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Long Beach Press Telegram Newspaper Archives Jan 31 1957, Page 1

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Long Beach Press-Telegram (Newspaper) - January 31, 1957, Long Beach, CaliforniaDc7. Jet collide hit schools at Pacoima 4 chiuirej1khjid Home four aboard Long Beach 12, calif., thursday january Telephone he 5-1161 ice 10 classified m 2.5959 edition eight editions daily vol. 316 Fly 4f pages o who li1cu Mit a Cumberland River overflowed its whole towns devastated by High Waters by associated numerous towns in the appalachian Mountain Coal mining area Lay prostrate today stunned by flood Waters that took 12 lives left thousands homeless and caused untold millions of dollars damage. The floods sweeping out of the mountains into Southeastern Kentucky West Virginia South Ern Virginia and East Tennessee May be the worst in the Region s history. President Eisenhower already has designated flooded Eastern Kentucky a major disaster area and ordered use of what Ever Federal funds Are necessary for Relief. The president acted in response to a Telegram from Kentucky gov. A. B. Chandler. Gov. Cecil Underwood of West Virginia also joined with Chan Dler in asking for immediate Aid. Has eight dead West Virginia has three and Virginia reported one fatality. The army red Cross civil patrol and other agencies worked together in ferrying portable generators water purifiers and typhoid vaccine into stricken areas. One Kentucky Community Hazard in Perry county re ported Early today it has Only a 24-hour Supply of food and water at least a thousand per sons fled their Homes at Prestonsburg where wednesday night a fire broke out destroying t. H r e c buildings. All firemen could do was let it Burn itself out and prevent it from spread ing. As part of operation Jupi the army at it. Knox sent soldiers medical corpsmen and supplies to stricken areas with continued on Page a-5, col. U. S. Haven for anti reds urged by Ike president details goal in message on immigration act Washington president Eisenhower today asked changes the Immi a Gration Laws so it will be easier to give Haven to refugees who have fled or in the future flee from communist tyranny. In a Mes Sage to Congress the president called also for general revisions of the Law to allow about More immigrants to c o m e. To country each year. The present annual quota is and is based on the 1920 census. Eisenhower asked quotas based on the 1950 population census. Caned Down they for a redistribution of the in i migration quota in proportion to the actual immigration from 1924 through july 1, 1955. An effect of this would be to increase the. Number of South Ern Mediterranean Peoples. To Emi grate to the United. Stats. Is number of immigrants from that area has been greater years than in the earlier period on Justice Reed gives up seat on High court appointed by Jurist has served 19 years on Bench Washington a president Eisenhower today accepted the resignation of supreme court Justice Stanley Reed effective feb. Feared dead 50 students As plane Falls amid Genri classes. Compiled 1mm at up a giant transport plane on a test flight. Collided with a Jet High Over the populous san Fernando Valley today. Wreckage of one show ered Down on three schools killing or injuring an Esti mated score of 25. Reed 72. A Democrat has served on the highest judicial tribunal 19 years. The naming of his successor will be Eisenhower s fourth appointee on the supreme court. To c Eisenhower s other a associate Justice Stanley Reed of the u. B. By Are chief Justice War a Hripp Ralso ,1 aeon Piaf. Justices preme court packs papers into a signing from his Post. He served As a Cap . 19 Ren and associate Harlan and Brennan. The White House said it had nothing to announce at this time regarding a successor. Reed turned in a letter of police reported. The other came Down in a Canyon the schools Are All within three blocks of each other in he Small Community of Lima East of Here. Jack Berger managing Edi Tor of the North Hollywood Val Ley times said that at least four or five students and at least 50 injured. Pacoima Junior High where there Are students was worst hit parts of the Lars i plane plummeted Down on an athletic Field where gym classes were being conducted. A number of children were reported ibid out on the grass. with blankets awaiting the arrival of ambulances. Terra Bella elementary school adjacent with 918 was hit by pieces As was had which quotas Are How based. Eisenhower said too that Congress should Pool the unused quota numbers for Europe Africa Asia and the Pacific area these would then be available on a first come first served basis without regard a person was born. This similarly would open the Way for admittance of additional Southern europeans Mee currently the unused quotas have been those of North Ern european countries. The president images on be eliminated. These mortgages came about from special cases where immigrants permitted on the basis of counted against their country s quota of dior drops skirts 4 Ini necks Barer by Nadeane Walker he is taking advantage of a provision of Law which allows him to retire at full pay. And subject to Call for occasional service on the court if this is desired. Eisenhower in a letter to Etc cd was 1111, by 13 was. Resignation dated today saying Don elementary school he wished to retire from Active away. To. Service. The transport a four engine Long new look. Unveiling his Liberty line collection of Spring he dropped skirts by a Good four More than and encased the feminine Torso u need Appo Imea by a Tim in a slim tube hobble tight be Nis scat on derelict denies he i i slew girls Edward Bon Nie illiterate Young skid Row dishwasher says that he did not. Kill the Grimes Sis ters and that the lengthy con ii Diu. Uick. P or by . Session he gave to. Sheriff s of inc Chaunci dior already has future years. Eisenhower said grat lations on your Long and splendid serv he praised Reed s Dedi cation and Devotion that Are so much a part of your rep Reed appointed by president Low and with daringly Low and wide necklines. Many of the afternoon dresses came to the Bottom of the calf and some almost to the ankle. It was another break with other Paris designers who Are featuring hemlines 16 inches or so above she flon but across High court 19 years ago today dc7, was on a test flight out of Douglas aircraft co Field at nearby Santa Monica company said there were four men the Pilot i William Carr and the co Pilot Archie Twitchell " the Jet apparently was an f89 scorpion on a production test flight out of port in the Antelope Vauney. Northrop aircraft co said the plane apparently was one of Craft and two men were aboard. One Man Curtis a. Adams 28, of Palmdale. A civilian radar observer for Northrup parachuted. He suffered face Bur Sand he reached the age of 72 last dec. 31. Present Law Shock and was brought to St. Joseph Hospital in nearby Bur building unionists peril labor merger Miami Beach building Union clique apparently spearheaded by the team sters Union threatened today to break up the Al Cio provisions should be made for the annual admission of orphans since there Are Many Ameri children Bedwell. Testified i a court wednesday that he signed a confession after four Days of questioning because the sheriffs men beat and kicked no c support in British who dior a new length is not a fashion revolution. Of cans eager to adopt from me. A a Timber of other admin to a Stative and technical changes were requested. The president s request for easing of the Way for refugees continued on Page a-5, col. 6 Ingon Corpus before chief Justice. Wilbert f. Where to find it teenagers admit they re slightly careless Drivers and feel that Ling her insurance rates Are Justi fied but insist they need a car to maintain their social stand ing. Sec Young people think on Page a-1s. Platinum smugglers pot no where when the Fri moved in on their South american operations during War it see the Fri on Page c-5. Bench a i a-17. Bryce i Tufto a-17. C-6 to 11. C-4 c 5 de Atli b-2 a-16. B-3. Shipping 0-1 2, j by. Tides. To c-1s. Vita c-5. A-17. B-4, 1 our a-2. Merger the building trades g r o u a claiming about 3 million of the Al Cio s 15 million members suddenly stirred up a Long quiet revolt into a red hot fight against former Cio unions for Job rights. The teamsters larg est Al Cio affiliate currently in dutch with Congress for advising its they would lose nothing avoiding test Imam in labor Racket probes seems to be stirring up the building i trades into action. At . Teamsters vice president James a. Hoffa of unit res Midwest major figure in most building trades meetings planning the revolt. The latest development came n a statement by the building trades group that it will seek to regain work now being p or lorried by other this spells to most for Mer Cio unions. Unions of both the former Al and former Cip live conflicting Juristic Tohal authority in their Charters Power to assign members to work As Hoffa put. It -to1 report ers we Are out to recapture members the Cio crowd go the building trades along team sters where Power is concentrated regionally and by areas rather than in locals. This idea was seconded Fay i building trades announcement from Peter. Schoemann Dent of the put Nib e is Union who said group has adopted p 1 an strengthen arid enlarge its. Organization in order to protect and enlarge its rightful1 charter briefcase theft probed by Fri Federal fudges to retire at 70 after 10 years service on. The Bench. Reed s retirement pay will be a the same As his salary on the High Bench. Need has indicated to friends he plans to remain in Washington for the time being. Remaining on Bench Are three Roosevelt appointees justices Black Frankfurter and is not a Lanion. Justices Keiack j uranium a my the proportions of his new look president Truman of 10 years ago. He paved justices Clark and Bur us. A j Way with a dozen Long dresses last season now he lets the the 21-year-Oia derelict choose Between longer traded the Confes Sib a hear Jana longest. That we ought to Hoffa went on to say tin Tea rosters Hope to Ite organize plice today investigated the disappearance. Of a briefcase owned by a physicist and which be said contained government of be told wednesday phone Call from an Illinois ceh ral Railroad station at 63rd St. Told police tie was in route to the band . Sile Plant Bend irid. Police erred to the Blaze perils Oil refinery at Torrance Torrance hot crude Oil spurted from a ruptured fuel line burst into flames and caused damage Early today in a cracking unit at the Sunset. . Refinery 21000 s. Figueroa St. Terrific heat from the two hour Blaze momentarily. Threat ened to blow up the. Gasoline producing Plant a _. If. His att Kitcy David e. Era Shaw demanded Well who is charged with the murders of. The Grimes Sisters Barbara and. Patricia 13, be admitted to ground that his purported confession is obviously false. Mcdwell was witness i the tide Model dior Calls to typify his new line is a Slinky tube unfitted in Back with an Over skirt to e sheriff Joseph said Bedwell Sig f Jubi arid cording John Snyder ton the latter a Republican. Jus Tice Brennan is a Democrat. Thus there Are five demo rats on the High Bench. If president Eisenhower names a Republican to succeed Reed United press Hollywood Cor respondent , Bathe scene at the Junior High school reported bodies of kids relying around the school Yard. They Are. Being covered with j. Scott reported that a Driver continued on Page a-5, Cal 2 8 seized at As heroin ring san Francisco san Francisco area men were charged wednesday with gling heroin states from into the United Hong Kong by there will be four Republican members. Show a midcalf length _ s beneath. Other even More drastic mod Els arc completely stovepipe tubes. Bottom of calf length after dark dresses drop a panel the floor new three piece suit is a top favorite for daytime to a s a slim skirt with until this afternoon., Nas a a in the. Statement which pie Ais at american sets pan s flight record Paris Ameri can airways dc7c claimed a can airways dc7c Dame a u e commercial new. Parkas and walk off the record today of 8 hours 50 my Witch p _ skid Row drifter related he a companion named Frank week Long spree had and drinking reach the station scene battalion Olief William Suth Erland in of four county fire extinguished the said fire fighters immediately poised fog Spray to. Envelop the threatened producing Plant the Domin Juez Crew covered the fire it self with another line until arrival Compton 41 from and 54 from Gardena. Fire destroyed the Oil Heater unit 50x30-foot corrugated Iron building fuel line break occurred 900-Dcgree--crude into flame As. It hit the not elaborate. On the inight of Jan 13, the statement beat the Sisters and dumped their bodies alongside a Rural Road South West of Chicago. Nude Roze n bodies were found Jan 22 the girls had been missing rom their biome since dec. -28. In testimony wednesday. Bedwell said tie had never seen the Grimes said he Ana l Frante out two girls Lehti jars in the skid Row St. The verified bed continued on Page a a col. 5 Means of passenger ships. George. H. Federal narcotics Bureau supervisor Here said one Man would buy heroin at Hong Kong and sew it into the lining of a Parka which was left hanging in a ship corridor. A Longshoreman at san fran he continued would utes. J f o 1 the previous record of a hours is minutes was set Jan. Similar pan american the ring ship with the dope. Agents estimated cleared in two years. Bringing in 154 pounds of in. A Short top which zips Down the Back and. A hip length. Bolted coat like a tropical Bush jacket called. Dior s new colors Are Navy White and off White beige and red. Bathing suit Drecoll stage leaves arms Bare and shows a lot of shoulder and bosom. Southland skies to remain sunny sunny skies and w a t m e r afternoon temperatures will in. Through least a weather Bureau predicted 4 rescued on Wilson mostly Cima r through warmer in the the observer. Said that a storm in the North which was moving toward Southern fornia has been slowed and tha1 no new rain is sight at roads and High ways in -Southern.1---California were open to California Highway patrol advised motorists chains As a precaution., Pasa Dena youths to Day from the affects of a near tragic hike in sub freezing weather atop Snow covered it Wilson. The boys were rescued after one of with ice. Head stumbled television.1 transmitter one youngsters col lapsed apparently an asthmatic to be before they were found by a of 25 sheriff s volunteers. The Hart -15, and Gary. Garri Bothof Pasadena a went wednesday Salle High school. Several Hundred Yards from the son Young his companions carried him until they were stopped by deep Snow. Drifts. .7- while Hartley went for Nuetzel died Over the fallen sheltering him with t h e or. Bodies. At the transmitter station Hartley was Given hot and wrapped in blankets by the caretaker Frank and his Alice. Dunn alerted the sheriff s posse and the other three boys afterwards. Henry of had to be when did t return Neutzel started Mountain himself

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