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Monroe Morning World (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Monroe, Louisiana A to Call the world Ftfe a a of a. Mgt s pm so tier it a Naa ill a a pm i. A cd ref Sitti i i h i mtg by a a Nhy de cd i Iusi Tutu Rotas i p Sel to a it pal the Tsivie inf 8uj�n#m of Sfa. A a i re Torii in rsm. A pm e4if�lf�i of Tom. Man of fun Ora �3m vol. . 218 a Lonroe ing world the we theh a 1 a a 1. A a �1� a a in a , a ? 1 a a a of m 3 Monroe Louisiana. Sinh a a Rah 23, a Iuo no Paks pm urk a Ink i knt armistice hinges on French italian agreement Congress passes tax defense Bills in time to recess French envoys learn Hitler s Price for peace clears desk for week s vacation before deadline already set billion Dollar levies armaments approve vital appropriation measures enacted before new fiscal year i Washington. June 22. Congwei i quit tonight for a one week teem after Landing to the Whit House k billion Dollar tax Bill and Over $ of appropriations Gisl Aiice. 22.-- con Siress approved a billion Dollar tax Bill and a $1,768,913.908 appropriation measure today and cleared Iii desk for a week s recess hours before the Midnight deadline set by leaders. The pure Amie of this High Speed action waa two fold to allow an inter Ludo for the Republican National convention beginning monday at Philadelphia and to get vital appropriation measures enacted into Law Well before the new fiscal year starts on july 1. In addition to giving Quick approval to a Enate House compromises on the tax and defense Bills the two branches of Cong raw accepted and sent along to the White House a Compromise $1,157,-711,357 Relief appropriation Bill. As finally passed the defend tax Bill we i to a of of a Senate approved proposal for a War profits Levy. It Cairies provisions to increase the a fuse a a i r Lii monday former governor scheduled to face jury on rus ton indictment ii Ruston la., june 22. Special proceedings Are scheduled to Start Here at 9 . Monday in the trial of former governor Richard w. Leche charged in the third judicial District court with a Jle ged complicity in of a mating a coi Iii cd game corp Feming reported financial irregularity. Construction of Louisiana in a Jia a i ministration building the a am solved being $27,000. Tote Tei h ing. Occupied in the Spring of 1937, replaced the College s old a i his a. Which was destroyed by fire on uary 6. 1936. Following the selection of a five Man jury the state will open by asserting jurisdiction in the Case and claiming the raising of the original contract bid for erecting the building according to District att. Ivett 1�, Scarborough. The heated argument however Are expected to Center around whether ii Chi quot aided or abetted quot in the al i fed transact pm. Leche and a party of four others arrived in Huston late Friday night and Art planning to remain Here throughout the trial which May con Laue throw i wednesday. With let Che try his Secretary. Miss Mary Waue new Orleans Hampton Reynolds. New Otens his father in Law st. Culf Adams new Orleans and Sidney staring Riton Rouge Legal and Valeni. They Ink staying at the Rob con snied a a fifth pm Tia pay Ese a Row is move endanger a a no american government warns against Force in French indo China Washington june 22. 4v-the United states government made Plain today As news dispatches from the Orient reported japanese troops were moving toward French indo China Fiat it would regard any attempt to alter that Colony s status by Force As a threat to peace in the entire Pacific area. Questioned at a press conference about the reported japanese activities. Secretary of state Hull said he knew nothing other than the press reports but called attention to his previous statements concerning maintenance of the status quo in the Pacific. In the Field of foreign policy nearer Home. Hull said that All the 20 other american republics had replied favourably in principle to this government s suggestion that they consult shortly on problems growing out of the european War. He said he could not yet disclose when and where the pan american consultation would be held nor whether he would be the United states representative. It has been widely assumed that the meeting would be about july is in Havana. Itaf previous statements on the Pacific to which Hull referred when asked about French indo China were issued when concern first arose Here about the future of the Netherlands East indies a source of rubber and tiny vital defense materials for the United states. Last april 17 the Secretary said that this government s position regarding terms secret Battles flare on All fronts my from Compoi my Forest to Homo with Fain is pact is hard but honorable defenders or rare his r this was the scene in comping no Forest when France Learned Hitler s Price for a a new hot a or m a i its i peace Price in 1918. 1. Grand Admiral Erich Rae fir 2. Field marshal Hermann inc niji.1 adn f Hitie 4. Kuliu in . A general Walther von Brauchitsch 6. Rudolf Hess Deputy party Leader 7. of Utji hint Igor. A Cir Ai Ifju i my i a f it Joachim von Ribbentrop 10. Friedrich Wilhelm a Rueckner Hitler s adjutant. 11. i aul Schmidt Trifi a Iju a a Mii a quot a ii flt Tim Aro sealed out of View besides Huntziger. This picture reached new Torii by . J a quot a a quot quot. Quot i legislature faces furious Climax Kumok. A in urn fun c . Quot Sarsfi t r a re ii via us in a i off mini Ann t in. Rte t a a a a Milia to Iha i it in i tha in a he of ��-., us a ii i he n a it a i a i P. In f i a Ini a in pm the tii or Rte a i ? Iki the be a Ian or Lla iian a a a a to a Ntim a Ltd a a a la i fail Nito a a quot quot a Arili a or of i a a i rih a a at i in. A a quot a it i by Iii. Ltd no Mai f in k Tny a i i it not a Fusi Lite or Uii ump a l i i t i a t acid of a i s pm quot an h a quot rim 1 a Iii Fife a my him continued on fifth Page it a hers new presen is Biem. A a a a if i. Rici pack after attach to keep l by fight Jones majority will attempt to push through backlog of Bills Baton Rouge. La. June 72.m a the legislature expected a furious Effort by governor Sam h. Jones majority to push through a ponderous backlog of Reform and financial Bills it prepared for the a seventh week of the session with than three weeks ahead. Talk of in extraordinary session would not Stop although the governor at the week s end stated his position flatly quot i have not told anyone a special a won was necessary. I believe the a Vurnm backed by the people will ilium Only one administration Mea a be had passed the two houses and the governor s signature As a is Calendar showed More than two ids of the session Over and for j be 2t-i/pi option coalition i Vad emerged during the last week with i. La a Himm. On the Frene a j�?z___4 i to i. A it a a Emerica during in Lasi week win backs to the Swiss front or held two Topf. The nature of this opposition mid blame Berlin air raid on British War plane first attack of War occurs three explosives strike suburbs by a tool a Tel a pm Berlin. June 22.-the Berlin Region experienced its first air attack of the War today when three incendiary bombs a truck the railway station in suburban babes Berg about 14 Miles from the heart of the capital. Only once before during the War has Berlin even had an air raid alarm and that was last fall during the to ibo Campaign. The attack attributed by official spokesmen to British planes apparently was entered on babe is Berg on the Western Side of the City. Sex Reyna cd aide Alks on fran Saffe up party takes Steps to build up their forces in Section government no right to surrender until allies fail he says by d. Hamid Olla for . Cum Republic a took a maj w a top i quot build tip quot the if party m the South j Tmay. A till party National cow Nelll a a Ltd j for a r ise we a would Ita. A pm f a generic de go Lille former , to a ire i quot Fri. In a pm v a Reynaud. French pre a in to u t whip h t., poll . A m a broadcast in French j a Over the British by casting Atlon till Fly that the effect of the it it it a i Dit jew dicta of by go itis a no would a Alt iwo gum Appie Vrbos tha t quot Fri nch Laud pm and or Onrie i a. a my it w.--. J would be completely . A id it the iffy i hive a am Horitia described the damage i a a for it surrendered the to Antory of we re. Year the harm a a quot imm Torini quot France Krc joined Poh a Eton in i voir a it Mountain forts today for the fifth Day rated it would not be a threat to the Knox will be questioned on attitude toward War Ajalon. Heavy can a general Porps of Reform . R a Jim details. It was formed of a scat bought on As a Beau Geste a and. Be . A. Radison of a. Of we i h stations of 1928-1940 and a group of independents largely from North Louisiana who indicated they thought certain Jones reforms did not go far enough. Three times within the week Liis informal coalition voted together. One it attempted unsuccessfully to Amend the Jones civil service measure to prevent quot blanketing in quot without Competition appointees who hold office when the Merit system would go into effect in 1942. Once it fought an administration attempt to exempt from a Louiie tax legion. Quot the Forti where they have repulsed attack after attack Are it Jour and l Recluse across the Frontier from thin usually sleepy Swiss town. The peasant Folk Call the legionnaires pm Joyeux the Joyful ones and keep m it from the forts As possible. Nati swastikas have flown for five Days Over the nearby forts of Pondur Lier and Clarmont Mountain Severi Miles to the North which fell to the germans without a struggle after pre Trontl Nudd on fifth pm Fuby awol listed Prev a a Washington june 22.-Strong opposition quot thin the Senate naval committee to confirmation of colonel Frank Knox s nomination to be Secretary of to Navy was sported today Titer the committee decided to question him on his views toward United states policy and the War. One committee member who said he favored approval of the nomination. It jetted that an informal poll indicated that d us vote were taken today the nomination would by rejected 11 to 5. He sex Prem a the opinion that whether or sir Iii that the committee Wisnie a pubic statement to the effect that it intended to inc Gate Knox s views and that if it found that he favored inter Entson it would reject his nomination. Titis proposal was said to have brought from senator blender Democrat. Louisiana to a protest that this constitute Reju dim to of in this stand he was reported to have been supported by stator Johnjon Republican. Cali form a and senator Hale Republican mail with other members finally Adt two the same attitude. Walsh told reporters that committee not the committee approved the no Mcmilion would Deti and a i. A 0� Knox s Stati ment of his �tmudc-1 quot it quot rec ived Scot a of pro toward pop Ible int a i nation in Ulici quot quot a in Ropcean War. Chairman Walsh Democrat ma4>sa-chus�tts, merely announced after the dosed Smion that it had been decided in in Boualy to summon Knox for i ,. ,. Questioning on Hli views and that the hearing probably would be in a st Tuune Fine Fly j two not in inward Star of h have it was reported, a Ive j Dewever that a was Laro Poms m the Raul pm a a i on Knox s nomination a Imi m president roil seven s selection of Henry l. Stimson to be Secretary of War. Milit of the prot Fri i he a Aid. A con in Ufa or tenth pm it mrs. Mary Meade a Here m however. I completely Krc joined. A if t ii of Jim Eton in heavy anti aircraft fire forced the the Ofa a quot a i. A raiders to turn Back before they could make do effective bombing it was said. The raid sirens first sounded at 140 . 6 40 . Eaister Standard Lime Friday and the thud of Aifiti air Craft batteries was heard in the City almost immedi irtely afterwards the gunfire lasted for about 20 minutes but the All Clear signal was not Given until 2 16 . Tie first authorized statement on the raid did not say whether any of the enemy planes had been Brou Iii Down. Asked whether the raiders were British to or French a German a poke a Man replied cryptically quot who else could it have been except the British quot the germans have previously acknowledged Aerial attacks other Wiist is sued by la Ltd mini mrs of infer i a a Tny a in t of mation mated a cd Iery de Gnu ii or by thik not no to a thug m nday. Czarf d i Wotila i of Ike with a. Ii mfr quot a cd to quot France has undertaken not to by work and a to la so our it of a of a win to quot Biry up if Fig str a add is former senator do Nii o . Down in a arms Ecoppi in a a reyment with her allies so Ira in As theol al a lies continue the War her or it Vemma it Baa not twi right to surrender to the for ,/a-h.i s Feied the tui a rho a Ngy. M a it to Rte it is i quot al it cd military system faults get a fund a Way a a if m ted in the Cut it not Luct of op<�r�tnuui., a it Gate 0.� far the a pint of Tjie tfx Vernum it efforts Rusf a a it k quot the vhf duing these Reie it come will mrs a Premit ruins a it a a Rishi a District lose the Battle of France quoth Ltd find j to hav a i Ltd a eat org uhf a sea of a in but added quot quiere mfr Nauru to a val vote a a Iid firn a did f anal a Cir Empire. In int Flat fit it. Much a be if a Tima up or re m a quot there Rem ten us a Ailor whim that vital or Ilau exec rest Yurces Are immense and who Dorn Tion. Nate ump sea. There to Giar a .� wird a a sri Tes the Gigantic pc Alibi Lttie in America of. Ruji Sivi a indu sly., i Mil of the Rte quot Sui h de Urcil Iti cities by the British whom they have a l quot -. To a mtg a a ii for the of quot aimless quot bombing of non a quot quot try j to military of Yective. I m in h was amended Tod ii m Hiil the in Kun a j j t n t a 1 quot for ii l Ufi i Roosevelt appears anxious a applies for Post As bomber hostess a run Ati a a a of i quot i a Titi a i he it rim off in a urn a ?h.�� min fran it h Ullin Ltd not i la a tin i it .>5f no a Niort a Irum info if a race in White Rapat at a Iii a til to for quot to it it Sroi ii i he Ufa the a u i a of Ihn u fit in i War. x. A Iiri 22 in nah a of Vern mint a nut Kunrt a inlay Lato on Wirht that far win ftn4 Yuul an nrf�i.?. P pro a a i inf quot Hartl but quot if the titty a i a lot. of a Ruhu. For arvo a wot i Hiiva Rcpt tfx a Iii iut on in hot or Lopini a quot a Furci a maid. The a it Riri a a no of Hilior in san Iii in for a a aft How Var. Will no l i quot off oin Liv until after Frank Fri Nofu ail nil it with Luile in it Tiso Coa a a firing of Ord r pm kit i. Ill h hot ave in Fth my re i Wren a or let that the a kovy to Iii Rte try it a no to if or to a nent al l Orcis Aux the Pruvli Winnai Capitoli. Fun that in a quot a i a Joki a not a Haid quot for a Fri Rah to nip quot finn hot a Fri in it in a wat fim bark Alt a a a a it for we a air Ltd Bunc the j so a a chef go min i pm Mure from Tim ref the cd a rat in ptcttjf�4 of a of it a in Fth a al a a a Joti the Fth few Vii a lit the fun Tom to a fowl a f if a. In a Tway it Adil 4�jipit� i pjs i tank a. J Tbs High eem Mmel a a night my mull it itis a dts a to i that we a a. Of a ibo Josf we Kim mrm in a Iii a a of a a a or it a a the for a no. I the Gram a ii it per a by War i if ii. To rom to with Advar and no i Law pm we it filing a Edwi Apfer Emiliy tfx a Tf&Lt&Gt�-4� mt4�l in tip we bold Ihu Irhn i Uniti he a a i after m of a a he a with a a i a. J Noi until i a a a i it he a a a Alwg wet ctn lib if Imp j Ihu �s9tm�m mpa fwd to la a a Mim my new cd Mims lotto kit a j of Tiv to la Fri. Met Wmk Home or a a Piir in a mme a for Oft. Of a i Rio a Rry a Plab its we a a to so my a \ chm nomm a taif often re a i islam West i hji4 m if Ipp a a a a i i Sam fief no will his Lai t lid a a i he the pts Iii ton of them for sift a Troffo the pm rom of 1 hum a a in la Wrains a King Tim Man b a Raj a of a dictated to hmm a re Nei. I cd a pkg by exit Fri Tram Tim my tax of Tench a a min a. A Mitt we a to a he a to it i val Jept a of Nib Thea a a nth if by a a of a Ler Loti Tel a Sawwa if a no of. War bulletins Over naval experts report Washington june of senator Carter Glasa of Virginia and mrs. Mary Scott my add to of a Hensl. Va., were married at Amherst at 3.30 p. A Central Standard time today. Glass is 82 and mrs Meade 50, mrs. Meade in the daughter of the Kate or. And mrs. Charles Landon Scott and widow of Robert Ambler Meade after the marriage senator and mrs. Gla amps left for the senator s county . near Lynchburg being compel al by the senator s recent illness to postpone i a contemplated wedding trip to Lake George. . He Flake i n1x a. J my 23 quot Rufi a al a a it 4t��fi>nt by of Ranii Minuter Wink a Fri c Zurth it in a a or y Shiji i Lilia ung Iii Ittah of a Mem mint iad quot Wlsh re Gret and Ani i Ersie fit quot that the let Fujs it Ito by a a a a or Jii hot Iii cd it to it i by the Kif Ranii of Jav Erner Piil Ai Bvrd Fin quot tiry Tiff in Riih k cannot thai a a a h a uni Liu quot to Rma i a a of Tonii to of to it by it fit Kef Fich i it it is a a a 1 Uri. A Endrin Undari it i it. I it it a thru in quot to my a a i Churchill a Ipp a a a quot to Over the a he a it to we Lvi a a in quot to it i Aid to in in or at of tho if this fort f m it a rate i a it he up of of nne Inui. A of who Fth of a Ilyf a in a a mar a a it i i it Ray u sad a ii in a pcs tvs so a be hot i Washington. Jul 22 -1 a to via Himm no i ifs. It a Ifim Fri a of a Urt Afi i i a i by Fri. . , go a and my i . Spin it it Fyk quot tug a of it a the Kun if in a a try a dry a Irenr or to a irks off Chiju in the quot Ihrer Titiev it k it jmj re air pc ,�i�4�4 Oft ten a Fisit by p. Lothner . Jui 22 Vrr of a nch Ria la a sur in do it it it vice a Etc no Civ a to ugh it. A Viii in he i ice tilt ctn a Ltd rift of a in a new Orleans. Jim 22 Captain a. P. .s1�c<�l. A uasi to it a any a rec nil in Rig 0��.-r hrs mildly st Raj a cd who m to ?.�s�"f v life of a. End a a a a of fun it a saturday was hottest Day for 1940 in City saturday Agni Down in the in Ord Lis Hottot it Ray of 1941 m Muni get. A Temi erasure of is 9 win reported Here. To a High for the i in Jurse 3 when the rarer curve hit hot a was . By Douglas b. Cornell played to the arts silent re it in Hyde Park n. Y., june a formation which the Navy det Rome it president Roosevelt was in Deniton gtd a hut of blame a in secret the sup Tami tit to Jive rec Civili from Novah Piid to or. Re Jacv. Of is exp certs data showing that if go rms in i of a tit Whu a he of sulk Furm a Tram the it a uhf the French of Tel to. To let a Stia nation amp jul obviously take is no Ace uni of a pro. I by. A a d i i would have combo we �1� Power Pix Wal for a a by cent expand if a try a quot did Ione a gird greater to an Tfelt of the the Navy now m a a a a in y94i to in air lulled states. Jour re a a. Sin a that Mph Mem Muus i i. Sad Ihm Young own it i the per a ident a la rep it i not be Achi cd Foryt a if. Quot and t t to in in i very much to once in it gtd this prob a nor Dot it take a no a court a up. Fax Trya Man and Tony a tip in tar 1cm of relative naval a try Mph As it Parenty the Poms Busty thai fun a f m m try affect the Vei Tern hem Uip Here. Warfare might take a bips by toll of bomber tie rough figure in Mica a Ai Addi a both the Axi and Aluino a a Lestyi qom do a Iii to quot acc lion that is Ion ild to in but to a Navy fall if it were operating in the a sniff. Llonart will a Luoc Inu it the Han Tia al the Aki a a Powers. Us a am a cd re left Jim a twi by their suit Eri Only by sea Over the uni Teti it 100 a Gay the Nav to of Xvi re what in i Oulu a in no Star i to Slat a a Wii us Iii the ratio of a a n i thai detest rim vet a t a. Timid wit third to air. Liar a Kiju la a Sun id at we a Oil Wai i earn red. Furtini More. . Tisz kit Rich a my Wisun amp tio a Fioz Tiv i us a is naval of Leihr frs a a rated to a Jap und to in it 33. I by a Nger Clish a one a bid unite a Sutz feel i amp to it out nuut the rating of tie in a a a a a Era a i it bran an. It to on a Par in the Dala Laid wore the would be a if they Fri or the pm it yer a half the president. French Fket w14 to if a a in got to a k Bary d a a quot i ave to the i that act l it it a on six a a us ii to ice a Nii of a a tix a trs. If air in t by 7 it a in much a Jap a a a avs a �tr<tf5hh of a i or a if it of uni 4 Hilt a Terr ten my i a Emily has been Tegard Valyi consider a re a a pro a idea a gtd the new Yak in a m quot to in hmm a. He Ubly Beims that of the a a cml fiery Japan wet Rofot a Tny of Lite. Rm4 to sett Max a a of a a ii a a Nyk Ihm Chr wed her naval Bisl i no pro it a fat Pasy one of his a a a Imp jilt re liw a i a try ill by opt a it a 10 in of nth itt it Crecy a had the Guiu to a a Asut no Toft of. I us f Pia. International in Brief a a a a but Heno tr�4ep�n�int of fwd ? Crould the Griam Rorm. Uppa a a to Fri is men a a try of ? a a pm Fofiu the a Ruggy it bit an % Frame a my a pm try add a pm tsp i Tim British bomb a Tupp re a a in it work a �1 in a German a in Cfaith Purita re st hair Nowr in is . »or0kaux a them mkmm>4gm i if quot kid Buz Horn Nhi quot my Matt a a a r .nf4�r�c� vied t a mesh to i e . Fighting. Of Tail Arr Isi Tjce a Rei Efi in. Futh Lhrig to inf More Atrz str. In in o or it i Fri h a in itt 8ejilln--Frenfh a apis Jim the manic armistic m re Tow let / Ltd m com pet free of a Ira a. to Enid �1 Hrnkas the of pm a a with my German min for Nib my Idini a it trim our Aleast he a four un-e., driven of by a pm cd a�.4 Tifis of a titles off Ltd i Ltd a Miotk pc mtg rom a a la cart h a till Fherm of Irtz to fort t f l dts it of Maiu put Hir m Riffon of. Jom a �n.�4 with ll�5aifs Alpine Art twi a few it ,�pinr0. I a a ?8g.un be Utgard is quot men a a i a a . of i no i nue a vie shout it put Wash Minifi a Omrom i fax Bill and did no a puff for Mthm hmm a ppr svy a no Var exp Mim �?�u�h�r�4�t.�,m. Topkin a puff Imp it bin in my commit m to my is smut a of Cummi Fruk pm m a Zartt Iuar my a

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