred any now the United methodists want to toss on Ward Christian soldiers out of their too militaristic is the and we thought in these times the christians need All the soldiers they can Muster in the fight against the worlds Many by David Broder Washington Pete Domenici of new Mexico and Richard Lugar of Indiana will not be on the ballot this Bob Dole of Kansas but he no opposition in has or these three the chairmen of the Senate budget and foreign relations committees and the Senate majority three of the Best reasons for voting Republican in the states with Senate contests this As a practical they will Sway few if any Campaign consultants with whom Ive talked Are just about unanimous in saying that while party control of the Senate May matter a great Deal to Many to All politicians and political junkies to the most voters could not care Broder Young pitchers and myths dear Donohue i am a youth league Pitcher and i know that throwing a curve can injure your but everyone else uses that is it How you throw it or what none of the boys i know who do it have a Young Arm can be Hurt throwing any kind of pitch if the Arm is being the curve Ball has gotten a bad it now the experts say that if you throw that pitch correctly it wont harm thrown it i cant go into technique too but you should get firsthand advice from an older i do know it int thrown the Way i used to you dont do it with a Quick snap of the its How you hold the Ball and How you apply a slight outward turn of the hand away from your body on the Middle and in Dex fingers Are placed on the top right Side of the the Young pitchers who avoid Arm trouble Are the ones who keep their arms in shape during the exercising about three quarters the intensity used during the the shoulder and Arm Muscles have to get they Are the ones that hold the joints in wobbling joints Lead to you want a Good Book see if you can find injuries to the throwing Arm by and adults handling Young players will find it it has rules for Young dear Donohue what do people who have one leg imputed do to your Good health by Paul Donohue for aerobic exercise most fitness classes fail i cant jog in place or do the with a single Are there books published on i find in sure there must be such i wanted to get your letter in in positive someone out there knows and will help us ill pass on any information i get for you and others in your can you use a rowing machine that aerobic using shoulder and Arm Muscles continuously for a minimum of 15 minutes satisfies Basic requirements for aerobic How about swimming dear Donohue i am no longer a fan of yours since you wrote that article on cod liver my Mother read that and made me take i almost threw that is the grossest stuff Ever in so sick right i cant believe could you please reprint the Arti Cle and put something in it like further research has revealed that cod liver Oil will not work for people who dont like the brain releases a chemical that fights against my mom would buy that if you make it sound in sorry i did that to i got some and tasted gag City i dont know if a brain chemical caused but in not going to dismiss your theory out of heres a possible Way you can get the same benefits from eating two fish meals a if mom cant stand you can get cod liver Oil in Cap there the last thing on the mind of someone in Coeur is whether Lugar is a better chairman of foreign relations than the Man who would replace him if the democrats regained the Senate a Claiborne Pell of Rhode that Idaho voter will decide Between Steve Symms r and his John Evans on the basis of their merits or Down in Ive heard some democratic politicians say they think they can get people to vote against Mack Mattingly r by arguing that his defeat will help make the states popular democratic Sam chairman of the armed services i am sceptical of that after Mattingly can easily Point out that a vote against him will also help give Edward Ken Nedy his Choice of chairmanships of the judiciary or labor in our politics is so personalized and so devoid of party loyalty that few voters realize they Are making a double Choice when they vote for a House or Senate they Are picking their own spokesman in Washington and they Are simultaneously helping decide which party will organize Congress and control its having spent some time in recent weeks with Domenici and i cant help but wonder if most of us dont dismiss this ques Tion of party control too these three for the Overall performance of the Senate and for its budget and foreign policy of such exceptional Quality that their performance ought to weigh somewhere in the voters calculus this the member of the Trio Ive seen most is intellectually politically doggedly yet understanding and respectful of others the same qualities would be ascribed to Dole and Domenici by the vast majority of their colleagues in both parties and by the reporters who cover what is most striking about All three men is their Large their ability to see beyond their personal ambitions which in each substantial and beyond the parochial interests of their they approach the old United states Lugar has demonstrated those qualities most recently in persuading the Reagan administration to shift its policy in the Philippines away from Ferdinand Marcos and arms or what the lock horns i have the Best Par amp by Barry Schweid a diplomatic writer Washington a the soviet negotiations stalemate keeps the two sides apart on whether they should ban further nuclear weapons tests a situation that alarms Michigan Carl Levin but does not ruffle Kenneth the arms control and disarmament we have been trying to get the soviets to talk to us about nuclear testing verification for years and they have not shown an interest in doing Adelman said in an inter View we cannot beg them to discuss the but a Democrat and a member of the Senate armed ser vices on this Issue the russians want to he said in a separate were the ones who walked out and the russians Are willing to resume these i dont think anyone can argue the soviets Are unwilling to talk on this in the two Powers signed a treaty Banning nuclear weapons tests in the outer space and they did not outlaw underground but committed themselves to try to close this sole remaining area for nuclear soviet Leader Mikhail in a move dismissed by the Reagan administration As has unilaterally prohibited further soviet testing until his invitation to president Reagan to hold a special Summit meeting in Europe to ban tests permanently on both sides was rejected the stand is based on distrust of the soviets and a judgment that american nuclear weapons must be tested for safety and reliability As Long As the american strategy is to depend on them to deter a soviet at in two reports to the administration has accused the soviets of exceeding the 150kiloton limit set in a 1974 treaty restricting the size of underground by stressing Adelman underscored determination to make sure any future accords provide for modern ways of ensuring technology has advanced since former president Nixon met in 1974 with the late soviet Leader Leonid Brezhnev in Moscow in a Summit that produced the limited test ban Reagan has invited Gorbachev to Send soviet observers to the test site in Nevada to see How the equipment can be used to Monitor the Force of an underground there has been no response from negotiations on a comprehensive test ban were last held in president Carter let the talks lapse in the aftermath of the soviet intervention of Afghanistan and a general slump in rela Reagan in 1981 suspended the negotiations testing on both sides continued until Gorbachev announced a soviet moratorium last toward Corazon and in urging the Senate to reconsider its opposition to arms sales to saudi he stuck to his principles in both despite the evident political at the same time he recognized Why president Reagan was soft on Marcos and Why his col leagues were nervous about the saudi arms in both his tactics were effective and it is Likely that his judgment will be proved Domenici has shown the same tac tical sound judgment and political courage repeatedly Over the last five years on Tough issues of budget opposing the dog artists in the administration and in both parties on Capitol Dole has stuck his neck out so often on issues from civil rights to dividend and interest tax withholding that his courage has become almost this is not a plea to shut your eyes and vote Republican in the november Senate contest in your no matter what you think of the rival that advice would be and campaigning for anyone is not my line of work in any not All the Republican Senate committee chairmen Are paragons of conscience or by a Long and in notable their democratic replacements would be Superior in some or All of these but a reporter can Point out that when the republicans took control of the Senate in they had had no experience in running that body and its committees for 26 full some in Washington predicted a it has been instead a performance of considerable orchestrated for four years by retired majority Leader Howard of in the last 16 months under it has gotten even for he has a useful Knack for pulling legislative rabbits out of his none of this May be relevant to the campaigns this but it is not in significant for the Well being of this country or the judgment history will make on this Ottawa Herald uses 600240 104 Cedar published Dally except sunday and second class postage at Kansas 660672392 Wellington editor and publisher subscription rates to Trade area including Ottawa and surrounding by Carrier and motor one three six one by mail in Trade one three six one by mail outside Trade one three six one out state subscribers deduct percent sales

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