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Long Beach Press Telegram Newspaper Archives Jan 16 1957, Page 1

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Long Beach Press-Telegram (Newspaper) - January 16, 1957, Long Beach, CaliforniaIke offers record peace budget where it comes from the budget Dollar fiscal year 7958 estimated major where it will go military atomic Energy Mutual Security military stockpiling source Bureau of the budget Long Long Beach 12, calif., wednesday january vol. Lek no. 303 _ Telephone he 54161 52 pages Price 10 cent classified he 2-5959 Home edition eight editions billion sought huge defense fund hike urged by William 0. Van Washington Eisenhower today proposed to Congress fight if we must budget for next year calling for a boost of than 2billion Dol Lars in military spending and a record peacetime outlay of m fed Eisenhower said his budget for the fiscal year 1958 beginning next july 1, was balanced and provided for a surplus for the third straight year. But once again he s out against any tax cuts except for possible Relief for Small business involving minimum loss of obvious reference to what budget Means heavy Snow blankets East old holds on new storm labelled dangerous 3 to 8 inches hit area by associated Freak a heavy snowstorm de scribed As dangerous Anc intensifying blanketed much of the Northeast to Day while subzero cold kept its grip on the Midwest. The storm moving Northeast Erly near the mid Atlantic coast dumped 3 to 8 inches of Snow in an area which suffered its cold est weather of the season tues Day the cold moderated some stepped up spending for de sense the president said two of the major guidelines he used in drafting the financial Blue print were designed to assure peace Justice and Freedom for our own and other and powerful armed forces to deter and if need be to defeat i am he said that the defense programs and funds for their support As recommended in this budget provide a Wise and reasonable degree of Protection for the the budget message Esti mated that or 63 per cent of the entire fed eral outlay will be for National Security programs. These in clude for the armed forces of this country for economic and military foreign Aid and lesser amounts for atomic Energy re search and development Stock piling of strategic goods Home civil defense and the u. S. In formation Agency. As an offset to his Over All High spending plans Eisenhower forecast continuance of the country s booming Prosperity Svith the government collecting a record in Rev nue in the new fiscal year. Such income he said will permit the administration to ring up a surplus of 000 to be applied toward reduction of the massive National debt. As a result he said it should not be necessary to ask again this year for an increase in the permanent 275 billion Dollar continued on Page 1 pole police station raided with rocks Warsaw of a gang of hooligans was blamed today for a Rock throwing attack on a police station in the Northern polish City of Bialystok _ newspaper accounts said the gang tried unsuccessfully to raid the station in an Effort to free an arrested crony. Five of the would be rescuers were . Will Cost everyone an average of Washington re Coral Federal peacetime spend ing in the next fiscal year is coing to Cost every Man woman and child in the country an average each. At the. Same time each person s share of the All time record Revenue to to collected will amount to each. The extra each makes up the expected surplus for debt reduction. These figures represent increases per capita in spending and tax collections Lor the third straight year. V the Ini duct sent to Congress by president Calls for in spending and collection of 000 in Revenue in the 1958 fiscal year beginning next july 1. The census Bureau estimates the population next Jan. 1 will to persons. The population at this midpoint of the fiscal year is used by the government in figuring averages. Computations showed the average taxes for each Man woman and child was in 1955. It jumped up to in fiscal 1956 ended last june so will Edge up to in the cur rent period and amount to in the next fiscal year. Urges israeli Honor 1949 armistice line United nations general Dag Hammarskjold declared today the withdrawal of israeli forces behind the 1949 armistice line is an essential step what. A foot of More of Snow was expected in new England before the storm abates. The snowfall slowed trains buses and autos in the new York City area and caused some delays in airline schedules. A new Batch of Arctic air surged into the Snow covered North Central Region and temperatures tumbled below Zero from the Rockies to Lake Michi an. Northern new York and new England were in the. Sub Zero zone again after. Tuesday morn no s Low records in most of the Northeast. The 55-below Zero at in. Central new York was an Mark for the state. Heavy Snow warnings were posted for new England with accumulations of 6. To-12 inches expected by tonight in most of the area. Largest area of precipitation during the night was in the East including parts of the great lakes and Ohio Valley area and All of the Atlantic coastal states except Florida. Snow fell in Northern sections and mostly drizzle in the South Ern Atlantic states. Fog was re ported in areas from Florida Philadelphia. Freezing rain or drizzle Snow and occasional sleet slicked highways tuesday night from Rayburn sees sure of of Ike doctrine texan refuses to comment on any possible changes woman runs from fire hands to her head mrs. Flees Down Steps of her firemen Rush in to extinguish tire dress door. Pad add firemen put out the Blaze tuesday before it. Wire photo phia sees pcs Crinini movies of the body peacefully in sleep new. York a Arturo Toscanini a poor italian boy. Who became one of the world s Foremost orchestra died in his sleep today he was 89. Death occurred at his Home the Bronx. His in for restoring peace with Egypt in a Progress report to the so nation general Assembly Hammarskjold said he held extensive but unsuccessful discussions with representatives of Israel aiming at full compliance with withdrawal requirements Down by the Assembly last no vember. Israel he said still was silent concerning compliance with the los Angeles up the county grand jury today be n Gan an investigation of said the. Famous and in extreme Eastern where to and the bloody career of banker William Hale and its ending in prison is the subject of to Day s instalment of the Fri on Page a-14. Also on Page a-14, presides Nasser All foreign Banks insurance companies Anc trading firms1 Beachb a. Hal a-25. A-25. C-6 to is. C-5, b-7. Death b-2. A-24. Is. Shipping c-6. Cd 2, 3, 4. Bill. Tides to b-4, 6. Your a-2, Nab youths in burglary car theft concerning compliance Wim tonci a Cadillac was stolen a t i from a Long Beach Agency used solutions by withdrawal oils a b j a. San the Laid from the Gaza Rae i forces this is one of the two areas hich Israel said tuesday would till remain in its hands when a new phase of the withdrawal rom Egypt is completed Jan. 22. The other area is Sharmel sheikh on the Gulf of Aqaba. Hammarskjold said Israel had indicated the evacuation of the Aqaba. Strip is anticipated although it had suggested fur ther talks with him on this problem. He indicated this in olved the question of Guaran teeing free shipping through the Julf of Aqaba but he said he did not consider this question fell within the mandate Given him by the Assembly. Israel announced her troops would quit a Gyps Sinai Penin Sula by Jan. For the key Point of Sharmel sheikh Jin the burglary of a san Juan Capistrano drug store and then demolished at the end of a 100 parts of Tennessee and Ken readings in the 20s and teens were reported in wide areas in the Eastern third of the coun try outside of the extreme cold Belt in the North temperatures As far South As parts of Northern geor Gia and Texas remained near or below freezing All Day tuesday. They were at sub Zero Levels from the Northern fringes of the Plains to Northern new England and Interior new York state. At Massena n. The Day s High was 18 below Zero. The fresh cold air into the Plains sent the. Mercury turn to 28 below at Bozeman Eree movies. One was ing saw a couple of a police photo graphed re enactment by the actress at her Encino Home of How she says two men abducted her the night of Jan. 3. The other was a television film interview with the blonde mile an hour police Chase Early today. William h. Lantz of 621. Via Almendro Long a 13-year-old Paramount boy were arrested by Orange county sheriff s deputies on suspicion of Mont and .-14 at Bismarck n. Chicago with a heavy Blanket hit icy blasts and temperatures dropped below Zero Snow fell Beauty made just after the re enactment by to newscaster George Putnam. Detective it. Herman Zander said there Are some differences Between the two films but i have of say ing they Are he said there is some material in the Putnam filmed thatis not. On new year s Day and had riot fully recovered from it. Tosca its Brilliant Ca reer spanned 70 years and won him virtually every Honor the musical world has to offer. He had already scored great Success before he came to the United states in 1908 in this country he swept on to the Heights. For seven season he conducted at the renowned metropolitan opera in new York Dur a. Ing the Era of 1 such never to be forgotten artists As Caruso Melba and. Scotti. But a Dis the night in was made in. An swer1 to questions. Miss a Mcdonald says the two her captive los Angeles House drove her to Snow Levi Talma the desert near. Lindio and the Central Rockies eastward shoved her out of the car. A commanding the approach to the red sea Gulf of Aqaba. The israeli decision was communicated to. Hammarskjold. Asian african nations framed a Resolution condemning israeli s slow pullback and calling in effect for economic sanctions against her until she withdraws behind the 1949 armistice lines the bloc was to decide after getting Hammarskjold s report whether to press for. An Early Assembly session at which to air their Resolution. And Auto Long Beach police said the gleaming four door Sedan scheduled for delivery to a pus Tomer driven out of the service garage of Ridings motors 1501 american ave., during the night by thieves who broke a window and then forced open the garage door.1 v at 2 a. A sheriffs deputies interrupted the Burg Ary of the1 Mission drug store n san Juan Capistrano they said and arrested Lantz. The 13-year-old sped away in the big Cadillac pursued by deputies and a California Highway patrol car.1. The stolen the intersection of and 101-alternate, took out 40 feet into the Central Plains and the Texas radio Man asks France Asylum Marseille radio officer of a soviet Tanker today asked political Asylum in France. 3is request was forwarded to authorities in Paris. Alexis Lina Chev from the Tanker Kherson .mon-1 Day night after the vessel docked there with tons of crude Oil from Kuwait. The Kherson s master reported to the soviet embassy that the officer was missing. Truck., Driver found her there bruised and hysterical 24 hours after she vanished. The District attorney s office said it. To grand jurors today a 47-Page state ment Marie Indio Hospital to which taken. Police chemist Ray Pinker of fencing and Tore Palm tree. Digap pea rect it was a. M. Near Laguna Beach trying to Hitchhike. He was hot Hurt. T sunny through thurs Day. Strong winds late afternoons and evenings. Warmer. Ab1ubq toscanini5-foot musical giant subsequently he directed the new York. Philharmonic symphony and the n a to o n a 1 Goy admits. Slaying latter brought him girl while sledding closer to the american a Rolver Spring than any of his . Toscanini conducted his last Washington speaker Sam Rayburn said today of course the House will pass a Middle Sast Resolution with the Force of kind of action president Eisenhower has asked. But the souse democratic chief at a news conference steered away from predicting what changes the House for eign affairs committee might make in the Resolution offered by the administration he was emphatic however that the Home would not take the course suggested by Soma legislators and adopt a Resolution merely expressing the sense of Congress rather than one with the Force of Law. Rayburn was asked about predictions that the House might make substantial amendments to the Reso Lution when it reaches the floor from the foreign affairs com Mittee. I think the House will stick pretty close., to whatever the committee Rayburn said. He Sato it did him important w h e t h e r Resolution provides economic As Well As military authority. For the president because we Ara going to be economic soon the House will havea regular foreign Aid Bill .Mon the measures it considers this Sesse Creary of state Dulles had urged that the Resolution approved by Hority for 200 of economic Aid. In the Middle East. In other developments to Day sen. Young or and predicted in a statement that Eisenhower s request for specific author Ity to act in the Mideast be modified i proved by an overwhelming vote it was disclosed that adm. Arthur w. Radford has advised. Congress he believes the Eisen Hower Middle East Resolution would practically chances of War in that area. The chairman of the joint chiefs of staff testified at a closed session of the House affairs j testimony made Public tiday after censoring for Security made these other Points 1. The United states has definite military superiority Over Russia probably even somewhat greater than that of a year ago. 2. The United states new hat the capability moving men and Materiel effectively and Vickiy into the Middle East in ase it has to help put out Brush ire War. 3. He doubts Small wars Rould break out at the same Ime in different parts of the continued on Page a-8, col. 5 continued on Page a-8, col. 3 coached Kangaroo and baby die in Griffith Park los Angeles zoo s Parkey a., san Diego zoo is dead. She died tuesday apparently from the effects or. Zoo vet Ert aarian discovered she was carrying a baby Kangaroo from two weeks to a month old in her baby Kangaroo died about the same time its Motter Suchun Befi. Concert with the Abc sym Hony orchestra at Carnegie Hall april he capacity audience nor those who heard the Prog anon radio knew twas his Farewell. His retirement was made known after the concert by the release of letters exchanged previously Between , tha Board of thei radio corp. Of totally Blind Driver caught today stopped a Motorist whose car an East Sandiego fou Iid was totally officers booked the Driver sautters 40, Cion of. Drunk driving and drive without a1, License. Sautters was who1 told a officers Ewas giving saut for operating Trie vehicle. He was booked on a charge of conspiring to permit. Person to 1 drive. was. In. Accord with the Rae str s wish thai news of his retirement should be his final a mate shoots nurse kills doctor self Daly Man in a 15-year-old High school. Boy was charged tuesday night with slaying schoolmate Georgette Anne Hent Geri during an argument that developed while they were sledding. Montgomery. County police said David vernoria Hall son. Of or. And mrs. Thomas. Hall of Silver. Spring confessed both orally and in writing that he bludgeoned the 15-year-old Gir to death in a wooded area. The boy was jailed after he was charged with murder Anc juvenile authorities jurisdiction. _ boy s Chest ripped open hell live like potato faded the Ter. Here today shot and wounded his estranged killed a doctor and then committed Suk cide. Robert a. Michael Depp iras. , -1 rare fruit sustains person two months new an Dian doctor claimed today that he has discovered a rare fruit which sustains person for two months without further food. Adf. Singh said the Droit grows a the said 1 Jand who were monks Ada okla a year. Old boy fell against a. Large Cir Cular Blade used in a Sawmill and his Chest cavity was lipped open but doctors said today1 he will survive if complications do set in j the youth is Cecil Lloyd Cal son Jurf Cecil Callicoat of near Atoka in the Blackjack Oak tree country of Southeastern Oklahoma officials said the youth was playing tuesday around is Sawmill and somehow running saw used to rip Trees. Air the ribs on one Side were Cut. Open was Rby the we girl a doctors c ass hour Cor operation vital Back in place

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