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New Castle News (Newspaper) - March 30, 2015, New Castle, Pennsylvania Car jew Castle news monday March 30, 2015 n new Castle i news other i we re listening. Twitter com no rims Facebook rom Ncnees wow be Newson me of presidential a Campaign Ted Cruz can obstruct but can tic even before his first Day in the Senate it was Evi Dent that Ted Cruz had his eyes on a bigger stage. Yesterday that stage came into full View when Texas Junior senator announced he would seek the gop nomination for president in 2016 most of the country knows Cruz As the freshman senator who waged a 21 hour quasi filibuster in 2013 to blast the affordable care act including a recitation of the or Seuss classic Green eggs and Ham that stunt led to an ill advised government shutdown and Drew the ire of fellow republicans who said Cruz Reb shed dishing out criticism without offering viable solutions while not a Surprise Cruz s candidacy looks to be Pivotal for the gop he represents the Tea party Wing of a Republican party that needs to attract More moderates and uncommitted voters to win National elections. By his own admission and actions Cruz has no time for either a not a positive sign from someone who wishes to occupy the Oval office. His bombastic style is wearing thin. During this Campaign Cruz must do More than pan Der to the farthest right reaches of the Republican party on hot Button issues such As immigration health care and Federal spending the nation has too Many critical issues on the table and As a presidential candidate he has a responsibility to propose Concrete solutions even if it Means reaching across the political aisle. Continuing obstructionist paths might excite primary voters but it won t Benefit the nation or the conservative cause. Beyond the issues Are the optics there is a certain irony in the timing of his Pursuit which roughly parallels that of the current occupant of the White House. Cruz has been in the Senate the same amount of time that Barack Obama served before running for Prest Dent is about the same age Obama was when he first sought the presidency and has a limited resume still Cruz is not someone to be underestimated in Spring 2012, he was just a former state solicitor general another name in a crowded Field of republicans seeking to succeed . Sen Kay Bailey Hutchison. Cruz did just Well enough to Force a Runoff against party favorite David Dewhurst a then trounced him in round 2. Cruz s candidacy in the 2016 race will define a Boundary for the gop s right flank. He has argued that the gop has lost elections because it has t been bold and aggressive enough this run certainly will test that theory. Most of All though Cruz needs to acknowledge that angry opposition is a poor substitute for prudent leadership. Who cares what you think we do mail letters to letters to and be no More than 300 the editor new Castle words. Letters May be edit news to. Box 60, new de for style and grammar Castle a. 16103. Readers can email let letters must be signed ters to a editor Ncnew contain nothing libellous All letters must include a full name a phone number and Complete address for verification. Anonymous letters will not be published. The people speak god loves every one off us editor the news How thankful we can he that we serve a god who loves us not one who hates and butchers and Abos is Young children. Lust recently they threw a Young woman off a roof. Hut Quot my god is an awesome Sally Herald old Princeton Road Petraeus puts icing on Iran cake Don t lust rely on Ben Jamin Netanyahu s passionate advice to Congress on his Way to reelection that Iran is our Archenemy. Now we have the counsel of retired general David Petraeus who gave a remarkable interview this week to the washing ton Post. Israelis agrees with Neman Hayhur Iran not Isis is the real enemy. His message Quot i would argue that the Foremost threat to Iraq s Long term stability and the broader it annal equilibrium is not the islamic state rather it is Shute militias Many backed by a and some guided by a Hie general adds Quot longer term iranian backed Stoa militia could emerge As the preeminent a mixer in the country one that is outside the control of the government Aud instead answerable to Netanyahu is arguing against a lid Deal that might end tin economic sanctions and permit iranian nuclear development after to years hut the thrust of the Petraeus interview is that unless . Military strategy completely changes Iran is going to take Over Iraq. I it r aet is gives ample evidence of this these shiite militias an log run by Iran s top military Man. Cen Qasem Soleimani he s the head of the duds hint of the revolutionary guard. He has been a jotted and filmed on the ground in Iraq and in Lawrence Kudlow my desk Bas been making Battlefield Tours tin Way Petraeus did Dunn the surge in the Lutish interview Petraeus relates a Bunnark Able Story in tin midst of the surge the general got a note from Sokmani a general Petraeus twi should be award that i Qasem Soleimani control Iran s policy tor Iraq Sana Lebanon. Caza and in Tragus told the inter ii Liary in could Tell Sokmani to Quot Pound Overall Petraeus makes it very i Lear that the current iranian regime Quot is not our ally Iii the mid Lite list Quot is part of the problem not the solution and is Quot deeply hostile to us and our without Ever mentioning Obama s name it s Clear that in Tragus is splitting from administration xxi hey. And in t All this what Bibi Netanyahu told the . Congress did no the say Iran s goal is to control the whole area Anil of course attempt at some Hgt int to blast Israel off the face of the Earth so Why an president Obama and seen tary of state John Kerry trying to do business with Iran of we know who the militias malty Are and know that Iran wants to take Over Iraq Ami control tin whole Region. Why is the United states talking about lifting economic sanctions Ami negotiating some sort of accommodation St Deal with our Arch enemy according to a Wall Street journal news report. Iran needs si.30.70 Lier barrel of Oil to balance its budget hut the Price of Brent crude is about ass or roughly 60 percent below what Iran needs. Ifs hard to get credible economic num tiers for Iran hut ifs a Safe guess that the budget is most of the state run Economy. Therefore cheap Oil is deadly for Iran. So i ask again Why Are we help ing them we be got Iran on the ropes. Why loosen the sanctions talking to the Post Gen. Petraeus acknowledges that we moved troops out of Iraq Way too soon and in doing so sent a signal of weakness that we were pulling Hack from the Middle exist Overall. Who a my is if this can to stopped. Surely tin Senate must vote on any . Iran Deal. Hut the conundrum is it i know Iran is our enemy if we know Iran wants to conquer the Middle Eist. If we know Iran wants to destroy a sri Al. If we know Iran is continuing to develop nuclear weapons arum if we re Heaning All this not just from tin israeli prime minister who Lias the Burden of defending his nation but also from a retired Gem ral who is out of office and has no skin in tin game Why won t tile present administration come to acknowledge do Mal situation reverse a tree and halt any efforts to placate our Arch enemy Iran Why do we even have to ask this question err it Iton Coni the Dallas morning news death wishes for America vie with Obama a Hope Iran s supreme Leader recently Saki Quot death to american and mean while his country is gaining Power Iii Iraq Yemen and Syna still sponsors term nuts is working on a ballistic missile pro Gram and has made dear Israel is a goner ii Iran is Ever Iii a position to make that happen sup nisely on la halt of America president Obama is negotiating a nuclear weapons Deal that could put it in that position. Hie Deal would allow Iran to keep centrifuges and other Means of making a bomb when other restrictions were eased in to years As now appears to in part of the plan. Tile supreme Leader s words do not seem to hug Obama much if at All. What does rile him up is Jay Ambrose 47 Republican senators sending Iran a letter stating that without con Gressional approval the nuke Deal could easily in tossed out a White House window by the in it president. I myself think the let ter was an ill advised Klutzy political Man Euver but for mentally regressive progressives to my desk describe it As somehow treasonous and unprecedented is absurd. None other than Secretary of slate John Kerry has himself publicly dearly and plainly said Quot we Are not negotiating a legally binding and although he has roundly condemned the Republican letter As a protocol breaker he himself As a . Senator actually did far Mort to transgress understandings about executive Dij Ilomay prerogatives when he travelled to Nicaragua for a Chat with communist Hon Cho Daniel Ortega in the�?T980s. An Issue far bigger than tin Senate letter to any Halfway thoughtful bystander has been Obama s chronic i am the King unilateralism in refusing to treat America As America Congress As a co equal Branch of government and a truly major Deal As a treaty that would tie legally binding even As it would also require the advice and consent of the Senate. He s More inclined just to sign papiers with Iran and the other six countries that lately have been Given less say in negotiating and to go to the United nations for an Adul Atory nod of agreement. Something he is not going to be Able to walk away from though is a letter from the House of representatives signed by democrats As Well As republicans and sent to him instead of to Iran. It women about Iran having a a pathway to a bomb Quot and correctly observes that no congressionally approved Sanction against Iran can be dropped without congressional approval. Obama also has a problem with the United nation s International atomic Energy Agency. Its director general Yukiya Amano recently emphasized on a pcs news hour that Iran has not identified Sites where it did previous work on nuclear weapons. The Agency wants to inspect the entire nuclear infrastructure and it also wants something else Iran has t agreed to a inspections without a lot of Advance notice of Iran does not say yes to the world knowing what it is really up to any agreement is meaningless. And you know something if Iran did not fully intend to build a bomb it would give ground on such issues in a minute. It would have a ton to gain economically and nothing to lose but the future capacity to initiate nuclear holocaust and the bullying Power that comes with it. I think tin american Public recognizes As much. You cannot fool 71 percent of the people All of the time and that s the percentage a poll reveals As sceptical of what Obama is negotiating. Since he is not running for office again he May not worry about this but you can bet Many members of Congress and presidential prospects Are paying attention. My Hope is they will realize that electoral advantage and the right thing coincide and will find an honest Way to defeat this Deal unless it gets much better than so far advertised. 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