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Odessa American Newspaper Archives Apr 6 2015, Page 5

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Odessa American (Newspaper) - April 6, 2015, Odessa, Texas Monday april 6,2015 world Odessa american 5a Israel prepares lobbying strategy against Iran Deal prime minister chides current nuclear agreement the associated press Jerusalem israelis prime minister on sunday urged world Powers to step up pressure on Iran As they finalize a nuclear Deal in the coming months saying there was still time to improve what he said was a deeply flawed framework agreement reached last week. Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu a appearances on multiple american to news programs on sunday signalled the launch of what is expected to be a furious lobbying Effort to scuttle or reshape a Deal that he has criticized As a a bad and a threat to israelis very existence. A document drawn up by experts in Netanyahu a office obtained by the associated press gives a glimpse of the arguments the israeli Leader is going to raise targeting vague language in the system of inspections and its failure to address issues beyond the nuclear program. The framework agreement was announced on thursday in Lausanne Switzerland by world Powers and Iran after years of negotiations. The Deal Aims to Cut significantly into Iran a bomb making technology while giving Tehran Relief from International sanctions. The commitments if implemented would substance Gideon up Jap israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers a statement to the press in Jerusalem on Friday. Tingly pare Down iranian nuclear assets for a decade and restrict others for an additional five years. Netanyahu believes the Deal leaves too much of Iran a suspect nuclear program intact would give it Quick Relief from economic sanctions and create an easy path for the islamic Republic to gain the ability to produce a bomb. He also said the Deal fails to address Iran a support for militant groups across the Middle East. A i think the alternatives Are not either this bad Deal or War. I think there a a third alternative. And that is standing firm ratcheting up the pressure until you get a better Deal a Netanyahu told can. Netanyahu faces an Uphill struggle As he takes aim at a Deal negotiated by six global Powers a the u.s., Britain France Russia a a for More on the current Deal tinyurl.com/pckl36n China and Germany a and Iran. After last weeks preliminary Deal the sides will try to work out a final agreement by a june 30 deadline. Netanyahu a criticism has contributed to rising tensions with president Barack Obama. Last month Netanyahu delivered a speech to Congress against the emerging Deal angering the White House because it had not been coordinated ahead of time. Obama a assurances in recent Days that the Deal would protect israeli Security have had Little effect. Giant atom smasher starts up the associated press Berlin the worlds biggest particle accelerator is Back in action after a two year shutdown and upgrade embarking on a new Mission that scientists Hope could give them a look into the unseen dark universe. Scientists at the european organization for nuclear research or Cern on sunday shot two particle beams through the Large Hadron colliders 16.8 mile Tunnel beneath the Swiss French Border near Geneva. The Collider was instrumental in the discovery of the Higgs Boson a subatomic particle that had Long been theorized but never confirmed until 2013. Scientists Are promising nearly twice the Energy and More violent particle crashes this time around. They Hope to see All sorts of new physics including a first Ever glimpse of dark matter during the colliders second three year run. Cern said the restart went smoothly and faster than expected. Still it will be a while yet before the accelerator is working at full Speed and particle crashes Start. A it will take us about six weeks to two months to establish the first stable collisions for the experiments because we have to commission All the instruments All the systems one by one a said Joerg Wenninger the accelerators coordinator of operations. Dark matter a and its Cousin dark Energy a make up most of the universe but scientists Haven to been Able to see them yet so researchers Are looking for them in High Energy crashes in orbit in a special Experiment on the International space station and in a deep underground mine. West Texas a Fei. 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It bathes your cells with super strength Omega-3 and Vitamin d3 astonishing Relief a a blood pressure a a flexible joints a a pain Relief a a tri6licerides conquered a a memory Power rewired a a Energy renewed a a cholesterol controlled a a blood sugar balanced a a heart reborn a a Potency restored a a wrinkle free skin a a blood circulation a a sharper vision a a solid sleep a a stay focused a a mood control a a weight control a a and much More meet the doctor we re not allowed to Tell you about before his tragic Accident a few years ago this Brilliant doctor helped Over 10,000 patients overcome pain chronic ailments and debilitating conditions. Founded several wellness and pain centers and served on the Board of directors for some of the most prestigious medical colleges in the world and As one of his last accomplishments on Earth. He found the elusive answer to age related sicknesses a considered the cure for aging but because of Legal issues we re not allowed to Tell you his name. It s a real shame. But the Good news is his formula lives on. And common health problems due to aging will soon be a thing of the past. Marine d-3 attacks toxic . Enzymes that constrict and narrow blood vessels causing your blood pressure to skyrocket and restrict proper heart function and healthy erections. But Marine d-3 acts As the world s Best natural Ace inhibitor. It helps open and relax your arteries so blood can flow freely through your entire body. In a clinical study blood flow increased by Over 50% in just six weeks of taking Seanor Only one of the incredible ingredients in Marine d-3. Its also been shown to lower triglycerides by up to 18.5 Points a blood flow increased by Over 50% in just six weeks triglycerides were knocked Down by a whopping 18.5 Points a unstoppable Energy sleep like a baby if you feel tired All the time or can to seem to get a full night s sleep that s no coincidence chances Are your cells Are in an Energy crisis. If left ignored free radicals destroy your body a precious mitochondria Energy cells. They destroy the ability for your cells to communicate and fire properly so you re left exhausted and deep Rem sleep becomes nearly impossible. Sleep and Energy Are vital to your mood immunity weight loss sex drive even your ability to fight off illness and disease. But a recent 8-week study of the ingredients in Marine d-3 proved a Energy Levels Are increased by 71 % a fatigue reduced by 56% a the time it takes to fall asleep was Cut by a full 47-minutes a deep sleep was increased by 80%. Pain vanishes an overwhelmingly favorite result of Marine d 3 is How its ingredients Deal with pain. Quot i know pain a says company executive de Mcnulty. A i battled with it myself. Pain wears you Down physically mentally and emotionally. An aching Back or throbbing joints can wreck the Quality of your it turns out the be anole in Marine d-3, wipes out 7 different inflammatory pain enzymes. Including Cox-2 and 5-lox proven to reduce pain by a full 84% the world has never seen anything like this t before. Special Opportunity for our readers the makers of Marine d-3 have made this easy for you they Are offering our readers the special Opportunity to try Marine d-3 for a full 60-Days, completely 77 Quot a it or a risk free of Vou Don t det fro off the charts antioxidant Power j Start to feel younger sleep better have More Energy lose your pain and Shock your doctors with you new healthy numbers just return it. No questions asked they be even agreed to give you a copy of 1 the coveted to instant youth boosting secrets. It includes tons of advice and simple tips that will make your friends wonder what you re doing that they re not. Its a $19.95 value but it s yours entirely free All you have to do is Call them directly at 1-800-993-8626 and request your limited Supply and ask How to get additional free bottles too if you re Over 40, done to wait Call 1-800-993-8626 now before the free Supply runs out. Seanor in Mann of automat Moo set Tomas i so sir Jar. 1,200 mob it a is 830 a so cry Mummel com my met re Owen Tso pm Doe the antioxidant level at Seanor la so High it counteracts free Radical damage in every Ceil that a in every Organ throughout your entire body actually stopping cell starvation in its tracks. Lastly it stops cell inflammation before it overtakes your body and makes you look and feel old. Ace your next doctor visit Marine d-3 users report astonishing changes at the doctor s office. For one thing the Pill has remarkable stabilizing effects on your blood pressure so even if your numbers go up one month and Down the other they can now be controlled. The statements have not been evaluated by the us food Anc product Ere not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any amp _ those

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