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Logansport Weekly Journal (Newspaper) - June 30, 1883, Logansport, Indiana # w Tsair pages. R f fat tip a t essentially Christi Tea As the i Atoy of Foro ement is desired by a like number. Us new to glad viral Sinift Andt Beck to tiie mayor he been asked to see unas will repeal. The remedy there that the Law is enforced. He ref die fore for the moral Hart of municipal that this is not his Day that 1m would Ain is nothing new but a reasserting of violate the Constitution of the our old Faith. We need a revival of United states and of the state if he old a amp i toned patriotic religion. Oar should enforce the Sabbath Laws religion is too sentimental and in granting that the mayor is honest practicable in matters of civil import in his opinion we Are forced to dissent sat Obday june 30.1883 the Venus tabs sri a. Synop tar off Fiermon delivered suit or moral by with Sundari a door Law. As announced in Sanday Momiu s journal several of the ministers of the City at their Sanday morning service opened their batteries on the Violet Era of the sunday liquor Law. Below is Given a synopsis of the sensuous delivered by . E. Loucks item. H. L. Stetson Rev. H. Ford Rev. E. Scott and Bev. A. W. Hawkins. Bev. W. E. I i is. Tubac municipal Lin. Text Jerem Lali 8., 22 Quot is Liore no Balm in Gilead is tie re no play Simian Ali div Why then in not tie Haltli or like Daus Luer of my people recovered Quot the text contains the outcry of a Patriot. Painful indeed the situation which Ondean Salona Iota Izen to a amp tech the expiring str Iii a of his country to see one by one the elements of strength disappear till at length it lies prostrate in corruption an easy prey to its weakest foe. But Here is More Taliaa a Patriot called to mourn Over the approaching desolation of his land for the text is also the outcry of a Saint who is compelled to recognized in All the signs of impending calamity the signs and proof of his country s guilt. And Here is not Only the outcry of the Patriot and Saint but the outcry of a Prophet is likewise Given Asho gazes on the scene which is unfolded to his Iris Ion. Fie sees the foes approaching to the destruction of his beloved City. He beholds Jerusalem beleaguered bleeding lost her Temple in ruins her dwellings of holiness All Laid waste while the piercing shriek of her cd Piring lament mingled with the Thunder of almighty Wrath proclaims Liat her doom is sealed and that the hand that smites her is from heaven. The outcry is made Over the City of the Prophet and the cause of that outcry is the Hurt of sin which spoils her Beauty Aud Promise. The outcry is plaintive because the full destruction has not yet com and because thoe Iea Baum and a physician that can Avert the disaster if sought for by an inquiring repentant people. But seeing the present rejection of All remedies the Patriot Saint and prop a a interrogates in vain Over a City which has surrendered herself to municipal sin. Of the tears shed Over Jerusalem by those ancient prophets and by the last who Quot As he beheld the City wept Over of the tears which might be shed Over american cities. We hear of cyclones which leave visible ruins and widespread havoc what if moral ruins might be visible would they not declare that fiercer storms Are striking Down in our centers of population moral Storma Wirich wreck life and love this City escapes the Cyclone but not tie storms of moral destruction. It is time that we come interested in the Cli Raeter of our City As patriots As christians As prophets. The Outlook from any and All of these positions gives us full View of the municipal sin Wirich abounds. Three facts appear 1. The moral Hurt the London plague in 1665 swept off 1c0,0 j0 of her inhabitants. Brethren this too is a Prague stricken City Aud like the citizens of London who i became Dis majr de despair and listlessness have seized us. To expose the moral Hurt of this City i need Only give you the following authentic statistics there Are 64 saloons engaged in their nefarious traffic 0 Bawdy houses Ami 7 wholesale liquor establishment. B sides several drugstores which compete Fogt ran honorable mention in tie brotherhoo d of saloons. Upon the saloons a pitiful License of $25 is paid Liat is a few pay it Alid that too As a general thing Only when political necessity or Public sentiment arouses the City authorities a it action. Tins City Sii ends $600,000 per year for be Raud $250,-ooo for other drinks. In addition to these plague spots a fresh Hurt appears Aud promises to l come the most festering sore of ally the Beer Garden. Wiki All these Public places thrown open to seekers of evil Delight can you wonder that the spirit of Sabbath desecration seems to possess the City ? even now while we Worsh i p municipal sin is to boldly practising its open excesses. The moral Hurt of All this appears in Homes whose prot hey of happiness is unfulfilled in son or husband or brother in business which drags and Pines with lethargy in the City s Prosperity which of is far below the expectation of such natural advantages and to Aitio. There appears another Ikot. 2. The moral remely. The Prophet knew the remedy for Jerusalem s moral Hurt. It was Judaism. Amid the Rains of jewish morals could be found the of reline of theistic foundations. So amid the Oral ruins of Anu Ean cities can be found the out line of Christian Foo nations. Theof Btu atm. Thee Artenos i Ance. The remedy for municipal sin is i a government a Home morality is Ghrim i Tian. Tills is always effective. Brook Lyn makes gambling a sin. Chicago clears out the levee. What if a City could define against All excessive sin As these have against special sin. America has one City which does and that is Toronto the Best governed City from Bis conclusions for these reasons 1. In every City where the mayor chooses to do so he has stopped the sunday liquor traffic and no complaints have Ever been made that he has violated the Law. 2. The mayor Aud police Force can statute the executive Arm of our City Gove ziment. If they have no right to on the continent. And Toronto is is enforce the sunday Laws they have no Seu tally Christian. The moral Power right to enforce other Laws. Of a Christian City will give a municipal government which will enforce Law and protect citizenship. Still another fact appears. 3. The moral obligation. The existence of the moral Hurt of our City and the knowledge of the moral remedy brings obligation to rest Union the possessor of such knowledge. In regard to municipal sin so abundant in this City the obligation of Reform rests Pri 3. This would defeat Justice. We pay taxes that Laws May be made and state county and City government maintained to execute the Laws Bat according to the mayor we cannot have the Laws executed unless we spend much time and a Good Deal of Mousy in addition to our taxes. We put men in office to maintain Law and order. Their attention is respectfully called to violation 8 of the Law Thev Marily Luik it a our Christian Community admit that it is violated but say we As in Point of Exi Prience municipal re private citizens must enforce it. Grea form has always a Christian begin Ter al Rudity was never conceived Ning. In cities where such Reform has i it Een made prominent Christian business men stand at the front. But who is prominent As a Christian reformer in Logau port no one. Business men Are too Busy politicians Are too politic ministers Are too ministerial. It is time for our Christian population to j Rev. H. Ford. Is Obj it Quot the cons it quo uces of Lux the tendency of the age is toward luxury. The Iron Muscles and nerves of steel by which the roman soldiery made an Empire that held a sept a come to the front and for Manly Faith Over the world were tempered trained Ful leaders to appear. And toughened in the school of self the moral obligation rests also upon denial. The spoils of War led them to our City government. Do we elect a indulge in a luxury that of emanated mayor at a salary of in 0 per year to them and Laid their proud Empire in hold the Petty Vilice of Justice of the ruins. One of the vices of luxury peace do we entrust the affairs of the City to a City Council which winks and blinks at municipal sin ? our City authorities Are responsible for Sabbath breaking saloons and a Beer Garden open Aud baited for victims As Well As for the widespread Trade and barter of unconscionable business men who Rob god Aud Man upon the lord s Day. A City government mindful of solemn oaths can and ought to control at least in a Good measure excessive municipal Ain. The moral obligation also rests with the citizens of la sport. Pie Cau apply the remedy should. A society for tiie suppression of vice is needed. Quot counter irritants Quot in the shape of Public Library a revived y. C. A. A Good Reading room should be at once applied to the Hurt which disfigured our City. Above All Public spirit is need he. There is too much selfish India Virence. Souvestre wrote a Beautiful words do Tiu ing his Home but his definition was selfish. Quot i love my Home Quot is a Gaxhi sentiment but our Home should l e the which in my opinion has been most largely instrumental in Sui it or inducing the moral evils of to Day is not Only a disregard for but an open desecration of the Sabbath Days. From amidst the terrific thunders of lightning wreathed Sinai there came a voice uttering the divine command Quot remember the Sabbath Day to keep it that Law has never been repealed. It stands upon god s statute Tooks to Day and yet every sunday Itiat Law is openly violated. The Sabbath Day should be spent in the Idieo solemn reverence to god and in med Aud they station on his mercies. A reverential Observance of the Sabbath is one of the very beet conservators of morals. A disregard for it Saon renders the a moral sensibilities Man ibid and trains them to tolerate other vices. Such has been the utter disregard for this Day that every evil selects it As a Day for the special harvesting of the fruits. Pleasure Riding open stores and sunday excursions have been the doors tii rough which an insidious foe has entered and is now fortified at the oar remu does Naing up the vital forces of tie nation in a Dongle fiscal year met a a than 9800,000,000 Are expended Abr Strong drink a to had More than the products of All the flour and grist Mills of the country would amount to. An amount which Falls but Little Sbet of the Ai or Date wages of All the workmen of the country for a year. In Logansport we have 73 places where liquor is sold besides the drug stores Many of which sell by the drink the proportion is about 1 to every 200 of Oor population while the proportion in the state is 1 to every 380. From estimates Given me a different parties competent to judge i am convinced that i am und a rather than above the amount when i say that fc00,000 Are expended annually within our City. Six Hundred thousand dollars taken out of the healthy legitimate channels of Trade and worse than wasted on that which injures both soul and body. Three per cent of this amount would pay All the expenses of our City schools. Two and a half per cent would liberally support All the churches in town. The liquor Bill of Logansport alone would Jay the entire county tax twice Over. 2. The liquor traffic is tiie principal source of crime moral disease. It has been demonstrated again and again that the Saloon Are chief in responsible for the Cost of the complicated machinery of Justice such As the police courts tails Etc., in the land. The presiding tided by the Bill owing evil eff. L evils of a pm Yak in nature. The Man who drives Hia miness. Or allows his business to drive him seven Days in the week suffers physically for it Quot the Sabbath was made for Man and not Man for the Sabbath Quot say Christ god saw that the Sabbath was a i it Bys ical As Well As a Morud necessity hence ordained thu its no arbitrary thing. 2. Evils of a political nature. We have civil Laws to Maii Letalu the Observance of the Sabbath to a us regard the Day then Means to violate civil As Well As divine Law. Hie habitual violation of civil Law is followed by these bad consequences. A it robs All Law and authority of their Honor and makes them weak. Bit begets in the Community the spirit of lawlessness mgt that All Law is easily violated in just so far As these go so far Are life Aud Prosperity insecure. A lawlessness and contempt for authority quench the fire of patriotism and Breeds disloyalty. 3. Evils of a moral nature. No other Day of the week is fraught with of much evil to society As the Sabbath Lay spent As a by Klay. Thus abused it opens the largest opportunities fur sinning. It amasses the people especially tie Young people Oft under bad influences Aud in Ami places. It was on Sabbath evening,�wnta9 a Holiday when evil purposes enteral the Young Man s heart it was on Sabbath even Edge of one of the county Murts in when he took his first step Down Chicago was but one of a Multi Imle of City of Logansport and not the Rex l end of the leading Street of your City which covers us. We should be paired not Only this but the streets of the City at any disfigurement of our City grief Are lined by these resorts of iniquity de Over municipal sin and As eager to had the old Purit anic Laws concerning Reform her evils As though these evils the rigid Observance of the Sabbath were under our own roof. I believe the present is a Good time to strike and if we lift up our despondent eyes we will see a Rainbow of Promise which gives the pledge of Glt gtd and Victory. _ Kev. H. A. Stetson at the Baptist Church announced As his text. Ezekiel xxxiii., 7. The movement to suppress the sunday liquor traffic in our City is in thei interest of Goud order Public morality and religion. Nothing is so Detri Meu Ceu regard Ltd in other respects no Beer Garden would to Day be sending firebrands of ruin into your Homes. But t is there and now your just indignation is aroused. No Man dare go farther in his efforts to close saloons of the Sabbath than myself. But what consistency in demanding that they be closed and allow Sabbath immunities to others you have six Days to yourselves but the seventh belongs to god Aud you have stolen it away from him and Tal to the Prosperity of the common Given it to the Saloon to. Tie text is wealth so destructive to the happiness exemplified this Day in your midst of our Homes Aud is productive of vice you have cried Quot peace and plenty Quot and crime As the liquor traffic. Where drinking habits prevail will be found the largest amount of poverty disease j insanity idiocy illiteracy and Immor until Quot destruction upon you and be shall m no Wise your mayor s reply is that he is Only a judicial officer and has no Power to laity. Vineland n. J., a City of 12, execute the Laws. We have heard 000, anus a expends $475 to support that same feeble demagogic Wail before. Its Price Force and paupers. Youkers n. A a a a City of , pays for the same objects $53,000. The former never has had a Saloon the latter has 145. Giving our attention especially to our own City we find that the extent of this business is surprising and alarming. There Areat it is simply a new version of the old expression Quot i Cau Power in the Constitution to coerce a does his Honor remember that that i same trucking Wail caused the bursting Forth of a Quot pent up Utica Quot there is a Point where human tolerance ceases. There is a Law and it must be Rev. B. B. Scott. Tie Liole head is sick and tie whole Bart is faint. From the Hole of the foot even unto the cad there is no boundless in it Bat a oudh and Brul fies and petrify Long Hores they have not Hen closed neither hound up neither Laos Luud with 1 3-�. Least 73 places where ardent spirits Are obeyed. Will tiie citizens of logans sold at retail and 7 at wholesale. This to i every business House on the is surely an excessive Supply. Were lord s Day and reverence that Law the necessity As real and great for a from the consequences of which Quot be Loona As for drug stores we have near a Ball in no Wise escape Quot by seven times As Many of the former As would be needed. And not Lis than $850,000 Are annually expended in these drinking places. This City does not raise for ail benevolent Aud religious Pui poses $40,000 per year but it pays for that which Breeds death $850,-000. But there is one feature of this business to be especially noticed. It is the Sabbath desecration. Many if not All saloons Are open on sunday and receive More or less patronage men Aud boys Are seen going in and out ant reeling drunk Thra agh the streets. Not a few come Here from around to spend sunday in Deb Audi Ery. The picture which the Prophet paints in these words of the condition of the jewish people is not flattering. In Many of its features it would be True Well of our own country. There is much of Good Bat much also of prevalent evil some of which has is Steed itself on the body politic and infused itself so thoroughly through foot the a country i system that its Oon gluon i swed described by the words of my text an observer need not be very critical to the Law of the St a a and of the City it out that which most Tim Tibia absolutely pro lots the Sale or giving nachod. It is . Tbs a la Zwir tit to Llo that is this to Milf a Good Law up by m tto by it�4k to to my i of a or Elfi Imit i. Iii Zwir witnesses testifying to the same import when he said Quot go anywhere you please Aud you will Hud almost invariably that whisky is at the Root of the evil. The gambling houses Aud the bad houses of the City Are the direct outgrowth Aud the Boon companions of drink. All the boys of the various reformatory Lusti Tutins al out the City 95 per cent Are the children of the people who died or became criminals through drink. Fully 90 per cent of the Defini Clatious come through Dunk or dissipation 90 per cent of the divorces come about by drink or drink Aud adultery both 05per cent of the Crim Haals prosecuted in the criminal and police courts of the City Are the sons of men who of victims to Strong drink. I have studied this question for years and have passed upon criminal cases for years and know whereof i the disease is most dangerous in that it strikes at a vital part the Sabbath. As a nation we stand or full with the Sabbath. Break Down the Sanctity of Iba Theoli Imao of it Hie Day ins Evenas a Day of rest and worship and away goes your free institutions. In recognition of this All states have enacted Laws protecting the people s rights in this direction. But the liquor traffic not Content with its six Days deadly work demands also the seventh. With some show of respect for Law in our own City most of the saloons close the front door Bat provide a Back door which opens easily to thirsty customers. Whue of late a resort in the East end of town openly defies the. Law and is thus spec july injurious in that it attracts a class who would not be seen in or around a Saloon. There Are 16 churches in this Day and 73 liquor establishments and Yoa would probably find More peo de in the saloons to Day Thau in the churches Elliis state of affairs exists nut because the evils More powerful than the Good but because of the indifference of the better classes. If the Laws Are not executed by the proper authorities the people should Fiji out the reason Why. A responsibility rests upon the christians and Law abiding people of Titis Community in Rard to this matter which Carnot be slighted. Bbl. A. W. Hawkins. 1 commanded thai the Gates should to Etc stat and charged Itiat they Hho nid not let Ooi it sued til after 13 1s>. The jewish nation had just passed through a great calamity in Obici it had suffered much politics in materially and morally. The violation of Law and desecration of the Sabbath had contributed largely to this calamity. And there was no return to permanent Prosperity with the jews till there was a return to the Observance of Law and the Sabbath. Nehemiah led his people bravely in their March of material Prosperity he rebuilt the Walls of Jerusalem set up the Gates Agahi repaired the City stimulated the people in agricultural horticultural and mechanical Pursuit. But still True Prosperity did not come a Cloud seems to rest Over them Aud exclude the Sun of True National growth. Nehemiah sought and found the source of the evil. The people were daily violating Law and desecrating god s most sacred ordinances. He at once became a great Leader in needed reforms. The Observance of the Sabbath is not a Mere Dogma nor a minor Chuich Rule it is a find mental institution established by god written in the As one of the articles in the Constitution of the moral government. God has demanded its Observance in All the Pasi at a resist and for All the future. The proper Observance of the Sabbath is one of uie Clilan of the of Hooch and Pae a Elliod of Law and order Osgood non Saiid Nat Todal Prosperity. Be Ward. It was on Sabbath eve mining spent As a Loose Holiday when the Young woman lust her Good name al lowing herself to Drift into bad society which is but one step from ruin. Is there any remedy for these evils there is and it is in the bands of the people. 1. Secure Good it Holesome efficient Laws. Think More of the character and fitness of the men Yon select to make Laws. 2. Select competent faithful men to execute the Law. Law is a weak harm Lttie thing if there is no Strong Willisk Arm to execute it. Git e the Law and its executor the support of a goo Ltd Strong Public opinion. Let each one of us see to it that we have a Law abiding orderly opinion then maintain that opinion in our own life Aud not be afraid to express it to others not even to offenders. There Art 64 saloons in the City we Are told the most of them if not All defy Law and authority Aud de8>crst e the holy Sabbath. Men in other business oped their doors and do business of the Sabbath to their shame. Let the it eople Wake up let the people Rixie up and condemn these things and see that the Laws Are executed the people Are Sovereign and of command if they Willii Are the lottery draw Aico fair Chicago inter Ocean june 9, 1883 the two commissioners who superintend their Singie nuttier draw ii when interviewed on the subject reluctantly admit etl that the numbers which were placed in the tubes and put in the wheel where Only counted twice a Vear. They draw the lottery every month. Is not this a barefaced fraud their excuse is that it would take ten Days labor with four assistants. How then Cau any ticket buyer in this lottery know that the Sumiter on his ticket has a corresponding number in the wheel if they desire an honest drawing Why do they not on the Day of and just before their drawings allow the ticket Holder the privilege of calling Over his a number and see that it is placed in the wheel so he then Cau have some Chance of its being drawn out with a prize from the other wheel other lotteries have done so under their system Why Don t they make their capital $1,000,000? they might As we. Is not the published list of winners in their lottery also a fraud it is very easy for a few dollars to get persons who Are willing to let them use their names As the holders of a big prize. Is it any longer a wonder How they controlled the Lousiana constitutional convention courts and Legislatures Aud a former poet office administration ? under this system of drawings it will be no trouble to make Money enough to control and run our very government. There k still a Large Assort Meiji of Spring and summer so Ting Atli table for most any tune of the year. I have also a Large line of Light and medi am coloured pantaloons Iipp which will be sold for the next thirty Days regardless of Roku Avail yourself of the Opportunity and come and look for yourself. Respectfully lies sub tailor. >09 , Opp Mue pts mat. Grand clearance Sale an extra Stock of $5,000 Worth of watches jewelry silverware clock at Comer store Broadway and fourth Street to Cloe out a Stock of musical instruments accorded on Han ios flutes violins and music a mks As i desire to close oat that Branch of my business. Remember this the jewellers goods Are a better Una Ity than were before offers in a Sale of this kind a this City. American watches in Silver cases genuine Rogers Brothers silverware casters cake baskets butter dishes knives works spoons Etc. All goods guaranteed As represented. Sales commence monday june 18, at 2 of clock and at 7 p. M., Aud continue every Day. H. C. Eversole Straw hats Manilla hats Mackinaw hats All kinds of summer unde rear neg Kea shirts and hosiery at the lowest prices it Davis the Hatter. The Revenue districts have been Reducha from one Hundred and Twenty six to eighty two. Indiana Loewe three districts and consequently the collectors of three districts Are out of a Job. Or. Cumb cd who is retired by the con ligation of the Lawrence Hurt Aud Indianapolis districts has held the office since Farch 1871. General Veatch has been collector of the a Mansville District since March 16.1870. And mown was made collector of the Warsaw District May 2�, 1869. Meas a. Mckay Carter and Kirkpatrick who Are the Lucky ones Are All late in it Printces. Be Indianapolis District yielded $4,623.98138 Revenue in the fiscal year eur Dong june 30, 18s2 the new Terre Haut District $1,360,410.71, and the new Northern District $37,-996,85. Irtis Tui pillar and Yoa Aoda Ager the the seven eth birth div of Bev. Henry Ward Beecher was Oele farted at the Bro Kljun Academy of Malo on monday evening a Large and Diatkin wished crowd a Ruhia Frienda and Admir in Hamm bang to do him Honor. Or. Waterbury. A Good Nickel Silvor siem wind watch water tary for$3.50, air d. A. Hauk a 1 i Weler. To. 406 Broadway. Make no mistake in the Aee a i mean business Weaver &kr�6er undertakers and Emba Imorae it

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