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Logansport Weekly Journal (Newspaper) - November 17, 1883, Logansport, Indiana The week vol. 35.loganhport, Indiana saturday november 17, 1883.�?12 pages. European correspondence. The following is a letter from Hon. D. P. Baldwin in the Logansport journal "866 Naples and die Quot says the old pro a Erb. Quot see Naples and live Quot it seems to me is the More Correct thing to do for the Bay of Naples is enough to make a person want to live beside it and live forever. None Ever leave it except by compassion Naples itself is a City As Large As Chicago and while the Western giant May Excel it in wickedness Naples has a Corner on the world in dirt and happiness. Of All the loony ragged Jolly people the Napolitano take the cake. They live upon the Street. Here you May see All the Domestic economies from sucking the baby to cooking washing and mending. Here donkeys turkeys Washtub Coo stoves and children Are piled Hig Elly Pinelly upon the Side walk with baskets of figs All sorts of tools crockery and fleas. Everybody is in Good hem or singing and chatting and making merry. The soil produces in Semi tropical abundance and tie skies Are nearly always Bright. In a Garden surrounding Virgil s Tomb i saw oranges Lemons figs grapes pomegranates and besides All of our american fruits growing wherever there was any soil. Fish of All kinds sea fruit Quot As it is called Here abounds so that life is an easy matter. As to the future these people Are very much As an old Logansport wag a a ii Liam Miller used to put it Quot where we Are going to How Well fare Noce of us know and none of us when the end comes a few pennies will bring in a padre who will confess and Pardon the scape races and the Pope will mollify st. Peter and carry us through at least so reason these careless children of the Sun. Some of their customs indicate great , their custom of Selling milk. The seller is too Lazy to milk and the purchaser afraid to Trust him for fear he will do As our american milkmen do water it. So the Milkman drives his cows into this City of 500,000 inhabitants and up to the door of his Patron rings the Bell and Biddy comes out and milks from the cows or goats her plotted portion pays for it and both parties Are Happy. Drivers of goats and turkeys Are to be found marching up or Down the principal streets with their Barefoot proprietor behind them and immediately after or before a funeral train or a Cardinal s Carriage or some Nax Volitan Nobleman and his family. There Are 10,000 wagons Here and each Driver does his bes to crack his whip louder than the next Man and so the air is full of explosions resembling so Many fire crackers. It is unaccountable How the people can live in the midst o so much filth. Yet it seems to agree with them so Well that i am Dis posed to think that the philosopher s definition is True Quot dirt is nothing but matter out of the Bay of Naples is the most charming piece of water in Italy. It is Blue As the by and almost completely land locked. Vesuvius occupies the Center of the semicircular Mountain Range on the East while on the West Are lofty ranges of Hills the names of which Are classical. To the South Lay the Beautiful islands of Capri and Schia. Naples itself seated upon an Mph theater of Green completes the Cir toe. In this Bay Rode the old roman fleets and upon these Heights Cicero Augustus Cesar Macenas and the emperors for centuries had their summer Villas. Here a few Miles from the City landed st. Paul upon his first journey to Rome and proceeded to the eternal City by the App Ian Way which terminates Here. At a Short distance Down the Bay lie Pompeii pre a Tum Sorrento Amalfi and a Host of other celebrated places. This Bay of Naples has had now for two thousand years its poets and philosophers. Here was born Jasso and Here lived and Sung the divine Virgil. The Genius of the great roman epic poet has peopled All these shores with gods and goddesses. Here is his beloved Parthenope and the Grotto of Perse Lipo. Within sight is Canore with it ghostly Sybil and not ten Miles away is Lake aver Nus and the place where Nail made his descent into the lower world. As Virgil worried me so much when a boy the first thing i did was to get even with him by a visit to his Tomb. Its location is precisely that which a poet would choose upon a lofty Hill that commands an exquisite View of Naples and his beloved Bay. It looks Down upon the Grotto of Perse Lipo and across to the Cape of Misc rum. A dirty barefooted Napolitan met us at tiie Gate and Conda tej us up interminable flights of stairs. Suddenly he made a Short descent. There opened a Gate and the Well remembered lines composed by himself As his epitaph met us Faiitua me Genuit Calabria it i ere Tenet nun Parthenopi Cicini a Cua Rura the Tomb itself is a vaulted room with tw8 of niches for coffins after the old Oman fashion. Of course the poet s ashes have Long since disappeared and with them pretty much every thing else except the stonework for time and Ilie relic Hunters is too much for any Tomb. No doubt exists As to the identity of the place of be culture. I wish i had at hand j the last poem of Tennyson and one of his very Best in which the greatest poet of the nineteenth Century greets the greatest of roman poets. Some of its phrases Are ringing in my ears landscape lovers lord of language Quot Salute thee Montovano Quot a now the forum roars no it is easy to see that the great English poet has read and read Between the lines of this illustration and All accomplished Virgil. Naturally Vesuvius and Pompeii attract the first visits from the Perambo plating tourist. A combination of misfortunes deprived us of Vesuvius. Last week there had been an eruption and the great Mountain was taking a rest. Its sides were covered with smoking lava several Square Miles of it and then the weather was very unfavourable for a View. This is the Rainy season and the Mountain was covered with Clouds that obscured everything. Occasionally the Clouds would lift and disclose a Dull heavy column of smoke ascending from the Summit. But there was nothing specially impressive about it far otherwise was our visit o Pompeii. I shall always recall this a one of my great Days. Everybody knows that Pompeii was covered by the debris of an eruption of Vesuvius that occurred a. D. 79�?a trifle aver eighteen Hundred years ago. I judge that almost one third of the City has been uncovered. That however is the Best part of the City and opens up old roman daily life As it was never opened up before. Everything is exactly As that destructive Day found it. We were shown loaves of bread leg spices fruit and a Hundred other household articles just As they were when the lava storm fell upon them. Among the human remains was a girl that had stumbled and fell and never was Able to Rise. Poor thing there were the Long White arms with bracelets and the Graceful flowing drapery. The ladies of our party were greatly comforted notwithstanding her death to find that the roman ladies done their hair up in a wad fastened up behind the ears exactly As they do now. In fact the one great lesson that comforts us from this buried City is that there is nothing new under the Sun. The Peculiar Wall paper and Borders that Are so much in fashion now Are nothing except copies of the decorations upon the Walls of there pompeian houses. Everyone knows that Wii iii a few a Quot in Haa Turno Uxa to style to decorate Parlours and other rooms with masses of a single color either red or yellow or Neutral tints and to relieve such Walls by a Freize of Flowers and animals Al this is borrowed from Pompeii for this was the old roman style. I was surprised to find that the old roman House Seldom reached the third Story. As a Rule it was a Story and a half High the half Story being the slaves apartments the old romans lived As lives the italian of to Day for the most part upon the streets. Hence their houses were full of open courts and the streets ver , and the rooms Small. One of the curiosities of the place were the ruts worn in the Stone pavements by the cart wheels. Some of them were two or three inches deep and indicate the heavy traffic that must have gone Over them. The excavations have b3ea very perfect. Whole streets with Heaters temples shops and blocks of buildings have been restored at an enormous for expense the average depth of the lava Deposit is some thirty feet everything about a Here is just As tha Earth torrent found it and it makes a marvellous spectacle. I purchased and read Biwer s last Days of Pompeii Quot and Oan the it by to the marvellous Fidelity with Chi Cir tie great author re peopled these treets with the haunts and habits of its residents. We have made but Little pro Gress Over the ancients except in certain special directions. They had As Good Pic Tures statuary books houses and Means of social comforts As we have. The problem with them however was Quot the survival of the Quot How shall the favored few be Best fed clothed and comforted Quot with us the question is Quot the survival of the Quot How shall the multitude be Best cared for and developed Quot in Rome human life was of no account. The sacredness of life and All that is Dearest in life for the multitude is the dividing line that separates the old Civ lations from the new. Slowly the world is spelling out the lesson not Only in its government but in its Art and its religion that what god has made sacred let no Man Call common or unclean. In old Days the world was like Peter. Men to be respected had to be connected with either the Priesthood or the governing classes or the poets or philosophers. Now a Man to be respected has Only to show his manhood and it is beginning to be found out that As Good manhood is to be found in a poor Man s House As in a Church or College or pal e. More and More is it beginning to be understood that life is a free race for All and its prizes do not depend upon birth or any of the old ideas of Quot divine at least this is the Case in the United states and that is what makes America the Hope of the world. As i a Aid there is nothing new under the Sun. The Piotre gallery at Naples is full of the most Marrel loss statuary. Here Are busts of Ciesar Cicero and All the great greeks and romans which Are said to be authentic likenesses of these great men when living. Among them All i dwelt with singular Delight non the homely yet Noble face of Socrates. He is the ugliest looking Man that i Ever set eyes upon. Thick flabby double lips a pug nose of the very worst kind. No wonder Xantippe made his House too hot for him. Yet there is such a look of Broad honesty and such a commanding Forhead that no wonder the youth of Athens ran after him. Socrates philosophy was that of honesty and common sense and came nearer the simple do onto others As you would be done by Quot of any human teacher. Side by Side with old lame Socrates were the Subtle Heads of Pericles and Aspasia each indicating Consu mate ability and refinement yet each very repelling. The Noble head of Julius Cesar easily tells the Story of his being the greatest Man of All time and the Heads of tiie great poets philosophers statesman All repeat the same thought that when nature has a High work to do she sends a Man into tie world with a High Forhead and a big brain to accomplish it. Weak defective men invariably have defective faces that is to say Muddy eyes weak irresolute Mouths and chins or flabby Muscles. The Man s face As a Rule corresponds with and proclaims his work. And still again there is nothing new under the while examining these Heads we came across precisely the head the Little front lock and features of Roscoe Conkling. I called the attention of our party to it and they All confirmed my judgment. Another old roman Genera had the Square features and massive jaws of Grant and the same bulldog determination and common sense. Still another of these statues was an exact picture of Hamilton fish. Scipio s head is one of the finest in the world. There is not a hair on it but his lips and jaws indicate that Han bal must go and show us the secret of those famous campaigns. Saddest of All faces yet noblest is that of Demosthenes. While looking at it the Noble sentences of one of America s greatest orators came unbidden to my lips. Ruf Schoate in rhetorical finish was not unlike Demosthenes Choate however was a bom Merand a cow Arit Louiie Tidle i Vaa a pm Man with the courage of a lion and he died the lion s death fighting to the last and dying by his own hand to save Greece the in Nommay of murdering her noblest son. Italy and the world owe a debt to Cavour that will increase the longer and Batter his great accomplishments for Liberty Are understood. Gifted with a glorious intellect in full sympathy with the spirit of the 19th Century of Noble birth and Independent future Cavour in Early life adopted As his motto Quot a free Church and a free he found Italy a mass of Petty states torn with internal feuds and jealousies her prisons full of the intelligence and pomp of the land while its ignorance and cruelty were non its thrones and in its palaces and the common people the slaves of ignorance and superstition he left Italy United under an honest King who derived his authority from a Constitution adopted by the inf Fruge of the people of Italy with its brigands exterminated and in prison in the place of its citizens and patriots with the beginning of common schools and Universal education and Best of All Universal religious liberation and absolute Freedom to worship god according to the dictates of Universal conscience. He found Italy the weakest nation in Europe he left it one of the strongest. Every italian except the clergy blesses the names of both Victor Emanuel and Camillo de Cavour. I was fortunate enough to be in Rome on the 20th of september the 15th anniversary of the entry of King Victor Emanual and his great minister into Rome. It did my heart Good to see the crowds of people bearing garlands of Flowers that thronged the pantheon to decorate the grave of their beloved King. Victor Emanuel s grave is right opposite to Raphael s. The great artist and the great Patriot sleep in the most Universal of Rome s temples for the pantheon belongs to no age or country. It was built 2,000 years ago As a Temple for All the gods and converted by the Catholic Church into a schism of the invisible maker of All things Quot who dwell eth not in temples made with hands Quot and As if in on temptation of this then unkown diet the artist Quot builder better than he knew Quot for he left the Center of the dome uncovered and through it the Sun and sky of Italy have looked Ever since. The worshipper of the True god finds an a roofed pathway in the pantheon Between him and heaven. In such a place the Universal voice of Italy buried Victor Emanuel and Here in due time the ashes of Cavour will be transferred. Raphael Cavour Victor Emanuel Well May any building that contains their Bones be called the pantheon. D. P. B. Journal no. 49. Tin Luther s anniversary. Of the addresses delivered by Rev. Loucka Ford Scott Fand Stetson. Fine underwear Hose shirts suspenders a Dewenter the Hatter. I Day the protestant churches of a Ity United in an anniversary of s birthday. Large audiences and Geif i Good interest made the Day made. The services was held in the a Rland presbyterian Church presided Gay Rev. E. S. Scott who conducted optional exercises. Two principle were delivered the first by w. Icks who discussed the civil moral religious condition of Europe the beginning of the six Century. The following is a Brili outline of his address Quot eras As ind duals have their distinctive Char pics. Of All the sections of history made most possible the reformation sixteenth Century had the most favor conditioning a. The civil condition of was most favourable to a Reforma cd rivalry and Knighthood had lost non the popular mind. The Warrior could no longer enlist monarchs and >8 in the glory of futile crusade. The irs who unlocked the stores of Ting had so degraded themselves As to their minds to quibbling of Little or a sequence. Knowledge was supposed v reside in monasteries and Ecclesias institutions. The degraded function of the Church were the Blind led the people blindly into the ditch of sups Vitious tie distractions of the confederation of states made Kvil condition of Europe pregnant results. Favourable rulers like Charles id Henry viii., who while notes the principles of reformation of leh urch yet were jealous of their made possible the events which a sure to come. An ignorant people i crying for Light and Liberty. The of Wickliff and of Huss was hening the German people in their id for a removal of the Church s moral condition was also most Fao. The Faith of the times proved in the inventions and discoveries As Tant. These were the products of Mon people. The dark Ages were inspired. The Quot revival of learning Quot aided in bringing the Dawn of conscience to the common people and the Light of that conscience revealed the decayed morals of the religious institutions about them. The infamous Pope Alexander Borgia was the sick head a besotted debauched clergy were the sick members a Drunken de graded people was the sick body of that which claimed to be the head the members and the body of Christ. And finally the religious condition of Europe was favourable to the reformation. The splendid system of catholicism which had so greatly blessed the Early centuries had declined into a monstrous organization of All sin and unclean Ness. The Pope s claim to legislative and judiciary authority the denial of the cup to the laity the iniquitous confessional the doctrines of indulgences All combined to degrade religion As Money could Purchase License and atone for lawlessness. Leo x., whose greed for a full Treasury from which he might lavish great sums devoted to Art and splendor became the added weight which Down All reason and righteousness in the All dominant Church. The car of Tetzel reached Germany with the hawking cry of Quot buy Quot buy Quot ringing in the ears of the people. Indulgences were sold that the Treasury at Rome might be filled when the voice of Luther was hurled into the Vatican. The time was at hand and Europe was the second address was by Rev. A. W. Hawkins giving a sketch of Luther s career and character. The address was historical in its character and was listened to with interest. A sketch of Luther s life was published in yesterday s paper hence a synopsis of Rev. Hawkins address is omitted at the afternoon meeting at the Broadway methodist episcopal Church Rev. E. S. Scott spoke on the Quot re suit of Luther s work in Europe Quot a synopsis of which will be published in sunday s paper. Rev. J. H. Ford followed with an address on Quot America s indebtedness to the reformation Quot he spoke As follows the dark picture of Europe at the beginning of the sixteenth Century is a Twilight scene As compared to what All Christendom would be to Day but for the reformation. Luther was born at a period of determined bloody and aggressive papal supremacy. Columbus voiced the sentiment of papacy when he said that he was commissioned to carry the truth to the uttermost parts of the Earth and when he planted the Banner of Spain on san Salvador it meant the Ensign of papal c3nque3ta Mono Curchy Over men soul and body. Daring the sixteenth Century Catholic supremacy made rapid strides in America. All South and Central America As Well As the Home of the Montezuma came Tuder the papal scepter. The Florida came under the control of Spanish catholics the can Adas under French catholics with a charter forbid Ding non catholics to enter the Domain while the jesuits were swarming along the Mississippi the st. Lawrence and the great lakes. The close of the sixteenth Century was pregnant with indications that catholicism would soon spread its j Mantle Over the entire continent. But god had not so ordered. During the seventeenth Century the dutch and swedes had settled along the Hudson from Manhattan to Albany swedes finns and quakers were swarming along the Delaware and Susque Hanah while the Virginias and Carolinas were settled by English scotch germans and moravian so All pro any More use for his intellectual and moral faculties than a dog. The reformers repudiated these lordly assumptions and demanded fairly rendered reasons for the doctrines taught and commands Given by Rome. Protestantism was the product of men s reason and conscience enlightened and aroused by the presentation of divine truth. The reformers reasoned out their religion instead of receiving it second or third hand from priests and councils. 2. The Worth of Man. Every instinct of romanism is aristocratic. It makes the common people vassals. The reformers reversed this View. They were peasant bom for the m to part and preached to the common people. Protestantism a the Triumph of manhood. 3. The oneness of morality and religion. The Romish Church was honeycombed with immorality. Leo Said Quot christianity is test ants and All panting for religious lib a profitable the doctrine of in erty. Thus two thirds of the population Dulgen Ces so persistently and widely and had become protestant and the glory of located by the Romish officials swept America s future shone out like a glowing away the foundations of morality. In Star of Hope and Catholic aggression Tetzel s ministration the peddle of Par was checked and sealed. Don tickets in Germany sodomy was rated under the impulse of the reformation at $12 sacrilege at �59 murder at $7. Whitfield stated a revival wave in Georgia every vice and crime could be pardoned so it was taught by paying a few dollars to the priest. The people knew hardly More of the real nature of christianity than pagans. Among Church officials there was Only Gross immorality and yet they wer. In Good and regular standing. The reformers restored the indissoluble Union Between morality and religion. They taught that the religion of Christ is not theoretical but practical. 4. The supremacy of the scriptures in religions matters. The Romish Church had discarded the Bible forbidden the laity to read it and appealed to tradition and the decisions of Popes and councils. The reformers Drew All their theology from the Bible. By it they decided All that has been sweeping through All the churches until to Day and has not yet reached the Zenith of its Power. Our Republic of Freedom was born under the wings of the reformation. Luther gave us our free school system and builder our colleges and universities and this accounts for Catholic hatred toward them. They fought the Bible out of our schools and now denounce them As god less because no religion is taught in them Luther was the first to raise his voice against those monopolies that curse our land to Day. It sounds like he was talking directly to Gould Vanderbilt a co., when he said Quot you take away from the peasant the fruits of his toil to spend it upon your finery and luxury Quot the la borers of America the grandest yeomanry questions. They translated it into the the world has Ever seen owe it to Luther language of the common people so that that they Are the Best paid and most High they might have the bad of life. By honoured of any labourers in the world. The grandest noblest and most symmetrical manhood and womanhood this world contains is due to the reformation and when the history of our country shall hive been correctly written the Finis will be Martin Luther. The 400th anniversary of Martin Luther s birth which was celebrated by the various protestant churches in the City last 5. Justification by Faith was the tap Root of the reformation. The Romish Church tried to save men through the merits of certain works the reformers preached salvation by the mercy of god through the merits of Christ. This doctrine at once destroys every one of the Peculiar doctrines of romanism. Our protestantism is superhuman in its origin irresistible in its Power cosmopolitan in its Char beneficial in its Acter and purpose and Friday was an occasion of influence and will therefore take posses general interest and the i Erent meet i Sion of the whole Earth in the name of Ings were largely attended. The follow father son and holy spirit. Ing is an outline of the address delivered by Rev. E. S. Scott on the Quot results of Luther s work in Europe Quot Luther had no Conception of the magnitude of the movement he was inaugurating in taking his stand against that Cor options of Rome. He impresses the Fol to his sense of right. Here was a great wrong being practice non a credulous Public. Against this wrong he protests. As a spiritual Shepherd he sees in Tetzel the unmistakable features of a Wolf and like David he for with sets himself for the defense of his flock. It seems that he supposed the Wolf was alone or at most accompanied by Only a few companions Little dreaming that the mercenary Rook was acting upon authority Given from Rome itself. But when he discovered that there was a whole pack at the Back of the German Wolf he lost none of his courage and still strode Forth to do Battle for the Faith once delivered to the saints. But in so doing he set in motion a movement which was second in importance Only to that inaugurated by the apostles on the Day of Penticost and proved him Seif to be one of the great names of history. Intellect but completely Mas but Luther did not create the Reforma Tion. The times were Ripe for just such hellish passion induced event. Though deep moral darkness her to submit to him a consideration of the shame of two Voung girls. One of the most heartless and villainous instances of an old Man s infamy that has Ever reached the Public ear came to Light yesterday when the Story told by Estella thomp8on,.,a Young lady of sixteen living Shaffrey and the injured girl s attorneys. Estella Thompson until recently tired on a farm with her parents near Royal Center. While attractive in personal appearance she has never been Over Bright in fact not More than half witted. On the adjoining farm lived her Uncle Kendall e. Thonpson a Man fifty sve years of age and the father of a Large family. Estella states that several months ago while passing through the Woods near her Home she was met by her Uncle who was out Hunting and who seeing her alone and unprotected attempted to take advantage of her. Being repulsed the Leach Orous old scoundrel aware of the Young covered the Waters yet there were Many hundreds waiting for some such Leader and when the bold augustinian Monk took his bold stand he found Many helpers and sympathizers. The people Felt that he was a Small amount of Money. She went Home told her parents of her Uncle s insult iii proposition but denied her own guilt. Her condition recently becoming their Hope. When he came to Rome to 1 alarming when confronted she told the attend the diet in obedience to the in1 i i n a in m a a., truth Ami unmasked the beastly old Liber Perial summons Many Nobles came out f to meet him and More than 2,000 persons Tine to the Salt a of the Public. A warrant escorted him to his on the was sworn out and he was brought to this Day of trial As he was about to enter the j City last night by Mike Gallagher arraign Hall thou Nesburg a celebrated general tapped him on the shoulder and said Quot Monk Monk thou Art about to make a passage Aud occupy a part More perilous than any which i and Many other com. Manders Ever knew in the bloodiest Battle Fields. If thou Art in the right and sure of your ground go on in god s name and fear not god will not forsake thee Quot and after he was in the Hall Many approached him with words of encouragement. Tu3h a state of affairs was significant and was the outcome of Long yet irs of i de before is it Iti ire Shaffrey and gave Bond for his appearance next saturday. He does not deny the charge neither does he seem to realize the baseness of the crime. The girl who in appearance is a Mere child will become a Mother in a few week. It is hard to think that there lives in this county a Man so Low in his instincts and debauched in his morals a this old wretch whose hair is White with the frosts of More than a half preparation. The labors of the human mind whether in the sphere of religion i Century. The Case is one of the most a he Ever co., to he the time has now come when they most Public notice and too Pevere a penalty necessarily have a then human 1 cannot be inflicted upon the aullion of t e mind could not be fettered any longer a a minded girl s shame and in the Providence of god Martin Luther was the Man to break the shackles which bound it. J James Holland was yesterday arraigned before Justice fender on a warrant sworn i out by Mattie ends of the wet Side charging him with the paternity of a 3-months-old child. Holland until recent two parties now began to take shape and organization Catholic and protestant. Then followed Force to put Down the by had a position in the Blacksmith de weaker Aud for 150 years Europe was apartment of the eel River shops. He the scene of War bloodshed Ane Perselu commenced going with Mattie Fiji a oat Tion which partially ended with the peace two years ago and under Proncie of of Westphalia which guaranteed Liberty a marriage accomplished her ruin. Kather of conscience. Than shoulder the responsibility of iii in All nations where the reformation crime Hes Kipi Gatej the country is summer was encouraged and fostered there has and during his absence the child a a a Borti. Been an Ever increasing growth of Politi a Constable m Middleton Broni it him before cal Liberty intelligence has been More generally diffused and their political in it Ortance has increased while those nations that refused it have lost ground in a l these respects. In the evening Rev. Stetson spoke on the Quot essential principles of the be forum ton Quot which Are the Justice who bound him Over fixing his Bond at too. Middleton turned him Over to the Sheri to and while that gentleman s Back wis turned he in tuned out of the window of tie reception room of the jail ail was Illing with the wind when Hea Ain rushed into tie arms of the muscular , who rent riled him to the county officer. 1. The right of reason and conscience to Mattie Eads is a girl eighteen years old be heard in religious affairs. The Romish j but in appearance not More than fourteen Church for centuries had assumed to do All in listening to the false and Sod Octiva the thinking for the people to t Efine the j words of the villian Holland she brought contents of their Faith and form of Wor j upon herself a disgrace which time a in ship. Religion was reduced to Sach a never wipe out. It is to be hoped that tha piece of mechanism that one had hardly 1 Law will handle him without gloves. A

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