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Logansport Weekly Journal (Newspaper) - December 8, 1883, Logansport, Indiana Ithe weekly Journ c b Lac ii 1141 Jan s3 # vol. 35.Logansport, Indiana saturday december 8, 1883.�?12 pages. No. 49. European correspondence. A Farewell. London oct. 30 1883. A the past rides up before me like the five Beautiful months that i hate spent War from Home come thronging Back upon me with memories and delights that will last As Long As life. Let me Endeavor to recall and Brielly state my impressions of the old world and the six Bea Tifal countries and great nations in which it has been my Good fort Ane to spend a few transient . And first generally speaking of the old world we Are Accra stored in 6nr conceit to use tie term Quot old Quot As implying decay. But the truth is that we Are As compared with our neighbors in Europe like a Swaart Yonng Gosling of a boy criticising a Grey haired Man who has forgotten More than he will Ever know. In almost every thing that makes life Worth living in Art in science in learning in government in refinement the old world is almost a hopelessly ahead of a. In almost All respects we Are smart youngsters the old world grave elderly men. It does not follow that lie canse we have discovered a better Way of checking baggage and running cars than our neighbors that therefore they Are in a moribund state. Yet we have some great advantages Over the other continent. One is cheap uni tarsal Laud another the absence of titled classes and social caste. Still another More Universal education and an infinitely better condition for labor and labourers. It has become a part of the Creed of the old world that the Labouring classes Are the mad Sills of society and that it is a Semi Octal disgrace to labor with the hands. Hence the court and ruling Powers in almost All the nations of the old world Germany excepted sympathized with the slave Holder s rebellion and desired its Success. Thi idea of the inferiority of Manuel to mental labor is traditional and has been the accepted doctrine for thousands of Yeries Here in Europe. The old world can t understand How that the strength of a state is a Clas of people who Are at the same time both capitalists and labourers or How that Liberty is the safest when entrusted to and with an intelligent self respecting and Independent democracy. For i think it is beyond successful dispute that the Small Farmers of the new world with their common schools and Independent newspapers and the mechanics with a Chance before them and their children to grasp All the prizes of life that Are open to their wealthy neighbors Are the very foundations and bulwarks of a Liberal country. Hera in Europe a different idea Preval a Man to Rise either in Church or state inv. Be anointed with some birth right chrism. If he is not of a Good family he must possess positive Genius to be admitted to the social and growing classes. Of course there Are exceptions but the c Cephious prove the Rule. I read the other Day of a Cardinal who had the audacity to put upon his family coat of arms a Coli in of cart wheels to denote that his father was a Farj Jer. Lincoln s in of of a government of the people by the i Ope and for the Jie Ople has not yet Penez rated tie Skull of Eijiro -.e. Books containing the Mart Lis about us Are universally red Ai in is in England. Another great do Mai a.?k Aie is the immense armaments. Tiie you a on states of Europe Are All in a Strilio of fear least some other nation shall Traci non their tails. In the six nations that i have visited and refer to below in Deturi there is to Day Over a million and perhaps a million and a half men under arms. Europe is in a state of profound peace and every one of these men should be a work for they Are All in the Flower of y Ouin and health. The actual Cost of maintaining this vast array is a most serious evil but a far More serious one is its mural example and influence. In it the people Are constantly reminded of the Power of their Kings and that just above them is n privileged class to whom they Are servants and whose Behest must be obeyed or the result will be bayonets. I doubt if England to Day without her military and constabulary would exist eight and forty Days. English Power in Ireland Means English Bayoneta and nothing else. A nation must be weak indeed that cannot Trust itself to its Peoples love and respect. It is barely possible that within the Borders of England sufficient moral Power could be found to hold in Check the Downtrodden labourers. But i doubt it. And while it is True that the old world excels the new in Art in science and in All the comforts and Elegan cies of life it is equally True that the most elegant and splendid City in Europe less than ten years ago was almost completely wrecked at the hands of its commune. Of All the countries i have visited England Germany France Italy Holland and Belgium my decided preference is for Germany. The germans have More schools and better More and better distributed land and a better class of working people than any other nation in Europe. I think there is More discussion and ability to discuss political and governmental questions among the common people of Germany than elsewhere in the old world. Besides that Germany is a Moel of intellectual Liberty and profound scholar ship. I do not put much stress upon her religious Liberty for this is Universal All Over Europe. I do not believe that in civilized Europe there is any country where Complete toleration in the worship or non worship of god does not exist. France is like a Beautiful and complicated piece of machinery All of it delicately adjusted and shining wheels and its polished Brazen nerves and Iron Muscles instinct with mechanical life but lacking a balance wheel France is the Laboratory of Ciai Izi Tion. It is the place where social and political experiments Are and have been tried for the Benefit of other countries and generations. Like a Laboratory however it is full of explosives and any Day a Blunder in its leaders May cause another revolution. I should not be Surpri sell at any hour to hear of a monarchy being established in Paris. France is a Good Deal As our army was in 18 51-02, splendidly organized but without a head. And yet Rural France is worn or Fally Beautiful and prosperous. It abounds in quiet villages and hamlets where plenty and peace have kissed each other and where the rivals of happiness Are fall but hich Fame and Blear eyed history have utterly ignored in their eagerness to record the exploits of some jetty King or Noble. For god has been Kinder to the human race than we give him credit for. The conditions of happiness Are so simple that in spit of the blunders of her men and Kings Europe is crowded All Over with quiet Homes and peaceful villages All centers of Happy life which it does one Good to look at England is the greatest nation on Earth in maritime and commercial matters. One can travel Over two Hundred Miles Here and never be out of sight of a factory. There is not a sea on Earth that is not whitened by the sails of her trading vessels. In All financial matters she easily leads the world. If you want to see How relatively Small the boasted wealth of the United states is read the financial columns of the London times. Our Bond and other securities come into Competition Here with those of Egypt India China mex Ico and South Ani Ericie and while they make a showing still the Competition with those of other nations take the conceit and wind out of them and reduce them to thei real value. Financially we Are like a Schoolboy who is the wonder of his Village entering Harvard or Yale where he finds plenty of equals and is rated exactly at his real value and not at All at his fancied Worth. The English speaking i it eople Are accustomed to think their literature the Best in the world and to Pride relves upon their literary ability same remarks hold True again. The germans Are ahead in music and science the italians in Art and i doubt if in literary excellence the English enjoy any marked superiority Over either France or Germany. England is a country of enormous . While she is the richest she is the poorest nation in the world. Her aristocracy is Richer and Iier common people poorer than those of any other country under the Sun. La the same Way Slie is the most Loi Nied id tie most i a Kraut of &11 civil Excil to entries. And yet with All i its a i cd is tiie Tigli Keiit Lii i a i Himl in Lii world and the american a ills Iier Quot our old Home Quot and after wandering abroad is always glad to api Roach her White Cliffs and impenetrable fogs. To me Italy is the most Beautiful country and the italians the most interesting people in Europe. The Catholic a a a a a a of has decorated her All Over As it. I Viec rated no other country. Italy is one Baize of gorgeous churches and of crucifixes and Madonnas. No one in Italy Ever looses sight of the Cross or ceases to hear the chant of the Litany. Every Hill and Valley too is historic. I think there is a great future in store for the italian peole. They have gone through a great struggle and suffered As no other people of the present Day in Europe have suffered and have come off victorious United and Frac. There is More vitality and improvement in Italy than in any other county on the continent. Perhaps this is not really True but Only the More noticeable because of the ruins and misfortunes from which she is just recovering. This is largely owing to the efforts of three men and one woman Cavour who was the brains Victor Eman Nel who was the enl Garibaldi who was the right Arm and mrs. Elizabeth Barrett Browning who was the Singer of the great revolution. Those great patriots United and consolidated a dozen Petty governments into one constitutional monarchy gave Freedom equal rights and religion to the people and by Wise legislation revived Trade Industry and Enterprise so that Italy is to Day one of the great Powers of the world. Switzerland Holland and Belgium All combined Are not so Large in acres As Indiana. While Switzerland is a Republic i do not perceive any greater Prosperity or that More civil or religious Prosperity exists within her Borders than within the latter states. Indeed Belgium so far t the Eye can judge is a Model of Prosperity. A these states Are Rich in. Nil in recorded history. It was my Good Fortune to visit Flanders Brabaut Hainault and the Low countries of Holland and to verify with my own eyes the accuracy of the great events described by our own countryman Motley in the Rise of the dutch Republic and the United Netherlands. Nor shall i Ever forget the Day spent upon the Battle Field of Waterloo an event that accomplished for Europe what Gettysburg did for the United states. The most unpleasant climate in the world to live in is England. Even Paris needs the help of july and August to make it an earthly Paradise. Paris in october is a very different affair from what it is under the stimulus of a Bright Sun and Green leaves. There Are climatic drawbacks even in Italy. Taking it All in .11 we have As pleasant a climate As Glt d scenery and As Good society As any Coku try in Europe. The ladies and gentlemen of our country Are infinitely ahead of the Zig Lish in dress and in Manly and womanly manners and will compare very favourably with those of Italy France or Germany. For new beginners for we Are Only two and one half Century old we have a better average of history than any. People of the old world. Concerning the great and All absorbing Tariff questions free Trade Protection or Tariff for Revenue Only which i had Bojied to find the for a ready solution in is to be had out of a Straw bed and As Good gratification of hunger out of a pot of herbs As in the bed and at the Board of a King. After looking Over Western Europe with As much thoroughness As is possible in a five month s stay i have concluded that the great Hoosier state has Utt Rac Tinort everything considered that will compare favourably with anything in the old world. I have seen no better land in Europe nor More comfortable houses and farms than in Indiana. If we have no palaces nor Art treasures we have the capacity to do without them and still accomplish our work. After looking carefully into the great schools of Eton and Rugby and the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge j have concluded that for Indiana and her needs Wabash Asbury and Hanover Are greatly preferably e. The glory of our new world that which differentiates it from any other land or people in history is that is a government of the people by the people and for the people. I never comprehended the profound meaning of that great sentence until in England and on the continent where i found splendid governments for privileged classes of which privileges the Workingman had comparatively Small share. Nominally the Sci ools were open to his children but How Are hungry children to be taught letters a Nom the old world i away greatly Digap i finally he has the right to vote that is to pointed. 1 thought i had found a Complete solution for this vexed question in England free Trade seemed so perfect a Success there that i said to my self Quot the problem is solved at crossing a bit of water Only Twenty five Miles wide i was amazed to find a succession of splendid countries France Germany and Italy just As prosperous As England and All working under a High protective Tariff. This Lead me to broader to noughts and i found that the Success or failure of Tariff depends on something More than Mere exchanges or even commercial principals. Tariffs like politics run in the blood. Their Success depends a upon National characteristics circumstances and ideas. Race soil and history have a great Deal More to do with free Trade and Protection than a Mere Reader of books and statistics Ever dreamed of. England for example has no Hind and cannot begin to raise her own food. She has a National debt that she never c pets to pay she has a vast substratum of ignorant and brutalized labor who u ii upon All go Down in the dirt i before a Nobleman. France on the other hand raises her own food her land is universally distributed among her citizens and she has an intelligent and self repeating peasantry who Call no Man lord and expects to pay every Dollar of her debt. Besides that the French Are not As the English Are a race of shop keepers whose Only idea is to get Rich and whose whole history is one Long record of commercial selfishness holding not Long sacred when it stood in the Way of Trade. With these filter Enos of race soil and National Aims the Success of both of the two rival systems free Trade in England a ind Protection in France and on the continent is easily exp lined. And what is True of France aside it Italy tin it of Germany and Italy. Accordingly i return from tie old world wit i tie conviction tha America must make her own tariffs with Little or no regard to the various syst ins of the old world. Their Exi it Erien Ces Are valuable As information and As raw Fri trial out of which to Aid our . But in this matter As in All others where there Are Radical differences of a a it Vatu Nul circumstances it is a Clear Case of America for americans one thing is very significant. The Cost of living and All the necessaries of life is less in the nations of the continent that have protective tariffs than in free Trade England and the condition of their working people infinitely better. The enormous wealth of England originally came from her colonies and is still kept up by India and was accumulated before 1846 the Date of her present free Trade system and although free Trade is just the thing for England after Cei Turies of Protection had accomplished their perfect work it is not the thing for Italy France Belgium or Germany otherwise Bismarck Cavour and the French statesman would have adopted it Jon a a it. I have no desire to visit Europe again but expect to live and die in Logansport. It is a great privilege to go abroad Bat a greater to stay at Home. Very Little is accomplished in life except under one s own roof. Nearly All the celebrated places of Europe were made so by the men who there found a Center for their labors. Nothing is so deleterious to a Man As to be relieved of the necessity of daily and fixed tasks. A Man without daily work is like disengaged steam of no earthly Ose and with great capacity for harm. Work is the Bandage that keeps together our wandering and by wandering wasting energies. Besides it is All nonsense to think that better happiness is to be found abroad than at Home. Happiness is the adaptation of an individual to his circumstances and depends almost wholly on the Man. It re ides in just As Large a measure of full less with the Humble and poor As with the Learned and wealthy. As Good sleep say when he is Worth about , but that qualification does the business and shuts out from the elective franchise those vast masses of Europe with whom life is one constant struggle for existence. Liere is no country in the world for a Young Man or a friendless Man or a poor Man like the great Republic and of its eight and thirty a tates none of them offers a higher pre mind for brains and Pluck than does Indiana. The hoosiers hold the key to the political situation in both the democratic and Republican parties. As goes new York and Indiana so goes the Union. Both of them Are doubtful and belligerent political centers and their claims must be recognized in any slate that can be put together for political purposes. And As with politics so with the prizes in the other departments of those activities that Delight All Manly men. I am not writing for those men who part their in the Middle or with whom life is a question of dry goods or a Good warm stove. To All that Are willing to work and do not mind even though the work is a Little rough i say Quot go West but be sure to Stop and look around Indiana before you finally d. P. Baldwin. P. S. In closing this series of letters i wish to say that a multitude of errors Typo graphical grammatical and otherwise h Ive crept in. Probably the boys at the office did As Well As they could with the illegible to. Scrawls. But i have often been to say exactly the opposite of what i Intel med. The object of these letters has been to Divide the pleasure i have exp i Rien ced with friends at Home and if this j object has been even partially accomplished i am More than satisfied Logansport ind., december 1, 1883. Wedding Bells i the pleasant Home of or. And mrs. William h. Johnson was wednesday the scene of an interesting event being the marriage of their daughter Ella to or. Charles a. Avard of Cincinnati. The bridal was in every respect an exceedingly elegant one. The rooms were filled with bout duets of Flowers and ferus and grasses j were placed in profusion wreaths of Sitala entwined the lighted chandelier and a Lionil horse shoe suspended by White ribbons breathed fragrant wishes for a Good Luck Quot upon the bridal it. The Giu its i being assembled in the East drawing room at half list 10. The contracting parties appeared by Bliss Benedict and or. Jolgui . Kev. E. S. Scott it pronounced a Beautiful ceremony it being a Medit location of the episcopal form. The time honoured custom of the wedding ring was introduced Astling solemnity to tiie ceremony. Immediately upon its completion the bridal party repaired to the wedding were followed by the . table intended for the Vejdni g party was adorned in a most tasteful and uni due manner with White ribbons depending from the chandelier and bearing upon them the names of the guests. At the conclusion of the breakfast or. And mrs. Ward received the congratulations of their friends and at 12 o clock said Good Bye amid a Shower of blessings old shoes and Rice. The departure of miss Johnson from Logansport is deeply regretted. She is a lady whose graces never shown More brightly than within the walks of her own Home. She will be missed in Etc Al circles but her absence will leave a void within the Home she so gracefully adorned. Or. Ward is Well known in business circles Here As a gentleman worthy of such a wife. Or. And mrs. Ward went to Cincinnati in which City they will re reside. Among the guests from a distance were or. And mrs. Janes misses Mamie and Kittie Janes of Toledo the misses Kimball Chicago miss Benedict Utica n. Y., mr8.w.w.tayior,mrb.charle3 Stuart Lafay Ette or. Jewett Wisconsin or. Kipler Newark Ohio and or. And mrs. C. S Knight of it. Wayne. It is said the Langtry Garter is getting to be fashionable and much worn How this May be we do not know but we do know that everybody is using or. Bull s cough sym for All catarrhal extraordinary the journal wishes to present to its readers and As Many others As choose to subscribe a Choice list of presents aggregating Over twelve Hundred dollars in value. It is our purpose in giving this distribution to increase the subscription list of the journal and at the same time to give its patrons an Opportunity of securing a lot of valuable and useful articles a partial enumeration of which it presented in another column. To secure an interest in this distribution it is necessary to subscribe for the weekly journal for one year paying the regular Price of the same. 1.50 in Advance. To those who Are in arrears for the journal this offer is Good Only upon the payment of All they owe and one year in Advance. By one of Good moral character can subscribe for the paper and have an equal Opportunity with others in securing one of these gifts. We nine years. Wheaton the counterfeiter sentenced had Tai Cen to Michigan City his Auto to Raphy presented to the judge. A Telephone message from Indianapolis last night stated that judge Woods had sentenced Dwight Wheaton to the Penitentiary for nine years. The criminal received his sentence in a Cool manner and was prepared for it. Sheriff Hess at once made necessary arrangements and yesterday afternoon started with his prisoner for Michigan City. The jury before which Wheaton was tried was out Only Tive minutes before a verdict of guilty was made up. When the verdict was reported Heaton s attorney made a motion for Ane a trial which was promptly overruled. Seeing that his Case was entirely in the of judge Woods the prisoner handed him a Roll of manuscript which he asked to e judge to give a careful perusal. The do Cement. Which was a history of his life Puiul ii plus i for Lei Toncy was careful Ivy written and was rather an interesting Docu uncut. Lie stated that to was. The victim of a conspiracy and that the sell the paper for $1.>0 per year and you press had acted As the mouthpiece of the can take one of the tickets or not As you scoundrels Yed against him. Tie had please we do not sell the tickets. The f a to wronged i Man out of a Dollar distribution of presents will take j place saturday january iy.ls34. Read honestly. When 14 years of advertisement in another column for Par i employed by a. J. Kent of tic ulars. Kentland. In whose a i pity he remained for several . He served Hono in through the late War As a member of the forty fifth Indiana volunteers. While in arrested for horse stealing. W. W. Foster sheriff of Macon county Illinois and Daniel Fasig. Chief of the. Terre haute police Force arrived in the i City from Monticello yesterday having in a died to. X 1 t r 1. X 1 respond to the Call of duty. After the War their custody j. B. Evans who is wanted. He went a a est ind was employed As Ageont i and teamster in Kansas. Colorado and i Indian territory. Returning to doom aug a ton Illinois he was Given employment inthe Chicago and Alton Railroad Yards. He i then recited the circumstances of i his being sent to the Penitentiary i from this City for four years for robbery and said that if they were his by Jing words he would state that he was As j innocent of the crime As he a of the i crucifixion of Christ lie then Ibe a de tailed account of his trial for murder in Bloomington. Illinois and his acquittal by the jury. He reminded the judge of tha j fact that he was without Means and that j Chas. Lewis the main witness against him had been convicted of counterfeiting and horse stealing. The evidence of Lewi. Should be taken cum Grano Salis. The admission was made that he was not As Doe ill in a Ibok m the Meta mgt hmm a pm him were sufficient to transform a Lam meekness into a Tiger s ferocity. He Only asked that his Case be Given and impartial consideration and that if his statements were found to be True that the court assist in checking the infamous i to tic ii _ Anst him. He requested to. own Sake alone but for the s Ike a i iii t in. Who Are dearer to him than i e. I Ivl so sadly in need of Pirt a n in of Are in the hands of Usu re Var Given them a Day s cd a. Trio Agni of Wheaton did not have buy fun it Ider of e iii Luence with the judge is i sentence Hows. Now that Wheaton to be l o d scoundrel is safely Loc Tell and Walls there Are . A who breath easier and Only get to it is term of service is not for i re it ipod. Of a daring nature i ivc iut Fleet he presents a spleen i id fax Iino a of the Type of criminals iii it st a to it to red. At Decatur. Illinois and Terre haute for horse stealing. The officers nabbed their Man at Brookston. A Small town about sixteen Miles South of Monticello. Evans is anything but in appearance and stoutly denies that he is guilty of the charge upon which he is now held. He claims that he purchased a buggy of a stranger some time ago and that when he attempted to sell it the discovery was made that the property had been stolen. He was arrested and an account of his unfortunate predicament being telegraphed All Over the country he is now held on several separate charges of horse stealing. He claims to be a detective and states that he will be Able to prove his innocence beyond the Shadow of a doubt. The officers state that he is an old and experienced horse thief and that detectives have been on his trek of Long time. Several horses left by him at Monticello proved to be stolen and were i Lenti fied As the animals taken from a stable hear Decatur 111. He has a partner who has assisted him in the work and a Strong Hopes Are entertained of bringing them both to Justice. The officers took their prisoner on the Waltash last night and unless Thi it Elii i i the s Icker state against Ives i As moderate in recent years a a is respect. For a Loii term of years in the Toring. I Tenli i a Arv it l lie nov .a.r. Will be seen from Bluffton the new Railroad Scheili i. I the Witter Al ii Ltd Gan sport uni Hay or which i. Cut ulem iit2 of a Road from the Cait to Houlih Trio Coati tips Ilu Titington v. Ai wish m , As an a it used Wheeling i. A Iron u. I mowing be Lituin who love Are e p Lull ton a a 1.�o-� a of this Thice. A construction line a f Indiana a Adams. W. Is. Iii and Cass to it la Tim la of die re it Ort railway. Completed an org Anzui amp a Here Hist night. The proposed Chi Futon us Logansport Extension is Eigi Ity five Miles in length and about a of Stock was subscribed that being stoic sent to obtain a charter. Thirteen directors were chosen namely c. B. Knowlton and Rufus a gee of Logansport John t. Steven and , of Peru Frank Calvert of Huntington county William Mertz of Wells county Jacob j. Todd a. H. Montgomery John w. Tribolet e. Sturgis. In. A. Williamson a c. Davenport and George e. Gardiner of Bluffton All Young successful business men. The composition of the Board and the earnestness Manifest a Ong the entire line and especially at Bluffton and Logansport warrant the belief that at least eighty five Miles of the new Road will be built in Indiana by the close of next summer. The Bluffton pfc Logansport company is organized for the purpose of heartily co operating with Wheeling and Eastern interested parties for the completion of the Wheeling amp Logansport line. How states . The statistics gathered by the state Board of health show that during the fiscal year ending wit ii october there were 37,655 births in Indiana. Of the Maec. There were i Whites and ,&Quot>37 coloured. The total number of births last year was 31,a. >4. The gain during if i was 6.741. In Marion county the births numbered i ,07i> males White Loti and coloured , White s l re. And coloured. 74. Who will draw the j0< Carriage is All absorbing topic. The our her . The of Rochester ind., has been in this City during the week in search of mrs. Maun who is wanted in that City. Mrs. Mann became involved in a quarrel with her husband a last week and fired seven shots at him Iive of them taking effect one in the Region of his heart. At first it was thought Liat the injured Man would die. But recovering in a Short time the woman was released on bail and it is generally Supi Joseil. Came to this county. The condition of the injured Man Hae recently assumed a critical Phaze and the officers Are very desirous to locate the woman who in a Short time May become a murderess. Mrs. Mann was at one time a resident of this county. She is a sister to de. Bowyer who is not unknown to Logansport. This is not the first time that Mann has been made the target for pistol practice. A Butcher by the name of Langsdorf perforated his carcass sgt voral years ago for being too inti Iuie Voith the former a wife. No Brilliant disc Days have been Eonia. The Western sky Sirice the Young Laau of the pharos attempted to describe and explain Quot a remarkable Phenomena Quot t Rui was Quot captured by a High strata of Diouf he now states that Boston scientists subset Uiti it ate his theory. This is Richness i he aspiring youth a july do Well to i Oudone himself to writ iii a dog i i d the arrival of inf i it. Mcsheehy f a a idl the Scie Utitia Woik for the a is preparing a Over Whing philos prior around the corny he a e iii Biticon of him. Do lift the veil nit . Air

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