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Long Beach Press Telegram Newspaper Archives Jan 3 1957, Page 1

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Long Beach Press-Telegram (Newspaper) - January 3, 1957, Long Beach, CaliforniaDaring pilots can t copters Rescue 8 alpinist 2 left to die h Chamonix France helicopter pilots today snatched eight marooned alpinist from the Snow swept slopes of 1. Bianc but gave up Hope for iwo More Frostbitten climbers marooned on Europe Peak for 12 Days. The Rescue pilots had hoped to hover above the1 Frenchman Joan Vincendo 23, and belgian Francois lower them Down in hanging baskets but this proved impossible. Both May already have died. Suffering from extreme Frost bite they were bundled in sleeping bags in the wreck of a helicopter which crashed earlier trying to save them. A decision reached by the agonized parents of the two men doomed even if they still live however. They refused a daring Pilot s offer to attempt to land his Light ski equipped plane beside them in a last ditch Rescue attempt. The Pilot i German safd1 the parents turned Down his offer because1 of the risks involved the men had set out two Days before Christmas to scale despite two Light landings at the eight men were huddled in a shelter. But there was no Landing spot. Vincendo and Henry several Hundred Yards away. The eight men had been trapped on. The Moun Tain in earlier Rescue crashed near the two climbers the o ther four had parachuted site. Unable to move the helpless pair. Far because of. The conditions the would be rescuers bundled them into sleeping bags in and then made the perilous climb to the Rescue flights got under Way at Dawn with the first favourable flying two weeks the harried pilots had the eight men Down in three hours. A. Final try at rescuing was made by French helicopter Pilot Jean Boulet who holds the world s helicopter Altitude record and commandant be Gall director of the Rescue operations. wind currents and a of powdered Snow blown up by the helicopter rotors prevented the aircraft getting1 close to the trapped pair. J. Now we must give up the Legall. rate Henry and Vincendo Are dead or in a coma. We can not risk new lives to bring their bodies Down. The bodies will be abandoned until _ All the rescued men were hospitalized suffering from Van Ous degrees of frostbite. Some were in serious7condition.- violent storms had turned Back the marooned men virtually the whole of a. Devoted to Mountain. Climbing tensely watched the Rescue fort the nation s leading Alpine and Himalayan verged on this town of to offer their skill and knowl Edge in the Battle against the elements. The Chamonix Mountain guide assn., the first to come to the Aid of Vince Don and Henry bitterly criticized it said they had put themselves voluntarily in this exceptional situation outside of the Normal albinism season. Even to save two men we cannot very Well risk the lives of 10 15 crackdowns due in record traffic toll deaths up 5 pet. In nation officers Eye 7-Point curb by Thyl associated Praia traffic accidents killed More americans in 1956 than Ever Law officials throughout the nation Are turning to get Tough policies to Cut Down the Highway Slaughter. In the year just ended the nation had at least a 5 per cent Rise Over 1955 in the number of Auto deaths. The final figure is not yet available but safety experts predict a total of More than the 1955 figure was the previous High was recorded in 1941. In states which had fewer traffic fatalities in 1956 than in 1955, credit generally is Given to rigid enforcement of safety measures. In states where traffic deaths increased similar c r a c k d o s generally Are planned. State by state Survey by the associated press shows that these measures in effect in some planned in others 1. Increasing the number of police patrols on highways. This has top priority in most states .-2. New harsher enforcement of existing Laws calling suspension of licenses fines1 arid irn Pris Ozment Lor motorists convicted of drunk driving chronic negligence and speeding. S. Alrh tar examinations for vehicle licenses and mandatory Auto . 4. Use of National guard troops or sheriff s deputies. To re enforce regular Highway police during Peak travel periods such As Holiday weekends. O. Period Road blocks with massed troopers stopping All cars and checking on licenses Tion. 6. Expansion of the use of radar devices in catching speeders 7. Establishing state Speed limits where they Are not Al ready in Force. The Survey came on the heels Beach Long Beach 12, calif., thursday january vol.lxix-n0.392 Price Ltd Telephone he 5-1161 pages classified he 2-5959 Home edition eight editions emos organize As Congress Ike to re casts decisive vote sen. Frank Ohio finally cast his vote cd Nuxol to bid for on West Mideast plan of in person Dulles tells solons situation perilous Washington House speakeiv1- Ray Burn Washington Eisenhower has told the russians the United states will make disarmament at the United nations. But be has rejected for soviet proposal for five Power talks Ori. The White House wednesday night made Public Eisenhower a reply to a nov. .17. Message from soviet Premier Nikolai Bulgan n in that message of session of Congress Satur Day for stand by u. A. Military Force in the Middle East in the event of soviet aggression. Rayburn said it is doubtful1 that the president will appear in person next thursday liver his state of the Union Mes Sage meanwhile rep. Burdick and challenged the constitutionality of the. President s Middle East. Proposal. He con tended Congress could Gate the War making " Power invested by the Constitution. I in a statement introduced into iad suggested that leaders of the United states Russia Brit Ain France and India sit Down quintuplets die a the record at the opening House it Awo Oil a in j -.i4-v. Of the Christmas and new year Day a new High. Icelandic trawler hits rocks sinks Korshavn. Faroe islands we the -655 ton icelandic disarmament in his Keply Eisenhower welcomed Bulgarin s apparent willingness to consider even a limited form of the Aerial inspection which this country has been urging since Eisenhower Lilje Bijj Luil trawler Godines hit the rocks at first proposed it at the 1955 Skoal Efjord Faroe islands to Geneva surn Mit c o n f r c n c a Day and Sank after breaking in previously the russians had of. Two posed any such plan. Twenty four crewmen were rescued but the ship s master was missing. India s first quintuplets Are dead j and Little Hopes held for a third girl. Hospital authorities Burdick said that with the requested authority Eisen Hower could Start War without the other two babies Normal health. _ the five girls first quilts re ported in Indian medical his tory were born on new year s eve to 29-year-old Indian servant woman named Kamalam at pen Wichery 85 Miles South West of Madras. Authorities at the Pendic cry Hospital attributed the babies deaths. To to absorb food and poor the but Eisenhower shot Back at girls weighed Between 3 pounds ounces and 4 pounds 6 ounces continued on Page birth Congress the Burdick Saidi. It t take the. President three hours to get a declaration of War any time the facts. War ranted Eisenhower gave the mid dle High priority As Way in new session. -his1. Secretary of state John Foster Dulles told Cong ression Ai leaders that the situation area1 is highly Ike doctrine rights Battle top problems Lausche clears up votes v cares for own tots Hospital though the of or. And Anthony Valiente Are hospitalized under the care of their mother., she is a nurse on the staff at Philadelphia episcopal Hospital. Here Are mama and her Brood As were paid a1 visit wednesday by the father. Left to right the children Are Katherine 5 Ronald and Donald .2-month-old twins John 1, and Anthony James associated _ Washington., democrats took controls of the. New 85th con Gress but Only after a Brief Senate scare. Started a session already confronted with a Momen Tous foreign affairs Issue and a possible heated Battle on civil rights. President Eisenhower will go before a joint session saturday to present this grave a request for Advance approval to use u. S. Troops against any communist aggression los tile Middle East red shoot yes slay one vienna1 or russian Border guards opened fire on a. Group of hungarian refugees., Early today killing a austrian pm lice said today the victim of the attack was mrs. Gar borne Molnar of Buda Wii Imi pest. In the darkness May Wen. Move to expand its and her companions did Tice she. Eisenhower address had reached safety in Austria. The group which had made its Way Over Snow covered Fields in. Bitter col had just crossed will come Fri or Early next week de pends Ori How Quicy the Senate and House of get organized and extend him a formal invitation. The seeks. Resolution Eisenhower As outlined in. Tentative form by Dulles would balloon Over l b. Trails two lights touched off a Brief if lying Saucer scare Early today by sending a. Weather balloon aloft Over downtown Long Beach. Two lights apparently Bat Tery powered were suspended about -10 feet below the balloon which police estimated hovered at a a Altitude of 150. Or 200 feet. Some thought the lights were fireballs. Other. Witnesses on 1. Authorize the. President to undertake programs of military the Way to Freedom and when suddenly and without warning guards opened fire. It was still dark and the refugees could not attackers. And economic. Cooperation with the Weart and exhausted free nations in the general area of the Middle. Eastin order to continued on rain won t fall Here after All there la be no rain after All the Bureau to Day said that weak Stormi which had been expected to move into the Long. Beach area refugees immediately dispersed and finally managed to reach the austrian in. The neigh boyhood of the Small Village Landau. Here. They discovered that mrs. Molnar was missing. Her Lontai and a. Refugee priest on duty atandau1. Went Back and from Southwest of san Diego has passed. It dropped Light rain wednes Day night Diego county and the Southern Ari Zona. The for variable cloudiness Clear tonight Crew Abandons blazing ship coast guardsmen from the St. Petersburg air station fight a fire aboard the lube plan freighter Montero in the Tampa fla., ship channel., the fire started wednesday and the Crew abandoned ship when fuel Oil and acetylene Gas carried and temperature is expect dub climb into the at present. for.1-the current season is Jill Inchon last a search slip. Was the austrian Border men., a total of 325 refugees arrived in Austria .12-hour period beginning at-8.p.m. Wednesday. Of refugees who a the 88j985 have left Austria for. Other Oun government that ii variable cloudiness sunny a group of sailors and Young civilians there but As he approached the line holding the balloon apparently was released sgt. Tubbs said the youths in the Park wore innocent looks and what to his questions. Meanwhile Back at City Hall the civil defense observer duly noted that the balloon silence of Lausche of up climactic moment As to whether he would vote for the democrats to organize the. Senate and the democrats prevailed Oil a. javits was absent. In the House the. Democrats took Over in routine fashion re installing it be Veteran Sani Ray Burn of Texas As speaker in a vote of Lausche elected As crat had once might vote to let republicans have control of the sen a animation since the House is held by that White lights. Finally faded out Over the Ocean. At the time 1 a.m., thought flying saucers had arrived because the lights were suspended so far below the balloon was t so noticeable a woman observer stationed at the civil defense observation Post on top of Hall telephoned the Pasadena filter Center that an uni Denti a was alerted by a Telephone Call police started an investigation. Officer Lewis Lyons looked out-1 Side the station and saw the lights 100. Feet year old special wife with Lausche silent asja his intentions the air Wasaji easy with the . At .9 a. M., Long Beach Lausche sporting a red car nation in his , the rear on the democratic the of the spectators was Adlaie. Stevenson the. Unsuccessful. Democratic presidential notch Cnair me r 1qen a rapid ascent and that its .1952, and irl Winf White lights. Finally. Fad Over. Buff urns Pine a e., Lyons found a u n g Man who said he had see two youths walking in the area of Pine and. Broadway guiding the balloon with. An attached insulated wire f Viiu since the Start of. Tubbs. Located the hanging in the sky above the Tiuman hotel at 200 w. Coccari blvd he1 shined the spotlight of his police and saw which appeared to. Be used for weather observations. A citizen Tubbs that the of. The bal Bori the. Street in Lincoln Tark of the saw two women and officer found slain los Angeles St Vinson a t with James continued on Page Al a Gol by and. Her sister were found shot in their apartment to Day what police a double murder the dead were and Nellie 45 police1said the bodies Undis covered for Moore was if bund his Mouth and a his in inf on the bed Robril of Loor a second pistol the body of miss dressed Over . Said three live together where to findly California a d r of g a t. I reached the critical cording to the Weatherman. Sea Page i also on Page.a-3 a California assemblyman will introduce an urgency Bill at the state legit lature s calling fines and fences for d r u n Page Page b-8. Death Page flan Cal Paite is. Shipping Home your Page

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