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Oshkosh Daily Northwestern Newspaper Archives Jun 18 1953, Page 1

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Oshkosh Daily Northwestern (Newspaper) - June 18, 1953, Oshkosh, WisconsinOshkosh daily Northwestern eighty sixth year associated press and United press Oshkosh wis., thursday evening june 18, 1953 36 pages Price five cents Rhee releases 25.000 captives 129 die when troop plane Lobemaster explodes and Falls in Japan h urge court to set aside stay for Early truce Are smashed i Panmunjom. Korea Friday South korean president Rhee s drastic one Man i revolt today reduced to rubble the United nations orderly Hopes and plans for an Early korean truce what happens now depends on the communists. By staging a mass release of prisoners hop barricades and vanish into Hills anti commie soldiers flee to Freedom Tokyo Friday reliable sources reported to most of victims Are american servicemen Tokyo giant double decked c-124 Globe master carrying amen can troops to Korea exploded a i d crashed in a Field today killing 329 persons in history s worst air plane disaster. The air Force officially set the death toll at 129 late tonight after a thorough Check of the Crew and passenger list indicated 122 Pas sengers and seven crewmen were aboard the four engined transport. An earlier estimate by James Bow in. Fire chief for the far East command who directed the fire fighting Crews at the scene put the figure at 134 dead. Most of the victims were Amer ican servicemen returning to Korea after five Days leave in Japan the soldiers aboard May have been Rushing Back to Korea after having their rest and recreation leaves concealed by the eighth army this morning. The cancellation was presumably ordered because of the freeing of non communist prisoners of War in South Korea. Due to engine failure Bow in told United press correspondent Frank Jordan that the plane s engine had failed. He said the Pilot had radioed he was re turning to Tachikawa air base from which he had left a few min utes earlier. Rescue work halted at Nightfall with 90 bodies recovered. The giant plane was approaching the base when it apparently pan caked into a Field from a consid Erable height and exploded. J the plane dropped into a Paddy Field six Miles North of the ail base i there was a heavy overcast fog and Light ram at the time. Some burned to Crisp Bowen one of the first on the scene said the heat from the Burn ing plane was the plane was demolished except for a part of one Wing and a 15-foot Section of the Tail Assembly. Rescue workers waded through a sea of mud to reach the plane. One of the men who helped re move the bodies said most of inc or re8ime of Mauai ,.lt 1hp Rorn or i i i got sick three airman 1-c James hand of Bir i. A 1 _ lawyers ask reprieve for spies overturned soviet tanks Clear East Berlin Squadron of soviet t-3-1 tanks mov ing in double line Clear Street of demonstrators in the Vicinity of the East German government Headquarters in East Berlin during a four hour revolt against red Rule. Soviet troops hacked by armoured cars and tanks broke the revolt and martial Law was declared by russian authorities. At wire photo by radio from Berlin reds extend martial Law to East Berlin s suburbs Potsdam and Gabelsberg go under curfew Folk head of the american natural Gas company Plant of Michigan Wisconsin pipeline. Michigan consolidated and Milwaukee Gas Light companies intimated that wis report 28 to 38 slain in German rioting Berlin russians sex state urges Michigan Aid in Gas dispute Madison atty Gen. Vernon Thomson has asked the state of Michigan to help fight Steps what appears to be a Gas blockade1 closure of All factors which Are Douglas granted against our states by preventing both states from grounds there is a quest Wisconsin pipeline co. I obtaining an adequate supp of or the Rosenbergs she Washington govern ment lawyers before an Ary session of the supreme court today urged it to set aside the stay of execution granted to atom spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg Justice William o. Douglas. The High tribunal convened at 10.10 . Cost to hear arguments on which it will decide whether to let the Rosenbergs die in sing sing s electric chair tonight for betraying atomic secrets to Russia or uphold Douglas Leneve. The government asked the court to Over Tui n the Stav of execution arguing that a further postpone ment would not serve the inter ests of defense lawyers stood by to argue in support of Douglas action. Courtroom is packed chief Justice Fred m. Vinson and the eight other Black Robed justices filed into the courtroom and took their places at the Bench 12 minutes after the session was scheduled to begin j the courtroom which seats Jabout 400, was packed. Some spec actors stood around the Back and at the sides. Several Hundred per sons waited outside hoping for a asks the Chance to get in. J heels of supreme court Justice the High court granted 1 1-2 Douglas Stav of execution of Ethel hours of time for each Side. Then Julius Rosenberg atomic spies the justices will retire to their democratic Kep. W. M. Wheeler. Chambers to Ponder a ruling. Jus above of Georgia Tice department lawyers hoped for Resolution in Congress demanding a decision by i impeachment of the Jurist. Wheel As the court convened s demand charged Lloueras with Sophie Rosenberg arrived by Planel Vigli crimes and misdemeanours in from new York hoping to be embittered Rhee placed m cop lines were Hall Liff stamped Ardy the entire mechanism of the ing North koreans at 1 up truce. Prison Camp. These harassed United nations Oft i sources said Between eight vials Weie attempting to provi Xirui of the North koreans Good Faith by replacing am 9q were i with amen can guards Maing prison Camps Anu by chasing the elusive Pusan Korea up Twenty through the Hills. But they thousand militant anti Corn rounded up barely a thousand men Monist no1-Tri koreans fled to free and Hopes for corralling others Dom today from four Allied prison 1appeurd slim. Ike talks to leaders compounds on an order from pres ident syn Man Rhee defying United Rhee s action brought these Swift nations authority reactions j the prisoners hopped Over Low 1. In Washington president i barbed wire barricades shortly of Benhower confers de with Senate Tor Midnight and vanished into the leaders on the seriousness of Hills. Rhee s act disciplined South korean guards 2. Sweden and Switzerland in and american troops who rushed dictated Rhee s action placed in to the compounds killed 10 of the doubt their participation in a escaping prisoners and injured 15 Neutral truce supervisory commis with Shotgun and Rifle fire. Sion but most of the South korean 3 the United nations truce guards handpicked troops from team gave formal notice to the i the Rok army stood by and communists of the mass release watched the mass escape some of of the prisoners the reds had the Rok s opened the Gates Lor hoped to get Back. The prisoners. 4. The reds accepted the news in sullen silence. Piping radio Rush additional troops no mention of the incident. 5. Demands were made in Wash turn to truce on Page 2 to make a plea to president Eisen Hower for the life of my two acting solicitor general Robert l. Stern opened the government s Jiniv Jilin Llva Ahern opened met i in haul Cousin s stand in the Phillips the Rosenberg would defeat the bringing of has been before the court Gas into Michigan and already. He explained Thomson said he department s position i that statement. Justice Douglas interrupted him he asked Millard to join him in twice to define the situation and to assure a Complete More precisely factors which Are in a letter to Michigan att. Gen. Martial g in 1 a r d wedge Friday j Gas from Michigan Wisconsin pipe line the Stunf on is Ion Wyeth should Jia Vei tax inspection ban is signed by gov. Kohler postpone decision on Clark subpoena Washington Iff the House judiciary committee today postponed until next tuesday a Deci Sion on communist North koreans who remained in the four 8 at Nan san. No. 7 at Masan. No. 9 at Pusan and no. 5 at Sang Udai. If they want to do More of this tonight they can do . Lionel c. Mcgarr. Commander of the pow command said. We will use riot tactics against them if they thee violently opposed to a negotiated truce which would Leava Korea divided and subject non communist prisoners to repatriation. So he took matters in his own hands in his first open act or the Rosenbergs turn to spies on Page 8 Mingham Ala. Air Force officers said despite the Adverse weather the plane was operating Well within its safety limits there was one mile visibility. The ceiling was 1.000 feet with bios in Clouds and overcast at 5.000 feet the air Force said. The Trnini turn to crash on Page 8 unreal Gnu communist riots allies need Strong army Baruch warns wednesday. Unconfirmed reports 23 to 38 persons had been killed in half a dozen cities and East Berlin wednesday. The communist police radio announced the martial Law edict for Potsdam where the soviet army has its Headquarters in East Ger Manv and baby Sbei a where the soviet military commander. Col. Gen a. A. Gretchko has his residence. A 10 p m to h a. M. Curfew was imposed on the two suburbs. Truckers pm veg the International Hish Viv Between Berlin and in reported anti red obstructed programs of producers to make Gas he said he Felt if officials of chief Roy Oshkosh Calls tribe most outstanding in country c against Gen. Mark w. Clark s u n. Sion on whether to sub pen by d and prom Donl Eisenhowe Primc court Justice Tom c. To testify before a subcommittee., too Long Reo Keating chairman a Cameel Loo Nep. Paid in a radio broadcast that lot a subcommittee engaged in a. He a probe of the jus ice department prolonged Contro told a reporter he a the to n. And to Issue a subpoena common Isle _ Nad been detained Clark. T o Onk j he added that the request will he decided to be the first order of business i sonars to Avold and mis. Bill passed by the subject he said among has the legislature to end Publ was discussed briefly before the in noir for korean Liniev inspection of income tax returns full committee behind closed doors u. Gen. Won Yong Duk. The Rok fas signed into Law by gov. Koh today. _ t military police command ice today. I i it sent Keating a it was one Iii Iichi t police commander who i Clark sent Keating a the Orf Ciai announce was one of More than 20 wednesday declining an the mass escape was a measures signed by the a hit sex to appear to answer questions project to ecu Tive he accompanied his a about seven eases handled wine foil at Panmunjom lion on the tax Bill with a state he was attorney general Wincn the two states worked together an adequate Supply of Gas can be made at present he said the situation is at an impasse which seems to have been created by the Altitude of the wednesday. The Michigan Wisconsin pipe line company has had ample of the Menominee indians now Are classed As the outstanding tribe in the United states chief Roy Oshkosh egg cleared while Tabor wis., de appearing Here reasons for a have been under investigation police Force and conservation of proving it. Facials among other practices com for -50 wisc Mon in the present period. G i Raide a Cirne a chief Roy listed the giving up individuals and Corpora just cd of the tribe s homelands As one turns could be inspected in of the tragedies of the Menominee for up i warned any attempt to detain n under be met by Force. Be s move promises z ruling Uca sons too obvious Infin his had 011 whether a congressional com Rhee he ordered Mitlee can Force a supreme maps breakout for reasons too obvious to the outbreak threatened to pre the Menominee Indian a great people. This Oshkosh was then grandson of chief Oshkosh after grounds for centuries amount n lax paid u whom this cite was named spoke j this locality was the principal poor a hmm icon me Toms grounds of the Mono mp1hec Joze dam need of Oshkosh civic omens Sturgeon was Plen the to testify. J the Light of the record int. Jul Mcalve could source of to Zirins of an armistice agree contributions made by the m said Keating. Gas of new c never started the Wisconsin said that Philadelphia up Bernard Baruch warned president Eisen Hower and British i Ime minister Winston Churchill wednesday nigh to remember that no cold War u Ith Russia will Les sen the need for a Western Strong Enouch to Greet and Force of communist Baruch the actor of nations put to Tost at the North Romig Bei conf i Cue e where i the and i p in huh Jie Iii v ill in i. Iced Juji essies to Rit or above a Riihl lion chief Rovo Hoo a told i Optimist. Linns and to club members the me nominee tribe Rose from a till and of the i n h i ice m riot inv turn to Loc on past 2 i turn to t efforts . If Slation nil general and it Clark wrote Keating that he was refusing invitation against i personal inclinations lout tilt it involved tin a of the ment expected on or before june 25. Third anniversary of the korean on fkr 2 judiciary Ament. I in Magdeburg. Chemnitz Dresden. Turn to Berlin on parc 8 barricade is thrown up by a spies guards some reason never went into opera-1 Tion. He said 250 million cubic feet of Gas extra would nearly double the amount now being delivered to the two states and pointed out that All s comes from the Phillips Petroleum com Pany at this time. He told Millaid the Michi Gan firm W.I-. Formed with the e of official of the Michi Mildd cd who were be presented in t h Etc rpm i i the outstanding tribe in the u to have progressed and we have adapted ourselves to Civi or and of living through the graces and foresight of our the Archit grandson of the Hief exclaimed he Riecl tied that the to if Waii its own Oss in inc n y up at slim prison tin on above Oil be Cui keep Una Thoi through Henry Mouton Miv of de will Thev us Down the path v Noo feet from troit. General counsel of the Mihi immediate he bastion where Gan consolidated a c on my is in ill Elvit of . Alom even As after the close the weather atom pies Julius and Ethel Rosen who held 60 per cent of the Stock f f world Bare Are scheduled to die tonight in the company. h 1 or will they us Down f slate five fails them. He said judge o 7. Ide Otto the Ujj Ini. A. To. Seen Ink rough i but lne Nour approached for the Wismer chairman the South Sun Sun Day s rises sets june 18 by a striated press partly to loud to night and Kridan scat tried Thunder showers Noi i position. And tonight Road of holding our strength to supremo Nurt to decide whether Bankers equitable company. Turning Coloci n go Thor until peace is made sure. Overrule or uphold the Stav of Dean Crawford formerly of the Cal j of issued in speech execution granted the University of Michigan and Max re 64.7v South fuday Banush issued the waning to his he jul slice o Silver Stem. A former Detroit clout la to Rind Banu n issued me writ Nick Kyj is a associate Justice William o Silver Stem. A former Detric 1wo old trends in a speech Warden Wilfred h Denno usher. Were connected pared for delivery before the Een ordered the erection of the saw company Tennial of the Junior order. United amen can at the prison Gate. H and Friday. S Atte Reri attempted to subpoena cars Northeast. Cooler Northwest to Wisconsin tried to ,.k the anal m South ant cum Fri Low 45-54 extreme cent i Al i 80-88 atop the institution s All reported killed in Indochina crash the s tors her Exir Opean allies had i condemned husband and wife spa team waited in their cells in a h2-.1 f a i Vii d by death for word from the on v i supreme court guard1 i Thev no outward Corr in did sri d even if we re not conceal their vital Terr p Ai danger of ,1 Raeh news broadcast a1 r or Ell e invasion i i Over the void speaker one ass spencor a flip " item. Killed. Remarks rain Cloudy Vientiane. Indore. Parl we re r of Era h person Khi i time temperature . 64 12 m. 73 a finial rain a f of Rivert 1 inf Het above Trie of Mern no Hance from rur staff s pm to Weir n or . A 80 in Virnum fio. None it v Clen Mark w. Clark s Headquarters in Tokyo said the breakout of secretly planned and Bianch of the gov i n refi Illy coordinated at top Levels in the korean he set the number of escaped prisoners chairman Joseph r. Mccarthy today to be executive director of the Senate permanent investigating subcommittee to make room for Matthews. Mccarthy announced that Francis d Flanagan Veteran general coun Sel of the subcommittee would become chief counsel of the Senate government operations commit tee Parent committee of the investigating group. Mccarthy Heads both. Was director of in search for the House activities committee from the time it was founded in 1938 until i rep. Martin Dies up the chairmanship Early Ai newspaper

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