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Long Beach Press Telegram Newspaper Archives Jan 20 1957, Page 1

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Long Beach Press Telegram (Newspaper) - January 20, 1957, Long Beach, California/ Southland s own sunday newspaper phone Hemlock 5-1161 a classified hell oct 2-5959 Independent Ress a Telegram the weather Long Beach 12, calif., sunday january 20, 1957 variable High cloudiness but mostly sunny today. Cloudy monday. Expected High today 64. Saturdays High 68 Low 41. 142 pages vol. V a no. 22 Fop Hunga Iron Eye stares at Long b. An sky in Ooi be death a Dudas Szabo a i m a victims of on Navat plane crackdown j Sec Jack Oglesby platoon sergeant for 27 men at a Long Beach Nike installation uses a scope and manual switch to align missile tracking radar with the actual nikes several Hundred Yards away. The lonely vigils of the Nike men arc described on Page c-4.�? staff photo by Brvan Hodgson teamsters held in contempt Iowa official jailed state surety chief denies 67c theft 600 Young film fans flee Blaze fire follows i upside Down slide h Snow a los Alamitos Navy transport plane bounced a turned Over broke up and a caught fire in a Landing on a Snow covered runway in Seattle saturday afternoon without serious injury to any of the 50 persons aboard. The f o u a in Gino r3d was making its third attempt at a Landing at the Sand Point naval air station in a Light snowstorm when the crack up occurred at 3 45 . The coolness of a Crew member from Torrance who prepared the passengers for a possible crash and the alertness of 45th rider found i in plane debris Seattle v hours after a big Navy transport plane crash landed Here saturday and the it 44 known passengers and six crewmen had been removed shaken and bruised but alive a 5 Ith passenger was found in the wreckage. Huddled under a seat of the broken plane cowering and shivering was a Puppy about five weeks old and undetermined Breed. It was unhurt. Base operations personnel at Sand Point naval air station Are tending it until its owner claims it. 6-Day trial ends Kadar intensifies drive on newsmen Vienna ii a the two top leaders of the hungarian rebellion were executed saturday Budapest radio announced. The radio said Jozsef Dudas former chairman of the All Hungary revolutionary Council and Janos Szabo his right hand Man were put to death after a six Day trial. It said they were found guilty of a trying to overthrow the hungarian Peoples democracy by organizing an armed a a military tribunal of the hungarian supreme court a found that Dudas had set himself up As president of the All hungarian revolution committee and supreme commander of the armed forces of the counter revolutionaries. V the broadcast said Dudas had wormed his Way into the communist party and had been unmasked As a a a prozac at eur in 1946 and jaded in Romani. The decision of the court was unanimous. The radio said i a iad Udas and Szabo were denied j Nis is the Bible president Eisenhower will put his clemency and hanged Early in hand upon when taking his oath of office today 5bp morning during Semi private ceremonies in the East room of the White House. His Mother gave it to him when he was graduated from West Point in 1015. The Bible will be opened to the 12th verse of the 32, psalm a blessed is the nation whose god is h a lord and the people whom he has chosen for his a wire photo presidential oath Bible waiting crash Crews were credited by Navy officials with preventing a heavy loss of life. Twice second term begins today Ike will take quiet oath in White House i the executions were pact of the crackdown ordered by puppet Premier Janos Kadar t o smash the last elements of resistance to communism in Hungary. J since a martial jaw decree went into Effort More than one month ago. A number of Quot counter revolutionaries in the oct. 23 uprising have been executed Titer trials before military tribunals and civilian Kangaroo courts. A she to inv it a. Iowa . In Lowa insurance com i "75 1 plane had a Washington it left Senate missioner Oliver p. Bennett was arrested in t Ehrp of 1 i preached the runway at the air investigators began contempt taking a r7 cent mho of r charge of Huron s n. Ken Gox station which fronts on Lake proceeding against some of and Sti it 5i amp a of a re a rur store Hundred children attending Washington in . Seattle. 1ho solemn n it h of the presid finals of the huge Al Cioff to u. A of flyers lat Veck 11 Quot As Dos a kid Kef matinee Quot escaped a the first time it did t touch of Lola by on has Secona term today at a saturday in a a a Luraas night. Hurning Koa to. C�?1�?z. Hun the a a o a a ceremony at the w hit Sauco Washington a Dwight d. Eisenhower teamsters to Nion saturday in a test of strength Over Cong res Bennett who denied the signal Power to dig into labor charge As was re sen06 Joh n t v m 11 ased later on a technicality. &6n. John l. of the sen �1, said however that intend ate investigating subcommittee to press top charges announced the move after the arrest was made by two teamster officials walked at plainclothes detectives answering charges Union used to build a Plush Home downtown drugstore for trams or Boss Dave Reck a Kas wednesday. In about and for other a a personal uses. Told newsmen Bennett said the arrest As a Case of Mist Ikon identity. Detective Ray Couch and a fear psf to topple Gomulka burning theater saturday after Down the second time it Jayoung usher jumped to the humped the runway and bounced stage and shouted a everybody nt0 Hie air. Keep quiet and Well All get out a of Here Okay j on the third pass on what appeared to be a Normal the 1 Bezenek. Year old usher Mike and two other men an the plane skidded Side quieted the children and organized them into marching lines. Continued on Page a-7, col. 1 1 the government extended its Campaign to newspapermen ordering the Dis Solu re icon of. The Phon Al Assn. Of Peats 1 he solemn oath of the presidency and enters a journalists. Facially on his second term today at a Brief quiet Sun of u re Vars believed Dav ceremony at the White House radar closed the newsmen a association in retaliation for the j All the pomp and splendor anti russian articles printed by Are being held Over a Day he h u n it a r y s temporarily free Pond the Sabbath for a Public newspapers in the Early Days of inauguration monday in front pc october Revou e a Quot i Tion. Of the East facade of the Capitol i a spectacular Parade and a strike ends in Torrance Mcclellan after a Stormy Public hearing that he plans to subpoena Beck to new hearings later. Beck woman clerk at the store said turned Down a subcommittee a by both saw Bennett take the a a invitation to testify on tube of hair Cream. Police chief a a a a grounds of health. Howard hide said. By Robert y. Jee i it capital Bureau Washington a govern Karl Horton a projectionist also carried several children from the building. The third Man manager Palmer Johnson was hospitalized later for Shock and ment officials saturday viewed Smy be inhalation. His condition the ballot boxes in Poland As a fair. Tinder boxes that to ton suffered first and could set off a violent new wave second degree Burns but was not of anti communist uprisings in hospitalized. The chairman did not Ray i Couch and another detective Eastern Europe. A a a a which witnesses he considered Robert Buckroyd followed Bernth it �?op"1 1 Here Are Dis the 1,1 it n theater was guilty of contempt of Congress Nett outside the store and then Tolj Rcd by reports that the to Destro it Rob it a the fire of in but he ordered the sub commit a stopped him Eide said then i Lish elections today May be known cause Mote than 50 fire tec staff to review the Testi scuffle ensued a he said a j Ripe a defeat of comm Man fou it Ftp flames. Many and prepare contempt a to a fist Leader Gomulka i Johnson ran to the Balcony Wasny to going with them because communist party. ,. A h amp cause there school senior jumped dem"i0nt� the a a a a re Pip ded for might to getting shanghaied a ions rations of the proportions order. Horton came from the later he said. O7e"off�cer of a he Freedom . he Quot it Quot a. The flashed a badge. Uprising in i inn vary last fall. Strike against of fwd Tornow inaugural resolutions for action. Among the Balky witnesses who have refused who have refused to answer a an 1 Gong us Tilfen to cause questions during the past week a Thoy did t show me of the it Angton hears to Are Einar o. Mohn executive a to re Pace officers. I though Rkia a danger of anti red Are Einar o. Mohn executive vice president of the teamsters a rank w. Brewster another Union vice president and president of its Western conference a i did no to know if it was some and Nugent la Poma Secre thing picked out of a rolled Oats of teamsters Box or not a Bennett said. Local 174 in Seattle Wash. Bennett was taken to police Mcclellan declaring the Issue Headquarters fingerprinted and their first Freedom in years at stake is whether the govern charged with Petty larceny and a resisting arrest in information 7 charter a 7-week-old National Supply co. Of tora Ranee ends Joday for 900 Mem trap pigs l r for la. Of James v. Trosper readied All for Jolt i Bers of Oil chemical and Dent into office the nearest atomic workers Union local Bir a America offers to a j 128. I Coronation. J eighty seven per cent of the a membership saturday ratified and for them and a vast the agreement reached last round of other inaugural events a by Malcolm Epley Between Union and dignitaries and Little people were without a dissenting vote the management committees. _ hustling info Washington today Assembly at Sacramento Satur. Brymer Union inter by car plane train and bus. Not Day adopted a Resolution for leg Tahr a represent Lvey said then surging overwhelming num i Stative ratification of seven signed m it to Quot descend in on Long Beach City charter signed a in . Today after the National capital for there amendments passed at the no which time pickets would be definitely is More of a humdrum vember Tion the Rew Ute on removed from the Plant at atmosphere about this inaugural it jul l Carson St. And Border ave. Lion than there was about that. Nac the new contract provides a first one for Eisenhower Fourt a a. Yant 1ici bar r for a 15-cent-an-hour across years ago. Ock siem of Long Beach and the Board pay increase the first still visitors and official f or ass Mhz it a briefly in year additional automatic in Washington alike started in on authorized he Meas or go which by ses ranging from 7 to 10 the Gay preliminary whirl of h red in a Al oration with the second and third parties dances teas receptions a assemblyman w. S. Grant. Creases cents it ears. They could St tort at the a pre j cinch level and spread rapidly Why car insurance rates Rose Here with disastrous results. If the citizens of Poland tast t continued it it a a-2, col. 3 signed by Buckroyd. Staged a revolt the chances Are it would mushroom to Eastern t Germany. L6lc. Scuds Union inquiry the Senate committee under democratic senator Mcclellan is asking various labor unions to bring in evidence that they Are not misusing Union funds or carrying on racketeering activities. This is something in which every Union member should be interested. But some unions do not give such evidence to their own members and now refuse to give it to the government. The question is Why should labor unions be any More exempt from such regulations than is a corporation Are not labor Union members entitled to the same kind of information the Law says corporation Stock holders Are entitled to these Are Basic factors which should be considered by All americans who read about the Senate continued on Page a 2 and if there were an uprising in the Wake of the polish1 single men under 25 cause 37 pet. Of traffic accidents continued on Page a-2. Col. 1 accidents n or under a acid Pofs for the under-25 male years of agr. Jets male Drivers one Man on Globe hop made trip backwards involved in Long Beach. Accidents Lor the under-25 . The statistics show also Drivers is far out of proportion flt ajs0, of 1 in their in her by unmarried male Driver 26-4o ears old 10 tbp1 number. I under 25 is involved in a greater comprised 41 per cent of the this apparently is not True for proportion of serious and fatal l02r women Drivers in this category traffic accidents. Hie figures provided by the who composed 26.2 per cent of servicemen Are an important a bocce record Bureau help sex the Tota number of women in Factor in the High Accident rate Plain Why insurance companies solved in 1956 accidents Here. 0f this group insurance men mfr can it it to a Imey treas d aut Quot sur top figure compares with 51 per Point out. Duty overseas or in Merced a it it its something Ance rates last week for in cent for the 26-45 group of Remote areas frequently raises to Fly around the world in 45 married male Drivers under 25. Women Drivers. A servicemen to lose some of the a hours hut airman Eugene Priess i to comparison assumes real insurance company statistics driving skills and to forget trap a. �n0 re Hazra show that top unmarried male Fie problems. They often Are is is a by Par old Tail c group is composed Driver under 25 is a greater risk guilty of travelling at excessive gunner on one of the three b-52 of to Quot majority of male Drivers than the married Man in 1he speeds. Inter Continental Jet bombers skin men salp in truck ramp the these were the factors plus which completed the historic to j z % Visty a tremendous increase in costs a r a it dts a. R 1111 is r. To i a resulting from traffic accidents a he insisted on flying around i also the a a Der group covers gel. Weymond 90 that caused insurance com the world backwards and by a and a a it ears it a Vilt t r a panics to single out the s group pared with 9 years for the 16-24 alls in Gen. Max me for a whopping ppr re in age bracket. Woy Rand. Commander of the a pase in aut0 Insp Range rate a a a a if ranch army when it was Over in this area. Inaugural radio to timetable following is the schedule of radio and television broadcasts of president Eis no pvt crts inauguration mondays radio 8 a. 8 30 a. and 0 a. television 8 . A c is Channel 2abc Channel 4 and Abc Channel 7 at the request of assemblyman Bruce Allen of san j o s a two attorneys opinions relative to one of the amendments prop. By on the november ballot were included in the Assembly journal for the Day. J this charter amendment authorizes Extension by negotiation of Oil production contracts not on the tidelands and in effect prior to March 5, 1951 the effective Date of another charter amendment requiring competitive bidding the opinions placed in the journal at Allens request saturday were written by City after continued on Page a-2, col. 1 a where to find it How a former carnival Pitchman discovered Elvis Presley is told on Page b-7. It seems the a a colonel just looked up and there was a a million in addition to the color portrait of the president and first lady on parades cover today you la find other inauguration features on pages a-3, a-4 and a-5. Regular i. It features follow would t come Forward for Lief As the Tail gunners did in the other said maj. Salvador Felices the Pilot. Priesst Home is at Ballwin to. Although no accrual e whelmed by hitlers wehrmacht figures Are available As to num in 1940, celebrated his 90th Bers of Drivers in various age a birthday saturday. The rate increases Are even amusements .b-6-7 automotive cell Beach combing Bridge. Classified do death notices pc i 10 16 a-1�� continued on Page a-2, col. 2 i editorials .a-18 military. .c-8 radio to .cm2 real estate .c-5-10 school menus. W-8 ship arrivals .c-3 sports .b-i-4 women a news .w�?T-l-10

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