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Read an issue on 6 Mar 1903 in New-Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The New Bethlehem Vindicator.

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New Bethlehem Vindicator (Newspaper) - March 6, 1903, New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Indian Beauty was Model for sculptors j j falling Star Declarer to have been a perfect specimen of the aboriginal wonderful ability in ministering to the n the new York museum of natural history in a bust by Caspar t i the of Annie bet s Ter known As falling the Abenaki in Dlan woman whose death at occurred like Many other sculptors and Mayer considered falling Star the finest Type of Indian Beauty that he had Ever for four years the demand for her services As a Model was bust by she was injured in a Railroad Acci Dent less than a year and her usefulness As an artists Model was at an a she went Back to her Home among the indians at lived a life of though still Able to weave and at length passed her Entrance into the world of Art was one cold night about five years ago an Indian woman went to Harriet Maxwell Converse in this carrying on her a pack of beautifully made Sweet grass Bas Converse was is she is the most trusted Friend the indians she is herself an adopted chief among the to her the Indian who was falling applied for Money to take her Back to offering As Security for the payment of the the pack of baskets she Converse surprised the woman by telling her to take off her hat and coat and sit then she told her to loosen her hair and it fell in Jet Black masses to her it was the first time Converse had Ever seen falling Star and the Beauty of the woman impressed her and she quickly realized falling stars value an artists Converse told her that she could probably earn More Money by sitting still before an artist for five hours than she could by Selling baskets for a but falling Star did not take to the she had the sense of modesty that is characteristic of All Indian women and thought that she must pose that she refused to and not she was told that not even her arms and shoulders need be bared would she agree to even then she could not understand Why people were Wil Ling to pay her so handsomely for so Little Converse became the woman Best and by inquiry among the indians and by questioning falling Star herself managed to learn her his she was born about forty years ago a the Indian Village of Francis near her granduncle was who later became one of the Best known Adirondack from him the girl Learned All the tricks of Hunting and fishing and when she grew up none of the braves was More sure with the Rifle or More she was so Good a sportswoman and knew the Woods so thoroughly j if she had so she could have found steady employment As a but she would Render that service for Only a chosen like most no matter what their she believed in spirits and one Story which she told Converse will illustrate she said that a girl of her tribe was warned by her grandmother not to let a certain woman touch because a spell might be but one Day the supposed Witch carried the girl to the Woods after keeping her there All sent her Home her grand Mother heard of her Misbehaviour and punished that she the girl saw a almost As Large As a crawl Between the logs of her the worm commanded her to follow and led her to the she the girl told of her punishment and the in sent the worm to stay forever in the grand mothers and always after that the grandmother was falling Star believed the Story was among her other qualities falling Star had the Indian ability to heal the she knew the antidote for stings and Rattlesnake bites and gave the secret to take the leaves and roots of the wild she Aud after crushing them in the apply a Ball of the pulp to the wound and it will not result indians say it is a sure members of her tribe said that once she cured a Man of a falling Star said that was but would not divulge that secret and it died with falling Star never knew what fear her Friendship was right Loyal she never forgot a but sought a hard Luck yarn on a i Tanct Otto film look and three feet about a pass to Buffalo inquired a red cheery Man of the poor superintendent this morn the latter replied that transportation was suffering from a Bear move ment and Ivou lil not probably recover to Par for several in used to the Ever since i lost my ranch out West nothing can touch in burglar How did you lose your ranch in a lured the As he Sharp ened a the applicant took n seat and explained when i went out West forty years ago the country was rough and i tvs Way out what you might term beyond the i located a strip of land and was about to build a ranch House when the government stepped in and made a new Al this left me Vith n strip of Laud about Twe Miles but Only three feet i put up a House three by three Hundred mul went to work cultivating the rest of tie game was so thick that i had to go ont every morning and sweep it off the doorsteps before i could make my to the for tune favored me at there want enough room for More than one Man to work at a time on the it was so and one thing i would never do was to Over step onto government after the first Corn Harvest i found that the West end of my building was filled with Golden but i did not have room to Shell then came a Cyclone and blew every cob through a Knothole in the leaving All the kernels in the there it was All i followed Sorof the cobs for eighteen or Twenty Miles and found them stuck four or five inches deep into Rock Maple you Are wandering from the main suggested the How did you lose your property you my holding was so narrow that i was forced to build it head to the last month the wind veered about and struck the House broadside and of course blew it then the toil of years went for the you dont want a pass to you want to become go into stay Here through the nest fall Campaign Anil explain to the voters the Why Ness of the wherefore and the which Ess of the Ester cold he imm Zairl at 132o Ilton 17 memory us hit j m Ironce Lone and warmth Why is it that women in the colder sections of the Row in lesson comments Uri Niit hair that Iru Imu in the warmer i for March regions asked an observant Man who bad just dropped in from attention was first directed to the subject while in Chicago some time up to that time i had never thought of making a critical compari having spent All my life in the where i was i simply assumed that the women of my Sec Tion of the country were Superior even unto the Rich und rarely luxuriant hair which covered their Heads and rolled in bewitching ringlets around their the Happy custom of not wearing hats during the performance at theatres has Given me a Good Chanco to make a while it a new Orleans theatre a few nights ago i made an Effort to observe every woman in the re member Inythe while a similar Obser vation made at a Chicago theatre under exactly the same the result was despite the fact that i was partially prepared to note a rather marked Chi Cago women have a much More luxuriant growth of the hair is Evi Dently much longer and much Why is this no doubt there Are Many things which contribute to the difference in the length and thick Ness of women hair North and take for there is a mixture of a racial which no doubt has its influence on she growth of the it May be that climatic conditions have much to do l with 1 am inclined to believe that this has much to do with the mat if it is the controlling it has been conceded for some time that too much heat is not Good for men have been cautioned to Wear the hat As Little As possible be cause of the danger of overheating the these othe Scalp and thus injuring the Many of the Bald Heads have been to this very and not without Rea hair you thais one of the reasons Why nature has provided the tiny holes run the ugly the centres the hair must oxidize us in else it dead and the Oil will up i j to Fortune i i Ert Arii jews went irom to by Ami cure men the of the name of tul him Bijj suit Only to Roan inc in Iurii so am Call Over Laul East out demons thresh the they thought that by Uinn uie name they Zimm die Adjure Vve we Komi Kiml you Asti Sot hoots of an whom 1an doubt tiny often to divinity o Christ Iii the Lull i Iii prov Lesu ment Iii Sliv i the priestly the Duel priest of Iii the Mihee of i Vii spirit in compare 11 to Jority and i who Are Yiv v you Are Only pretenders in Lith of Lii Iiri j Only two in the ii on this in whom the was their cloth my and wounded so that they tied in several see tins need its strict it those stripped partially of this the was spread this occurrence at and produce a of Power was the were m belief in Maic that i to show the was Virch Xirui the Mir Naivs Jesus by the doctrine Laur not work sch age jts for Coj Iklin Wagon Ligonier Lidit Aud heavy Bartlett stoves and Harrisons town country paints farm armours new Home sewing tin slate roofing and Iron and Wood Anderson hardware new i k the a characteristic no her favorite motto was dont disown a person who has lied to you but if of lies Dis own from bugler to the career of brigadier general Edward Hayes familiarly known As Jack who has just promo tin from the eol Nelry of the thirteenth is unique in the annals of our he enlisted in e army As a Lioy in As Bimler ii Trio in Ivas to As omit an the lion if the army n 1 a Shinro has a ret the in the a penalty of one curse of riches it is has come to a Large number of americans have during the past fear rears made considerable fortunes is clue to what May be termed too Good the sudden transition from a pimple where hard work was required Early and to a life of luxury with but Little hard Lias proved a change which has to Many who have not during heir previous life had to take into a that where exercise decs not come with a mans daily stirs som Means of it Emo done sports of a or less Nolde he is essential if 1 health is to be ear and possibly to to live to satisfy All ones desires wimm Nia Ivial Phy Sical to be physically Aud the Lier those not the Cridille period of life who have in the last few years acquired who Are now under medical not o for nervous ailments As for what May be termed an excess of is said to he exceedingly there this in that the Man of moderate who is compelled by the Neces sity of the ease to live in a reasonable is More Likely to enjoy Cutrer health while he live and com Tine on to a than is Man who does Wjk Havisto Jacc the Lens in and Wijn Iho m All 01 the Scalp to nurture ii upon Tutsi grounds i think Are Ean a count Kcjr the difference to which i have i at any i am Rij lit on tie fact that j d there is a difference in the hair of women North and and the idea of climatic influences Beins responsible for it seems to me the most plat Sihle at Orleans time demo j thus shown t r five Fitl Macc and Iligir Only and Christ when Pili Crimo in irn future in a Brief summary of the Progress and future of crime in european coun tries and in America from the pen of professor appeared in the medical news of new the Frohow Jabir main conclusions near Rived assassination Lias diminished by Ami so has incendiary so during the latter half of the nineteenth a certain group of crimes of blood and theft still because the which a com or is favored although in Linds an outlet in suicide and will always Furni Sli a in Olivcr in a Norland a Survey of judicial Anil Crim Inal statistics shows a Izinia criminals have increase in during the period from to by Over and above the rare u increase of and tills state ment does nut include suicides and epileptic suicide has in creased to an appalling pc extent in tile most civilized while crimes committed by epileptics seem to show considerable in Conlu says 1rofessor it appears pro Nile that crime will not wholly disappear in tiie no mat Ter what cure we May apply to to Iouli most crimes will decrease in and in number with the exception of those against in t in it to come civilized Man will con Sider crime As a and product to be with Ion mixed wih tin to regards tiie or orc c Lead Cliris Stivins led to coi irs Tii Cir sin to rec civil Tinli Ilii Ronlov scrip by Isneje is truly lie i Humble Eccl Zirini Aluir they Lii i a cacti Connie cd uni sorcery Vii us of Risius Art Quirini skill Iel Ancl skin rat in in v of in iils makes a specially of manufacturing and buys country Wool or exchanges goods Lor solicits patronage of Public and guarantees Satis fac turn custom carding done in agent for the Gearhart family knitting machine which Ean be seen m operation at the factory any James t dealer in All kinds of farm Imas Grain horse Hay Hay Forks and Ropa Spring farm Robe and machine us i it Tanon to Lii Inu Ivy in of to nil y in Vepy r Money Isilie e in to i Bay my goods in car Load lots and can give you the very lowest give me a yours Road to Buffalo a y in aft set May Hunt can first National a Fifik of stations i is l t i or la Bank l Giulii Croeni in Botn Pon Erteld to is s 41 ii Rizii Csc of Imir l to n u m 1 i a real a 10 is nolo 10 p w 2s 10 10 n Toj 1 so 11 r 4 4 if i m i fit 4 k in 43 s us 48 z s Ai 52 la 1 1 6 Ai 11 i 41 t 1 7 be o j so lib is in jul it 0v a 10 ill 23 n 55 12 it 12 03 1206 12 25 2 Riss h 1 Ujj i 35 j i president i asst i transacts a of Funera banking sold n principle Points of the unite suites and All Clasien of Bonds Bourlus Tel highest Market Money loaned on approved be Jim by received on Deposit payable on demand and interest allowed on time j made on All accessible All through mails or express will Rue five careful in to you open Ortii account with open from to 4 physician and office in Mitizi Sui Mihl from Stolo All Calls promptly i i de or for j Roni o Joe in Dajc Corner Lafayette streets m n Wjk Drance r i to i u i y j i i High Sisters English falling skilful in luring she was an expert with the and Arrow pc of never More Happy than swing her about 20 the girl moved to the Adirondack where Phe i made baskets and peddled Troia among the guests at the summer to not a few new yorkers saw her there but once Ancl nevertheless remember her Well on account of her to mayor o h is not Kiaie res it i r Ancl if to leaves Lilied by a Uini Crau political lines Are Gravni tightly in Jersey so there is no knowing what acting mayor Block might do therefore Fagan is filling up with Medicine and sticking to his Job from i it will be act ii Beds of tertiary and extensive in shale exist to and for in no is not miss i Hail in Victoria there Coal Ove Alivio feet foams of Oil Benr new South Walea Arent Cuard is fully his theres ing hut 1 Canna i Kisile Ilie too my ii Koutlis fun o Jamess John pianos and organs and Otmas wort Xiv Only fibs class companies write or Call at my liver Blake firs class service guaranteed new lotto Fiji Ollil with to nov Kio dinner Road Tatoli Winnd guv of your or in for two la Mon Lnu Ancl Keller fur in Titita by re turn Bald by cbiohb8ter oe1swioal co c10o Kalmn attention Given to tuning regulating of pianos by who has been in the employ of Lester piano Lut two Kew by the new Bethlehem building and loan per of Tontti of wok for further Call on Bricle kilns Are 100 pounds to Burn a ton

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