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Logansport Telegraph (Newspaper) - March 10, 1828, Logansport, Indiana Byi ass Elle amp Dillon. Inv my of dollars per Anoum in Advance. Tuft Doharr and a Fly cent a a months or three do Llars at the expiration of the year.  1 irks or abvebtwn�.�?t�relveline8 or less inserted three time for $1. Each continuance 25 Cente. Office on com a crucial Row opposite the Post of abcs from the Baltimore athe rican. From . S. Senate feb. 16. Or. Tirron took the floor at one o Coick on the sub Treasury Bill. Or. Spoke briefly and to the purpose. He Felt bound to go for the quot substitute to the Bill of or. Wright. He thought or. Rives Bill in All respect pre Frabk to the sub Treasury Bill. He believed that an immense majority of the people were opposed to the sub Treasury Bill and knew that the interests of his own state the state of Indiana and the interest of the whole country required this opposition. You promised the county a quot better currency said or. T., and you have Given it a worse Correl by than it had before. You Proni ised a a hard Money currency and 1 ask where is it. You pledged us a better credit than Bank credit and a better circulation than the circulation of solvent Banks and i ask you where that circulation is. You have promised us bread and you have Given us a Stone i cannot continued Imp. Tipton understand the part that honorable senators have taken in this question. It is inconsistent dangerous ruinous. I am said or. Tipton for restoring the. Currency. I am opposed to experiments. 1 am tired of them. I see no Good that can grow out of this interminable War. I see no excuse for and believe that no Good will result from it or. Tipton spoke for an hour briefly and o the purpose opposing the sub Treasury Bill with great earnestness and determination and venturing the declaration that lie Bill would find no support with the great body of the people however much support it might find in Congress. The quot corruption Ca or. Jones the Patentee of the Mallock whose invention has proved the origin of so much turmoil has Public slide his affidavit in opposition to the statement of or. Ruggles. We give the substance of the affidavit. Or. Jones swears that he first met senator Ruggles at the Patent office where he went on business connected with his Patent Liat he did not then know or. Ruggles bul found i him with two gentlemen connect cd with lie office to whom he or. Jones hid be n Rerer red for information. That on staling his l a siness to these gentlemen they ind or. K. United in decl i ing that his spelt ili Alion Vii imperfect that ii a a Ilc cd whom lie Sli Ould pm ploy to draw up a better when or. Plug ii s offered his services la it lie called in the Cven i ing in or. Ruggli sat his lodgings and Lead a conversation with iii in which he or. Jones expressed his desire to Luve the lock brought into use by the Post office department in answer to which or. Ruggles Saij he had influence with that department and would employ it if or. Jones would give him an interest in the profits that or. Ilu Ggles then propc3bal assignment of interest i n the Patent to in Tother and on or. J s Obj it acting proposed Jis inc the assignment in his own name time some in s thereafter the new specification being can plated he went with al Ruggles to the Patent office where or. R. Placed before la a written agreement for him to sign making Over one fourth of to interest to or. R. Quot which he refused to sin although strongly urged by or. Ruggles a we now quote the Gravamen of the charge in the words of the affidavit. In the course of the conversation which then to i place this deponent remarked thai he wished his lock to stand on its own merits to who bar. Ruggles replied quot things do not go Down Here on their own Merit but by pulling the right string and if you will make me interested i will pull he right string otherwise 1 will have nothing to do about it unless you will sign the paper before you go this deponent and or. Ruggles then parted or. Ruggles taking with him the specification and the old Patent the latter however the deponent succeeded in obtaining from him on the evening of the same Day and having by the Aid of real friends procured a new specification to be procured by a competent person succeeded at last in procuring a new Patent without the Friendly offices and assist Jice of the hon. John Ruggles of Thomaston in the state of Maine and without sacrificing the Quarter part of his earnings for fourteen Vears to vol. In. saturday a Sarcu to Isas. Ixo. 19. Nother motive the sense of duty which i owe to myself and those entrusted with his Safe keeping being conscious that nothing has been omitted in the discharge of that Trust which could in any Way have contributed to the health and Comfort of the dec Elised. On the 26th of january he was attacked in the night with a violent Quincy of which i was informed very soon after and hastened to his room. He was then Labouring under considerable difficulty of Deg Lution and respiration accompanied with pain and inflammation of the tonsils. To prevent suffocation it was necessary to support him in nearly an erect posit orl his pulse was full Quick and hard. Blood wag instantly drawn and an emetic find Blister prescribed. At this moment an Indian entered the room. Who As i afterwards understood was held in High Testini ution As a Prophet and doctor. From the mome rii of his Entrance their was a refusal to take any thing. Finding myself debarred from the administration of suitable r9medies, and feeling the responsibility devolving upon me i requested professor b. B. Strobel to visit the patient with me. He attended and used his Best exertions to prevail on the patient to submit to treatment such As scarification leeching amp a but he per tenaciously refused but not what he would have been disposed to acquiesce had not been Over ruled by the info Leoce of his family. F. Weedon assistant surgeon fort Moultrie Sullivan s y3. It then took through rally Tore it to i Eccl a Small skirt of Woods which it uprooted thence to an open space where it concentrated its fury on a House belonging to me occupied by cats. Maxwell and Nesbitt. The 10 use was of Hen logs weather boarded and coiled with staunch upper an lower floors and a substantial Brick Chimney All which was completely demolished the Sills even being removed several feet. Capt. Nesbitt s family consisting of his wife and four Small children were huddled up in one Corner of the building and strange to say escaped unhurt the storm lifted a four horse Wagon carried it some distance set it Down upon and broke a Fence without upsetting the Wagon Josiah cow Les. Correspondence of the National intelligencer. New York feb. 13. We have news from great Britain by the roundabout Way of Frederickton the capital of new Brunswick about 100 Miles up the yer st. John the frigate inconstant from Cork quot january 4, reached Halifax january 30, with Wing of the 93d regiment commanded by major Arthur. The British ministry Are reported to have under consideration an increase of the army and Navy the seat of government. The subject of the removal of the scat of general government has been agitated in the legislature of Pennsylvania. A Resolution was introduced by a air. Karns to have it removed from Washington to Pittsburgh provided a Grant could first be obtained from the state of Renn Sylvania for the requisite territory. Beaver has also been mentioned As a suitable place for the seat of government. We think the time is not far Distant when removal will he deemed necessary. Pittsburgh is More Central and on that account is More desirable than Washington but such is the rapid increase of population in the Western states that it is very doubtful whether it would be permitted to remain even at Pittsburgh for any length of time were that place finally fixed upon for its location. The East the North and the Bouth have had each its Day of political influence but the West the great and boundless West is destined eventually and at no Distant Day to Sway the destinies of the int. Froni the Charleston Mercury. Death of Oceola. As no doubt a curiosity exists in the Public mind to know the causes which Lead to the death of Oceola the distinguished Seminole chief and �8 Many reports May be circulated on the subject�?1 have decent Jed it advisable to amp re pub Cuy to a statement of the Circum it Onset attending his last impelled moreover to do this from a Island february at the request of or. Weedon. I visited own la at Sullivan s Island. I saw Hirn in the evcnin5iy Candle Light. He was lying on his Blan knowl Ore the fire his Hend propped up and two Indian women one on each Side of him employed bathing his neck with warm water in iii he some herbs had Liet a steeped. He was l reaching with much difficulty his brow contract cd and his countenance indicating great l Odily pain. His pulse was full and Quick skin hot and dry. 1 requested his permission Tiro High the interpreter to examine ills Throat to which he assented i discovered that tie tonsils were so Large As greatly to i i a de respiration and twit the mucous m Ali raise Pharynx was in a High state o . As Ibert was some danger of suffocation unless the i Scase a arrested. I pro Jioie to scarily thu tonsils. The patient referred us to his of Ajner who was sitting on tic floor in cred no in his Bli net will All tie air and dignity of a great Man. He said of the ro.id-. No i next to d to apply leeches to the Throat and Baek of tin ears. The. Conjuror said no i prop cd lastly some Medicine and a so insulating Wash to be applied internally a Titch was also refused spying that if the patient was not better in the morning he to lid give Liim up to us. I urged entreat d and persuaded him to let a do something for Althou Gli i did not doubt his ability to cure in the Woods we ere he could have Access to his roots and herbs yet Here he was placed under din Cen Rel cd t i Tances and As he had no Means within his read of Egger him to Vidd up the patient to us. All was in vain and we were compelled to abandon Oceola to his Fate. In conclusion 1 have no hesitation in declaring that 1 entirely coincided with the views and prescriptions of or. Weedon and i believe that had he been permitted to put them in practice the patient would have recovered. B. B. Strobel m. D. Professor of Anatomy medical College s. U. Charleston feb. 5, 1838. The former to fifteen or Twenty thousand men and the latter from five to ten thousand. One of the reasons assigned quot the unfriendly tone of the president of the untied states upon the Boundary sir Henr Hardinge is appointed commander of the forces in Canada it is stated. The Bellerophon and the Vanguard line of Battle ships Are ordered to Halifax. The whole Meriter Aliean British Squadron seemed to be ordered to take a look at America with highlanders Fusiliers amp a. Over six thousand new soldiers will be in Halifax by May or june. A Guinea a head is off Rcd As Bounty in Limerick Lor the Irish boys to enlist for Canada. Politics for Farmers. While we advise Farmers to acquaint themselves with political affairs watch with an Argus Eye the principle and measures of Public men and discharge ills duties of freemen with Independence and Fidelity we would at the same time entreat them to stand aloof from party strife avoid mingling in Rangling discussions and above All refuse spending their time and Money in promoting the election of an intriguing office seeker. There Are in All communities artful politicians men who profess great love for the people especially Farmers and other work intr men Coil around them from the Raleigh Register. Terrible Tornado. A most destructive Tornado or whirlwind passed Over a portion of Surrey county in this state on the i8th inst. For the subjoined account of which we Are indebted to Josiah cowls Esq. Of Hamptonville. Hamptonville Jan. 1838. About three o clock this afternoon we were visited with a tremendous Tornado. It came from the South West and passed off to the North cast. In its approach it was awfully grand. The Day had been close and sultry. For a full half hour preceding the storm there was a continuous roaring like the noise of a water fall which grew louder and louder As the Clouds approached. At length a column of dark smoke was seen ascending which caused an observer to exclaim m building is on fire quot from this moment until it came up my Eye was upon it and awful were the few moments of suspense and supremely grand its approach As it seemed to dance and career Over a Fine piece of timbered Laud snapping tearing up and twisting off the largest Oaks find it soon left the Timber for an open space inhere for the want of other resistance it Tore the very Earth up. It was then about 600 Yards dist int and the conviction was now certain that it must touch our Little Village. It seemed to cover an area of about 100 Yards in diameter presenting a dense column from the Earth to the Clouds. When about 2u0 Yards off i made for my House shut and bolted the door and placed myself against it experiencing a moment of horror such As i never before there was a sudden Rush or , a trembling of the building and All was Over. I 0�ened tie door to look out upon the scene. Tie first object that met my Eye was a building torn to pieces within 30 Yards of my door. On stepping out 1 discovered that the Tornado had spent its greatest Force on the West end of the Village tearing up by the roots Large Poplar and other Trees levelling with the Earth a stable and two Corn cribs the property of d. Arnold Esq. And prostrating several Small building of or. Isaac Cook s. It then passed in a direct line to capt. John Wright s new a table a very Large Frame building and Lite a no i Able express. The Eaton Register Statts that or. John Mann who brings the express mail into that Village from the Village West a few Days since when severe Frost had rendered the Road hard As Adam it As rough and Sharp As the keen blast could Mike it pitying the Noble Steed designed to Bear him on to the next five mile Post returned the shivering animal to his stall shouldered the mail brigs and put off on foot and actually accomplished his ten Miles in one hour and fifteen minutes a this is More than one horse could reasonably have performed in hat time owing to the bad quot in. Mann is a native of Pennsylvania 23 years of age and weight iso ibs. He is a Well put up Chap for nerve and sinew. He says he is Good for a ten mile Chase at any Lime Over any kind of a Mann is a Man every Inch of him amp we cannot but commend him to the gracious notice of the Sovereign Heads of Post office of journal. A True Story. At a recent meeting of the sunday school association in Ali Ladelphia or. Tying said quot last Vear 1 might Piave painted this Union in Roseate he c a but now 1 come with wreaths of Cypress from he quot monuments. Half our agents have been discharge Llie depositories have been reduced the press is st iii a plates Are in worked the labourer is dismissed who like tie Serpent and Endeavor by fawning and flattery to enlist them into their service but who like the famous John Wilkes the moment their object is accomplished lose All their affection and treat them with the most Sovereign contempt. These men Are found in All parties and Are sometimes mistaken for real patriots. Though their covering is generally too Flimsy to conceal their quot Cloven foot quot yet they sometimes disguise it in such a manner As to deceive the most wary and the Only Security against imposition is an uncompromising adherence to the doctrines of non commit Alisme listen to the flattery of no sycophants yield to the promises or threats of no Leader enlist unqualified Day under the Banner of no party but examine the policy and measures of ally attend the polls punctually vote for the candidate whose views and principles Accord with your own and. In All proceedings in which you Are called to take part act openly honestly fearlessly. Farmers should also guard against an itching for Petty offices. Most of them require gratuitous services and such As have Small salaries or perquisites attached to them but poorly compensate for the expenditure of time and Money and the neglect of business they unavoidably occasion it is True to lice iii cers Are indispensable in the organization of government and when Farmers in the course of regular rotation ire called upon to fill them they should clime fully obey the Call discharge the duties they impose promptly and faithfully but never consent to a re election unless some particular interest or exigency of the Public imperiously requires it with respect to Oil ices of More responsibility it May be the duty and sometimes Lor the interest of the Farmers to accept them but even these require a sacrifice of time Money and Domestic enjoyment which there More Liberal salaries but Illy requite. As a general Rule the Farmer who adopts them Ixion quot the Post of Honor is tie private station quot and accordingly is the most successful in his business the most respectable in society and the most Happy in his cult Urist. Marsh or spot of wet ground would be greatly increased. The stalks without roots we should presume would thrive Best however in moist situations a but at All events if it be consid ted that thi.<5 grass when once set will last for years and drive out every Othre species the extra labor in propagating it at the Onset is in fact not a very serious objection and should deter no one from entering into its culture bait. Far. New invention. The following is from the n. Y. Evening Star. The or Williamson referred to is a relation of j. P. Williamson one of the publishers of the Pioneer. Newly invented Corn . P. Williamson 270 division Street Well known for his ingenious safa bedsteads steel pens a fee. Has been busily at work again in the service of humanity and has now coined out something Fram his Fertile inventive Powers which we think is about the be plus after the thousand and one unavailing attempts to discover a remedy for that troublesome Domestic affliction vulgarly known As corns the fruit of tight boots and desolation of dancing girls he has invented a very simple and As we think and shall effectually test a most successful Mode of putting an end to their annoyance. It consists of Semi globular hollow Silver cups or More properly concave Saddle with birthing and which said Cap of different sizes is neatly strapped Over the Corn wherever situated so As to completely cover it without at All pressing on the Corn and at the a me time by forming a vacuum effectually protecting the said protuberance from the quot pressure or friction of the shoe or Boot this entirely accomplishing what has been desired inasmuch of it is the friction and pressure on that causes ice it the the Hood of Menphis and Randolph flip Misius Sippi is covered with masses of in some places the Fields of ice a if Frost the River from Bank o Bank a Jgr to Diodat up the Stream and Stop the . A Jpn site to Randolph a stationary Bridge a Bce a formed which extends from Shore to Shore a it is apprehend cd that Many Flat boats will be lost. The navigation through such heavy a Nasses of ice is very. Dif cult and when Small Craft get wedged m Imong them there is great danger of their being crushed. Tfaye Steamboat Sultana bound above had Dischar ged her freight at Memphis in consequence of the state of the River and was taking in cargo for new Orleans. The Steamer splendid was reported aground in the Vicinity of i plumb Post and the invincible ten Miles a Bovic Memphis. Evasions of Law Mankind Are extremely fruitful in inventions when there is any personal interest concerned. In nothing is ingenuity so often manifested As in evading the Law. To cheat government is esteemed almost praiseworthy and commendable and shrewd deception and rapacity where Public treasuries suffer arc considered Virtues. Offer a Bounty for the Heads of dogs to relieve the Community from the dangers of hydrophobia and a Hundred loafers at once commence the business of raising puppies. Attempt to exterminate mischievous crows by the same Means and every Rascal in the state will raise a nest of cos incubation will be the order of the Day and crows will come Forth to life in the greatest Ai Sundance. The municipal authorities of Baltimore prohibited nine pin alleys by statute and immediately ten pin alleys were constructed and bid Defiance to the Lav s opinion of to whom want is terrible upon whatever Princi pie ought to think themselves obliged to learn the Sage maxims of our parsimonious ancestors and attain the salutary Art of contracting expense for Economy none can be Rich and wit ii it few can be poor. The Mere the voice of Industry is no longer heard till am weary of pressure of calamity and of ruin. But where is it i have trod the Halls of the Rich and the magnificent carpet has not been sold. I have looked upon the rising mansion and it has not been stopped. 1 have dined at the tables of the great and feasted and revelry still went on we Are dying in luxury alas the picture is True what has brought us in debt to Europe to the Banks to the merchants splendid furniture dashing equip pages Large parties dinners with Champaign and oysters wild speculations and the passion to be Rich. This is the True Story and nothing else is nor can any part of the Community claim exemption from it. The dawned Bishop and the Plain presbyterian who have with inimitable meekness asked Grace at the table of the Rich Over bottles of Maderia and plates of Salmon can hardly put in a plea in bar of this ministry to Pride and vanity. Nor can the Day labourer who is expending All High wages in ten times As expensive food and clothing As he need have to make himself comfortable say much in dimunation of the charge. The truth is the Pride of life in Mere externals the Pride of a Butterfly in its plumage is the great sin of the american people. Money from learn from the if a a Hollis Parker Ali o was Tely convicted at Worcester of having attempted to extort Money from gov. Everett under the pretext of defeating a conspiracy which he pretended was formed against his family had before his arrest addressed letters to several other gentlemen with a similar object and among others to governor Butler of South Carolina on this gentleman a demand was made for fifty dollars As the Price of preventing the transmission of a Large Quantity of incendiary publications to South Carolina and unravelling the plot by which the state was in danger of being subjected to this visitation. Gov. Butler it seems was deceived by the impostor and addressed a letter to Parker by mail containing a Check for the Money ted exhorting him to be vigilant and Active in investigating the supposed conspiracy. We Are surprised that governor Butler should have suffered himself to be made the dupe of so shallow an artifice. Fortunately the perpetrator of the fraud is for the present deprived of the Power of repeating his criminal adv. Products of the Ocean. The Ocean As Well As the Earth has the past year yielded her increase in Rich abundance. Vve have not sufficient data to estimate the amount of wealth which has been drawn from this great recourse of All nations or to ascertain the distributive share which Industry and Enterprise of individuals and companies have allotted o this country but judging from the item before us should think the Harvest unusually plenteous. We allude to the sperm whale fishery an account of which May be found in a late number of the Nantucket in Urei. From that account it appears that during to e last year the Quantity of sperm it us imported into the United states noun s to 170,31� barrels equal to 5,554,000 Gallo is amounting in value to 5,000,000 dollars. This with the exception of 30,000 barrels Lias been drawn from the Pacific Ocean and though it May seem Large is but a Small portion of its product. To it is to be added the amount and value of sperm Oil taken by other nations As Well As the avails of the whale Seal and other fisheries and the result would enable us to form a feeble Conception of the riches which a kind Providence has there deposited for the use of Man. But when we Endeavor to add to it the products of the Atlantic and Indian oceans with All the seas Bays gulfs Rivers &c., with which three oceans Are connected we Are lost with wonder and astonishment at the greatness and should be in adoration of the goodness of that almighty being by whom they arc and were cult Urist. Its growth and attendant pain. We advise Power of saving what is Arcady in our hands al persons devious to be released pressure of the Corn Laws to apply Abr redress to or. Williamson. From the speedily must be of easy acquisition to every mind and As the example of lord Bacon May show that the highest intellect cannot safely neglect it a to Tousand instances every Day prove that the humblest May practice it with Success. Rambler. The madisonian says. Gambling houses at writer in the Knickerbocker has the following eloquent reflections upon the gambling houses and those who have come and gone from them How different their feelings in cach quot the and advocate of the sub Treasu Case in the great Emporium of the South and by scheme it is Well understood admit that West j quot Ith All tic terrors produced by the lash of Par these rooms Are very splendid Richer than j a discipline a Liili it is evident has been prel any private apartments at the North More j by quot sed in the Senate in that body luxurious. Sofas couches mirrors paintings i t icy cannot count upon carrying it through fountains of nectar and the Musick of seraph i Etc than one or two majority even if Enchant the senses. How Many wretched hey can get a majority in its favor at All a forms have reclined on these very couches a a that it is Clear they will not be Able to do if How Many Haggard faces have been reflected i a a will of the people As expressed through there Are five papers published in Texas. Ribbon grass. We have read with much interest two nos. Of a series of assays now in a course of publication in the new Hampshire journal on the subject of grasses. They Are by an old sex Peri emended Farmer Abednego Robinson of Portsmouth and Are written with All that Strong Good sense and shrewdness of observation for which the intelligent Farmers of that Section of country Are so remarkable. In a third number he treats of a species of grass which he terms ribbon grass and which is also known by the name of fancy or quot Puzzle grass. It grows to the height of four feet is represented As being preferred by Stock even to Timothy and will Reid from 3 to 4 tons to the acre. It will Bear being Cut twice m the season and Hiis this advantage Over All other grasses that it Vegi tates Lui urgently in marshes bogs and quagmires or to use the language of Robinson quot it is truly amphibious and will do Well on High and dry lands and will thrive in a bog or even in it May be planted in a Marsh without draining As from the Tough nature and prolific growth of its roots a Sward is produced that will Bear cart and oxen to pass Over it. It is not though t to mature seed that will germinate but can be successfully propagated from the roots by dividing the turfs so As to have from 3 to 4 stalks in cach setting them out two feet apart and from an Experiment which or. Robinson made he thinks the stalks will vegetate without Routs and should he be Correct in his sup position the facility of setting out a Field from these mirrors Here sitting where my form rests the suicide thought of his beg Gared wife and the boy the first born of his Union a and burying his face in his hand formed the awful Resolution. Here too the old and majority of from fifteen to Twenty respectable planter sat in mute despair to contemplate his bankruptcy and loss of reputation but he did not think of the old love life though they know it to be pain and sorrow. Can splendor and Musick and Gayety and youth throw even a gleam of Joy Over apartments so Accurso the air is death men will not grow Wise but by their own experience. Though All the dead bodies of suicide and All the mental pangs personified Sal by to warn the Gambler he would not Stop. Yes All goes on now As the cards that Are handled to Day and the Dice that rattle so merrily and the spots so Well drawn have been handled and rattled and seen by fingers and eyes that now clasp the worm and furnish a nest for the crawling reptile. Their representatives shall be quot respected in the House of representatives it is generally conceded even by its own friends that the Bill will to Defeated if it shall be sent there by a there Are employed in navigating the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers 633 steam boats and 9000 Flat and keel boats on Board of which about 50,000 persons arc employed the death of Jerome Bonaparte turns out to be a Mere report which had its origin in one of the Paris papers he was ill but not dangerously at Milan. It is said that or. Francis Dixon of Salem has discovered a method of refining common Oil so As to make it almost equal to Oil. Sperm in new York or. George l Sharke has been indicted for stealing a barrel of Herrings. The big fish Are always walking into the Small ones. Atlantic steam navigation.,.at last the Long talked of attempt to Navi an insolvent debtor lately gave As the chief Gate the Atlantic by steam is certainly on the Point of being made. Lieutenant j. Hosken of the Royal Navy arrived Here on thursday from Liverpool in the Garrick for the purpose of making the necessary arrangements for the reception of the quot great Western steam ship quot and for keeping an Intercourse by her Means with great Britain. She is already built and is now in London taking in her machinery. Having accomplished the object of the present voyage. Lieutenant Hosken will immediately return and assume the command of this vessel in which he expects to arrive at this poit in the course of the month of april next. Her Points of departure Are Bristol and new York. She is about 1350 tons Burden and it is calculated will carry about goo tons of . Y. Cour. Amp end. The legislature of the state of Tennessee adjourned on monday week. The. Following notice of one of its latest acts is copied from the Nashville whig quot the Bill to suppress the Sale and use of Bowie knives deserves to be reckoned among the most salutary acts passed by the late general Assembly. Its provisions will effectually stay the use and Sale of one of the most bloody instruments of death known to the present age and every Friend of humanity and Good order must rejoice that the practice of wearing this barbarous weapon has been rendered a Misdemeanour and its use in any Way a felony by the legislative action of the two sons of Hibernia being a Duck Hunting Pat discovers a Large bed of ducks close by the Shore. After having his piece levelled for about five minutes his companion asked him Why he did it ire Pat replied quot by zounds i can never get Wainri at one but there s another swims right Between him and quot who Goca there quot said an Irish sentry of the British Region at st. Sebaston. Quot a Friend quot was the prompt reply. Quot then stand where you Are quot cried Pat quot for you re the first i be met with in this cause of his pecuniary embarrassments he had not been blessed with a wife. That petitions Are in circulation in new York for signatures praying Congress to pass an act to expedite the mail and to suppress the express a Young lady in Baltimore advertises for a husband of Good family and pleasing manners. She says she is Between 20 and 21 years old handsome amiable and Worth $15,000. 2,161,988 bushels of Salt were made last year in Onondaga co. N. Y. A n. A paper says India rubber band around the neck is a sure remedy for sore Throat. So is a band of hemp Gays the Baltimore transcript. Quot How do the donkeys live Here quot said s Man in s. America quot i see no Green quot Why quot said Bis Friend quot we put Green spectacles on them and feed them with a prisoner in the Wayne co. Ind jail recently broke out and robbed the desk of the jailor of �15 to pay his travelling expenses. When a Feller is too Lazy to work says Sam Slick he paints his name Over his door and Cills it a tavern and like As not he makes the whole neighbourhood As Lazy As himself. Nothing sets up a woman s spunk like calling her ugly she gets her Back up like a cat when a strange dog comes near her she a All eyes claws and bristles. A once Happy couple sat Down to dinner ind a Well cooked calve s head was Laid on the table. The lady who was carving asked her husband if he wanted any of the bra Ipsas she thought he wanted some quot no info love he replied but i Ltd be is me or the Tongue i i think you have too Mack
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