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New Castle News Newspaper Archives Aug 8 2015, Page 4

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New Castle News (Newspaper) - August 8, 2015, New Castle, Pennsylvania A-4 saturday August 8, 2015 new Castle news i new Castle a n about the opinion Page International issuers and local Tive opinions presented Here columnists Are espousing their Points of View none of which necessarily represents the newspaper s opinion it is our Hope that the Coiler. Local editorials Are the opinion of the newspaper letters represent the opinion of the letter writer synodical and columnists Are presenting their views on National and encourage you to share your opinions and further a Public debate about the issues of our lives in a letter to the editor John k. Manna focus budget impasse continues it s aug. 8 and Pennsylvania still has no Bud get. The governor and Republican legislators who have been at an impasse Don t seem to be panicking. However gov. Tom Wolf and the republicans who control the legislature Are negotiating on some level. So Ujj Jar x but it does t appear at r least publicly a that the two sides Are any closer today than they were in july when the governor vetoed the budget. Just this week Wolf defended his plan to increase state taxes to reduce property taxes while also increasing school subsidies and eliminate a budget deficit. Senate president temp tem Joe Scarnati countered that the governor s plan to impose a new tax on Nat ural Gas drilling would Hurt Job growth. He also said Wolf needs to shift from Campaign Mode into governing Mode. Meanwhile some legislators Are visiting Israel next week although House speaker Mike tur Zai has cancelled his plans to go because of the budget impasse. While the two sides seem to he Miles apart an analysis released last week by the Pennsylvania budget amp policy Center concluded a that similarities Between the i governor s property tax Relief plan and a House Bill that passed in the Spring offers some room for Compromise. Both proposals would raise the state income tax to 3.7 percent and revenues from the sales tax by similar amounts. The House Bill would use the Revenue raised Dollar for Dollar for property tax Relief. Wolf s proposal would use some of the Revenue to meet other state needs including addressing the budget deficit. Even though the Wolf proposal would give out less total Money in property tax Relief Quot a higher proportion of the Relief would go to homeowners rather than to owners of non residential properties such As Golf courses malls etc.,&Quot according to the analysis. In addition a higher proportion of the Relief going to homeowners would go to Middle and Low income homeowners. The problem with the House proposal. From my standpoint a is that businesses even those not headquartered in Pennsylvania would receive property tax Relief the reason property tax Relief has even been discussed Over the last 30 years or so has been to provide the Relief to residential property owners exclusively. Nonetheless this seems to be one area for possible Compromise. Past practice in Harrisburg though does t offer us much optimism. Plus this is Only one area of disagreement causing the impasse at least the two sides Are negotiating. John k. Manna covers politics for the news email him at j we re listen twitter com Facebook cow wow it Crew the people sped America changing for the worse editor the news of say can you see alter leans stand up for Liat you believe and Don t Hack Down. I so much agree with Shirran Cyrus no relation to Miley i Hope who seems to have no Moi a i Compass promoting Nudie vulgarity and lesbianism where did that Sweet Little Hannah Mon Tana go thai so Many Little girls idolized your dad should be so ashamed i Billy Ray my old nazi references not appropriate in obituary editor the news this is a protest concerning the obituary of Eva Adamczyk pub titled in june. I did not know her nor did i know her family. I also Don t know whether she wrote the obituary before tier death or her family did later. I also understand that the news considers obituaries As paid advertisements. The problem is not so much that the obituary mentions her Friend regarding the editorial in the new Castle news on july 15. We Are becoming a nation of weak minded people we no longer stand by Strong moral values the truth god and the Bible. We just turn the other Cheek. Of Well you know ill be ostracized if i Don t believe and agree with homosexuality Gay marriage Trail hero Bruet Jenner schools s Are i re Moi from s or Cair Fin of the s Muslim religion ate flax gender where Sor should i say ?. Faking god of is a Good thing eat islam is a Glt my the co Fedei Southern capitals it two Brothers who Weie killed during the War. Of course Mil Lions of germans were killed during the Wai that they them selves started. I might be More sympathetic if they were killed during tile firebombing of ores Den which was of dubious Mill tary necessity rather than while serving in the Waffen is and killed while trying to suppress tile Warsaw ghetto uprising. Rile real problem is that the obituary contains the following sentence a Susie was a Small child when Hitler passed through Bel Small town a my own personal Iusi because one nut decided to take nine lives in a Church Selling no less proclaiming his love of the Confederate Flag abortion lights voting into office a pres Idem who happens to lit Blac k and proclaimed to be a Muslim then changed his mind when it did t lit his Agenda welcoming immigrants to America providing jobs education Etc Rafiei All we Wert promised changes. Well Here we Are in a mess. God bless the America i once knew and loved. Patty stove he fathom Road opinions aside any Survey of historians would yield a unanimous opinion that Hitler was the worst person in the history of the world Why would anyone but an mire generate nazi want to glorify ins memory even in Lins Small Way i would suggest that paid advertisement or not the news has an editorial obligation to remove language celebratory of Hitler. I cannot imagine the news running an obituary stating that a Joe was a proud member of the William Cohen Highland Avenue letters to the editor mail letters to letters to the editor new Castle news . Box no new Castle to. 16103. Letters must be signed contain nothing libellous and be no More them 300 words. Letters May be edited for style and grammar. Readers con email letters to a editor a it re . All letters must include a full Nome a phone number and Complete address for verification purposes. A no my to us letters will not be believers experience Awe during moment of worship another excellent biblical example of worship we find in Matthew 28 9. It reads Ani behold Jesus met them and said a Greet Ings and they came up and took hold of his feet and worshipped him we know that god alone deserves to be worshipped. Interesting it is then that Jesus does t Correct them after they worship him All he says in response is a do not be afraid go and Tell my Brothers to go to Galilee and there they will see Rue a a i want to Point out a Cou pie of things about this text first this occurs when Jesus appears to them alter his resurrection this is a moment of Awe. In fact this is a moment that probably surpasses Awe. This is a moment that s too much for words even. There a no Way to express How they Are feel ing in words. Ail they can do is Bow before him and tremble. This is worship he has surpassed their expectations. In the resurrect turn he a accomplished some thing Well beyond anything they could have imagined. His Power. His holiness. His sovereignty his reign his Rule Over the Powers of dark Ness and the reign of death in the world. This is More than anything they could have imagined he was redefining existence altogether. He was redefining what it meant to he human in tins world. They were expecting something totally different he blew them away to the Point Fiat All they can do is worship Jesus tells them Quot do not Why does he say this because what he s done is so incomprehensible that it inspires fear fear of the unknown. He a burst apart their expectations to such a degree that they just cannot comprehend what s happening Lins shakes them to the Core Tilis is the kind of Woik Jesus wishes to do in our lives. Again this is a moment of worship. Concerning the notion of fear in the gospels have you Ever noticed that the demons were afraid of Jesus every time he came into then pres once they begged for mercy. They were scared. But wily they were afraid of him because they knew fio he was and what he was capable of they were fully aware of his authority Over ail they did t question his Anthol Ity to restore life arid drive out evil and darkness. The i Staples on the other hand did no to fully compre Bend who he was at first and certainly not what he was capable of the difference Between the two Demon and disciples is that the disc pies when realizing who he was go they responded with worship. The demons respond by running for the Hilts. I think Ilia when Jesus returns this is what it will be like. Wynm he s revealed in All his glory before the world it will he so incredible that it will make people afraid some will respond with Wor ship others will respond by running for covet either Way tic is one to be worshipped. He s the King so what can we under stand about worship through tins passage worship is when we arrive at a moment when we re overcome beyond wants because of Jesus surmounting our expectations of who he is and what he a capable of Liat ail we can do is Tail to oui Knees and tremble. He is god worship is a moment of deep transforming reve Tat Ion malt and Stacey Ayars Hue and work at Emmaus Titbit Cal Seminary of Ham they Tan be reached through this newspaper or at St Mayhai Tias Malcom and they Biog Hunt daily life at a Shakti 1 month a. $17 99 3 months. $83 43 6 months. $105.79 12 months. .$203.88 a 4ssuxn a wow Tor in Tom if sub Erato in up to Fez ply new Castle news a of wet seed Boa 60 it Castle a 16103 uses 378060 i 724-654-6651 Sharon sorg publisher digital a Mobile a print circulation subscriber services circulation hours workdays Sam to a p in saturday to a in to noon to nope scan Cwm raw it is a in by in by Avert try do Pun i in x ti4 654 665 exp win 611 you Touw com you Pap 6y a p in weekday and 11 in on saturday Ouw xxi i m sax Mua a to Row or Cimon com circulation rata at Bach dealer location daily is cont Wao fond la Ai inserts Carton arum in deign of to to Pouf geography no at a adar1 a a a Tagumi 1h� May Mutt in rating num if of Atout my Tam in amp Paff pm hawd of Nan of Ltd Pieta water a and my coca anti Tats Baw came Bam is. 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