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Muscatine Journal (Newspaper) - December 22, 1917, Muscatine, Iowa Statt Bidav dec Jemsek 23 the Muscatine Jet Jonau 7 children write Chris teas cheer Jav Many Homes on is Icv i Sease baffles experts Many Homes to be without Christ Mas Climer unless aided by 1itit nors of suit tit a Large number of Muscatine Little children Are depending upon Santa Glaus and his partners to bring cheer and gilts into their Homos at Christmas time this year gifts and Christmas supplies will to Given to a number of poor children of the k w Stouder the Extension department of animal husbandry at Ames College wan in the City today cd his the Weatbrook farm near Letts to examine horse which a suffering from blood disease that has resisted the usual remedies to was accompanied by 1 w county agricultural agon t and or w a honk serum Plant miss Martin Honor Foo at to Henry Martin Home on Samp son Street the scene of a pleasant City on Christmas morning by the evening last night when a number Muscalino welfare association and i of friends of miss Florence Martin through this organisation any of the came unannounced to spend the eve pleas sent by poor children to Santa Ling in Honor other birthday Anni Claus will a answered anyone to Aid in this work can eith Ersary the hours were pleasantly spent with and Minsio at the or leave or Send Money contributions close the hours a Dainty lunch was to the office of the Muscatine welfare1 served those present were the association or to the journal office i misses Eda Ruttman Leanora Linn in care of the partners of Santa i Esther Streitler Nellie Brown Mil i dred Oppelt Blanche the following letters Wero receive Grace and messes Ralph de today i Hyink Hugo Braasch George Spring dear Santa Claus born Alvio Morris Raynard James we would like you to come to our Clifford and Francis Bauer at the amused sunday will Lams the love doctor Farnum to play students Home rom Mac i 0 Llu flt Christmas Back to tha Blue shirt All the Manly bravery of the parts the Public love Many Muscat nes Young Moil sad women who have been attending to Well a coining to town in the universities and collages Are at it heart of a the Stalwart spend the Holiday season with parents Aud friends appeared Oil lib streets of tha City today which not Boer seen Here since Tho opening school children could raise Worth of Navy Beans in year House this Christmas we have an other baby this year to Como to and be sure you dont forgot him his name is Arthur Stoneking Hes never seen a Christmas yet and be sure and Como Here in five years old and brother is ten months signed p s be sure and come Muscatine journal i am a poor Little boy my Eathor is dead and am afraid Santa will not come to my House this Christmas i am a Little boy 14 and am not very Strong the thing i need is a Stock ing Cap stocking size 9 red sweater signed and a one touch of nature makes the whole world its a commendable trait that when something has been of Benefit to us we want to share it wit others who stand in need of Tho same help its Hythe touch of nature that makes Tho so Frole world wanting to to helpful to our Fellowmen that is Why people who have used chamber gains cough remedy write letters to the manufacturers about it and ask to have them published so that oth ers will know what to do under Tho same circumstances behind every one of those letters is the warm hearted wish of the writer to be of use to some one Buch school makes showing la Kkt Cross workers arc sleeting with splendid Success and this Tiro Nuu is being carefully Over was collected yester Day by the red Cross workers in Tho membership Campaign the residence District made greatest showing with ss1s in Inera Febers Blip foes the collections Iron members in District amounted to redoubled Wero made today by Tho workers who assisted High school Young women that Are stationed in the Banks and Tho offices of the Muscatine company some of the ground covered Early in the week is being Gono Over to get a per cent Oflia Concy in stores and in families which Are not yet fully represented Tia desired to make Tho service flags one of Tho window decorations for the holidays in As Many windows the Franklin school on grand View Avenue has made Tho Banner showing of the schools every one of Tho nine rooms co7itribntecl to Tho Rod Cross membership fund and in three of the rooms every child contributed and secured a Ono Hundred per cent efficiency service tag Tho contest for Pomiber shop was con ducted by the teachers this school has a membership of 250 pupils and is expected to make one of the Best average showings of any of Grade schools it is expected toys continue Tho Campaign next week and members Are urged to keep their service flags displayed until after now years Earle Williams Ftp big Vita graph Fate Bas it that the two Bright stars in the both made their Star toward lame in new Orleans Earle Williams got his first stage engagement there in the Bald we Mellville Stock company and in Marl gras carnivals miss Griffith who is a native of the Crescent City got the inspiration which Lead her into photoplay the Vita graph com Pany Lias one of its strongest plays in the love the greater Vita graph Blue ribbon feature will be the attraction at the amused theatre sunday it is the Story of a surgeon who interchanged the brain cells of two girls that he might give Power to love and to save the other from herself in the cast Are Webster Campbell Evart Over ton Patsy de Forest Adele Cle Garde and Frank Mcdonald sirs a Jasik Mcoy 1 ton Tuffie at party Tho fair port ladies Aid society met wednesday act Anion at the Home of mrs Shira the affair was in Tho nature of a Farewell party for one of the members mrs franc Mccoy who leaves soon for key West whore she will make her Home Tho pleasantly spent with games add music and at the close Dainty refreshments were served by Tho hostess mrs Mccoy waa presented with a Beautiful hand painted picture painted by Max Shira As a remembrance of the occasion Trio next meeting of the ladies Aid society will be some time after now years ii All the boys and girls in mus Ottine Cox my eligible for member Iship in the Muscatine Garden club would raise one gallon of Beans each year could produce More Uijun Worth of Beans or More than a Quarter of a million bean meals each year this face was pointed out to members of the Garden club toy or t f i beverage in his address at Tho meeting erf the club held at the High school yesterday afternoon or Beveridge took the bean As an example of the amount of food which iconic be produced if All the children of age would talks an interest in the work and utilize their backyard and vacant lots in their Vici nity similar results could be accomplished with any of the myriads of other Garden products which the Kensington out cold meets at Knoon fifteen members of the Kensing ton Circle of the United Brethren Church met yesterday afternoon at Tho Homo of mrs a h Kile on Small by Avenue Tho afternoon hours were devoted to a Kensington after which Dainty refreshments were served by Tho hostess assisted mrs a Kile the next meeting of the society will be held in a fortnight the hostess to be announced later u s 1ujtton factory i tues goosj3txinnkk at twelve Oclock today the forty girls in the sorting and packing departments of Tho u s Button fac tory enjoyed an elaborate Goose dinner the affair was served at Tho factory at the noon hour and was Tho annual dinner held by the Mem Bers of the Dopa ments Tho repast was served at a prettily appointed Board arranged with Christmas sym Bols the room of the gathering was also hastily Ivo Corajod for the of dancing were enjoyed after the dinner w it r s Mett in the room a it Rood attendance marked the meeting of the w h m s of the methodist Church hold yester Day afternoon in the Philathea room of the Church mrs Sherfey acted As devotional Leader arid the lesson study was in charge of mrs seems the next meeting of the society will to hold on the third Friday in Jan uary and mrs Francis will act As loader Chin so Aro exp Ollil Berne Switzerland dec fort five chinamen expelled from Austria on account of chivas declaration of War against that country arrived Here today on their Way to Paris Phe food value of Cocoa has been proven by Cen Turies of use an3 dietitians and physicians the world Over Are enthusiastic in their endorse ments of it it is said to contain More nourishment than beef in a More readily assimilated form the Choice however should be a High Grade Cocoa Bakers of course it is delicious too trademark on every package made Only by Walter Baker co 1780 Rob part Orr was kiddies could could feed army if All the boys and girls of Eligi ble age in the state of Iowa were to produce in like proportion to that previously mentioned a gallon of to jeans per year each they would pro Duce a half million Worth of Beans at present prices which would amount to Twenty six million bean meals or one bean meal every second week for each Man in an american army of Milhon he continued if All the pupils in tie United states were to do he Fig ured further they would produce i More Beans than a million men would care to eat in a year and a a result would have Somo to spare for other people Ham Fox Star makes his reappear Ance bringing with him a Story of absorbing interest and excitement at the amused theatre on Christmas Day and wednesday thanata last september students from heart of a lion will begin a two the state University of Iowa Iowa fays run it is undoubted that All state College at Ames Iowa Wesley Tui lovers of Wjlliam Farnum will be University Grinnell Cornell and unable to sea the photoplay in that other colleges and universities Are length of time but the print of the arriving in the City daily j picture allotted to this territory a inj1 Muscatine this year has an Umi such demand that no longer engages ally Large number Young people ment played in the higher schools records show i the heart of a is take the need of More hug hey educated from by Ralph Connor called inti Lens brought on toy the Entrance of the or Connor whose the United Sti Itea into the world War real name is Charles w Gordon a Large number High now a in the Canadian graduates of former years to Landers the doctor is one of up advanced work which had Best known and most popular works i toot a been previously contemplated As Are also Black the i will follow Tho same Cost in thadias been in effect for the past Zavoral years at Christmas time Man from invest Coupon sin i Stamps dec s Pearce cashier of the United states Treasury today instituted the plan of asking who presented interest coupons of the first Liberty Bonds for payment to reinvest the proceeds in War savings Stamps most complied immediately Des Loines dec Iowa food administration is going to regulate prices of groceries and pro visions i a Price interpretation Board will be established in Des Koines and also in each of the principal cities of Tho state a meeting of whole salers produce and commission men brokers of food commodities and con Sumers will be hold it will determine what standards Are to be used by Tho Price interpretation committee in arriving at a fair and reasonably Price will deter mine the commodities to be so regu lated items on which prices will be fixed and published in the newspapers from Day to Day will probably be sugar flour Rye flour Cornmeal Hominy dried peas Rice and Pota toes in publication of prices state Queens will is held a forgery associated press Leimert Wiroj Honolulu dec purported will of the Lata Queen Liliuo Kalani bequeathing the major part of her estate to princes Belliveau was thrown out of court today by judge Ashford who stated from the Bench that All evidence and his own knowledge convinced him it was a forgery Sam Kalawaia a preacher swore he signed As a witness to the late will in his own Home and not at a bedside of the Queen h Kealoha a second witness to the purported will gave similar testimony in repudiation of preceding of davits Kamakana stated that the Princess mints will include he Price of each commodity to the retailer i the Price he pays the wholesaler and the maximum Price the retailer should charge the consumer Theresa offered him the bribe of a new Church a will of the Queen contain ing a deed of Trust in favor of the Resa Belliveau said to be Only a Dis Tant relative of the Queen remains contested by Jonah f Prince Kala Lanole congressional Delegate from Hawaii on the ground that the Queen was mentally incompetent at the time of its execution the Best improved eighty acre farm in Muscatine of less than three Miles from court House on splendid Road of there is nothing1 lacking on this and it is Cej Tamly the finest farm Home within fifteen Miles of Muscatine american bunk Fridg Misici Taluc Iowa Cross Button overcoat v if s some facing to be proud of it shows youre joined the great civilian army that is backing up our govern not and backing no our soldiers k chows youre doing what you can Here at Home to term the War it where everybody will see h Wear it Wjk every Ribordy will know youre a red Cross Mem bar and dont Stop with Becco Jug a member get your wife to become a member get your children to become take out a membership for the baby get your Moat mud and your Erano another to become member gel the my and the to become x Sec or crr human being in four a member and wears Ltd Croft Button remember theae memberships Are Only a Dollar it tax Wigt we were Ukon you to buy and lot or an automobile this i Tome think time everybody on free Toh of America Rich or poor or a Ronny can get into dont May get your member Tup today Wear a red Cross Button and put a red croat service Flag in your window american red Cross this space donated by the in seating journal jul Bernry to clouts every department in uie p m Public Library will to closed All Day to according to a Annoual Emerit Muda today by Mesa Ellen stoc Cor librarian Tho Library Liere you boo Tho jct tires tonight to present delightful Little Vivian Martin in her latest Paramount Success Molly entangled a Fino Chance to see charming Vivian Martin in a delightful Story of Ould bit o bully Good show also see the Paramount cartoon comedy making the Best program to be found in the City tonight sunday the big Day Vita graph presents Earle Williams and Corinne Griffith in the love doctor a thrilling drama of a surgeon who meddled with destiny Only to find that his Power was As Noth ing compared with the Power of a woman love also a rip roaring two reel comedy his previous life featuring Charley Murray and its some comedy come and for get your troubles monday Vita graph presents Miriam Fouche Overton and Julia Swayne Gordon in soldiers of Chance a Story of love intrigue and tra Gedy in two continents that thrust a Republic into the throes of revolution and the second two reel comedy Hula Hula land Christmas Day and wednesday comes Tho first of the big Fox specials William Farnum the heart of a lion in seven smashing reels lot no one fail to7 see this great Fox Spe Cial Myrnan Howe pictures coming saturday dec 29 seats on Sale tuesday another or Misc saturday program awaits you better come Early if Yon wish to get seats Christmas Day fatty Roscoe Arta Uckle in the greatest comedy fatty Ever made fatty at Coney Island its the biggest it in comedy Ever made dont miss it tuesday Muster Ole loosens up those stiff out pain youll know Why thousands use mus Ter Ole once you experience the glad re Lief it gives get a Jar at once from the nearest drug store it is a clean White ointment made with the Oil of Mustard better than a Mustard plaster and does not Blister brings ease and Comfort while it is being rubbed on Muster Ole is recommended by Manor doctors and nurses millions of jars Are used annually for bronchitis croup stiff neck asthma neuralgia pleurisy rheumatism Lumbago pain Sand aches of the Back or joints sprains sore Muscles bruises chilblains frosted feet colds of the Chest it often prevents soc and 60c jars Hospital size the iu3i ack tonight Grace Cunard and Francis Ford in three bad men and a girl also a roaring Billie Ritchie comedy entitled Twenty minutes at the fair pictures at admission be tomorrow Marie Malcamp in the red Ace the greatest serial Ever made the greatest serial yet Mado to in your seat at or or your chances Aro Small for a seat until after the first show also a roaring two reel i tvo comedy entitled double Dukes red acid soc2ety carps masonic Iowa led be no 2 a p and a regular meeting Tho first tuesday eve Ning of each month a id Othmer Ujj Johnson Secretary Washington chapter no 4 r a stated convocation second Friday Finch month Jav m renew h s Johnson Secretary Webb a Anncil of Hoya and select Mast ers second Friday of each month n masonic Hall 125 1c 2nd St we b Moor Dunk t i s l Johnson recorder comma Andery no 1 k t regular conclave third in month Ernest Moore k w h Graff recorder and Council no 333 f a meets eve cry first and third Rel co nine at Jthn Hall on wept Seco tire Stree tall members in ban Tnp Are in voted f w tic Presl Hont Geo Secretary tent gets of cot1ntctt no Isof mar it their Home 222 West Sre Ond Street second and fourth thursdays of Cutcli month All visit incr Toni Glitz in of foot Are invited to Mart with us w b c a o Besten ii Flmer y s Yeo blew Homestead no s36 of american yeomen by Biness Bep blon tuesday 1c p Kjall social sessions third t tins a launch club in Korol stand Init cordially to meet with us Elbl flair Yeo men always j5 c in Straham Foreman phone c27 c to Lemkau Corrock pendent phone 3085w Cottet of Honor to 877 meets every for try awl third thursday a Vonins in Woodman Hail Mem Bers in Tood atone Lair Are invite re j Ujj Reay Cliance Ellory up a Sawyer be Corder h o t Iff by w of a Camp no 106 of modern Woodmen of hold regular meetings n Tuo nday ovo Nln it each week at woo Tomoti Olds Block 13 a corns Consul j a cleric b p o stars Home 13 knit front Street every won Fly oven tir at 8 o clock Homo Onen daily from 9 a m to n m All Vinit info Brothers in food Sara o b goo s pitch Forth Secretary or Wyott Hng lodgi3 no 75 i Isth Friday oven off in k at p Hall at 8 Al Sillner Brethren Welcome w b Bona c we Hon just 1115 Sycamore k of r and k r Nolson m of f i o o p Jinks Cattat Todsen no 5 meets Mon Day a Velnp at 8 p m n John for Liam r Chas schoenly Prai Ruffi no 4 meets first and third Friday event Nir of each month c j a r Tjart Wislam Hub Skatt no 27 meets second and fourth Friday eve a less of each month n Bers r mrs chant o to b chapter no s2 the second and fourth mondays n ouch month mrs Minnie Ronklin w m mrs Pearl is Seymour Rota or and and 4th wednesday a of the month All members in Good standing Are cordially invited to with my Emma Hocini Oracle Marr Meyer he Delver Myrtle Cirk Rex order Habiby Norman foot no 2s1 to first and third tuesdays or each month at memorial Hall court members Welcome Edward Obrien a Adick

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