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Medicine Hat News Newspaper Archives Aug 31 2015, Page 2

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Medicine Hat News (Newspaper) - August 31, 2015, Medicine Hat, AlbertaA2 monday August 31, 2015 the Medicine hat news up front 41231427 08/ 31/ 15 20% off Concrete and paver cd e Ane is & Seal ers pricing in effect aug 31 sept 5 treat your Yard weekly special 403 527 1822 50 Southwest drive so soap Derby dynamos news photo Gillian Slade Shawn Jastrau 13, sits in his soap Box car that was built by a former Neighbour Archie Clampitt. Gunnar Grove 9, and sheriff Grove 12, Are ready for the soap Box Derby to Start feeling confident about their chances in the Duchess rocket. Grady Ford 8, and Ashton Benz 8, enjoy a cold drink and wait in anticipation of the soap Box Derby downtown on saturday. People e mail your submissions to people Medicine agnews. Com Medicine hat news an open House to explain a complicated reorganization of fire coverage in the City will be held sept. 1 at fire station no. 2 on Dunmore Road not sept. 2 As mistakenly reported by the news in fridays paper. Operations at that location Are set to move to a new station built near the intersection of trans Canada Way and 13th Avenue in the fall of 2016. Fire chief Brian stauth said in a release thursday the shift in the coverage map will improve response times while keeping the number of stations in the City and operating costs the same. Response time impacts fire services ability to save lives reduce injuries and protect property and the environment said stauth. By relocating emergency response Crews and equipment in the Community we can better serve our residents and help the City to be financially sustainable Over the Long term. Construction of the new station will begin next month on a two acre portion of land that was formerly Home to the Stokke bulk fuel station. Local firm contemporary construction was awarded the contract to build the station with a Low bid of $ 7.2 million. Administrative and training facilities currently located at station no. 1 on Maple Avenue will be included in the Southend station. Station no. 1 is also slated to close in 2018 after a second new station is built North of the South Saskatchewan River. The City Hopes to realize about $ 450,000 from Selling each former station. Tuesdays open House will take place from 4 8 p. At station no. 2, located at 3045 Dunmore re. Open House Aims to explain City fire Hall reorganization from Page a1 the video is of poor Quality due to being recorded on a cell phone from a Monitor displaying multiple angles from the Cecil hotels Security cameras. One of those angles show Hrycyk assertively take a cellphone from a Patron who appeared to be recording the interaction Between Halcro and police. Hrycyk testified he did this to secure evidence but then remembered the bar had Security video and handed the device unaltered Back to the Man. That individual has never been identified during court proceedings. Angstadt and Hrycyk returned to the Cecil hotel on the evening of aug. 25 in an Effort to obtain More information from the surveillance video. Cecil owner Dawson Macmullin testified to not releasing a copy of the video of the incident to Angstadt and Hrycyk but did give a copy to a senior maps officer Hal Cross family and Alberta serious incident response team Asir investigators. While the trial decision is nearly three years to the Day in the making the charges Stem from an incident that was less than six minutes Long from the initial 911 Call to the initial All Clear going out by responding police members. According to court exhibits entered As evidence the initial 911 Call was received at 2 29 a. Aug. 25, 2012, dispatched to police at 2 32 a. With Angstadt and Hrycyk booking in to the Call and arriving at the scene seconds later. By 2 35 a. M., a total of five maps constables were at the scene along with the services chaplain with the All Clear Call radioed in to dispatch. Members of the Redcliff ramp and British military police also responded to the scene. Halcro was not charged after the aug. 25 altercation nor was it alleged at trial that the Man had any criminal record. The woman who was alleged to have been assaulted testified she was impaired the night in question but did not think Halcro had struck her. Justice m. David Gates verdict is scheduled to be levelled this morning at 11 a. At Medicine hat court of Queens Bench. Its expected a press conference will be held with members of the Cit yes police commission and senior maps staff following the verdict. Video shows interaction with police Hrycyk from Page a2 the context for the conversation is the heated u. Debate about the mexican Border. Occasionally the debate will fleetingly touch upon the Northern Frontier. On those rare occasions that the Canadian Border does come up its likelier to be raised As was the Case sunday by political commentators than by the presidential candidates themselves. Thatus because the Canadian Border makes a Handy polemical tool a pointy Needle for pundits seeking to puncture the conservative logic on the other Border. A textbook example was a piece in Politico Magazine last fall headlined fear Canada the real terrorist threat next door. Its first 18 paragraphs were about Mexico. Before it even mentioned the word Canada it sought to demolish a Republican talking Point about Isil terrorists supposedly sneaking across the Rio Grande. That s what sundays Exchange was about. In a week when Walker himself raised the terrorists from the South theme and amid a Republican primary in which the poll Leader Donald Trump wants to Deport 11 million illegal migrants and build what he Calls the great Wall of Trump an interviewer asked Why Mexico and not Canada it was the interviewer who twice raised the Canadian Border. Abc Host Chuck Todd challenged Walker to explain the focus on the South and in doing so he referenced terrorists coming from Canada. Its unclear whether he was referring to the repeatedly debunked canard about the 9 11 hijackers. The most famous incident of a terrorist crossing from Canada was failed millennium bomber Ahmed res Sam although several american political figures Over the years have repeated the erroneous claim about the 9 11 hijackers coming from the North. Todd asked the governor the most famous incident that we had of terrorists coming Over our Border was on our Northern Border. Why Arentt you talking about securing the Northern Border Walker replied that he favoured securing Borders in general but said the More rampant current problem was on the Southern Border. Todd pressed him again prompting Walker to mention the Northern Frontier in passing. It was reminiscent of an Exchange a few Days earlier. Once again it was a Media personality who raised Canada As a Point of comparison while chiding a conservative about the other Border. The Why not Canada question was posed in that Case by the most famous Spanish language journalist in the u. S., prominent Trump Nemesis Jorge Ramos. The Anchor on the uni vision network who was momentarily expelled from a news conference after he confronted Trump raised it in an interview with a Fox news Host. He asked Sean Hannity you re going to do it at the Border with Mexico but How about the 5,000 Miles Between the u. And Canada the conservative to Host replied i would do it up there too. I would do it up there too. That kind of chatter As Idle As it might be can make canadians jittery Given that More than one third of Canadas Gross Domestic product involves Trade with the u. S., and that the tightened Border after the 9 11 attacks caused a Ripple effect that still a snot completely subsided. Border talk usually centres around Mexico from Page a2 if Iran signs a non proliferation agreement it will be putting into the Market about 900,000 barrels of Oil a Day said Groom who does not see this coming to a conclusion in the Short term. Albertan Are in a unique situation where the Price we Are paying at the Gas pump does not reflect the lower Price of Oil plus we Are not benefiting from a robust Oil Industry. Premier Rachel Notley has talked of the need for Alberta to diversify. Diversification has been talked about forever and for whatever reason the governments have sort of taken the easy route and i dont think the nip government will be any different said Groom. It is really difficult to change our dependency on resources because All our markets Are so far away. Groom says we cant produce what Southern Ontario does and distribute to new York and Detroit because shipping costs would be prohibitive. Refineries could Well be one of the routes the government will consider but whether you spend $ 400 million on a refinery to create some jobs and Hope you can Export that expensive Oil is the question said Groom. Progress on pipelines has been sluggish but Groom questions if this is even appropriate considering Chin ass Economy is unstable. Where is the next emerging Market Europe is in bad shape and China has got terrible ups and Downs said Groom. Middle East choices will affect Alberta politics

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