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Long Beach Press Telegram Newspaper Archives Jan 23 1957, Page 1

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Long Beach Press-Telegram (Newspaper) - January 23, 1957, Long Beach, CaliforniaMonaco wild with Joy 8-Pound, 2-oz. Princess born of Grace Rainier cautions on Beach Long Beach 32, calif., wednesday january 23, 1957 vol.lxk-no.309 44.pages Lyl cents Telephone he 5-1161 classified he 2-5959 h of e edition eight editions daily Treasury Sec. Again urges budget cuts declines to state where he thinks reduction possible Washington up Secretary of the Treasury George m. Humphrey re peated1 today that he Hopes i 21-gun Salute from Para Congress can Cut president m to Ria birth Gin to the former american budget for the year starting july or rated a thunderous-101-gun. Photo news of by George my Arthub Monte Carlo a 21-gun Salute announced the birth today of j a dark haired Blue eyed girl to the former Grace Kelly arid Prince Rainier of Monaco. The 8-Pound, 2-ounce baby who will succeed her father on the throne of this 367-acre principality unless a son is born was placed in n gilded Wood Cradle used by her father. She will be called Princess Caroline. Palace sources. Said 26 year old Princess Grace burst into tears of Joy when told a baby girl had been born and expressed a. Wish to nurse the child when she was brought to her. These sources said was born with blonde eyebrows and a tiny red Bir the Ark on the left nostril. The 33-year-old Prince went on the radio soon after the birth at . And announced solemnly that my beloved wife the , has Given birth to a baby Princess who has been Given the of Caroline Louise he thanked the people for their affectionate testimony of attachment and asked them to thank god and tic Prince described the baby is very Beautiful just his first act was to Telephone his Mother. Princess Charlotte in northeastern France. He then went to his private Chapel to the Prince who married the but he declined in testimony before the House appropriations committee to. Say where he thinks cuts could be made. Humphrey did Tell the com Mittee however that he is alarmed about rising govern ment spending. Budget submitted by or. Eisen Hower proposes rec Ord spending in peacetime. Chairman. Clarence Cannon do of the House committee Yaj Evjy hairy had no anti to cmdr Robert Price wage line must held he president Congress to i by steeling f. Washington Apko president Eisenhower ported to Congress today hat a record 1956--pros purity should continue ii Ifo this year. Bui that More inflation ride along with it. In the last of his the annual messages the economic report Eisenhower the third time in As his Strong opposition to tax cuts and Appeal for restraint in1 wage boosts. He listed 38 Laws he wants from the 85th Congress they included prompt Federal Aid for , More Teeth Accord Ike s biggest goal says yank forces to use a arms if sent of Middle East Washington president Eisenhower said today that one of the chief Aims of his administration during the next four years understanding soviet Union. He also said with the that american forces would he armed with tac tical atomic weapons if it be came necessary for them to tight in the Middle East he said the equipment of such forces with atomic weapons has now become routine from the military Point of View. Small firms caught in the credit squeeze. The nation s total output of goods and services reached a record 412 billion dollars last for the hit a Peak annual rate of 424 billions Eisenhower reported forecasting continued Good said Humphrey had no criticism of the budget at this to the Treasury Secretary denied to newsmen that this was a reversal of ence statements which he said there Are a lot to mar. . Al. Graham of Bellingham wash., shows off. The Beard and Mustachio he nurtured while commander of Little America v station in Amie Al the Antarctic during the. First year of operation deep freeze now he a heading Home for a shave. John b. Kelly the shucks i wanted a Russ accuse be Cut. What he said was that both Congress and the administration can find ways to Cut spending plans. Some observers though Humphrey dissenting from the administration on. The fiscal 1958 budget in his week. But president or at his news conference said that is not the Case. Age girls find Blouse in Hunt for 3irl death clues in Seffl might be the first real clue to the slaying of two teen. Eisenhower met with 264 reporters who overflowed the conference room of the old state department bldg. Across from the Whitehouse. It was his first news conference 14, but Down on. Him. Answers for the most part were unusually Brief. Here were the main highlights of the conference in addition to his remarks on get Ting better with Russia and the use of atomic weapons in the. Middle East 1. He agreed with Secretary of Treasury George Humphrey that every Effort should 3e made by Congress to. Economize As far a practicable on the budget for fiscal 1958. Of nearly billion. But his Basic theme was an Appeal to Industry and labor unions to join the government in blocking the leapfrog Advance of business costs and consumer prices. The figures Eise Rhower cited showed that the cot utry achieved a spectacular other congressional develop ments racketeering a missile bases surround soviet1 u Moscow the soviet communist party investigate labor the permanent have wanted a girl. A medical bulletin by the three doctors said the delivery wont very quickly without any complications and both Mother and child arc doing very continued on Page a-5, col. 5 j air Force Tanker lost 7 aboard Rome. N. Y. An air Force kc97 refuelling Tanker plane with seven men aboard was missing Early today and an officer said it was assumed that the plane is Down. Maj. Evelyn Watkins Public information officer at griffiss air Force base added however that it was hoped the four engine plane had made a Safe land ing. The plane left Westover fab mass., at . Tuesday with enough fuel for 12 Jious of Fly ing. It last reported by radio to griffiss at the air Force said the plane in the Vicinity of Rome at was experiencing radio trouble. Senate leaders resolved a jurisdictional dispute by. Agreeing to create a special eight Man committee to racketeering. I investigating subcommittee started its own inquiry last week but the la Bor committee put in a claim for jurisdiction. Civil Senate re publicans promised after a White House conference that of Forte will be made to get the nude Frozen bodies of Barbara Grimes and her Sis Ter found in a Muddy ditch tuesday by a construction worker taking an afternoon drive the Blouse s i m i 1 a r to one worn by one of the victims was taken to the sheriffs crime lab he s serious City left powerless by flood Peru ind. City of was almost paralysed to Day when rising Wabash River Waters knocked out pump House motors in the municipal Power where to find it a neat trap trial broke. Gestapo spy ring is described in today s instalment of the Fri Story on Page a-8. Beachb a Hal a-19. C-8 to 13. C-5. C-7. Death b-2. A-18. Is. Shipping c-8. Cd 2, 3, .4. C-6, 7. Tides to a-19. B-4, by 6. Your the City s 10 schools were closed and. Most their employees Home and locked their doors because of. Lack of heat. A few restaurants with Gas stove remained open to Supply Coffee temperatures were around 15 de graces traffic lights were out said reports in the v. S. Press prove the United states is plan Ling to equip its bases in tur key Iran Japan a and Western Europe with the most modern weapons including Ong Range guided missiles and atomic warheads. We have Here far reaching plans to prepare springboards or atomic warfare Over Exten Sive areas ranging from Europe to. The the planned distribution of the atomic groups leaves. No room for doubt that they Are aimed against the soviet Union and other l pravda warned Turkey. Iran and Japan that if they permitted the launching g of any of these weapons their countries. Russia win a Rivir. Eisenhower s the Blouse was found in Santa be and a half South of the spot w h e re the bodies were of the City. A suspect Walter a proposal failed last year Railroad steamfitter admitted and already has encountered that he called., police last week delay in the new Senate. And told them anonymously that the bodies of the missing girls i would in Santa be Park he said he "dreamed1 of see North born storm brings rain to la. Imported from Northern. Cali storm brought rain to Jung. Teach shortly before noon and police directed traffic along ser with blows delivered b y Busy . 24 and u. A 31. Indiana Public service co supplied some standby p Ower alternating it in-30- to 40-minute periods to different sections of the City to give residents s ome heat hospitals operated on Emer gency but. Were without elevator service and a Ray machines. The water Supply was not affected lightning kills 4, injures 9 youths la Paz Bolivia teenagers were killed and nine other were injured tuesday. When lightning stuck a Field where they were playing soccer authorities reported today the tragedy occurred in san a Small City in the agricultural South. The same apparently a . Atomic operational group is Al ready in Northern Italy v the United states has. Never disclosed whether atomic Heads Are located at overseas Eisenhower has Given , for the. Use of atomic or. Other weapons in the Middle East. The atomic Energy Law forbids discussions. Of the location or deployment of atomic today. a weather Bureau predicted that up to a half Inch of rain would fall Here before Midnight. No., rain is forecast for thursday current rainfall total stands at 2.20 inches for the same period last year there were 1.62.inches. Today s storm is also expected to bring Snow for. The. Southern California mountains above the among other communities re porting rain today before noon were los Angeles Bur Barik Barbara and the International 1 Airport near Iii Lewood. Weapons i use Yitho Utah weather occasional 1 rain through tonight partly Cloudy Kansas City s Snow fatal for so men six men ranging Fri. 6540 71, died at various places in Kansas tuesday during a. Four Inch snowstorm. Had histories of heart ail m eats and or. City health said. The snowstorm a fac-1 Tor he that a Snow can ing the bodies there. Krantz already Given two lie Detector tests bodies Sion were int turned to the crime Laboratory today for further questioning and another lie i for tonight.-. Crime were against that on a mysterious note reported to have .been1-re Cei Ved the Grimes family some time . 28 when the girls disappeared police also found ashes in the1 basement of an abandoned House in the Vicinity. Earlier 70 men snowy Woods along Creek near where the bodies were. But turned up no clues -the1 searchers were. Jpn Kirin for clothing i per Sonal effects .or., any. Other clue a-5, col. 3 Man trying to drink self out of court Miami began trying to drink himself free of. A drunk driving charge in City court today. Husky 44-year-old apart ment House manager is challenging the City s drunk meter Ai mechanical device which determines of alcohol in a persons bloodstream. Charged with drunk driving on the basis of a drunk me Ter Reading showing .246 per cent alcohol in this blood Rose intended he was in full posses Sion of his faculties at that 3. He sail that. Humphrey. Stating that a dreadful. Depres Sion would occur spending was not reduced was talking about a hypothetical situation in. The Distant future., in the foreseeable future the chief executive said Hev believe there was any possibility of a depression of the proportions of 11929 because. Federal and state welfare payments would take up a great amount.1 of economic Slack. And in. a ecu jut he said that half _. Merely reflected Price increases. The climb in. Prices have run its it represents one of the Taj ties and problems which Cloud the economic future. J Eisenhower suggested strongly that he thinks ment is1 doing All it curb Price pressures Short i heavy handed restraints would regiment the Economy and invite a recession. Fore he said to business and labor Leader Tive s opinion there Are no signs of Slack developing. 3. He refused to confirm or deny a. Statement by Adlai. A services. Us ship have the responsibility to reach agreements on other labor benefits that Are fair to the rest of Unity As. Well As to those per sons a creases and benefits consistent with productivity Prospect and with.1 the maintenance of a stable Dollar. And business must recognize the Broad Public interest in the prices set on their products find Stevenson that the National Security Council voted. Unanimously last september to halt Hydro Gen bomb tests but then was continued a-5, col. 5 the report showed icons entered 1957 record. Instalment debt but the rate of bus continued cold husband sues wife did r like Friend British court Sai d tuesday that .a-.50 year old -1civil servant was thoroughly. When Liisu wife threatened a showdown his., much younger girl Friend judge Francis a. Sobicski agreed to let him drink himself nto that condition in the court room then show whether or not he could drive his car in a nor Mal manner. After taking a series of Driver reaction and vision tests while he was so bar Rose got Down to the serious business of. Drinking at 11 a1., m. He says he drinks a pint every sometimes More. And newspaper cameramen shooting away Rose was shaky when he first tipped the bottle and Little. I m. Nervous he sex after two More drinks hand steady As he lit a cigarette. At Rose downed his making his total consumption about half a pint to lunch. Rose who says he has been drinking consistently for years contends the drunk meter does t apply equally to everyone. A Liukovi takes Jet to new Delhi fete de minister Georgi Zhukov left Moscow by Jet plane today to represent the. Indian Independence Cele bration on new Delhi saturday Bare handed catch h now fish stories a dime a dozen Thomas -1 a 25-Inch Steelhead with Bis Bare hands he a rough now top

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