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New Castle News (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, New Castle, Pennsylvania Four a new Cas i la pa., news monday june _3, 1930. Pm the new Castle news editorial Page new Castle news had p a Nea by the new a com entered it new caste pa., at second Clit .an., a matter. De l a Ltd a of. And Man t via 1 w treacle. A a a a a . It Fui. % Fuy. Tre. Her rot p Priti. Mgr and atm Tret. Forego advert Sint representative. W incorporated. A a w con a. A a a a a 4, a a a cite. A sea de Fele graph and Cable service of i be in National n a e service 67 West 44lh . Cerv except s..Day. 29 Ncry i Mercer St f4ii phone member a to Bureau Al circulation. Member am Rajcan new paper pull Lucr a a kit on private Vej 4c�0t f try. 3c . 15c a a Sefc Ltd veer. A v of Mal $5 a v. 1 Tienna. Via t. Daf not ma.4. than 3 a a a a a a Boc of at a. I u no v per in Fra Olaf news service fats the exc log Iii to use for republication in no form ail Newt diktat eyes credited to t m rot otherwise credited in this paper it a a of entire of 10 for re p a Caa a l me nip undated Newa a herein today love and respect. A mad Hatteras party. Strong men one and two. Crime and the government. The Little scorpions club. By Sun lain a a daily editorial digest 0 i i. K i a a finish of the three round bout to decide who was to be the regular right fielder on the Little scorpions of Felt areal Pieart by Nee papera of Nav a n Ltd a Imp Leela at by tftfi>l�l.le4 i alias Al no base Ball team. Are Hub g. Bis Bank Day a for f e a in a a special notice a Money draft. Rom 1. A to 5. Etc .hn-,.d a addressed to the nems co. New Caay Lep a a and not to a 11� individual cop Riffat �o930. King Phalares syn. Inc . Owen. Young a very Able Man. Says Quot we More than any one in the world need an Era of Good feeling not Only in our own country but the foreign protests against the Tariff 0 in i 11 Ltd . c2 lirt1 a a a a la .11 a n Elk a a ��1�s a a a we need the Friendly feeling of other nations. Undoubtedly and f i Luphia inquirer pointed out that should like to have it. However when i. I a 1 1 u a a a a a a 1��� owes you Money he rarely loves let w High Hal in Uip be Elm j a protective Tariff Law have Tariff toward us of european that owe us ten billions plus, me Ilum a Ere Ives Miniie to Quot Ood be cling of other nations is beyond our control. But their re the inquirer Cretin us. Spect we can command. E to a c. Llie line w is Hinston. Enough flying Maeh Mes. Sunmei Aines Swift cruisers and common sense untie Inive been examine the a a �1��o15 would guarantee from Europe respect h i e m. A me u Elul and Beer to being loved by them something not easily arranged. Ai Luad an. The % in. I he to l. I 11. Tanee that Ever of can sent protesting a Njau t the Fia in let a it it Elt raised duties on in Jeriean at the mad Hatter s tee party As you. ,., r .1. A remember one of the guests put p set within t. E a Mir \e.ii. Re of other foreign gov a the very Best butter m has watch. A n. 1� Rve of i2 the a a a a a thin. 1 his will be sad news to the but even that could not make the 1 1 u j j a a watch go. Lviv ��1� 1. N a i iia Civen a Houding hitter tears Over Quot nothing seems to please it a said 1.1 a a i. It the it e a i. A do Iii an Ini my lie late on to Iii product. Lice to these countries in the disappointed guest. In new York yesterday the Federal f ii. I.,v, a i. ,, the .Drdy Eish and nine months Frothi .owes7�?~if� he Simp of Wall Street was expected to be happy., but nothing seems to please copyright. 1930. By potato pop either. Stocks went Down from 1 Toj _ an Iii unit feature Olllie he Ines is Tiu ind in protests against 13 Points those who recently bought. Without thought turning the other .1 n ii Alp to re a a them of an Spini Teanee. It to an kind of Ines mean Lariat. Death Valley a Eixe a Anleu Rives Hope for Harren pro in Deus not u e sir a to auction and a to a l i. A 0 prod Seid. In a. 1 Lilly a. R. K Lov of a. A n. F a i it fax ii v he. I f i u Riki in 0. A a i to it a i h 1�?~ 1 of 11� n a Ai i Lilllie h of h a us i Vii if Fri i a it i u it Illa of i w 1 a pm of m i 11�?T r of in i. Us 4. .11 e a a. I a 1 it to. B Cam a 11a 1, 11 h p i of a his. A i .11? i v Kun i. A m if 1 a t of i 11 i., f �1 j in air it i la a i f. 1. A i. A. I a Al. In in of n t a a 11 ii the i a. A f if b ii iffy idrii4�1- >4? it i. A a. N ii 14 in Lito 4.1 i Ihn i a. A i i i f. I hl4 v i. A ? .111 a i h 4 4i Fli old Ait. A re. Nii Iid Unior kit 2�?T a of. Foj i in a a of ii w i. W a 177/6�?T �~6/vi him a i u to a i a i i ,0 i a v in 1 world pm Kovi Rvin lev on n 11 i. F Iea a a Ray f non uni huh Weie no a in the Hill w High went into Ettelt at 11 i i f Uhlie Inlet inns have been held in some i t i be i Iunisi m i pipe to Piotto rates which were either re 0 Volt of Iii nigh store the loll went to the president. But that Ili make Linle difference to the Theorine who consider it wrong Pim Teet the a it Kingmen of the i nixed states against the cheap 1 he i Quot to Fri nope. In an dispute they the Side of the foreign ovo lament Aeu int i own. The seem to think it a virtue i i Louie i a to Phijit. Of carrying that kind of reasoning too far. Way and Selling More foolishly with pm thought turning the other was and Selling More foolishly without Reabion. They Are sorry now that they bought originally. They will be sorry later that they sold. Hints and hints Sun rises Sun tonight 7.35. Tomorrow 429 Kcal Pasha Strong Man of eur when Magazine solicit rope no. 2 Mussolini being Strong tons come to your door give them the Man no. 1 has 10,000 of turks Gate. Most of them will hand you the fighting saving kurd entrenched on tale about getting Money to Iii h Iii from Man. An-1 groans and filled the air Quot seme Orie v being Thord. Said.Itrolmaii erne fat h ii Nuh u again. The sound seemed aim inhuman an Trany Ely Lamia car to patrolman Orr. A former Railroad Man a Mountain. The kurd. Moham their College education and by the j a Railroad iding he i Piui third parties third party movements in the United states have never been successful then influence upon political and governmental affairs How Avci Bren . The anti renters were a Means like the turks Are orthodox Way some act Thuv should finish their Mohammedans rejecting Kemal s Vio education on some Nice jail. Lent changes in their religion. If Congress decides to investigate some in Kemps army might even the United states Senate even fight desert to the kurd. Tie y still re Over nothing will be lost sight it new York organization which flourished denials order compelling ther Washington. _ ,0.4 .1. 4 j 4l 4l-, 4 41t t4 4, w6 f with forums old bout 1841. They resisted the collection of Back rents on the Van Renselaer Manor near Albany they had strength enough to defeat weight the Reg Mav deprive them of Paradise ii Lar candidate for governor of new York but made no upon National politics. The barn burners. New York. 1846 were seeders from the Demix Wratic they were opposed to slavery . The Bucktail were an-9 her new York party and supported Madison for the presidency. The . In new York and several other Stales were paper Oney Democrat. And in their prime in 1837. To the Doug faces belonged i i Northern members of Congress who noted for the Missouri Compromise. The Koran tells them to Prav with a Hen Heads covered their touching the Earth. They can t do that with a Derby hat because of the brim. In Days somebody murdered May be found almost anywhere. New York is excited about a murderer who Witch engine and ties ii e of a Ite was the a Btl. Gi4>amng h Lus Cord a tangled and / View were a in Pilc i the a and would t help if a ii i it i Nihle to get a Mann wages in an office she might suited in ii cutting them by marrying him. A crowd in to t a a a. P-1� e Ord Quot Ople m Wash my n c who a a a m Harb Orinc Ioi Quot a a lad can b a put in Iii a twelve no nth. W e heard of worse Milieu ruling Tului dancing girls by the talkie proud ver country a of a v.rn h Lii Brady of Iid 1��/�< i intr la a the in a t in he >1 no wave it in a-4 a p. Hong came an Ohi i irked of fix Fhi big a 1 me Quot oin Lien wbk a a h Sticks 1� univ i. Re a. S i a repair that Wou do Ltd to Well 1j"w Dot it a i know a re w ��o4�od a a i a a i 4. Go lard a lie Friend a a a a a no a i pm a vie a. Ohi v is. A a e Loo a u �?T�?�4 �?z0? ii. it 4�?~ a m. 1 a. A a a a a on vol in \ i i i i 1 a a a 4 of a a a 1 v. A a a a Nie a Neu. Tin be Ridd n la. I i a chorus an Assembly Ancog p As a substitute for in in Quot i a v i. Writes to a newspaper telling of his naturalization of aliens with less than 21-years residence was of killing plans and carries them out Pard by the know nothings of 1854. Twenty years before them the Loco i of it a Branch of the democratic party flourished in new York. The Liberal republicans were those who bolted their party to join tar democrats n support of Greeley for president in 1872. Thieodore Roosevelt launched the third party movement in 1912 and sick needed Only in defeating the party he deserted in a Huff Lafollette s third Pauy movement died a Borning. In Chicago a useless automobile is thrown on a junk pile the police find in it the b Xiy of a murdered alcohol Mikird reds announcing their crimes in Advance striking without provocation reason Are a sufficient worry in addition new York deals with heard in a local dry ii oods store Quot this material Mahhew. Your Sample perfectly Madam How Many Vard 4.�?� us not any vet. You see this in the first store in be tried it would liar to Quot. N a a Lauty for this Coutv a had Morrow Ben Defeated for the Nomina ion a f unit 8tat a a a m new Jar Sci. He a a real Amend an and a real e Man w to w be Wieard m be an i More from now on to e n a a w to 1 ii n a a ,.i a Vit e .c�?T one who East a i a it , \ �111 it .111 t la lame a wife a a Tilini Lier Loti a brute their Ile i in the Limi it ii �z4 la Jutei the a a a to do w Llumi c Tirk i a i by Donc and it is l a Milish to a la a 1 mind a w i Elk to 1 a a a a a Mer of ii of. No. A i p a a a a a \ a a w nov a a a f in spite of the fact Liat the Blind United states Een Alor a it voted dry in the a Enate he a of this acids Forth Little Hope for those Earnest Drys and wets who the Quot building Racket endangering jux used for re election in Minn it Ota Are talking third party in 1932 if the regular platforms and candidates go and destroying life when but won out big anyhow. Maybe he them make blackmail arrangements v. not be such an dry a with builders. Quot efficient civilization will be compelled eventually to do some Voler hereafter. One Hundred thousand the bombard men with statistics to which the people of thing about a crime organization with the United states Are subjected makes them feel at times like closing their income As great As that of the a -.4 .4 4 a 4-.4w .11 tonal government. Rev and plugging their ears to More figures but they cannot Well ignore _ 4i h As came out of this year a i meeting of the National safety coun . Vul head of the Chicago Nils Sion to Lep cts. Says China neglects control of . He has seen in she Quot if the stars ii Ultra. Stay in at according to the Star. This i it n a the kind of a Day to Trust ones Jiuji gent too far especially in the May str of trying to Cash in on the Sweis smile that meant for the Dud Whf i Uliey read tha. In All Proba bitty 100,000 persons a meet a of 1eadin� a it s twin right behind you i Lull a death in 1930, the possibility that Many of them will be among Ujj Fps eighteen out of 64 districts the kilns should arouse the . A Hundred thousand have Leper settlements. mean something. Not China alone is interested in the Aiho mobiles Case a Large percentage of the facilities of 1930 but that 1,100.000 of tie aut it death list will not exceed that of accidents in the Home. The lat Are of a dreadful plague. A a i a Cunt for Abo it 25.000 a can is each Vear. The causes being suffocation where leprosy spreads other plague.? to in. Falls and pc Iron. Home Accident Are for catch than Industrial and their daddy to let them do Jill 1 0-/4a 4 times As dangerous As leprosy might automobile while Thev Are is occi.f t Lia Lacaden a combined railroads Kil and injure 8a00 out to Western countries. .0 Yoi Init that Cihiy Don t know Ali. Difference Between left and right while this configuration prevail Heads of businesses Mav in Cxiereme-1/ exacting and int wishing to be bawled out by the a a Bossy should refrain from doing their is popping on tie time children born on clan will Nev i in a v v. Analysis of i e a caustic do that we Are a Xiandi. Italia i minister. Bunkhead born on this regret that italian students .�n444�r4hnrf.rt a Chr. A to Pei safety and safety to others More have impolite remembered tax in til of fiting the reduction made in accidental deaths by organized of in. Before the French at Bara f to lower the hazards incurred in Industry and Trade. On the face of that incident is closed. A a l the nation m j t turn is and Accident prevention Poland is excited Tiern tie Home and continue Toke up them trained upon pedestrians and of a new Quot Border death a a a re v a polish Border guard according _ _ _ to the German statement Ved the Mur 4-i-rv Catt Frontier refused to put up his hands i he Ali Jait. When ordered was shot and killed. I i la i Ici irm. Did appointed with her returns. Which a where Gunpowder is. An explosion o a ment. Show a population of 774 729, a always possible. Thank heaven we have not guaranteed any european country against War. A a. A 1 a i o a 1.6 per Siciu Over Quot he figures of 1920. I. Louis still f. In and bad no Al Ber the capital now a Fri bin a. Big Teri. A dropping Ira sixth to seventh i a a. A f us binary p of i o .��2 1? to Leith portion on a 1 a i i and ahead of Cleveland b t Al be nmn is accounted l by Ilio fact that he has so t i it a i Ber Civ limits. In area she is now the biggest City it w . L 1112 re thai twirl the ize of Chicago and your times that.l3delpha Isth Lulof of t. Aug Hontz for the statement let. In. A f he had adopted a l w on. I a u4i Vlf in t 1 at Iirth Ber of a a a a by Edgar. Guest a a just folks greatest practical joker that jerked a Crutch from under a cripple people who go after hard live no time to complain of a tunes. On the Wall if a Ohio Dowie a pulpit in c hic Ngn Hung a sign Reading As Fol lots Quot they do say. What do they let them the distance Between the pick an i a Hovel and the Golf in growing Shorter every Day 0.1 a .1 a Ervin a it he i Nikii to a us a. It i in the �1� i it i ind met a Terrt b. Elt Niento a h . I Prestio it ��~1�.ii a a Quot a it i i Liisi is flunking a -1. A his a a a a t i i a v a a a it in 1 flu 1 \ i u n a. I a. The a a a. It a a i it it n a a in a in in am it a a a Ihus a a a a us i pm a he in Harrt a i s�ini6�?~i is hewed 1. Till a i o. O. N n of �4� a. A t a a per 41 not a i v. 1 i a. O w i v 11h�z k u ? by 0�. N w a a. A % a i a i m t. In ung and it a of it Wiik a of a a i it h not tir 41t i fill 11 Ulm unit in Lucip i Wilt �1 in big not i a a a a n. .0 1 c in. T a a a if a a.l .11 aclus. Add Crunn a \ 1 is -�s.ird? hot a a a so a a. A i in a Anil quite Hope Angeles Ian uld be a City there be in the of All a Hope that triumphs Over doubt. A spark that never quite goes out however bitterly fall. A is a Meta Ihei than Mai. What is burden.? fret of Fetters Gall. A tie a a no lev 1. That tic continue though every dream is put to rout to k a Waid per i . That the population of and care everywhere inevitably we Are headed ii the cite state. Huh exc de Quot the Way to flight communist p a a a a Fra n�1a to Raul a Nething in the soup ��.��1�� Quot a conf. For sunian Cheri a o Connor Rodnok Ithoma. F among the Mam Wodei it t to i ing up Mcglinn and w hich will hit your own soon. 1 Madam Smuc Doza the free filed lady with a barrel of it in Eai h Eye according to a that Man tin Gal Wius All booked to a thu Witrol. Cri in Priidu it. When he a a a 1 Sers chanced in mind and run away with three Atli. R a Gnu n 8 churn up your room i Hange and tuck away join Sikkel. For my look at the lady we i Lvcy ind lost. He Man who would by King Golf Pla ing to. E it ii it Chicago will have t. It a to the my 01 quit playing Golf and Nimg to thu links in High Pricci my High Pozoic 1 automobiles being a Jim Nice Captain in Chicago has it on lot of Oshri Cal Inch. I he �44 on w n win a was .i not Hie a inn v to it 14 no .1-ii i on Ai �.1 31 1 by a i \ in Lla it i. U Isid to t a a. Of int Nutig. A. To dope i h Ahe Martin a a i Lue very few an killed a Ioe motives hut Back to Luke when Cal tie ran at Large and Straye 4 into tin.iilroad tracks it was nothing uncommon to hear old Tom ctn the be t and Only Way to spa title give a Seru a if Hort Sharii ols Nie Birds Ironi their bad Halls the win to it Slie around Tiu it i wait with Laith promised consign them to the Lender no k curve below town Hen see aim one Call i none arrival of aka and he t Warrior a at Man to think beyond this life soon Tom a Narf no Al Muir St loin. Post dispatch a be. A Forcier names but Ala so have n a a a no my it s m Ich harder to keep your hands clean if red a a t to use them a shall come the it Ace they have not found. A rates but with every june and autumn brings the Harvest round men. Patient in their care can Sec tie future Joys which Are to be. Of some Lindena Kei Booker to Washington a said Quot no Idle person Ever Safe to be Rich cow Lake a Licati Over Inlo thu ditch leap upward it As to jul .u� the smoke stack and land ii bout Tny time the Engineer wins led 1�4�?T the next station. I Critie b univ fact of snakes re stays her new Hcan i reminds h i a Venus a a m six a a to has lit. He Detroit Quot someone i calling for Licup at Fullerton and Atic Twain avenues a Anno Inu a voice Over the Detroit to c radio just be a a Illier Thisie. Tore Dawn All available police scout Urooj Tui up Ali to Fotti i it i i sped to tie appoint Plai Quot a Many years ago Cyrus Lovon Send we it Ulm la it a a tint a i imm a pc ail a it i we ii it to Jea 0 0 a i pin oils six Muon w Ltd draw appeared Brady later to achieve tame a. A make a Inu Gladu Avion an a Fhy n v Vija Oil Voll dam Aatu m Spuo. 06 toni All write was a Lerg Nuin in a Rii nil so Glnn a a i Tai div f us it a a 1 Truf St Alioa Tiuis in a they found hou.sc3 in tie lug Lii District Olmis mini Jii one Quot uni vol Cnoc i. A a 4 �4 of m t his he a. A 4 it a a a. fut he b Mem us v c ,. A a a he world \m1 i in mud puddles ����9������.���������� mgt a i \ Liv \ ii a l 1.� i f f 1 b a a .�T�1 a u l. 1 i. Pihe Rico unlit l Podva i ump a cup taif it i i in i la a a a a 1 to lib p. W a i w., a a 1 a la i m safely s in in la Fri w 1and the garage. In Hood Lic fed. The fax Cunnis peer he iriving his buggy i u Routi it t�4

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