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New Bethlehem Vindicator (Newspaper) - August 7, 1903, New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Lafton to Talon plasterers in new Toroc cite receive a Union carpenters at Wash a recently the weekly pay Roll of the Cigar factories amour item to san Union janitors have presented a new wage schedule to the the Baldi Vlaj locomotive works at employ with a weekly pay Roll of Over 400 carpenters and helpers at have gone on Doman Ilins a nine hour a new Union known the paper makers Union has been added to the labor Trurlu Drivers organizations of Kansas of Chi is said to he tie largest Lorenl Union in the it has 14 000 Mem in the scotch Coal Trade the Mino owners claim another and the men Are rather restless in Conse it is reported that a Sucoe soul strike of carpenters and joiners for increased took place recently at pro South the highest pout for wages reached before the has no been regained or passed practically All lines of about wage earners will he represented by the american federa Tion of labor convention at in the actors National protective to Nina now has a membership of an increase of More than 100 per daring the past 7 is said that of the strikes Nutly engaged in by the internal Al plumbers sixty eight one lost and one Compra Road during Ante Weilum Days and rarest of american in of the rarest of american cop coins is the underground railway three years ago one was dug n a in and it was posed to be tire Only one in exist but two others Are owned by of the quakers who were doctors on the underground Ray for runaway slaves before tire Copper Token is it the size piece and bout the same thickness the rim an circling of it tace Are the United a votes of America on tire reverse Side is the figure of a kneeling the figure is symbolic of the appeals the negroes making to that sentiment of Gilrert the which afterwards led to their Only 20 of Elrese pieces were Ana they had no special significance except to Shoho who under stood their meaning bound them oaths to discharge every duty which their presentation placed ii pc Thosa to whom Lisy wore the runaway slave made his to some House in which was a station on the so called under ground railway Here a conductor would take him to another at one of the tokens would be Given to the next conductor by the one who brought the slave As of his own Good the person to whom the Talisman was presented was bound by his oath to Conj the fugitive to another state the business Ideal not wages but profits by Andrew f late years i never see a fishing Fleet set sail without thinking this is based upon the form which is probably to prevail not v Man in the boats is paid fixed each his share of the that seems to me the it would be most interesting if we could compare the results of a Fleet so manned and operated with one in which men were paid fixed wages but i question whether such a Fleet As the latter from my sex i should say a Crew of employees a Crete of partners would not be in the the great secret of Success in business of All and especially in Manu where a Small saving in each process Means is a Liberal division of profits among the men who help to make and the wider distribution the there lie latent Lin suspected Powers in willing men around us which Only need appreciation and development to produce surprising Money rewards alone will insure for to the Wos sensitive and ambitious natures there must be the note of Genius is sensitive in All its and it is not Ordinary that tells even in practical you must capture and keep tha heart of the original and supremely Able Man before his brain can do its worlds a sensible View of race suicide by the Edi or of harpers sociologists continue to discuss race this so vigorously brought into forefront of Public concern in the Early part or the year by the has bad quite a and its topical interest is still far from being sex in the North american one a gentleman who has for Many rears been Laborin privately and publicly in the interest of Many kinds of social takes what he considers to be the commonsense end of the argument and says he protests that the logical Miniri wot International lesson comments for August subject Darful mod 1 memory 4947 commentary on the David offers to fight Goliath 32 the who came out As the Champion of the belonged to the primitive race of the of which the had found a Small remnant fat the time of the four Hundred year before 33 driven out by the attached to the philistines and Goliath appears to have been one of a family of All of whom were Fain by Darid Anil his men 2 Goliath height has been variously estimated at from nine to eleven his Armor is estimated to have weighed about 157 pounds while the head of his Spear about Nineteen in those great size and strength and Armor vere or immeasurable advantage in this armed and plumed giant the armies of Israel morning and evening for Orty his appearance sent dismay nto the of Saul and his tone of Sauls soldiers dare to fight with for no could overcome Hini with the Ordinary of but just it this Point David appeared on the much to the astonishment of offered to Champion the cause of Israel and go out and meet the the weapons chosen his the word for Armor n the revised version is prob Bly a special military dress adapted to Vorn with coat of the indent hebrews were particularly Atten this so Tive to the personal safety of their War the coat of mail Vaa usually made August stir up the gift of god which in Joe cannons War it was in the Cihiy Iwuh Dur ing the thai preceded the declaration War that Joseph Cannon the full Meas ure of h0 a part the conservative element in tie As he always while he looked with Dinar prove upon the rail 3cal co Tirsa advocated ome mom of his Jim not Eon tent with merely he took care to make a close examination to sails filid that War Anil Aei ois Visith decision and of the the Bill placing million Dol Lars at the disposal of the president was drafted and introduced a word of Enen the chairman of tha Conini Itice on foreign did not know of the news of the introduction of the measure caused a great sensation in the fact thai the Nisi situation More excited rushed to the committee Toom to learn if the president had received information made the step Canna tilted Back in his chair and said weve got the men weve go got the the Mineral resources of Manchuria As shown even by the surface scratch ing that has Are simply As a wealth giver it Nav Send More to Petersburg for the next half Century than will to some Plain things because they need to be from the presidents expressions on the in his famous prefatory Ami in letters to be getters of Large is that the nearer Vine Picans approach status of rabbits the More patriotic they own View is that we need better not More of sees no reason for a Man bringing into the world a larger number of Hildren than he is to care which he Means death or some and a stare of social degeneracy for the with frankness t must be some denies that the sexual relation is a function designed solely for the propagation of the Hui Ian averting that this Jerry is a Mere Assumption and that it is contrary to human he that marriage is solely an institution for the promotion of self sacrifice and the unlimited propagation of children and in he believes that the present generation is entitled to a goodly share of Nell being and and that its claim to them should not be made completely subservient to the claims of the nest the change in the economic condition of women which has come about is a Large Factor in the diminution of the numerical size of wives Are no longer but Are some of the comforts of says the Why they he indeed will be the answer of Many women and come flies As bacteria some experiments at Johns Hopkins uni the scientific the theory tint flies mar Active agents in tie spread of there of nothing demonstration made under the Vii ice has been recently Broughtt our notice by a member of the medical staff of that is Well worthy of the Erncr Imants to acre conducted tvs re a Box that was divided into to in the first of which was exposed some food material infected with an easily recognizable species of of being in the second compartment winced an open Fisli containing a sterile nutrient such As is used As a culture medium for Bac flies were placed in the first As soon As a number of them had been seen to Trail or eat the infected they were allowed to pass through a Small door into the second they had a Chance to come in Contact with the culture medium in the the result was that bacteria deposited upon the surface of the sterile multiplied and formed characteristic in these experiments Mill with a growth of yellow bacteria was spread of a pm Etc in the first and a dozen Hies were put into the halt an hour later the door Between the compartments was and As soon As several of the Hies had seen to come in con tact with the sterile the dish that contained it was covered and put away to a few clays later there and grown of the nutrient Over a colonies of yellow the Experiment was repeated with red end Violet and colonies of corresponding color wore to prove that tha germs from which these colonies grew Canie from the infected material in the first and not from accidental further experiments were made with other groups of but with no infected material in the first in this none of the dishes used in the second con Mirament developed red or to prove further that the Mies wore the Only Means of transmitting the experiments were made with infected material in the first but with no flies in the the dishes containing the nutrient in these experiments also developed no of leather or some pliant some times covered with metallic and capable of taking the form of the parts of the body it assayed to endeavoured to by making the attempt David showed his Courtesy and deference to his cannot gon Vith the shrewd practical sense of David admonished him of tie Folly of attempting such a combat with weapons with which he had no he is a Wise Man knows what he cannot Loas As what lie put them this was like Wise from would have it made that his servant fought and conquered by and that the Victory was from who works the most despised Means and his shepherds five smooth had they been rough or they Rould not have passed easily through the and the roughness in the course of have Given them a false direct had Thev tit they could not have been readily pent from tin shepherds used to carry his daily a favorite weapon of Eastern it was also very effective in and was regularly pm not Only by the israelite but also by the egyptians and the the Sling is two strings and a Leathern the strap is in the and is the place where the Stone the string of the right end of the strap is firm fastened to the the string on tie left is a curl the tween the thumb and Middle joint of the it is then whined Tiro or three times round the and when the tinker and thumb let go their hold of the left endow the the Sling was a formidable weapon in the hand of a skilful a Sione could he hurled with a velocity that would make it As fatal As a it was a very weapon in Davids seven Hundred left banded Beni mites could wins a a hairs breadth and not David and Goliath meet Philistine came in his shining with his dreadful Clank or tramp under the hundredweight of looked he scanned the and could hardly persuade himself tint this boy was Jibrael s Cham disdained Goliath seemed if Ted that such a Young unarmed lad is David should approach am i he hurls a thrust at Sug that he no More than to control his Shepherd and ignorantly sep lie could Boas successful with Pride Poeih before anal a haughty spirit before a fall by Liis these gods were such As Baar and the combat Hus became a question not merely Between David and but Between god and Timothy was called to be a preach the ordination he had received from Paul was the sign of a greater ordination from the holy he was set apart to be an he had been Given a gift for that a Talent for an aptitude for declaring the Good but no gift is Timothy must use j his there is Many a Man who has locked up his and afterwards the the great hindrance to the full use of our Powers for god is the on Talent servant who gained nothing i was but that fear is no gift of whenever god would hearted his servants be says to fear for i am with do not hide behind your fears As though they were Horn Oracle god has Given to every one of his in greater or smaller Meas the spirit of and of and reason we love him for what he does and for what he we pro fess that for love of him we Are ready to do and go and say and be what he desires of have Power to speak the word that his salvation has into our the plan of Salva Tion Means one preacher wins ten who each win and in a year the world is vibrant with the tread of the advancing while ten years sees the message carried to the ends of the there Are Breaks in the so that that it is not actually but the plan of it is gods it makes every saved sinner an evangelist in his the Christian who possesses the Power of gods presence is often revealed by great the occasion stirs up the on Pauls voyage to Rome he kept in tieback ground As Long As All could help to secure the safety of the but when everything had been done in and despair settled in the ships he knew his time to speak had John Wesley noted the conduct of moravian in a storm at and Marvel de at their Freedom from a found that same Freedom he received the same gods plan of increasing the kingdom multiplication instead of addition makes every Christian a the Days work is a the Home life is a Day unto Dav utter eth speech night unto night show eth use every Opportunity that presents itself to present the gos thames not mean oily naive nor nor the Mere stating of christs offer without caring whether or not it is the Christian should grow More and More every Well Naiad the practical Painter the Man who storms at the weather because the paint on his House wont weather the could live a life of Sun Shine by using rations Sunroof paint patrons Sunroof paint gives double the service of Lead or any Ordinary it is made of the most perfect combination of paint materials to stand the severest trial the Sun and Gnann teed to Well Send for Book of paint knowledge and advice free to Patton paint for Bale by fair tint new new Bethlehem Wooler Mills 5 makes a specially of manufacturing flannels and country Wool or exchanges goods for solicits patronage of Public and guarantees the be seen m operation at the factory any i James Pontefract August lessons from Paul How i j get his passion for May scripture 42 Mark acts 20 lesson not until we realize that we Are personally called to gods service can we it a Josiath was successful then Ido the Zeal that should be ours la try would gain a stronger hold upon the come to dares Davir to venture declaring he will exhibit his Groat strength in pulling him iut it was common when two Rico in met that each should make a Speed co the and thus Goliath score the Shepherd then said there was no mistake about their coming it was David Spok with As much Assurance As did Goliath find Felt no shame because of the contras Between their nothing can the number of White skinned men in the British colonies is about they pay no Imperial a part of tie expense of the Navy Wilch protects them John do alb in pianos and organs amateurs by the editor of harpers n the Days of thirty years perhaps even very of the country or or for probably there were men who rowed for the pecuniary gains of or for coining into Money their their and their knowledge of the ways of and of other and More brutal men punched each others faces into Woody also for but there were Theu gentlemanly sports into a which the Coa caption of gain did not and into which entered the students of our were then a other in baseball we had the at antics and the Excelsior of or cat exceed tin the the Piet Flory of god tic True Vrzich and the for the glory of god anal and Ozbek musical film Toto lbs of Piura by to Nyhra Days of manners have it is largely to the inroad of professionalism that we owe the and it Lias not been for the let is not be under stood As saying aught against the occupation of the baseball is a Good Trade for those no and in 5s no More prone to intemperance and idleness Steve doring or than although Steve doring in the be More useful to the world than baseball playing the latter is As As any other while the dirt slowed the Slider of bases is More easily got rid of than is the Black of the minstrels it is also a much better occupation than the bunching of ballots on election Day used to it is tout not while it is easily seen by the Clear of mind that baseball playing is not among the great arts by it Lucli the world it is a that the professional player of games should set the fashion for and it is especially to be regretted that the spirit of professionalism has invaded the whose athletics would be not Only but an expression of the Joy of life certainly of in sordid in England the Amateur still and his Milt it till Tual Tat a defeat in a Fame 1 not an event in his any More than x hit or its m a barbed win la some Hlat to life any in spirit Tonly in this most Beautiful Lias def Neil David trusted in the god when Goliath defied and relied upon Liiv safely As Goliath did upon his sword Anc and will the lord this was the Lanai Page of he gave tie Rory to of in Earth maj Here tie language is prophetic and rises above Tiia immediate occasion and declares How other nations and times shall hear of that Days Victory and Shal Sive god the this David Speaks As if it were a gathering for worship instead of a Battle a addresses to this rather As a priest going to offer a sacrifice to the Justice of than As a Soldier going engage an enemy amx Goliath slain arose and Goliath saw iliac his Challenge was though scorning to fight yet he advanced to meet him in pretence to he did not try to make a display of his he Vaa intent Bein instant in anal advanced to do real he could not for Goliath to strike the first that would be Wien each advanced to meet the it was propel pit the to make the in Ilia it docs not appear that the ancient Liol had any covering for the the supposes that the Stone passed through the and Sank into Hii David then ran and took the Swonie of Goliath and Cut off the of the As soon As the philistines saw that their Champion was they fled in creat Prmt to Tom to Tell it emf by for team in part us a Arutt v 9bhft m i the Mineral resources of Manchuria As shown even by the surface scratch ing that has been done Are simply As a wealth giver it May Send More to Petersburg for the next half Century than India will to the 60horsepower traction engines used on Weaton ranches will pull Sim 40 to so mint per or win plow Drill Udall one with j w r i acres seeking he who has a passion for souls not depend upon his Otto but will often and earnestly Pray to in their the gospel belongs by right to All and our very Possession of it puts us under obligation to bring others also into their rightful relation to o by the thought of tire needs of a dying and by the memory of a living Able to but needing you and me to carry the Good i Pray that our heart May be stirred and our love Enkin led until we shall each hear him go the cause would Lay its claims on us if there were no express but express command has been the one injunction of Christ to unbelievers the one injunction to has believing followers if the Angels in and evea god rejoice Over one sinner that How narrow and Sellah must be the feeling of that Man who has no Joy at the turning of a sinner from the error of his st Ben Nard hath beautifully the tears of penitents Are the time of Angels and their As Luther hath cause the Drums among the heavenly that we might have a corresponding Joy if we work upon Marble it win per ish if we rear they will crumble to dust if sve work upon immortal we imbue them with principles with the just fear of god and love of our fellow engrave on those tablets something which will brighten for suggested Jesus saves 0 blessed throw out the breach the sound it have you sought for the sheep hark the voice of Jesus ring the Bells of heaven dealer in All kinds of farm in such As Drain horse Lay Hay works and rom farm Wagon Rota and machine i by my goods in car Load lots and can gite Yon the very lowest give me a Tours dentist r Teeth without Gold and 23 yearn East end Broad physician and office in Bank Wood office hours from t to 10 to 8 and t to 9 All promptly Day or night surgeon of Rood physician in my Corner Broad it in Craig near the practical some of the Railroad branches of the Are Downif some excellent work in he furtherance of in the 8shmr of checks for workmen on Day n ail Large citing Tad other manufacturing workmen Are paid in checks in Tead of these checks have1 to be and for Bux Inen Phe result is Tutt nearly every Workman Ai in he must take a drink m o the the drink too of third air not the bulk of Tan Workman the old and reliable jeweler and watchmaker Latimei your attention to Hii Wel Stock of watch jewelry Aid spot pc tits Wood new Fie Remett Only first class companies write or Call my livery Blake first crass service opposite Mcewen a new City Money Oloan by the new Bethlehem an Lou so fires a Tolu per month of for further cull of Chich Stott Emu pennyroyal Puj

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