Page 2 of 28 Aug 1903 Issue of New Bethlehem Vindicator in New-Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

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Read an issue on 28 Aug 1903 in New-Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The New Bethlehem Vindicator.

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New Bethlehem Vindicator (Newspaper) - August 28, 1903, New Bethlehem, PennsylvaniaMaking it i simple Folk free paid Ren to understand l of Titi go to show r god had planned but nun stepped in and built a town he Tore in peace to Flinders he slowed it and Cut it Down he filled in Frue with cinders pressed Brick Shrub and and farther he revised till scarce the air itself sinbad sixth High and an Inch thick and full o there was a Wagon Load of aloes Wood and and a Snake Gln Vith Scales As big As Twenty Dollar pieces and you get if you Lay on that but the article in the invoice that faded everything else was a she was a prize Beauty boat from it would make you Light in the Garret to look at and her Pinafore was Hung with i guess she was perfectly from what sinbad Ghe the titled she travelled in the realms of did pretty mistress till on the baggage of her heart she wished a foreign York the sixth time sinbad went on a he Cut across Persia and India again and got passage on a ship at an East Indian when got out a Long ways on the Captain of the Mary Ann lost his he poked around with a stick for it mud after awhile he hooked it up but when he got it he jumped fell High seat and threw up his and snaked his turban off ant Bis whiskers out Aud knocked it self on the As if he had rats in to whats eating you did you forget to Tell your wife to put the cat out or were the Captain it were or Well sin bad asked Chen the Captain told him and the two of the push that the ship was in most dangerous place in the whole and where were you when we were letting Captain Kidd Sta Ted mid to and what Are we of against were in a the Captain Captain lets it out then that there in a current Thall bump them on the rocks about fifteen tits Advisee them to goes on cramping his head and his whiskers some Guy sets the sail the other Way round but the tones All break and then the current the ship straight at a Mountain that Sticks out of the and Bangs it my the there and smashes it but nobody gets Aud the gang Floh lot of provisions and some of to Tell goods out of the and crawl up in the but when they get through with this the Captain says Treyve talc i a big we of us tils All All right you Fellows can All your Graves and tata to this nobody who gets ship wrecked Here Ever jets be came this jumping off and weve done the that was a love of a there were about a million wrecks along the foot of that and the big test gift edged collection of human Ever gathered under one to that there was no Way to get Over the Mountain or it if i get Sar zade and Mert was nothing to eat on that Beau total barring the sinbad ild it was his opinion that plenty of Modle had died a Over the Beach wherever you looked there Ere goods of All and lots of them were valuable knee were rubies and emeralds and Lamonds and tigers eyes and All sorts if precious aloes Trees and thanks of Ambergris and a lot More tilings that were Selling for big prices it was to make eyes the Good things that i pm k0mg to waste on that another thing Tuere was a Fountain to spouting into the sin Ted said that the Wanles swallowed the and coughed it up again in the form of what a world beating Ambergris fac tory a Man could have started there with a band of healthy every time i hear a whale cough now i look a toted for a bundle of that Bat the greatest Scenic effect nailed of on the Wall in that Ward was a Ere Shunter River that came out of the Tea and went into the that no drear that what that River it flowed out of the and into the and sinbad on the Bank and watched the chips Abu the water was nil right to bad had it and the samples three per seven Ami a half per Salt and the int just it was the first River of that kind that sinbad had got next and he Lay Down on his Stoma ii took a Long look at when the gang got the Situa they divided up the feed re and gave every Liat was to and then they entered kid Tilc competitive contest to see Orwald live the longest on the grub i put my Dong on san of i knew he was a m and would Gallop what i his staying qualities main rde old sinbad didst learn to dig that i ills with him eat up what they croaked one by one the it was a cold Day is he could dig the Plant and round off the Mound in Nineteen and that was tie record in those Well when hed got the last Man buried his own grub was pretty near he was living on two spoon Fuls of beef Tea and one Gluger snap a Day then and his legs were beginning to so he dug his own grave and got into in order to there to Cha he went out when he was digging his grave he Felt Tough and he was sore at and he said Well this is the wildest play be made yet i seem to have a passion for i get the wrong ticket every time the wheel its a wonder 1 get on to and stay at Home and be a Farmer or but i guess this is the last Flop out of the in done up sure this Blued and but while he was wiggling round in his fretting at the pebbles and trying to find a soft he gets it into his nut to go and take a last Long look at that Freshwater River that runs into the and while Hes rub Bering at his ideas begin and he says to maybe River that goes in her comes out some place of my its a wonder he or some of those flub Dushe buried did t think of that before when that eight enc rat notion bounces Down on him he crabs his head and holds it tight so it wons old sinbad was Clever and game and a Good but he was a Shade slow to catch on i ton had to fall a House on him or something to Wake him Well be built a raft and loaded it Xiv Ltd diamonds and and Ambergris and aloes Wood and Cut Loose on that River that was flowing and floated into the he ought to have tied one of those coughing thales to ads Hind if he d Ever got it Home where he could feed it on hed have made a Heap of Money out of the River ran into a dark and sinbad scooted along for several Days inside the he finished his last can of ten and his last and then he Lay Down on the Barge and went to when he woke up he found himself in the open country on the other Side of the Mountain and the raft was tied to and Al lot of coloured people were Lubbering around it they told him they had spotted his raft Bobbing Down the Wabash and had hauled it they Kere irrigating a Bunch of and Watermelon and they wanted to know came to be picnicking on the wet when they heard his Little they held up their hands Aud said his experience was a Johnny and that hed have to go and Spring it on their so they packed him on a and took his goods and waltzed him up to the Kings Well the King was so on sin bad adventure that he had the yarn written in Gold letters and filed in the county recorders sinbad unrolled his parcels and showed the King what a lot of Fine eats yes and Dia monds and stuff he had picked up on he and offered to give him the whole but the King a d that want his he not Only take he said Bedo something for sinbad himself before he left turned sinbad Over to a main and Tola him to give him a Good that was on the Island of Sarah dub or something like and sinbad stayed there for a Mouth looking by and by sinbad hit the King for a passport so lie could go Back to bag and the Kins was such n real enl can he offered him and j him a Tine present o something besides lie gave him a letter and a present for Oherrin Oherrin was the Caliph of the letter was written on the skin of a Vellow or some beast us was Worth and the Ink used was the letter went something like this from the King of the whose Parade starts off with a Hun dred and who lives in a big Palace frescoes Over with a Hundred thousand and who has Twenty thousand Diamond covered crowns in the Safe Deposit to Caliph Oherrin dear though the Little gift i Send you int please accept it for friendships Lam a Friend of old and you can bet your Eye on that ill prove it any time you wont me youre a Friend of because i believe in la and a Man it Ltd to Uena took these things and his Ambergris and 8tuff and blew Home to and he delivered the prize Beauty and the letter and the i Ruby Tumbler and the snakeskin to o her Rin Wien Oherrin read the he said is this on the level is this Tommy As big a Duck As he says he is and old sinbad said Cross my heart he he int swelling it a that Palace of his would make you when his nibs goes out for a ride he sits on a throne on an elephants and the government officials and All the court hands line up in double ranks on both sides and a rides in front of him on the ele Phant with a Geld and another Mark rides behind him on the and holds in a Gold Rod with an Emerald six aches Long and an Inch thick on top of it and he has a thou Sand soldiers mounted on elephants Riding ahead of him to keep Street open and the Wattles the elephants Are dressed up in silk and Gold cloth in High toned while the procession is blowing the Monkey with the Lance keeps hollering behold the High the dead game Sultan of the indians whose Brownstone front Sheds rubies the Vear and who has two million Diamond crowns on the Bank books behold his crowned jags he is a hotter dog than old and a higher and the bellwether King of any time or take a look at him and die and the Bloke with the on the Back Steps of he keeps this King must must must croak and the people All yell Andt hats besides the sul Tan of the indians is so and the people Are such Good that everybody does the right and there Are no courts in the when he heard that Oherrin his letter shows Hes a Wise and Oherrin was puffed up his Indian Job lots wanted to be and he rave sinbad some More presents and sent him i what lie did with the beaut from Ville i suppose he handed her a num Ber and a shake Down in the Domestic department and forgot about from Harding arabian by j Scott copyright by Herbert Turner pair of you gave me the boo that you gave me last old Man so did dont pretend people will Catchot at it and think less of and the think Little of Yon at Chelsoi Here you bring me a French so i can see whether stuff Yve got Here is fit to eat work at the night instructor mention some of the by products Young the retort Why Are you in mourning of for my know that you had lost a present did your Best i Frau sumy my i How Foley kidney hire cares the most obstinate cases of Aad bladder it supplies i Cidney Ami the sobat Voces they need to bund up the won out it will okie Brights disease and be Betel if taken in and a disorder yields readily to the wonderful curative Power of this great it Booths and heals the unwary organs and invigorates the whole if your kidneys Are de commence by taking it Safe my so for a sir Arthur Conan Doyle practice Medicine before he began to and in one of his scrapbooks he has a news paper advertisement that he cherishes because it shows Well the Low standing of Many doctors in the eighteenth Cen Tury sir Arthur clipped the advertise ment from a newspaper of the year it reads wanted for a family not blessed with Good a discreet and steady person to act in the capacity of doctor and apothecary he must often act As Steward and and occasionally dress hair and he will be required to read and on vet to preach a Sermon or a Good salary will tie paid and a preference will be Given to such an one besides can mend Large it is said that the largest Gold Coin now in circulation is the Gold or look of a Colony in Eastern it is a piece and on it is written in Indian Ink its which is about fort five the next sized Coin to this valuable but extremely awkward one is the of which is Worth about ten and nest comes the of represents a value of about nine the California fifty Dollar old piece is Worth about the same As the the heaviest Silver piece in the world also belongs to where the Silver ingot is Worth about three pounds then comes the chinese Aud then the austrian double calve on her mme calve is Slining brilliantly As Ever at govern Garden just Roa finist As she calve pro less enjoyment from her Art than anyone she has seriously thought More than once of Leav Ine the when i am at i dont i want to have plenty of to see All the museums and picture and to enjoy and All these things Are in possible if i am to sing and act it is a life of constant and i am tired of not unlike Sarah who is always accompanied by her coffin calve hns had her sepulchre prepared and her Tombstone a Tetrahedron professor Bells improved Tetrahedron Kite is a distinct Advance beyond the Ordinary moskites now in presents the appearance of a Triangle on every and is thus evenly and so that its he Tang tie size in in said she would try getting engaged to me winks school teacher have joined the labor a for the up Nils if they should go on strike up in the Are they progressive people Well a few years ago they were n and now they snub who they free had a very disappointing that gave me a Load of Coal at it of make 1 a time Ira prut Rikh h and heart 1w1 prescribed it in had to sit up Sumril writes i was troubled with kidney disease about three i was nervous and had to times Dunn the night but three bottles of Foley kidney cuke Complete i feel better than i Ever did and recommend it to my two sizes 60o and new need have no fear of cold theres plenty Nat ural Gas on tap while Congress is in Tould kill any one who gave my boy a there is nothing so i dont a boy beat a an undesirable weary you wont git Nothen decent in dem people is hungry Dat weary an Dey got a dog wat even the Prairie dog that had started out to see the world was taking in the sights in a neighbouring Village inhabited by his own Well he As he backed hastily out a subterranean dwelling that a Rattlesnake had i see that Thev have the same Tunnel problem to solve Here that they have in other Cit to news to g3 pin Sylvania rat Load Buffalo ails omut in off my Pittsburg visible the Only perfect writing machine the writing is in Plain View of the operator All the simplest and strongest construct rapid easy de to All kinds for plating an invoice w o r Al removable stantly n treble the life of any other machine for clean Send for the Pittsburg writing machine 208 Wood Pittsburgh cannot sing the Oil father great Scott hns she found that out at last new York those Jolly thing occurred on the Way a a makes laugh to think of old lady mus have been ninety at Arm full of parcels didst hear Iny of course i was going too fast to up or turn out without running a re Sec train on will make red Bank and for time tables and additional information Addison physician a a should for Conklin Wagon Ligonier Light Aud heavy Bartlett stoves and Harrisons town country paints farm armours new Home sewing tin roofing and Iron and Wood Anderson

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